escorting is the Answer: Chap 1.

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escorting is the Answer: Chap 1.Vincent Dae gets back into escorting but his first client changes the game on him. . . things get real for Dae. ‘Why would you even say something like that?’ I said into the cell phone as I unlocked the door to my apartment. I was speaking to my boyfriend who had been having some trust issues since he found out I had been a male escort during my senior year in college. ‘I’m sooo sorry baby’ he replied ‘I didn’t know what I was saying I was drunk!’. ‘. . . . bullshit, you weren’t that drunk, your using that as an excuse for saying dumb shit and being jealous of something that I did way before I met you’ I said back swiftly.I’d been in this position before, I’m completely honest with a boyfriend or someone I’m interested in and they cant handle it. They had all fucked probably more guys than I had but since I got paid for it they looked down on me. It wasn’t as exhausting as it use to be, I wasn’t ashamed of it. I made extremely good money, paid off my loans, my family’s loans, bought a car, still had money in the bank and got out clean. If these guys couldn’t handle it then fuck’em. ‘Listen’ I said ‘we had a good time while it lasted, but were done, you wont be able to get past this and I don’t have the energy or time to see if you can. Its over, I’m going to box up your things now and send them to you. If there is something you think I missed text me, don’t call me anymore and don’t come over here, do you understand?’ I surprised myself with the coldness. ‘. . . . . . I understand. . . . . I just. . . . . . I want to see you before, let me pick up the box?’ ‘no we’re done here’. I hung up the phone and grabbed the box. I had packed it when I got his voicemail of him screaming at me calling me a whore and him saying he was going to pimp me out to his friends to pay off his loans amongst other slurred speech insults. Maybe I would fuck his friends and let them film it. . . . if I actually cared about pay back I would have, but honestly I was practically over him already. . . . . . . . . again I surprised myself with the coldness. It didn’t matter, I had three months until my first day at the law firm that I had worked my ass off to get into. But I had three months until then. . . what to do. Surprisingly enough I had kind of missed certain aspects of escorting or whoring myself out, as my now ex would have said. Just before I called it quits I had a handful of regular clients. Having regulars had kept me from having to stretch myself to thin between them. I had been a paid boy toy for them. I had met other escorts in the beginning that had to fuck the nastiest guys a few times a day for coins. I knew when I first started that wasn’t going to be me. I had lucked out knowing a girl that escorted in college. She turned me onto the idea. She had introduced me to her ‘handler’, basically her pimp, Tim. Tim loved me from the start. ‘you have the perfect look and personality for this’ he had told me years ago. He started setting me up for dates immediately. I got a bit picky soon after but he was on board.I kept the higher class and big payers happy and kept them coming back while attending the occasional parties or group fucks. My niche eventually was trips, I got paid to go on trips short and long term with guys and provided a ‘perfect boyfriend’ experience. I was there to make them feel special and to fuck whenever wherever. The fact that I had a decent personality didn’t hurt.For one of my regulars, who was bi like me, he paid for me and another girl to attend a business trip with him for two weeks in Dubai. He was a perfect gentlemen to us and a serious freak in the sheets. It was the best trip I’d ever been on. I had gotten a lot of free time to myself when he wanted to be alone with the girl so I got to see almost all the sites. After all these years had passed I wasn’t sure if I could jump back in, temporarily. I pulled up my old email account that I had used exclusively for escorting. I had turned off my old phone number and moved so no one could get in contact with me, the email had been the only way anyone knew or could use from that life. It had been a months since I had checked it. Tim had tracked me down a couple times and I’d meet with him but always turned down his offers, respectfully. But now I was curious I mean. . . . I had three months to burn, money in the bank and a possible shot at a vacation and more cash. I pulled up the inbox, I had an email from Tim 6 months ago and it said that I had a standing offer to come back whenever I wanted to and to call him if I ever changed my mind. I typed the number in my phone and saved it. I texted Tim, ‘if you need anyone under a temporary basis I’m available for three months ? if you’ll have me that is. –Vincent Dae-‘. Within ten minutes Tim had texted me back, ‘you could possibly be my saving angel!! Do you have a passport and can you get to a clinic and get tested today?? I have two possible trips, short term 3-4 days max right now but could turn into more if interested. I need a couple pics and confirm the clinic for the blood and std test in the next three hours.’Damn I thought. . . . that was quick. I looked myself over in the mirror. I had kept my 5’7 body lean as always, I couldn’t have weighted more than 145lbs, lightly tan smooth skin, my thick dark hair was just to the tip of my shoulders. canlı bahis I was glad I had just gotten waxed a few days before that would save time. I stripped down and jumped in the shower rinsing off and started to quickly use my razor to clean up a few areas. I got out drying off as quick as possible. I applied lotion to my skin softly, my head was already getting into the boy toy mode again. I applied it as if my date was watching, softly swaying my hips back and forth teasing my ass just a little as I rubbed the lotion into my skin. I cracked a slight smile. This would be fun I thought to myself. I slid on a fresh thong and replaced my normal everyday belly ring with a shiny silver small dangling piercing. I took some selfies so you could see the slight ripple of my abs and just a hint of the piercing. I got on all fours on my mattress and took some more pictures so my ass popped out, it always got the most attention. No matter what guys ‘thought’ they were into, they always wanted to either lick my ass or fuck it as much as possible. I took a few more pics from different angles and chose four from different poses and sent them to Tim. I sent him the address to a local clinic and got dressed. He confirmed the test, I was done within an hour. Tim had sent me two pictures of two different possible clients. The first one was an older looking maybe mid 50’s Italian looking man, he appeared to be handsome, overweight and dressed like a gangster from Goodfellas. I was already passing on him in my head. The second photo was a real clean cut, mid-forties compact looking guy, he was actually kinda hot, sharp features, square jaw and looked to be in really good shape, ex military looking. I texted Tim back ‘I’m up for client number two, anything I need to know?’ Tim replied ‘whats the matter? You don’t want one of the sopranos drooling all over you? Gotta pick the hot one?? ;)’ I laugh out loud, he knew which one I was going to pick. ‘Whats the catch?’ I replied, ‘number two can only offer a thousand total, tip and all, travel, room for four nights, food is included. I’ve made the arrangements, Cancun all inclusive. Number One Gangster though. . . can offer one thousand a day for up to 6 days, practically same details except its in florida.’I didn’t feel up to entertaining the gangster, I didn’t need the money and guys like that offer so much because you really have to earn it. Either shit was going to get weird or they were that repulsive. ‘Number two Tim, when do we leave? Meet first?’ I texted. ‘day after tomorrow, he already confirmed you, he’ll meet you at the airport. I’ll wire you everything daily as per our past arrangement if nothing has changed. Have fun. We have the security at the hotel informed.’ And that was that, I was back in the saddle. Tim had sent me a brief profile on my date for the long weekend. His name was Jay, divorced, bi-sexual, preferred to top only. He preferred intimate sex. He preferred younger men to woman. He liked polite interesting dates. He liked his guys smooth, hairless, thin, smaller than him in all aspects. He liked to role play once comfortable. Not into watersports or pain. Liked light bondage and was open to explore anything once comfortable. I felt like he was the perfect guy on paper but was curious to what he would be like in person. Tim had made a note stating that Jay had come across very shy when he spoke to him. I packed everything I thought I could possibly need and left for the airport the day of. I got to the gate, sat and waited. I felt nervous, I always felt a little nervous, I needed a drink. I made my way to a bar stuck in between a gift shop and a magazine/book store. As I made my way to the crowded bar I saw him, jay was sitting at the bar with three empty shot glasses in front of him and empty whiskey glass. I guess I wasn’t the only one nervous. I walked up next to him and placed a hand lightly on his back asking ‘hello, do you mind if I join you?’ Jay looked at me super surprised but happy to see me. ‘please! Have a seat!’ he said as he pulled out the stool next to him. I made my way to the stool but let my hand slowly glide down the center of his back and to his side, I made my way to his arm as I lightly gripped him for support, pulling myself up onto the stool. He smiled wide at me turning a little red. He felt very solid in my grip, toned. ‘whatcha drinking?’ I asked. ‘oh well uh I huh. . . . . just a couple patrons and a whiskey.’ I waved to the bartender pulling out a small roll of cash and asked for two more patrons and two more whiskeys. I laid the cash down quickly before he could protest. ‘you don’t have to do that I can.. . ‘ I put a hand on his thigh stopping him, I smiled and said ‘please, let me get these, my treat. I’m Vincent by the way, your Jay right?’ ‘yes I’m Jay, nice. . . . nice to meet you’ he said as he avoided eye contact looking around checking his surroundings. ‘You know’ he said almost chuckling, ‘most people don’t sneak up on me. . . . . .and. . . . well your so much cuter in person Vincent, do you go by Vincent?’ he asked with a genuine sincerity. ‘sure, Vincent, Vince, Vinny, Vincent Dae, you can call me whatever you’re comfortable with, your good with Jay right? And I’m sorry I didn’t mean to sneak up on you, just glad I found you before the flight honestly’ I said. He smiled wide at me bahis siteleri but was trying to hide it. ‘how about Dae, can I call you Dae?’ he asked very politely. I smiled ‘I like that’. ‘Call me Jay’ he said smiling again, our shots arrived. ‘Cheers then’ I said raising the shot glass, he did the same ‘to a great vacation that neither of us forget!’ we both shot the patron with little emotion in our faces other than enjoyment, it clearly wasn’t our first time with tequila. ‘soo what . . . . were like alcoholics right??’ I asked him deadpan with a wink. He gave out a belly laugh. We talked for a bit, he asked me all kinds of questions about my degree, from where I grew up to my sexual preferences. It was all very polite and genuine. I answered honestly and asked him similar questions.The more we talked to more I could feel he was loosening up and getting comfortable with me, or the booze was kicking in. Soon enough he couldn’t keep his hands off me, not inappropriately or rough just very flirty and soft touched. I was becoming super attracted to him, I had to tone down my feelings a little. ‘your working Vince, your working’ I kept saying to myself. I really liked how he was touching me, this was the best start to any kind of date or meet up I had ever had in my life. Normally the guy would be trying to get me blow him in the bathroom by now. . . . nothing wrong with that but. . . .this felt oddly weird and . . . romantic.When I asked him about his work he told me he had been lucky in business but didn’t give me details of his business, he was smart, even a little funny, but there was something else under his smiling eyes and sharp features. Felt a little dark but not dangerous, not to me anyways.A voice came over announcing a flight number and ‘Now boarding’. It was our flight. We chitchatted the entire time we boarded. During the flight he passed out and I had napped as well. When I woke up he was still asleep next to me but had a hand laying on my leg. I wrapped my arm around his and went back to sleep. The booze had let us sleep throughout the whole flight. We both woke up at the same time as the plane was landing in cancun mexico. We looked around a bit surprised then looked at each other and started laughing. ‘nice way to fly huh?’ he said jokingly, I laughed ‘hope we weren’t snoring or anything’ I said as I fixed my pony tail, re-tightening it. He eyes lingered on me a little longer, checking me out. I messed with the ponytail just a little longer then I needed to so he could look longer. I caught his look and smiled. We giggled a little and chatted more about mexico, we were starting to flirt a little heavier now, hands all over each other when we could. He put one of his firm arms around my shoulders and rested it there as we walked off the plane. I didn’t mind, I’m glad he was getting comfortable so quickly. He kept his arm there all the way thru customs and while we waited for our luggage. We made our way to our taxi and slid in close to each other, he had an arm across my shoulders and was holding me firmly against him. I placed my free hand on his leg and looked up at him. ‘what?’ he asked grinning ‘nothing. . . . . .but I just’ I looked up at the taxi driver, he was on his blue tooth talking to someone quickly about something that seemed important. I looked back at Jay and moved in on him, he met me half way and kissed me back softly. We broke looked at each other and went back for more. His lips were firm and I felt his slight 5’oclock shadow lightly rub against my soft skin. He was a great kisser. As we stayed there exploring each other’s lips, slowly our tongues joined in and intertwined ever so lightly. I slid my hand from his thigh and placed it over his crotch feeling him thru his shorts. He was beginning to get hard. He broke our kiss and leaned his head back on the head rest letting out a deep breath. I rested my head on his firm chest and looked down at what I was gripping while quickly checking where the cabbies attention was, he couldn’t care less. I looked down and saw his large outline thru his short as I gripped at his cock. I put my other hand thru the end of his shorts and found my way up to his cock. It was fighting against the clothe, begging to be set free.As I gripped for his cock I felt soft underwear, I slid my hand under his underwear and found the tip of his cock. I felt its warmth, I gripped it tightly and slowly twisted and tugged at it. I felt one of his hard hands under my jaw and felt him guide me back up to his lips, I lost my grip on his cock and pulled my arm out, he was pulling me up and back into a deep kiss penetrating my mouth deeply with is large tongue. He tasted good, I loved how he was turning me on so fucking much. I reached my hand back down and unbuttoned his shorts and guided his zipper down. He pulled me away from his mouth and quickly looked around at the cabbie and the surrounding vehicles we passed on the road with a little concern. I found my hand under his underwear again and freed his thick cock and twisted and quickly began to stroke him up and down. He looked into my eyes and let out a soft groan. ‘Dae damnnnn’ he whispered as I stroked him up and down to the base of his shaft to the very tip of his cock almost pinching it with my fingertips and sliding back down gripping firmly up and down. I pulled away from bahis şirketleri his hands on my jaw and made my way down to his cock breathing heavy over the head of his cock. I let some saliva build up and let it slowly drip free from my lips and over the head of his cock. I spread the spit up and down lubing it up, I kissed the top of his cock and sucked just the head into my mouth licking his tip hard with my tongue. I continued to stroke up and down and found his balls with my other hand and cupped them softly. I heard him groaning and whispering something. I worked my mouth over his cock taking more of him down my throat. I felt my gag reflex kick in and I coughed lightly. I relaxed my throat and kept a few inches in my throat as I adjusted to his thickness. He had to be 7-8 inchs easy I thought to myself. I felt my throat relax, I shoved my head down and slid all of him down my throat until my nose and lips were buried into his pelvis, I sucked hard and slid my mouth up back to the tip and back down taking all of him smoothly. I felt his handgrip the back of my head and take a hand full of my pony tail and slowly guided me up and down his cock, fucking my throat deep with every down force. I gripped his balls softly and rolled them in my hand as I fucked his cock with my throat. I began to grip his cock with my other hand below my lips, twisting again at his shaft as I went up and down. The cabbie mumbled something I didn’t understand. Jay replied to him ‘I’ll give you a hundred extra just keep driving ok?’ ‘Ok my friend no problem’ the cabbie replied back, I heard the stereo turn on to a local Mexican station and music poured into the cab loudly. I went deeper and harder on his cock sucking even harder. I felt like we just got permission so no reason to hold back. Jay thought the same thing and said loudly ‘FUCK me thats hot!! Dammit Dae your so fucking hot!’ I felt Jays hand exploring my back making its way down to my ass gripping it firmly. In-between the slurping I mumbled ‘fuck your cock taste good baby’ I felt his balls tighten up. ‘ohhhh shit Dae’ he said ‘I’m gonna cum, fuuuuccckk I’m really close’. I griped his balls tighter tugging down on them and pumped my head up and down harder on his cock. Jay groaned a growl thru muffled lips, he shot deep into my throat as I pumped him into me, I felt the cum shoot thru the vein in his cock under my grip.I sucked the tip and pumped at his cock until I knew I had every drop in my throat. I pulled away and swallowed hard, my throat felt full as I took his seed into me. I let out a gasp and breathed deeply. I looked up at him as I still softly pumped at his cock as I licked my lips clean. He was breathing heavy. I wiped at my mouth to make sure I had cleaned up. My hand on his cock gripped the tip of his cock, Jay flinched, I assumed he was still sensitive from just cumming a pint of seed into my throat. I smiled at him as he winced in pain and pleasure. I did it again, gripping the tip of his cock making him flinch just a little. Jay spoke loudly at the cabbie ‘you can take us directly to the hotel now Sir’. I tucked his cock back under his underwear and zipped his shorts back up while looking around smiling like we just did something bad but fun as hell. I leaned on him and looked out the window, it was a beautiful place. Beaches and resorts, all kinds of tourist walking the streets with a few locals selling tacos and all kinds of trinkets. A few short minutes later we pulled up to our resort. It was beautiful, had to be 20 something stories. We got out of the cab as the cabbie got our bags out. Jay slipped him a wad of cash and thanked him again, I thanked him as well. The cabbie pulled out a personal business card and said something in Spanish to Jay that I didn’t understand. Jay smiled at him and shook his hand taking the business card. ‘He said he’d be happy to pick us up day or night if we wanted to hit the clubs or needed a ride anywhere while we’re here.’ Jay said, I smiled again at him and thanked him. I was impressed. A bellboy from the resort grabbed our bags and led us to the front check in desk. The lobby was a huge tall ceiling space, it was decorated like a posh night club with water flowing and all kinds of lighting all over. It was beautiful. Tim did good booking this place. A waitress walked up to us with a tray full of cocktails offering us our choice. We both took some kind of pineapple juice cocktail and sipped them. We made our way to our room on the 18th floor overlooking the ocean. There was a hot tub on the patio, king size bed in the room with a small desk, huge flat screen tv, couch, full mini bar, huge walk-in shower big enough for 5 people. I went on the patio and looked over the rail, there were multiple pools below and bars. I felt jay walk up behind me and wrap his arms around my chest. I leaned back against him, ‘this is beautiful isn’t it?’ I said to him. ‘it is, I love it here’ he replied. ‘Are you fluent in spanish?’ I asked him hoping to catch him off guard a little. He replied ‘No, I know a little just to get by. Understand more then I speak.’ I spun around and wrapped my arms around his neck, ‘well. . . that’s pretty hot Jay, your just full of surprises aren’t you?’ I said quietly as I stared at him. He had this amazed face of pleasure and wonder on him. He leaned in and I met him half way kissing him again deeply. I peeled my lips away and said ‘I think I’d like to shower real quick, care to join me?’. He blushed a little, I grabbed him by the hand and led him towards the shower. To Be Continued. . . . . . . .