End of the Day

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End of the DayWorking in a sales can be hard, and working in a team going from door to door is down right depressing and the need to wind down after a long day on the streets is a must. Rather than going out again for another night in the city and getting drunk, we all decided to head back to my place for a few drinks, and maybe smoke some green so that we could really chill out. I’m Steve by the way.Chris, Lisa, Rose and myself all got in the van and off we drove, the others decided to head home for an early night with their respective others. Lisa and Chris have been going out together for a few months now and Rose had a husband who was working late. Soon we arrived and shuffled up the stairs to my flat, feet hurting after a days walking and everyone eager to sit on their arses.The radio was turned on and set low as I danced myself into the kitchen for a few cold beers, while Lisa rolled a few joints and curled up next to Chris and Rose sprawled on the couch opposite. Drinks were drank while a joint was passed around and before long we all seemed to sit back, everyone chilled after such a long day. We kept the conversation light and upbeat, talking about all sorts from food to travel, the odd celebrity scandal and finally to our sex lives which made Lisa giggle and Rose turn red.”You two must be going at it like rabbits, still in that honeymoon stage” I jided, Chris smiled and his girl rolled her eyes under her blonde hair. I don’t blame them, Lisa was hot to trott being blonde and slender, nice pair of C’s under her blouse and a pair of legs any man would love wrapped around them, Chris was a lucky guy. Rose on the other hand was shy, small with dark hair, small bust and from the Philippines if I remember, still a cutie but not what I thought of as adventurous.Beer came and went, the joint worked its way from seat to seat and eventually the atmosphere was chill, such a great way to end the day. Chris was holding Lisa close and exchanging little kisses, Rose blew out a cloud of smoke who then passed to me and unfastened a blouse button and before sinking into the couch. Our ingredients to relaxation were working well and shortly after our couple were all over one another while Rose and I watched on.Rose was staring as things became heated and I wondered what was going through her head, so I leaned over slightly and propped myself up on the arm of my seat saying “What ya thinking?”. She looked at me and went red for a second with an “Eh?” escaping her lips, I laughed and replied with “Don’t worry, I’m sure you and your hubby are the same back home”. “I wish, it’s been a while” to which I replied “Really ? how come?”, “Our work schedules I suppose”. Such a shame, couples should always find time to be a couple, jobs always get in the way of fun istanbul escort sometimes.”Sorry, didn’t mean to pry” I whispered, to which she tapped my knee saying “It’s fine, just excited by those two I guess” to which she nodded across the table to the amorous couple fondling one another. Wow, didn’t take them long. “I understand, it’s been a while for me as well, finding time for dating at 36 with a full time job and bills to pay doesn’t help.” She smiled again and scrunched closer, both of us watching Chris and Lisa getting lost in the moment with a lack of inhibition.Chris took his girl and pulled her on top while kissing her passionately, full on frenchie as her skirt rode up and showed a little peek of her red underwear below. Rose chuckled and looked at me, locking eyes as her hand lay on my knee while she leant forward and kissed me on the cheek. This was unexpected but with a certain mood in the room and the levels of intoxication I followed suit, only this time kissing her on the lips, they felt nice and soft. We both smiled.She shuffled over and sat on the arm of my chair, her petite form and nice legs in black leggings got me excited as we kissed a little more, her hand on my shoulder as mine lay on her knee, small kisses turned to lingering which in turn moved into the realm of passion. Before we knew it we were making out while Rose lay across me, small and light, I could see her bra peeking through her unfastened blouse which quickly made me hard, and I quickly wondered how far this would go.”Are you sure?” I whispered inbetween kisses, she smiled and nodded, “I need release, and with that thing pressing against me so do you” she smiled as her hand felt below and grabbed my erect penis from under my trousers. No denying that I thought as we continued caressing one another and pressing our lips from skin to skin. I peered over and Chris and Lisa who were both smiling, and to be honest I did feel a pang of guilt for her Roses husband, but considering our current and exciting predicaments I just smiled back and kept on kissing.Peeking back from time to time I saw Lisa in various states of undress, straddling Chris with her amazing boobs free from her blouse and him sucking on a nipple. Jesus this was getting erotic in so many ways, I followed suit and undid a few buttons on Roses top and managed to unfasten her bra with one hand, revealing her pert little tits and dark nipples, I just had to suck them as well. So nice, warm, she smelled nice as she moaned softly while I sucked.She held me close as I felt her grind against my crotch, my cock could only take so much of this excitement before it blew, then her hand came down and unfastened my zip, freeing the avcılar escort b**st. She hiked up her skirt to reveal a wet spot on her panties and that her leggings were actually stockings, sexy, I always did like a woman in stockings. I quickly remembered and reached back toward the shelves behind me to find my stash box, which thankfully had my condoms inside also, gotta be prepared.I smiled at her and unwrapped a strawberry flavoured jiffy, ribbed for her pleasure and placed it on the head of my cock, she then moved aside bent over, wrapping her moist lips against my head and sliding the condom down the length. “Mmm, strawberry” she exclaimed as she came back up and kissed me, sharing the taste before pulling her panties aside and guided the head towards her hot lips. She was so horny and wet as I felt myself sliding inside, all the while she gasped until it was buried deep and her warmth surrounded me inside.We both moaned our way into a slow rhythm as she rode me, unfastened my shirt and pressing so close that I felt her pert tits against me. My hands caressed her back, her small ass cheeks, and curved around her head before pulled her into such a passionate kiss that we had to surface for breath. I peered across the table and noticed we had an audience, not only were Lisa and Chris fucking but they were watching as we did too. Both seemed turned on just as much as we were, all moaning and groaning together.Things sped up as we slapped against each other and eventually Rose pushed down deep as she climaxed, shuddering while I felt her fluids dribble down my length. My cock swelled shortly thereafter and shot it’s load as I groaned loud and pressed my lips to hers, her rocking back and forth freeing the last of my seed. Clapping errupted from Chris and Lisa making us turn around slightly embarrassed, seeing them cuddling on the sofa in their own state of bliss. “Took you guys long enough” Lisa said with a grin.We of us rested before Rose stood up and exposed my condom filled with a still hard cock and lots of cum, “Wow! that’s a lot” she exclaimed, to which I replied laughing “Been a long dry spell, was backed up”, “No k**ding, me too” she said all flushed. Chris piped in with “You should visit the swing clubs, then you’ll always have someone to play with, especially with that rockin’ bod”, “Eh? thanks” she said as Lisa mentioned jokingly “You too old man, you aren’t so bad yourself, wouldn’t mind a piece of you too”. I turned red.”Wait, are you two swingers” I asked, “Yeah, we visit a club in the city once in a while to play around, it’s exciting, and you both might benefit the next time you’re horny” she grinned. Lisa stood up and walked over to me, stroked my still hard cock and took off the şirinevler escort condom, tied a knot and rubbed the head slightly while I stared at Chris in disbelief. He nodded and smiled as she rubbed her cum lubricated fingers around my cock, before kneeling and kissing it with her red lips. Rose smoked a joint, had a drink and joined Chris to watch the after show.Lisa suckled on my cock nice and slow, her lips felt like heaven as she held it gently and stroked it’s length, cupping my balls once or twice for good measure while she moaned up and down it’s length. The view was tremendous as her breasts bounced in front of me as her head bobbed up and down, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I stared across at Chris once more to make sure it was alright and he already had his sights set on petite Rose, his hand on her knee and she stared at him flushed once again.Lisa came up eventually and pushed me back onto the 2-seater and lay on top of me, writhing against me so close I could smell her previous sex which turned me on. She opened my stash box and took out another condom, wrapping the length of my cock in mint green while wanking me and positioned herself on top before sliding me inside of her soaked pussy. Her ass slid up and down while Chris looked on and his own cock twitched into action at the view, Rose stretched out to hold his throbbing erection and move her hand up and down it’s length.He reached into his wallet and produced a gold packet which he opened and slid the condom onto his thick cock, Rose turned slightly red as he took her hand and slowly laid her backwards on the sofa, leaned closer and kissed her softly as her legs spread gently. Her hands wrapped around his back and held him close while they kissed, and right then her legs spread wide and wrapped around his lower back, pulling him inside as if she couldn’t wait any longer. She groaned in such pleasure as he entered her tight cunt.Chris made her moan in such pleasure as he sped up and started fucking Rose hard and fast, they were both flushed red with excitement while he grunted while in motion. Watching this little asian lass being fucked hard had me all excited and it showed, my cock twitched inside Lisa as her muscles wrapped around it tight and slid up and down at her own pace, moaning seductively and kissing my neck while her nails slightly trailed my chest.Lisa had a huge smile on her face, knowing her guy was having fun with another, then started frenching me and kissing so passionately while she slid up and down my length. Her breasts felt amazing against my skin as her tongue explored mines while my hands held her gently. This night couldn’t get any better in my eyes, a glorious end to a long day as we all fucked and filled the air with sounds so sexual, then after a while we all came in our own time and lay huddled against our respective partners for the night.The smell of sex filled the air, the sounds of breathing and gentle moans, smiles adorning everyones faces and another joint being passed around from hand to hand while we enjoyed the moment before we had to get up and ready ourselves for home.