Episode 122 – Sam meets Justy

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Episode 122 – Sam meets JustyLong before Sam handed over the domination of Suzy to Annie, becoming Her slave, she was patiently waiting to make tea for her son Mikey, idly watching porn when she stumbled across one of the many ‘MILF catches son and girlfriend’ videos.The sound of heavy petting and Suzy’s vibrator, covered the sound of Mikey (17) and Rachael (15) meeting up at his house after school: “Hi Mom – this is my new girlfriend – would you like to watch us fucking?”Rachael actually blushed, which was rather cute – perhaps her own parents were not quite so open sexually.“Of course, love – just as long as I can join in”, removing the flexible plastic sextoy and handing Mikey the sticky end to lick clean.Rachael now looked really worried as Mikey began removing her clothes: “um, are you sure about this? I’ve never actually done it with someone else watching”.“Don’t worry love – I’m not about to judge your performance”, by now the school skirt and blouse were on the floor and Rachael was trying to hold onto her simple white underwear.In the video the young girl had given way to the older woman, dressed identically to Suzy in a black leather full-body harness and collar. The woman had pushed her son’s legs all the way back and was fucking him in the Amazon position, with just his cock protruding from his trouser fly. “Ooh we’ve never done it that way – can you show me how, Mrs Posh Slut”.Suzy laughed: “call me Suzy – you naughty girl”.Mike stripped right off and lay back on the sofa, legs raised above his head, erection pointing at the ceiling.Suzy lowered her smoothly shaven cunt onto that lovely cock she knew so well, taking it deep in one downward sweep, then up again until only the tip was held between her outer lips.Then Rachael touched the partially healed weals and bruises on Suzy’s back and shoulders, inflicted where they wouldn’t show beneath a dress.”They look sore – don’t you have a safe-word? Mine is pomegranate” added Rachael brightly.”No sweetie – you have to give up your safe-word when you become a slave. You learn to love absolutely everything your Master desires”.“Rachael- turn out the light – it’s your turn now- come here c***d – you’re perfectly safe with us”.Rachael reluctantly istanbul escort opened her mouth to Suzy’s probing tongue, then opened her thighs to Suzy’s probing fingers; Mikey watched and wanked while his MILF mother made out with his new girlfriend.The white cotton bra made an ideal restraint tied around Rachel’s upper arms behind her back.“OK son – now it’s your turn – make this gorgeous girl scream”, twisting Rachael’s nipples just for effect.The Master ReturnsWhen Sam walked in, he was faced by his stepson deeply embedded in Rachael’s backside, while her mouth was firmly clamped to his sub’s pussy.“Quick baby girl – Present!”.Rachael extricated herself and copied Suzy – kneeling, legs apart, head up, chest out, eyes down, mouth open, hands behind the back – waiting to be commanded.“Good Girl”, soothed Mike, stroking her face with his erection “Master will be pleased”.Sam dropped his trousers for Suzy’s attention, all the while watching Mikey’s new sub improving oral skills.“What do you think, Dad? Isn’t she gorgeous”? “Yeah, but too young and inexperienced for me – but you enjoy her. But make sure you use the proper condoms – not that cheap rubbish you keep buying down at the pub”.Rachael pushed the cock out of her mouth just long enough to utter “it’s OK – I’m on the pill”, slobber running down her chin, before sucking her boyfriend back in, with her arms still pinned behind her back. He grabbed hold of Suzy’s collar, dragging her to the patio doors and out into the pouring rain “OK bitch – this should cool you down a bit.”Back inside, Mikey had decided to try out the Amazon position again – laying back on the padded arm of the sofa, legs raised as Rachael, standing, captured his cock between her legs.”That’s disgusting” observed Sam “you look like a faggot – but her butt does flex beautifully – perhaps there’s room for a real man”.Rachael screamed “pomegranate” as the second cock entered her tight round brown hole.”Sorry love – don’t think there’s much room in here for fruit as well” Sam kept fucking, having no idea that was her safeword.After ten more minutes of vigorous double penetration, Rachael avcılar escort hung like a limp rag between the two Doms, barely able to stand as the sperm dribbled down her thighs front and back.Suzy was dragged back in out of the cold rain to clean up the c***d, using just her mouth, before both girls were locked in the bedroom cage.VideoSam and Mikey sat at the dining table, in just black tee shirts, naked below the waist, reviewing the webcam footage.”Not sure we can use much of this – your girlfriend does look rather young, when you can see her pretty face. I don’t usually fancy girls this age, but I’m willing to make an exception for those gorgeous legs”.Mikey noticed his step-dad’s cock rising when they got to the part where Suzy was sucking the sperm from Rachael’s cunt and arse: “umm I’ve got another video here if you’re interested.”This showed Rachael 69-ing a gorgeous redhead, in her bedroom, both tongues deeply embedded in dripping cunts.Just then an older version of Molly, wearing a skimpy dress, walked into the room: “hi Mikey – I hope you’re not planning on uploading that – come here and give me a kiss”.Both their cocks sprang to attention “that’s Justine – Molly’s mum – she’s going through a messy divorce at the moment and might benefit from a strong hand”. Upstairs, jammed together in a cage meant for one, Rachael tried extracting her arm from between Suzy’s sweaty thighs.Suzy had one hand free to grab the bottle of Johnson’s Baby Oil from outside the cage and smothered as much of Rachael as she could reach.Now they could more comfortably slide their hot bodies over each other, to end up with Suzy licking the young girls perfect arse.Meanwhile downstairs, another handy bottle of Baby Oil was providing lubrication for a spot of father-son masturbation, while watching the video of Justine eating out her daughter Molly.“I adore redheads” breathed Sam, jerking their two cocks “very nicely filmed shot of both pubic curls”.“Sorry dad, buts it’s all gone now – Rach gave them both an intimate waxing; and No – before you ask they wouldn’t let me watch – said it was rather painful”.“Bugger” said Sam cumming all over himself “sorry about the şirinevler escort sticky keyboard”.“That’s OK – it’s had far worse spilt on it – Rachael regularly squirts when I play with her arse”.The next scene on the video was shot over Rachael’s shoulder, kneeling on the bathroom floor. Molly and her mum Justine are sitting open-legged on the side of the bath – their cunts perfectly smooth and oiled. Rachael has three bunched up fingers inside Molly and her whole fist inside Justine, while rocking backwards and forwards as Mikey takes her from behind.Just then Suzy re-entered the lounge, leading a reluctant Rachael by the collar: “clever trick – not locking the cage – you just wanted us to get better acquainted.”“Come here you beautiful girl – you can now serve two Masters”.“Permission to speak, Sir?” asked the very demure c***d, head bowed, legs clamped together; then carried on regardless: “I’ve been a very naughty girl – cumming without permission – will one of you upright gentleman please correct me”.Sam pulled Rachael onto his lap, spreading her buttocks, sliding in his still-sticky cock: “oh baby – you are so tight – stroke that lovely clit – don’t worry I’ll get Mikey a new laptop”.Strictly Cum DancingSuzy carefully bound Rachael’s arms behind her back, then tightly around each breast, before plunging the doubled red silk rope between her legs to hold her slick pussy lips apart.Then she caught sight of the video camera pointed straight at her butt: “not more filthy footage”Justine wasn’t planning on stopping when she drove Molly across town for the orgy, but was easily persuaded by the simple act of Suzy kissing her passionately, while thumbing her nipples.They were stripped down to matching red satin thong panties and joined the naked throng attempting to emulate the dance moves of the TV programme.Suzy painted the girls breasts and buttocks in shiny red glitter.Apparently the rules involved the Doms awarding points for style, sensuality and originality as the four writhing females tried to make each other cum by any means possible.Mikey soon joined in, demonstrating the vertical copulation tango with each teenager in turn and then his mother as the wine, sperm and pussy juices flowed.Suzy looked up from between Molly’s thighs to watch Justy performing a samba on her knees in front of Sam, before swallowing his ejaculation and then swapping phone numbers.Gripping the back of her neck, Sam had discovered his next potential sub and Justy her new Master, although it was ages before they would start their formal D/s training.