Enounter with my Moms boyfriend

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Enounter with my Moms boyfriendI was twenty three when I ended up moving back home with my Mom after a horrific split with my fiancé. I’d been with him since High School, and months before our wedding everything began to fall apart.Moving back home wasn’t an ideal solution, reason being my Mom had recently moved in with her new boyfriend, but it was the best thing I could do in that situation. At least my old bedroom had been left untouched since I moved out. My bed, old dresser, pictures on the wall… everything was still where I’d left it. With some sense of familiarity, this transitional period in my life wasn’t quite as bad as I originally thought it was going to be. One morning, I woke minutes before my Mom headed out the door for work. I managed to get in a quick hello before she left, and then I headed to the bathroom to begin getting myself ready for the day. I undressed, and turned the water on for the shower before hopping in. Minutes into my shower, there was a knock on the door. I opened the curtain and stuck my head out to call and see who was there. It was my Mom’s boyfriend, he was asking to come in to use the toilet. “I need to pee! Can I come in and quickly use the toilet?” He hollered back. Joys of only having one bathroom in our apartment. Honestly, I didn’t think it was a big deal, so I told him the door was unlocked and that he could come in. I made sure to pull the curtain closed again, and went about showering. I heard the door open, and I heard him at the toilet. “Make sure not to flush so the water doesn’t go all cold.” I told him.He agreed, and he left. Or, I thought he did. What I didn’t know, though, while my back was facing him he’d pulled the curtain open just enough to take a glance at my naked backside. When I turned around to rinse soap out of my hair, my eyes were closed, so I wasn’t able to see him sneaking izmir escort a peak. My arms drew upwards, and my hands ran through my long auburn locks to make sure all the soap was washed out. When I was finally able to open my eyes, I saw him. The curtain was opened more than enough for me to assume he’d been watching the entire time. His hardened length was also a likely indication. “What are you doing?” I demanded.For the longest time he said nothing, and stood there allowing his eyes to trail over my wet, naked body. The right corner of his mouth tugged upwards just enough for there to be a hint of a smile before his lips parted, “I’ve always loved the way your tits looked.” he said bluntly. “Bra, or no bra they’re so perfect and perky… it’s like they demand attention.” Awe struck, I said nothing. “And man, I’ve wanted to give them attention.”He brought his left hand to his torso, it looked like he might scratch his stomach, but instead it slowly slid towards the elastic waist of his athletic pants and slipped inside. Through the material, I could see his fingers begin to fidget with his hardness, maybe lightly pressing up and down. But within seconds, it was easy to tell he’d wrapped his large fingers around the width of his cock and was beginning to stroke. Air was sucked between his teeth before he released a soft sigh. “You can’t tell me you haven’t thought of me…” he said in a husky tone. “I’ve heard you in the night, the low hum of your vibrator, the gasps you try to keep quiet when your orgasm.”My mouth dropped open when he confessed to hearing me masturbate. But I also had to hand it to him, he wasn’t bad looking in the least, and there was one time I’d fantasized about him when I toyed with my clit. “Mmhmm…” he murmured as his free hand now also moved to his pants, and slowly began to push the front down. Inch by inch, more of izmir escort bayan him was revealed and I couldn’t find it in myself to tell him to stop, or to leave. “You probably didn’t know I stood outside your door with my cock in my hand, just like it is now, listening to you… wishing it was you wrapped around me, and I was the one you were making those sweet sounds for.” By the time he finished that last sentence, his pants fell to the floor, and there he stood naked aside from the heap of material covering his feet. “I…. uhm…” I couldn’t find the words I wanted to speak, my eyes remained fixed on him, and the longer I looked, the more I felt the need to touch him. My pussy began to get this tingling sensation, so common when I was aroused. He continued to slowly rub his cock, there was a slight sound of wetness each time his foreskin pulled back over the bulbous head. I soon found myself inching forward, and when he noticed, he nodded his head in approval, “That’s it, baby girl,” he moaned, “come to the edge of the tub, and get on your knees.” I did as he asked, willingly. And when I complied, he moved forward until his toes touched the base of the tub. “Close your eyes, and keep your lips closed.” And again, I did as he was told. It shouldn’t have surprised me when I felt his touch against my lips. What did surprise me though, was how moist the tip of his head was. Precum no doubt. He was still stroking, I could hear the rubbing of his flesh. But now that he was at my lips, I could smell him… that sweet musky fragrance filled my nose and it had me sighing. His hand aided in him drawing his sticky cock back and forth on my lips, painting them with is pre. My lips parted out of need to taste him, and I heard him laugh softly. “You’re so eager.” he said, his hips pressing forward just enough to place himself between my lips. “Is escort izmir this what you want?” he asked. My eyes slowly began to open when I felt him begin to enter my mouth. Without answering verbally, I gently nodded my head up and down, and it seemed to be an appropriate response. “Mmm, good…” His hips continued to press forward, and he inched his way into my mouth. My jaw had to open wider than expected, and my lips stretched around his girth. “You’re going to take it all.” he told me. And before I knew it, I could feel his thickness at the back of my throat. With short, quick strides, he began to fuck my mouth. My lips suctioned around him, but every now and again my mouth would falter when he hit the back of my throat hard enough to make me gag. My throat tried to reject him, but he wouldn’t have it. He’d back off enough for me to catch my breath before he’d do it again. Over and over he lay sweet assault until his thrusts became erratic. He’d slow himself to a stop, willing himself to keep from cumming, but it was me who wanted to taste him… more of him. And with my mouth still around his shaft, I began to press my head forward until my nose nearly touched his lower abdomen. I forced myself to gag on him, and the contraction of my throat was enough to push him over the edge. His cock quivered, spewing a stream of his hot seed into my mouth. “Fuck!” he moaned loudly. His body acted on its own accord, and he began to thrust needily again. Spurt after spurt, more and more of his cum pooled behind my teeth until there was nothing left. When he withdrew, I closed my mouth and found my feet. With the distance closed between us, I finally opened my mouth again, and showed him the collection of cum I had in my mouth. When he smiled in approval, my lips closed, and I swallowed his hot load. “Good fucking girl.” he said huskily. “Finish your shower, your Mother is working late tonight and I’m taking you out.” Without another word, he stepped out of his athletic pants, and headed towards his bedroom, leaving me in a hot, aroused mess to finish getting ready.