Erica, Ranch Wife. pt 2 her first time

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Erica at 14, her first time.

Erica was an enthusiastic learner and would anticipate questions and seemed to be instinctive on every level of the horse ranching business. We were like peas in a pod. We would share the work that needed to be done and enjoy it. The first time we had sex was after the first few days together of settling in and catching up on work. The Timothy was coming in and the lease needed to be baled after having been cut and left to dry. I drove to the lease in the flatbed loader to where the baler was kept. The baler was just a large riding lawnmower. I briefly instructed Erica on how to operate it and she was off in a flash, like a natural. After baling, loading and setting 400 bales we were done for the day. It was about lunchtime and we were both hot and tired.

“God, it’s hot, is there any place to SWIM around here ! Erica asked no one in particular.

I thought about the dry creek bed past the lease. It was public land and occasionally held water that would be cool and refreshing.

Erica and I drove off to see if there was any water in creek. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to find the creek almost gone, but the water had ponded up nicely. It was clear and inviting, with a few shade trees close by. The whole area was green and the humidity could be felt coming off the pond.

As we sat under one of the trees I started taking my boots and shirt and pants off. Erica watched me for a second then started taking her clothes off as i did. Erica watched me and was a step behind me, seeing how far down I would go. Hell, I was a country boy and had skinny-dipped too many times to remember. Erica, however was a city girl and hadn’t had the same opportunity. I sat there in my boxers, she in her bra and panties. She had unclasped her bra and was still holding it loosely to her body, still modest.

“Well ? I asked, enjoying her discomfort.

“You’ve never seen me naked” she said.

“First time for everything” I said.

“Ive seen you naked” she said.

“Oh really, when ? I asked.
“When you came out of the shower last night, your door was open and I saw you”. she said.

“What’d you think ? I asked, needling her.

“Nice” she said. “You have a farmer tan” she added with a laugh.

“Wonder why ? I joked.

I stood to hang my boxers on a branch to let them dry, my naked cock waving in the breeze. Erica couldn’t help to look, not avoiding or starring at it. I motioned for her to stand up. As she did she faced me, looking up into my eyes.

“You don’t have to anything you don’t want to do, ever.” I ordered.

“I know” she said. With that she hung her bra up on another branch and put her arms down at her side. It was the first full look at her nice tits I had had. I looked at her face and smiled as she returned the look, then bent down and took off her panties. She didn’t hang these on the tree, she handed them to me. As I took her panties I could see the sweat marks in the material. I wanted to smell of her scent. Erica held her panties as I held them and she pushed them into my hand as she slowly let go, watching my face and looking into my eyes the whole time. As if to say; “Take them (me) their (I’m) yours”.

Erica’s body was beautiful, nice clear skin, pink from the heat. Round ass and full hips with a nice black bush over her pussy. Erica hadn’t shaved her pussy, thank God. She didn’t need to, ever. I don’t like shaved pussy, it’s weird. Erica’s bush wasn’t too big or too small. Some girls really need a trim, others have only sparse pubic hair that hardly covers anything.

I crept carefully down the rock strewn path to the waters edge holding Erica’s hand and guiding her tenderly along. The water was refreshing and felt good in the sun. We swam and floated lazily in the water , never more than an arms length from each other and actually, never letting go of each other.

At some point Erica came up into my face and kissed me long and deep. I put my arms under her as the water was over her head. şişli bayan escort I held her up by her bottom, enjoying the feeling of her cute wet butt. I massaged it and rubbed it as I enjoyed her tongue kiss. She backed off and looked at me and took my cock on her hand and began to stroke it.

“There’s some stuff I’ve done…and some stuff I’ve never done”. She said.

“Don’t worry” I said. “It’s always someone’s first time for everything, there’s no need to even bring it up”. I soothed.

With that she turned her back to me as I moved us into shallower water, she reached around and continued to stroke my now rock hard cock. I reached around her and found her bushy pussy. I fingered her little hole and she let out a moan. At some point she has lost her hymen, probably to some little boys lucky finger. I worked a finger into her as deep as it would go, trying to prepare her for what was next. She was moaning and had probably never been probed as thoroughly as this.

“Is this good ? I asked.

‘MMmnn, yeah, good” she answered. I continued, trying to get her to cum first. After a few minutes her back arched and she tensed up, a soft moan continuing from her lips.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn” she said between gasps.

“lean forward and you push yourself back onto me” I instructed. She knew what I meant, she was familiar and comfortable enough with the mechanics of what we were doing to realize I was going to take her from behind. I wanted her to push herself onto me at her pace. I was somewhat bigger than her and average to better-than-average size.

She straightened up and moved her back to me.

“That’s it baby, I want to see your ass, move your ass back to me”. I said. With that, Erica bent down in the water to where her head was just above it, she had arched her back, causing her ass to jut out nicely, I liked the view. I put my cockhead against her virgin pussy opening and pushed in slowly. Erica wasn’t expecting this. She groaned like a heifer and moaned with each breath.

“I don’t..I can’t..mmmnnn…uuunngghhhh” she said. I kept the pressure up, my cock against her tiny pussy hole, not letting up. I felt her walls relax and open a little allowing me deeper into her vagina.

“Mmmmmnnnnhhhhhh” she said. I kept going, once getting started I kept the momentum up and tried to bury my cock. I hit bottom and kept the pressure on, pulling her hips into me and pushing against her cervix with my cock.

“Oooohhhhh…nnnnnhhhhhh” was all she could do. I could feel her pussy spasm around my cock on occasion. After about a minute I relaxed the pressure and kept my cock buried in her cunt, just letting it sit.

“Oh God, Oh wow, Ohhhh…” Erica’s first words in 5 minutes.

Slowly, very slowly, I started to bang into her cervix over and over again.

“Mph, mph, mph,” went Erica. I started to pull out a little more each time I stroked. Eventually I was fucking her little pussy hole full length strokes and going for the gusto with each one. She had adjusted admirably, Taking my fat erect cock into her virgin hole and the pistoning in and out of her tender orifice. I held her hips tight as she reached around and grabbed my hands to guide and encourage me.

I shot off into her pussy and held inside her, keeping my come in her body, not letting it escape. I sat her up and brought her into my chest and held her there for the next few minutes as my cock deflated.

“How are you ? I asked.

“MI’m goodmm” she squeaked out.

“I’m gonna pull out” I said. With that I slowly slid my erect cock out of her tight hole, feeling it pull the semen off my cock like a squeegee. God she was tight. I turned her around and held her to me, face to face. She looked drunk, she was still high of her first fuck and orgasm. I took her over to the shore and we laid on the sand in the shade, allowing the water to run off of us. Erica kept her hands around my neck and kissed me, she had her legs around me, holding me tight.

I ran my hands down her back to şişli escort her ass and massaged her crack. I dallied around her anus and rubbed it intending to get a finger inside. I had been curious as to whether she would take an ass fuck or not. She didn’t object to my anal play. I went further down and found her hairy hole. I fingered her newly devirginized pussy and it felt as tight as it had before i fucked her.

“Lets go” I said. I wanted to go home and take a nap.

I got dressed as she did. When she went to put her panties on I took them from her and said “Not these”. and I held them up to my face. She smiled and seemed to know what I was talking about. She put her jeans on “commando” and we drove the loader home.

Once home I put the panties on my dresser. “Lets shower and take a nap, we’ll Bar-B-Que tonight” I said. “Good, I’m hungry now though.” she said. She flipped off her shirt, boots and jeans. and walked into my (our) shower. I walked in with her and started to wet her down with the hand held nozzle. She gladly obliged and encouraged me as I wanted to play with and explore her body.

Erica kept her hair up as I soaped her all over and rubbed every single inch of her body with my hands. I paid special attention to her breasts and her ass cheeks. I rubbed and soaped her tits and pulled at her nipples as she flushed red with excitement and sexual tension. I turned her away from me and soaped her ass cheeks and massaged them for a while. I had her bend over and grab her ankles as I parted her butt cheeks and inspected her crack. I could see her cute pussy as she was bent forward and I fingered it some more from behind. I found her clit with my thumb and forefinger and stimulated her this way until she came again. I almost had to hold her up as she came and slouched against the tile wall of the shower. I stuck my wet soapy finger deep into her butthole and stroked it in and out a few times, cleaning her thoroughly. I soaped her cute feet and in between her toes as well as behind her ears and her pretty, now glowing face. She shampooed her hair and rinsed it as I help the nozzle for her. Erica then took a turn and soaped me allover. She lingered around my chest and especially my cock. She was delighted when my cock hardened when she soaped and massaged it. She got on her knees in front of me and played gingerly with my balls and slowly, lovingly stroked my cock as she looked up into my eyes.

When we ran out of water we had to dry off and move to the bed.

“So, non-virgin, what kind of things have you done with boys in the past ? I asked.

She smiled at being called a non-virgin. “Lots of stuff, why”.

“I want to know so’s I don’t scare you” I said.

She laughed at this. “I’ve made out with some boys, hooked up, you know”. she said.

“What exactly ? I asked.

“Well, kissing for sure, one boy liked my boobs and always played with them and kissed them and stuff.” she said.

“Have you ever had your pants down? I asked.

“Couple times, had a boy kiss me ‘down there’ and lick me there, but he didn’t know what he was doing”. she said.

“I play with myself, in the shower, a lot” she stated. This piqued my interest.

“Yeah, like what ? I asked.

“You know, stuff.” “I’ll rub one out, or use the shower massage.” “After I shower, usually when I shave my legs, I’ll play with the kitty”. “Once, I stuck the handle of the razor up my who-who, that was nice”. she said.

“I even stuck a toothbrush in my butt” she said. I looked at her and she laughed.

“How was that ? I asked.

“Okay, it was different”. she said.

“Didn’t the bristles hurt ? I asked.

“No, dummy, I used the handle and stuck it almost all the way in” she said.

“Yours” I asked.

“Hell’s no ! she exclaimed. “I used my step-dad’s”.

“What else” I asked.

“I had another boy finger me, a lot.” “He even tried to finger my butt, but it hurt when he did it”. she said.

“There’s a secret to having fun with your butt” I mecidiyeköy escort said.

“What ? she asked.

“Lubrication; spit, vaseline, astroglide, even butter, if you’re desperate”. I said.

“Oh, so.. you got any handy? she asked. It dawned on me that I needed to go buy lottery tickets.

“I don’t like to jump right into the booty”. “I like to warm up first” I said.

“Change places with me, I’ll get at the foot of the bed, you get comfortable”. With that I moved down and she moved up onto the pillows on the head of the bed.

“I want you to touch and rub yourself anywhere it feels good, OK ? I said. She started with her boobs, still young and fresh, they didn’t drop when she was on her back, they stayed upright and perky. As Erica massaged her boobs I pushed her feet back to her butt and spread her legs. I had the best view of her pussy and could see her watching me. I spread her hairy pussy lips with my fingers and began to lick her sensitive pussy hole and clitty. Erica moaned and lost interest in massaging her own tits. I reached up with one hand and rubbed them and tweaked her nipples gently.

I kept my free hand and teased her pussy hole as I nibbled at her clit and her puffy outer lips. After a few minutes she started to moan consistently and I focused on bringing her off. I lightly tongued her clit for the next several minutes when she tensed up and almost screamed when she came. She panted and flushed red and I could feel her pussy tense up and squeeze my fingers as I was buried inside her.

“Ohh, man..” she said. “Good…”

I continued to gently kiss her and suck the interesting little parts of her pussy as she came down.

“Give me the pillows, lay down flat” I instructed.

She handed me the pillows and I rolled her butt up off the bed by lifting her legs way past her chest.

“What the..” she squeaked.

“You’ll see” i said.

I laid her on the two pillows, now stacked under her rump. Her legs hung over her and this placed her bottom straight up and wide open. I began to tongue her asshole, just as i did her pussy.

“Oh, wow.” she said.

“OHH, WOW.. “she exclaimed. “I see, I see…”

I slobbered on her anus and tongued it, enjoying the feeling of her slippery crinkled butthole under my tongue. I loved being buried in between her cute butt cheeks and the close up view of her pussy. I slid my tongue way down to the small of her back and way up, back into her pussy. Mostly I concentrated around her little brown crinkle. I inserted my tongue into her rectum, moving it in and out and all around. I inserted my thumb into her pussy and began the search for her g-spot. My tongue was getting tired and starting to hurt, so I had to make her come this way pretty fast. She started to moan pretty quickly and I kept at it, keeping her anus wet with spit and her juicy pussy well stimulated with my thumb.

Erica came again and her ass clenched down forcing my tongue out of her. I kept my thumb in her vagina and slowed the intensity of the stroke. I moved up on the bed as she was panting and catching her breath. I kissed her deep allowing her to taste herself, her pussy juice and ass.

“Oh, God” she moaned. “I’m beat”, she said.

I knew the feeling. “you think you could help me out here ? I asked.

“Sure”, she said.

“My balls are about to explode, you think you could practice your BJ technique on me ? I asked, hopefully.

“You bet ! came the enthusiastic response. As Erica scampered down the bed and came to rest, face-to-face, as it were, with my cock she looked a little confused.

“put it in your mouth as deep as it will go, don’t use your teeth and move your head up and down, it’s pretty hard to screw up” I said.

I had a good look at her ass as she bent over my dick. I took my still wet thumb and probed her bottom cheeks. I found her anus and put pressure on it with my thumb. Slowly my thumb disappeared into her butt. As she was sucking hard at my erect penis, I buttfucked her with my thumb. I made a note to stock up on toothbrushes.

Erica did as she was instructed, bringing me off in about two minutes of slobbery, gagging blowjob goodness.