Eva my Dominate Coworker Ch. 01

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Eva and I had worked in the same law firm together for five years. We had both been hired on the same day, and had progressed along the associate track at about the same speed. The way we both kept that speed was dramatically different. Eva was a cute thirty-year-old woman, who had a great chest, gorgeous eyes, and a flirtatious smile. She was a decently hard worker, but relied more so on her charm, and looks to stay where she was.

I on the other hand was fairly average, 5′ 9″ one hundred and eighty pounds, and more of an athletic build. I worked hard. I worked long hours, and never said no to work from any of the partners. In November of our fifth year as associates Eva came into my office needing help with a project. It was not uncommon for her to come into another associate’s office, but she had only come into mine a handful of times in five years. At that time Eva was eight months pregnant, and had been relying more on the other associates than normal.

“Hey I’m really sorry to bother you, but I need help getting a brief done, and I just don’t think I’ll have time for it, and was wondering if you maybe could help me with part of it.” She said, all the while giving me her doe eyed look.

“Eva, I’m sorry but I’m trying to get this memo done, and I’m not sure if I have the time right now.” I replied, feeling guilty.

Eva walked around my desk and stroked my thigh gently. She had done this before, and it was a sure fire way to make me do what she wanted. Coupling that with the dress she was wearing which accentuated her very round pregnant belly, and her gorgeous breasts and I canlı bahis was unable to say no. But before I could speak Eva continued her manipulating ways.

“Please? It’s really not a lot of the brief, and I know this part will be better with you writing it than if anyone else writes it.” She said, her hand still rubbing my thigh, and getting close to my very obvious erection.

“Yeah, I can do it. When is it due?”

“Tomorrow. Thank you thank you thank you so much.” She said.

Eva gave me the information, and I started plugging away. Around eight o’clock that night I finished my portion of the brief, and took it to her office. To my surprise she was still there. I gave her the brief and we chatted for a bit before I got up to head home for the night.

“You know that little thigh stroking thing is horrifically unfair.” I said, as I was getting ready to leave.

“I know it is.” She said with a devious little smile. “But I’ve got to be able to keep up somehow. And besides, you love it.” Eva continued.

“Yeah, I can’t deny that.” I said as I began to head out the door.

“Hang on a second.” Eva called.

I came back into her office and she shut the door behind me.

“You’re right that it isn’t fair that I do that to you, and then don’t do anything to make it better after.” Eva said as she unzipped the back of her dress. “Let me make it up to you. I’ve seen you admiring my stomach as it gets larger, and I know at least two of the other women in the office have noticed the same thing when they have been pregnant.” Eva continued.

Eva slipped out of her bahis siteleri dress and revealed that underneath she only had on thigh highs, but no panties. She stood before me in just her bra, and thigh highs and took my hand and moved it to her stomach. Her skin was so soft that all I could do was stare and make small circles with my hand.

Eva grinned and led me to her office chair where she sat down, and told me to kneel in front of her. “It feels so nice to have you rubbing my stomach.” Eva purred to me as she laid her head back in her chair and closed her eyes. “I want you to kiss it.” She said.

I started pressing small, and short kisses all around her engorged stomach. As I did she wiggled, and let out little moans.

“Worship it. Worship my huge belly, kiss it, and lick it, and rub it.” Eva moaned to me while she ran her hands through my hair.

For several minutes I did exactly this, and then Eva unhooked her bra. As she placed her bra on her desk I moved one hand up to her breasts, and my hand was instantly smacked away, followed by a slap across my face.

“No! You can touch what I tell you to touch.” Eva growled at me.

Eva told me to stand up and to undress. When I was completely naked she took my tie and used it to tie my hands behind my back. “You can keep kissing and licking my stomach, but you lost all privileges of touching me for the time being.” Eva scolded. “I was really enjoying this too, and was going to let you see a little show while you worshipped me, now I’m not sure I will. ” she continued.

She sat back down and it was clear that I was to continue bahis şirketleri worshipping her. I immediately returned to placing kisses across her very swollen stomach and my cock twitched with a desire to do more to her.

After a few more minutes Eva began to play with her breasts, pinching, and squeezing them, while moaning as I kissed her stomach. She spread her legs more and slowly moved one hand down to her clit.

“Keep kissing me. Keep worshipping me. Tell me how much you love it.” She purred to me.

I told her how I loved looking at her. How I was so thankful whenever she touched my thigh, even though it made me completely susceptible to her. I told her how sorry I was that I tried to touch her tits, because all I wanted now was to touch her stomach more.

Eva told me that this would continue everyday until she gave birth. She told me that her husband never touched her now that she was pregnant, and how she had longed for a man’s touch. She told me that in a week or two, if I was really good I could eat her out. As she got close to an orgasm she ordered me to suck her tits, and I latched on as quickly as I could. With her free hand Eva clawed my back while she came.

“Stand up.” She ordered.

As I did she took hold of my cock and began stroking it.

“Cum on my belly.”

Her hand worked up and down my shaft, grasping my balls, and occasionally her tongue would dart out and loop the head of my cock. After five minutes of this I couldn’t stand any more and I came. My entire load was blown onto her stomach and she grinned.

“Now clean me off.” She said.

Without hesitation I dropped to my knees and did so.

“Good boy. Now every night starting at 6 you come down here and we can have fun.” She said.

I grinned and said, “Yes ma’am.”