Enlightening my new friend.

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Enlightening my new friend.I recently had the honor of introducing another mature white lady to the joys of bbc. When Im on the road in my sales job I tend to try and stay at them same hotels as much as I can. At one of my favorite places to stay there is a club on the other side of the parking lot where I have had great luck picking up some really choice pieces of dark meat. Ive gotten pretty familiar with several of the people who work the front desk there. On this occasion the lady behind the counter asked me a question that at first scared the shit out of me. Sherry(not her real name) is a 50ish woman about 5’5, blonde and gray mixed hair, fairly attractive with wide hips and a very large chest. We had chit chatted before when I had checked in or out and it wasnt unusual for us to stand and talk a while before I went to my room. This time she really threw me for a loop when she said”can I ask you a personal question?”. I said “sure Im an open book, ask away”. Well she kind of stammered around a bit before she asked but she finally said “Ive seen you come back from the club next door before and you havent been alone”. I thought to myself”shit she thinks Im a hooker of something”. I just blushed bright red and said”and your question is”. And here is where she blew me away. She said”whats it like to have sex with a black man?””Well” I said, sighing with relief. “first off I love sex period but I do like the attitude that black men have and most of them are a lot ‘larger’ than any of the white men Ive been with”.She told me that she had seen me come back from the club quite a few times knowing that I was about to have sex with whatever guy was on my arm. Said she admired my confidence and courage to enjoy myself like that. So I asked her”If you are that interested in trying it then why dont you?”She told me that she had lived with her aunt for several years following a divorce and that with her job she just never really had the time to do much for herself. Well this was a Tuesday night and I knew the club next door had drink specials so I asked her to join me later for a drink if she got off in time.She said she didnt get off until 10 and only had her work uniform with her and she couldnt go wearing that. mersin escort I told her I understood and that if she was interested I could”bring you something special back from the club later”.The smile on my face was a dead give away to what “something special” meant.When she put my receipt on the counter I grabbed her hand and squeezed it and said”come to my room at ten, Im sure I may need some extra towels or something”. I then picked up my bag and headed to my room. Im sure I probably looked a little funny with some extra swing in my happy ass…lol. I took a nice hot shower and fixed my hair then picked out what to wear to the club. I decided on black lace thigh highs and a medium length skirt and a blouse that looked good with several buttons undone showing the edges of my lacy bra.I walked into the club around 8:30 and scanned the place for any “regulars” I might recognize. It was early and I didnt see anyone I knew right off so I took a stool at the bar and ordered a drink. It wasnt too long before my luck to a turn for the better. I saw “Charles” walk in and he had a friend with him. Charles is a middle aged black man about 6 feet tall and really stocky. On several occasions I had been lucky enough for him to escort me back to my room. Tonight he had a friend with him,Trey, he has a little younger, probably in his early to mid 30’s. He was a few inches taller than Charles and not quite as thick but very handsome. After the bartender brought them some drinks Charles turned and ask me what I was up to and thats when I told him my plan. He got a big smile on his face and turned and explained the situation to Trey. I saw the smile start to grow on Trey’s face and heard him tell Charles “Im in for that”.Charles reached over and put his hand on my thigh and said”baby we gonna have a real good night tonight”. I just smiled and took a good long drink. About 9:30 we payed our tabs and headed back to my room. I had already told the guys that “room service” was coming at 10. I usually ask for one of the rooms with an oversized shower and they typically come with 2 queen sized beds. When we were getting ready for “room service” I had the guys each pick a bed and take their cloths off and just pull the sheets up to barely cover their cocks. Charles is really dark skinned with a little over 8 inches of thick, jet black, uncut cock. Trey was lighter skinned and really nicely hung probably closer to 10 or more long but not quite as thick.I had stripped down to just my little lace bra and thigh highs. The bra was having a really tough time holding my DD’s in place. By now it was almost 10 and I was sitting on the bed next to Charles slowly stroking his meat. After just a couple of minutes I heard a light knock at the door.I peeped through the door and saw Sherry looking up and down the hall nervously. I quickly opened the door and took her by the hand and pulled her in before she had the chance to change her mind. She was blushing bright red and stuttered to say”I b b brought you some towels”. I took the towels and sat them on the bathroom counter and again took Sherrys hand. I led her into the bedroom telling her”I brought you something too”.I could tell by the smell of her breath that she had already had a drink or two to calm her nerves. I said “gentlemen, this is Sherry. Sherry is here tonight because she is in need of some loving. She needs some real sex from a real man”. Sherry stood there almost in a daze. Looking back and forth at the bulges between both mens legs, barely covered by the sheets. Charles spoke up and said “somebody is over dressed” and told me to “see what you can do about that”. I helped her out of her uniform jacket and both guys started smiling with Trey saying “she looks like a lot of fun”. I continued to help her out of her clothes until she was standing there in just her plain white but totally over stuffed bra. I gave Trey’s sheet a bit of a tug and said” this is for you”. Sherry stared almost in shock at his manhood. I dont think she even realized it when I unfastened her bra and let her boobs fall free. I dont know what exactly clicked in her head but it didnt take much of a push from me to get her onto the bed with Trey. At first I climbed on the bed with Charles and we watched for a few minutes while she made herself at home between Trey’s legs. First she was gently rubbing and kissing and lightly tonguing his cock like she was savoring every inch of it. I then felt Charles big hand running through the hair on the back of my head and I knew it was time for me to get to work on his cock also. When I have sex I usually get so into it that I dont pay alot of attention to much more than whats going on in the bed Im in, but I did occasionally look over to see how Sherry was doing. I saw her riding Treys cock, taking it doggie, sucking it, even tit fucking him. What I didnt see was her taking Treys load because I think at the same time I was doing my best not to let any of Charles load drip from my lips as he had just shot most of it down my throat. We all pretty much just laid there exhausted. After a little while Charles was first to rise from the bed saying he had to take a piss. I saw him looking at Sherry with a smile on his face as he walked by. When he walked back into the room he looked at me and said” you arent being much of a hostess… come here and help your new friend out and dont let that go to waste.” I got up and walked to where Charles was standing and looked to see what he was pointing at. He was pointing at the huge load that Trey had pumped into Sherry and was now oozing out. Charles said”Honey you need to lap that up like a good girl and dont let any go to waste”. And with that he pushed me toward the bed and between Sherrys legs. Now I have been with more than one woman in the past but Im not sure Sherry had. I saw a little bit of nervousness and a little bit of want at the same time as I crawled between her thighs and lowered my head between her legs. The pungent odor of fresh hot sex filled my nose as I ran my tongue into the river of cum coming from her pussy. I could feel her squirming with pleasure as I made sure none of Treys load went to waste. They guys left after midnight and Sherry finally looked over at me and said “do you think people will be able to tell that Im a black cock lover just by looking at me”?I just smiled and told here that if it was something she enjoyed she should never worry about what anybody thinks. She looked at me when she was getting dressed to leave and told me” I enjoyed more that you can ever imagine” she then kissed me and said”call me for ‘room service’anytime you want”. With that she let herself out and totally exhausted I fell off to sleep.I cant wait for my next trip through town!