Erin, the girl next door

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Erin, the girl next doorWe had only been moved in next door to you for a couple of months before I noticed you, I was cutting the lawn and it was sticky hot so I only had shorts and boots on and my shades. I saw you over the garden fence, you were walking about in a tiny pair of shorts and a little string bikini bra top with your long blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, it swung about in the breeze as you trotted about in your flip flops. It was difficult to judge your age as you were quite tall, had a lovely pert butt and you definitely had a wonderful pair of pert tits and nice puffy nipples. I noticed this as I could see your nipples were quite pointed and prominent as they strained against the thin pink bikini top you had on, it had slipped about a bit when the string ties worked a bit loose, in fact I could just make out the pink outside of your nipples. You were very chatty and giggly as we exchanged jokes over the fence, your white shorts were very skimpy and the seam had pulled right up into your fanny lips which were very clear so I knew you were mature enough to have a nice pussy and you had probably reached puberty. We used to chat a lot over the next few months during the summer and I knew that you would make a point of coming out into the garden whenever I was working or watering the plants and that you always had extremely sexy clothes on even though you might not have meant to, tiny shorts, little bikini pants that always seemed to be too little or hanging off, exposing your arse crack and better still the top of your pubic mound with its wispy light blond hair just popping out of the top. There were many times that I had to adjust my cock as it would jerk into life at the sight of you with your tanned legs and smooth back and pretty face, sexy smile with the hint of pink lip gloss and the sweat dripping between your little pert tits and the slight damp patch between your legs as your pants pulled into your fanny lips, you were delightful adiosbet yeni giriş and so horney. I did very often deliberately splash you with the water sprayer to try and make your cotton tops see through and succeeded many times which meant I could clearly see your pink puffy nipples in all their glory, just waiting to be kissed and licked. What I didn’t know until I caught a glimpse of you last week was that at the same time as I used to take my leave of you to dash into my bedroom for a very slow deliberate masturbate of my thick solid cock, was that you were sneaking up to your room so you could watch me and masturbate your young little sweet cunt and clit at the same time. I would get into my room and not bother to shut the blinds, I knew your room was dead opposite mine and to be honest I wanted you to see me but was slightly scared in case you didn’t fancy seeing a guys big hard cock. The urges I had to fuck and masturbate you were huge and I always made sure I had a good mental picture of you as I lay on my bed slowly pulling my foreskin back and forward, my cock was a splendid b**st, long and thick, the skin would pull right back exposing the big purple head that had the big ridge at the back that gave big thrills as my skin pulled up and over, back and down, stretching hard and making the end bright and shiny, I could pull myself for ages with my other hand gently tweaking my nipples to get the extra thrills as my thick creamy spunk shot in great gushes up into the air to splatter down onto my belly. I could spurt a good six or seven hard long gushes before squeezing the end to get the last drops out, if only I could masturbate into your wonderful sexy mouth, or better still on your tits and cunt and eventually up into all of your holes, cunt, arse and mouth. You were getting hot and horney when you joined into the fun with me in the garden, you knew that by wearing your tine sun tops and bikini bottoms and letting adiosbet giriş them hang loose and free that I would be able to see your nipples and down into your pubic hairs but it get you excited and you had been playing with your clit and inside your pussy for quite a few months anyway. You had experimented pushing your fingers in your cunt when you were 12 soon after your mum had talked to you about your littler tits starting to bud and that this was ok as all girls had tits and it was nothing to worry about as you were turning into a young lady. Your Dads porno films certainly opened the flood gates and got you so interested in how guys could pull their cocks and shoot that wonderful creamy sperm up and out so powerfully, you wanted to do it for them, feeling the huge strength of the thick stem and big shiny head as the spunk spattered out. You loved to have this in your mind as you rubbed your pert little clit and gently pushed the thin end of your coke bottle in and out of your cunt hole, just far enough to let the coke end lip nudge on the inside you where it felt so good and deep, especially if you could get your clit to orgasm at the same time, this was what you strived for as you practiced masturbating almost every night. You had seen me go up to my room almost as soon as we had been messing about in the garden and out of curiosity you had nipped up to your room and noticed that if you kept your blinds half open and got onto your top bunk you could see me laying on my bed wanking my big fat cock and it felt as thought we were doing it to each other as you tried to time your orgasm to match my spunk gushes. You would strip off completely and lay with your legs stiff and straight pointing at me, slightly open pretending that I could see up them and maybe I could as I seemed to be looking straight up to you as I gasped quite load when I came which you could hear clearly as you left your window upon hoping I could hear your muffled adiosbet güvenilirmi gasps and little scream as you came with me. I had noticed what you did and that you were in your room, as I could see you strip off and climb onto your top bunk and luckily the mirror on your wall let me see your reflection clearly as you pushed the coke bottle up into your pussy, quite a way for a 12 year old and certainly you were pushing it in and out deeper and deeper as you patted then rubbed your clit, obviously working hard to get as good a masturbate as you could. You looked so beautiful, a young girl awakening to your body and sexual pleasures, fully aware of how to pleasure yourself, aware of your body and its sexuality, aware of men’s cocks and how wonderful it would feel to grasp one, pull its skin up and down, feel its power in your mouth, feel it jerk and gush its sperm onto your cunt or if you dared into your mouth to swallow and eventually like the girls in the porno up your very tight arse, that’s what got you so horney, what would it be like to have a big fat cock jerk its spunk in your very private and sensitive arse. You could see my cock getting so hard, my jerking getting faster, your bottle pushing in and out, your young firm clit throbbing as you patted and rubbed it, you like to feel the sharp stab of pain as you patted and slapped your clit quite hard then rubbed it faster and faster, we were in unison, I think we knew that we could see each other as we both came at the same time, my cock pumping and gushing, your bottle pushed deeper, further harder, in and out, your fingers rubbing your clit harder and faster, my skin pulled up and down, up and down, long strokes, the spunk gushes out, your clit throbs, your cunt muscles grab the bottle and suck it deep, your young clean sweet cunt juices gush out as you splatter all over your bed sheet, we are both finished and slump down our gasps dying out together, we have had a mutual masturbation and both smile. You get up and let your legs hank over the end of the bed, wide open so I can see clearly up your cunt as you wipe it with your sopping wet thong. We would have many happy masturbation sessions before you started to hint at what you wanted me to do to you next?