Entries and Exits

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Entries and ExitsApril 18, 1996I met Thom at a club in the city. One of those real fancy places with all kinds of silly martinis and such. What did I care about that? I was a gin and tonic man. Always had been. Always will be. Thom was wearing a beautiful grey suit but had on a maroon turtleneck sweater. His physique was great, but you couldn’t see it through that silly thing. In any event, I wanted to get him out of it as soon as possible. It took a few more drinks than usual, but he loosened up. Something was on his mind but he wouldn’t tell me what it was. Back at my place we sat on the couch and talked but there was a barrier. I couldn’t get it out of him and I was beginning to get frustrated, so I cut to the chase, because really all I wanted was to fuck. Thom and I were both versatile; a magical combination, though he was a bit more dominant than me, which suited me just fine.”Thom, I’m not going to try and guess what’s up with you. I can see something is wrong. But it’s been a long time, at least for me, and I need to take your cock and I kind of need it now.”I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It really was one of the more magnificent dicks I’d ever had before. He was about seven inches, but his thickness and the shape of his head were so goddamn perfect. His balls were huge, and one hung just lower than the other, always begging to be taken into my hand, my mouth…whatever was closest. He was uncut, too, which I found to be like a little Christmas bonus every time I saw it. I’m cut since birth so a foreskin to me is one of the sexiest things on a man.I took his cock all the way to the base and felt him grow in my throat. I was good at controlling my gag reflex and I took pride in my cock-swallowing abilities. I’d handled cocks bigger than Thom’s before, though few were as perfect a fit. He even had the courtesy of having a dick that curved slightly downward, so that it was able to make that last push down my esophagus just that much easier. He didn’t seem to want to come. “I can’t” he kept saying. But I knew how to make him. I pinched the rim of his asshole and the base of his balls while I buried my nose in his fur as the tip of him pulsated on my tonsils. He came, sure as I knew he would, and I let his cum slide right down my throat as I choked it all down smoothly. I never tasted a drop, just the sweet tang of his cologne and istanbul escort 12 hours of all day confinement. He told me, before he left, that he’d met someone else and was moving to the Midwest. We were always only a casual thing and I really enjoyed our sex life, but I was happy for him. It was harder for him than it was for me.January 4, 1998I was 30 years old and had never dated a black man before. It wasn’t out of preference, it had just never come up. But when I met Derrick, I was hooked. Not just on the sex, but on him as a person. Derrick was charming and funny. In the bedroom, he was a bit of a different person, and that took some adjustment. My submissive side was forced to take center stage and sometimes it was a bit difficult, but I found a way to embrace it. Derrick, for all intents and purposes, made me his bitch. He loved to stretch me with his fingers, lick me anywhere he wanted. He wanted me to call him “boss” when we were in the bedroom. He was never cruel, but he was always dominant. For example, when I was a little tight, he wouldn’t just ram his eight and a half up my ass, he would work me, always allow me to adjust, but it still hurt…until it didn’t. Derrick would cum like a geyser. And he was loud as hell. My neighbors would sometimes complain with little knocks on the wall because we would fuck at two or three am sometimes. My moans were always deep and usually muffled by a pillow which he pushed my head into. The best was when he would cum on my face. It made me feel like a slut and he got off on it. It always made me cum right away. One night Derrick came three times in about as many hours. He came in my ass first, then later on my face. The last time he wanted me to fuck him, which I had never done before. It was his biggest orgasm of the night. I couldn’t cum because I was already drained from two loads. I didn’t have the stamina Derrick had. But his almost hit the ceiling. I didn’t know (because how could I?) that it would be the last time I’d hear from Derrick again. September 23, 1999I don’t normally do things like this, but I answered an ad online. Two guys were looking for a third to join them for a fun night at their place. I hadn’t been seeing anyone for most of the year and honestly I was pretty desperate to get off. I didn’t want to go to sexclubs and avcılar escort bar pickups were becoming tedious. Each of them were attractive and they were looking for a young man (though ideally in his twenties, but…) who was versatile and had a good sex drive. That was certainly me! We exchanged pictures and chatted a bit before agreeing to meet.I got to their place, which was much uglier than I expected, to be honest. I don’t know why, but I thought two young good looking gay guys would have a much nicer place, but then that’s probably a bit unfair. I remember when I was in my early twenties… I probably didn’t fare much better.We sat on the futon and chatted for a bit. I started to feel that urge to press through the small talk and get into the bed and see what was in store for the night. I was staring at Ellis’ crotch all night (he was the top in the relationship) and I think he picked up on the hint. We finished our wine and then Grant laid down the ground rules. He said that Ellis could only fuck him, not me, which bummed me out, but that I could fuck Grant if it felt right. He told me oral was open for all and that Grant loved to be rimmed. I told him that was all no problem and that I’d be happy to just let it all flow in the bedroom.It was a wild experience and the boys were pretty free in the bedroom. Ellis had a pretty big dick and I could see why Grant wanted it all to himself, but I took as much as I could sucking his dick while Grant sucked mine. At one point, while I was on my knees with my hairy ass in the air, sucking on Grant’s cock while he huffed poppers, Ellis was beginning to finger my hole. Then I felt his tongue going to work on me and I couldn’t help but to wiggle my ass a bit. it was begging for cock. Without asking either of us, Ellis shoved his rod inside me and I let out a groan and a grunt. He didn’t use lube (though my hole was super wet already) and he wasn’t gentle. Grant didn’t say a word, perhaps he was just in his own world getting one of my fantastic blowjobs. But my cock was throbbing. Grand slid down and positioned his head in between my legs and started sucking me. Ellis pulled out and began double dipping into his boyfriend’s mouth and my asshole. Each time he slid inside me I felt like I would cum. He ended up cumming in his boy’s mouth and so did I. It was a crazy experience şirinevler escort and I wanted more. I tried to set up another get together but it never happened. I ended up seeing Ellis on my own a few times for some wild sex. He told me Grant didn’t know and that their sex life was winding down. He couldn’t get enough of my hairy ass, he said. One night we fucked on my patio for an hour.May 20, 2004I was in a relationship for many years but we broke it off when he talked about marriage. I wasn’t ready and it just wasn’t something I wanted. Now I’m hungry and on the prowl again. A friend had been talking to me about a sex party that met once a month and that we should go together. He said there were all kinds of guys there, many of them “straight” and married. I decided to go with him after a lot of convincing and, well…I became addicted. There were about fifteen or eighteen guys there, all different shapes and sizes. And it was a fucking free for all. There were no inhibitions. Guys would slip off to bathrooms. One guy was getting fisted in the small office downstairs. You could join in anywhere and everyone was open to everything. There was a super hot Asian guy who began taking loads on his face. The first time I came that night I shot a load, probably his third or fourth. I felt like I was in a porn shoot and kept looking around to make sure we weren’t on camera!An Argentinian dude was talking to me on the couch during a rest. He was handsome and rugged, but very sweet and incredibly smart. We talked for an hour, getting to know each other before we found a little area that was hidden (relatively) and the first thing we did after kissing and stroking, was straddle each other and 69. His cock was perfect; brown and uncut, thick and veiny, like my dream cock. His cum was thick and heavenly. I hoped no one would find us, and miraculously, no one did. After talking some more and kissing, we fucked each other. His ass was amazing but I was too exhausted to cum. He was not. He fucked me so good I came without touching myself. My dick was bobbing up and down, slapping my stomach as he plowed me, until I shot a ball-draining load all over my chest. August 2, 2015Pablo and I still have amazing sex all the time. We have been together for over a decade and I still want his cock all the time. It’s amazing, isn’t it, that I could meet a dream like him at a sex party? Thom called me up, out of the blue and asked how I was doing. He wanted to see if I was interested in getting together for a drink. I said I couldn’t but it was good to hear from him.I didn’t know if I’d ever find a more perfect cock than his, but I did, and it’s going to fuck me really good later tonight.