Exercise Invasion

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Exercise InvasionDemi had just gotten to the park, brunette hair tied up in a cute ponytail. It was early evening, tired from work but wanting that buzz that running gave her as a pick me up. As soon as she’d gotten home she slipped out of her work attire and into her tight three quarter leggings, more yoga pants, fitting just how she liked showing off her thick thighs and tight round butt. She decided against her sports bra today, feeling a little excited already confident her ample breasts would be held in place enough by her tight vest but get her just enough attention.She got changed leaving her apartment blinds open, not caring if anyone got an glimpse in the block opposite, a little smile on her face at the thought. She stepped out into the warm autumn air, the slight breeze in the air feeling good on her skin. She loved the outdoors. Setting her watch she began to jog around the park, the circuit she knew well. She looked around at the mostly empty park, a few commuters still on their way home, some other runners. She knew she would get some attention but hadn’t seen anyone to draw hers yet. Demi ran on keen to set a good first lap, her record being just under eight minutes. She began to perspire a little now, the beads of sweat giving her an alluring glow. Her grey pants would be stained soon also. Picking up pace now the cooling autumn air giving her a slight chill, she let out another small smile as her nipples began to harden. Happy with her pace she settled into a steady run, breathing slightly deeper now, focused. Not confident of beating her record but pretty close she thought. Running on, feet flying. She looked up ahead now spotting the bench which signaled the end of her first lap. A male figure sat there, dark, tall, it was hard to say at this distance. He appeared to be out for a run also, trainers, shorts but no top. She kicked on, as keen to finish her lap and check her time as to see the stranger up close. Running on, only a few hundred yards now she saw the man looking her way, watching intently. One hand resting on the back of the bench, the other on his lap. She got closer, his eyes still trained on her, her full curves, thighs rubbing together. She came to a halt at the bench as she always did to check her time. Just shy of eight and a half minutes. Not bad with no warm up she thought. She breathed hard, taking a drink of water from her bottle and wiping the sweat from her brow with the sweatband on her wrist.The stranger still sat back reclined on the bench, she noticed now his large frame yet toned body, easily six feet with plenty of muscle. His face heavily stubbled, not smiling. Eyes dark and watching, wanting. Demi looked over to him having felt his stare on her, calfs, thighs, ass.“Hey mister you out for some exercise?”. He made little effort to hide his admiring of her body, barely moving his eyes off of her form to respond.“Yeah something like that. What’s your name girl?”.“Demi.” She said cutely. “And yours?”.He resumed his visual inspection moving now to her breasts, the v cut vest top giving him just an impression of her cleavage, nipples poking through the cotton much too thin to conceal her modesty. “I’ve seen you run around before, you’ve got form girl”. She took the compliment and decided to overlook the omission of his name. “Oh thanks, you’ve seen me here before?”. His dark eyes moved now to meet hers “I’ve seen you plenty girl”.She gave him a slightly sideways look, an intrigued little smile on her face, she fixed her hair back up into its ponytail, her arms raised making sure that her already tight shirt clung to her that much more to extenuate her body and breasts. With this the hand in his lap squeezed slightly. Demi held his gaze, another little smile now taking a slow deliberate suck from her water bottle, squeezing her own hand and squirting some fluid into her mouth, the thin string of spit just clinging to her tongue. She pushed the top back down on her bottle. “So…I’m gonna go do my next lap. Maybe you’ll be here when I get back?”. She said secretly hoping, she came for attention and knew she’d get it.“Sure I’ll be here, be quick though I can’t wait much longer…”.Demi looked knowingly at him, biting her lip “Mmm sure, I won’t be long”. She moved slightly closer to him now and stretched out her right leg on the bench, close enough for him to see her thick toned thighs. She bent bakırköy escort over and pushed at her lower leg stretching out her hamstring, the tight pants now hugging her ass showing off her shapely profile even more so. She did the same with her left leg, this time twisting as she bent forward so her upper half was facing him, she groaned a little in mock effort knowing the beads of sweat were falling into her cleavage. She stood upright and set off again not looking back.She seemed to have a real pace now, not sure if it was from her warm up or the thought of what awaited her. Demi picked up pace, the air slightly cooler still, her nipples now fully poking, straining at the cotton vest. She pulled at the vest a little in the middle to expose the sides of her breasts, this increasing her desire.Demi looked around again, hardly anyone now, the last light fading in the autumn evening. She pushed on, her thighs chafing, breath becoming heavier. She could see the bench now, the stranger still sat unmoved, again watching intently. As she got closer she picked up speed fuck it she wasn’t going to pace herself this time. Pushing on, faster, breath heavier. Two hundred yards, one hundred, fifty…finish. She came to a panting stop at the bench, her hands on her knees doubled over. She looked at her watch, seven minutes twenty six seconds. “Huh fuck me…?” she thought.The stranger had not moved. One hand still on the back of the bench. The other on his lap. She lifted her head to look at him, her still bent double giving a generous view of her breasts. He might not have moved but something was different. Then she noticed the obviously growing bulge in his shorts. He squeezed his hand again, now obvious to her that it was on his shaft. His eyes still taking in her body, undressing her. “That was fast girl, you must have wanted to get back”. He said, now watching her face intently.She stood upright now, kicking out her legs making sure to put a little bounce into her movements. “Yeah it was I think, my personal record!”. She struggled to keep another smile off her face at the achievement.He stood up now and moved a step closer, she had been right easily six feet and strong. There could be no doubt of the tent in his shorts now. “How about one more lap? I’ll run with you”.Demi looked up at him, her five foot five stature now tiny. “Erm sure, I’ll just stretch out a little again if that’s ok? How about you sit down?”. She placed her hands on his upper arms and guided him back to the bench, feeling his strong biceps. She looked around, no one. “Ok this won’t take a sec then we’ll go”. She stood now directly in front of him, her left leg outstretched foot on the bench, again she bent over to stretch out her hamstring, again a gentle moan as if in exquisite pain. Now her right leg, the same again this time slowly drawing her hands back from her outstretched calf, biting her lip then looking at him, his eyes wanting only one thing.She put her hands on his knees and turned away, her round ass now at head height for him, she took a step back so she was now in between his open legs. Slowly she bent forward, her hands running down the backs of her legs as she did. She held her position for a moment then with another groan she looked back over her shoulder to see his now fully erect cock. “Ready?”. She said in her best come fuck me voice. He stood up, his hard on pressing against her, his hands on her hips. She felt a surge run through her at his touch, strong hands that wanted her. She could feel herself getting wet. Demi slowly removed his hands from her waist, then took one last seductive suck from her water bottle. She set off making sure to get in front of him, changing her stride so her ass bounced making an inviting target. Her pace was much slowed but not so slow she’s be caught, making sure he could keep up whilst still being able to admire the view. She ran on, looking back over her shoulder to see him running ten feet or so behind. She tossed her head to the side in an exaggerated manner meaning she’d have to sweep her hair up again into its ponytail. Looking back again to give a naughty smile.He was easily keeping up with her pace, his desire growing with each step watching her bounce invitingly in front of him. They came around the bend to a particularly secluded spot and he took his chance. He raced up beşiktaş escort easily behind and in one motion swept his powerful arm around her to stop her dead. His other hand moved to her mouth. He lifted her off her feet easily and pulled away to the side towards the trees, his hard on pressed firmly against her tight yoga pants, her legs kicking feigning protest. She felt his strong muscular right arm around her, forearm just under her chest, his hand clamped to her left breast. His forceful motion had ridden up her vest so as her right breast was fully exposed. She felt his firm manhood press into her as they bounced into the trees, giving her a taste of the ride to come.His left hand still clamped to her mouth as she pretended to call out for help, her teasingly licking at his palm. With this he put his index and middle fingers in her mouth which she sucked readily. Still holding her off the ground he looked back at the path some distance back through the undergrowth. This was far enough. He set her down with her back still to him, his right hand now fondling at her breasts, mauling, squeezing, pinching. She held his left wrist and pulled his fingers out a little so they were outstretched in front of her face, wasting no time she greedily spat on them and took them to the back of her throat in one movement. She continued to deepthroat his thick fingers, feeling now the fullness of his erection pressed against her, he must have slipped out of his shorts.He moved his hands quickly and skilfully. His left hand moved to the back of her neck holding her in place, his right from her tits and down to her yoga pants and pulling them down harshly to just below her knees. She smiled remembering she wasn’t wearing any panties. His hands moving again, left now to her throat pulling her body into his, right now reaching to her front, gasping, clawing at her tight wet centre.She let out a moan as his skilled fingers found her hood. He pulled it back gently just letting his middle finger press against her clit. “That feel good girl?” he barked gruffly. “Fuck yes, don’t stop” she pleaded. With this he began to work at her juicy clit, rubbing over it in a circular motion feeling her thick juices. Her legs began to shake forcing him to tighten his grip round her throat to keep her upright “there’s a good girl, ready to get filled?” he said into her ear. She tried to speak but only a strangled sound came out, she nodded her head in an exaggerated way letting him know what she wanted.He took his hand off of her soaking centre, and put it round her waste making sure she could not move away, his other moving from her throat to the back of her neck. She gasped for breath with this, eyes streaming from his grip. His powerful grip now moved to her neck forcing her to bend over, her hands now flailing in front of her in turn gripping the trunk of the nearest tree. Fuck she loved the outdoors she thought again to herself. He had her pinned in place now, the excitement for him now at fever pitch he kicked her feet apart and spat thickly on his now fully throbbing cock, his warm fluid about to mix with hers. She tried to look back as she was held, bent, exposed, ready. His firm grip holding her there not letting her look back, she closed her eyes and licked her lips in anticipation, her thighs soaked in her own desperation. He lined his large weapon up, head exposed ready to invade her. He moved his hips forward and felt her warm wet mound, pressing more he felt her inviting him in, her hips moving back slightly wanting him. He pushed hard, sliding in deep. Fuck her cunt felt good. She cried out as he forced himself inside, a stifled moan that let him know she approved. He was big, she could feel the fullness of his shaft, was rock hard. She moaned again as he pounded into her now picking up his pace, he was giving it to her deep just how she liked it. He grunted as he fucked, fucking harder now, harder still as she moaned. He was enjoying this, Demi’s tight pussy giving him the workout he had in mind. He moved his hand from her neck to her ponytail, pulling it hard, her neck straining. She let out another cry louder now. Not wanting to run the risk of being discovered, he moved his other hand from her waste to her mouth, again she greedily sucked his fingers, the sweat of his hands turning her on more so. Grunting again beylikdüzü escort he pulled her hair hard, she reared back involuntarily with this her hands reaching back. He stopped, his dick holding her in place still. He moved from her mouth back to her throat and squeezed hard. He put his mouth next to her ear again “give me your fucking hands behind your back girl. DO IT”. She did as she was told, alarmed at the now vice like grip on her throat and his raise of voice. Her body gave her away, almost climaxing at his change in tone, knowing exactly what he wanted. He gripped her wrists together behind her back with one of his large hands, the other ripped her sweatband off and put it back on this time around both wrists. She gave an evil grin that he couldn’t see, she was helpless now. He grabbed her ponytail hard and forced her over again, her feet now closer together, he held her now bound hands with one of his. Demi now bent fully over he kneeled down quickly to see her tight dripping pussy. He stood again and moved forward his now pulsing head finding its home immediately. He thrust in until his balls slapped against her soft skin, he felt them getting wetter with each thrust now. Grunting harder now he knew he wouldn’t last long, her helpless just how they both wanted, her not letting him know, knowing it was this that would make him lose control. She played along “please mister… oh fuck… I only came out for a… run… fuck”. He was fucking her now as if his life depended on it, her tits bouncing with each thrust, his dick pumping in and out. She cried out now in ecstasy “oh FUCK YES give it to me, fucking own my cunt!”. Her legs began to give, only his grip on her hair keeping her upright. “Fuck, fuck, yes…. nnnghnnngh FUCK”. She was lost now, her eyes rolled back as she came, her thick juices covering his cock.This only spurred him on more, his own orgasm close. He somehow pounded her hole harder now, moving his grip from her wrists to put both hands on the back of her neck. His now tight balls slapping against her as he violated her. He could feel her tightening on his shaft again, another climax near. He was near himself, wanting to prolong his own pleasure but also desperate to empty his full tight balls. She wanted his orgasm as much as her own, her legs buckling again “fucking give it to me mister” she moaned through gritted teeth “fill my pussy up please!”. His breathing become shorter, grip tightening against her skin, she knew he was at the point of no return. She encouraged him knowing what he needed to hear to have a truly hard orgasm “that’s it, fucking own my cunt… FUCK… that’s right… ughhhhh… fuck…give it to me…all your hot cum… shoot your load for me mister… ohhhhh FUCK!”. She knew he was there, his hands now both on the back of her neck again. He gripped harder. Breathed harder. Then rammed himself in as deep as he could, his throbbing head pumping his warm thick load inside of her. She came again instantly, his cum still shooting into her, coating her. Her eyes rolled back again lost in her lust “nnghng fuck give me all your cum… that’s it fucking all of it… empty your balls inside me mister”. His hips bucked against her harshly as the last of his sperm flowed into her. He held her hands again now, she felt his palms soaked in sweat from his effort. He removed the sweatband from her wrists and put one of his hands back around her mouth, his still throbbing cock inside of her, keeping her beyond horny. She licked at his palm again tasting his sweat, hoping for a taste of his other juices. With this he pulled himself free, she moaned into his hand again giving a teasing flick of her tongue. A thick layer of white cum coating his head and her juices on his shaft, he wiped himself off on her round ass, her feeling the warmness being spread on her being marked again so she knew she had been used. Without saying a word he put his hand between her legs and put two fingers into her dripping pussy. His other hand still at her mouth. She moaned again, pinned in place hoping for more. He pulled his fingers from her centre, dripping now with both their cum he brought it to her mouth, extending his fingers as before she devoured them, sucking greedily to taste their pleasure. With this he released her and turned back, his shorts pulled back he went to leave. Demi would need a minute to compose herself, legs still shaking, her thoroughly fucked. She reached down to her clit and instinctively tasted herself, her sweet taste mixed with his. She turned back, he was gone. The park deserted now she went to leave also, thankful that the now almost darkness and eagerly anticipating her next run.