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Exploration.Original story written by a friend. Enjoy….The elegant brunette leaned back on the steel-and-plastic chair of the garden centre and popped a small cherry tomato into her shapely mouth. She gazed quizically at me and then clamped her even white teeth down on the tomato slowly as she held eye contact. I tried to suppress a groan as juice spurted from the tomato and she closed her painted lips seductively around its shrivelled remains.She chewed and swallowed and dabbed at her mouth delicately with the small paper napkin, her fascinatingly multi-coloured eyes still holding my own..“So, tell me again why you don’t feel comfortable with my good friend Mistress Domina” she purred smoothly when she had finished her ministrations and put the napkin down. I squirmed internally under her piercing gaze and decided to go for the economical answer.“I prefer to be in charge” I offered, more decisively than I felt.“Indeed”, she replied archly after a heartbeat of hesitation, her clear unblinking eyes still holding mine and one severe eyebrow rising in apparent amusement. Then she smiled – a smile that melted my heart and drove away the grey February clouds.“That’s fair enough – not everybody…” she hesitated, leaning across the table and taking my rough hand in her shapely one… “not everybody enjoys the same things”. She caressed my palm with her fingertips and then started to dig one shapely painted nail into the palm of my hand. The pressure increased and I resisted the urge to snatch my hand away. The sensation crossed the subtle line between irritation and pain and I gritted my teeth and tried my best not to flinch, holding her gaze firmly with my own. Just as I felt that the skin was about to break and a trickle of blood be released she eased off the pressure and looked concernedly at the white, crescent-shaped mark in the palm of my hand. “Oh-la-la!” She suddenly exclaimed, putting a slender hand to her mouth in apparent surprise”. “What ‘as zat ‘orrible Mistress Domina done to your poor ‘and?” She snatched up the hand in a motherly gesture and pressed it to her lips, leaning forward so that I caught a glimpse of smooth brown cleavage between lacy bra cups and silk blouse. “I weel kees it better, no?” she murmured as I felt the moisture from her warm lips caress my knuckles. I admired her tumbling mass of neatly coiffured brunette hair and reflected again just how very much I fancied this girl. She sat back again and adjusted her knee-length cream skirt with a feminine gesture. Surreptitiously I admired the black-nylon-covered sliver of shapely leg showing above her high-heeled shiny, black boots. One of the old dears at the table next door caught my eye and gave me a knowing smile. Such a wonderful thing this young love!“You know, Massew” my apparently French friend continued “I ‘ave often wondered what zese dominatrix do to their men. What would you like one to do to you EEF you were that way inclined, of course..?” She smiled knowingly and threw another cherry tomato into her mouth seductively. I cast an eye over the next-door table and lowered my voice.“I’d prefer it if she dominated a lady of my acquaintance while I was there” I offered casually. Fi-Fi’s eyes widened in astonishment “Really?” she replied “I am astoneeshed…’ow do you know such a lady?”“She is a young friend of mine” I replied slyly, like a magician producing a rabbit from a top hat. “VERY young!” Fi-Fi’s eyebrows shot up the heavens. “’Ow young?” she enquired in alarm, a slight trace of Yorkshire underlying the accent.“Nineteen” I replied triumphantly “All quite legal and above-board and she is very precocious and has done most things – she just adores being tied-up and dominated”.“Blimey!” replied my dark friend in broadest Yorshire, seemingly quite flustered by my announcement before she recovered her poise rapidly. “And what does she look like, your leetle girlfriend? Ees she dark and pretty like you prefer?” She pouted slightly and I was amused to hear a slight edge of jealousy in her voice. I lifted the fingers of my right hand and counted off the points as I made them with my left. “One, she is not a girlfriend…just a friend of a friend. I am not into young girls at all!” Fi-Fi nodded in apparent relief. “Two” I continued “She has short, blonde hair and you know that I like long, dark hair”. Fi-Fi nodded again, almost purring at being reminded of my tastes, shaking her gorgeous mane of brunette hair seductively as she did so. “Three” I continued “she is a hundred percent lesbian”. Fi-Fi interrupted me with a stifled “Ooh la la” as I continued “and four – unlike me she loves being tied up and dominated. I think that Mistress would like her – better a submissive lady than an unhappy chap in a role he does not care for.”“Oh, I agree!” replied my Yorkshire-francophone friend happily as I continued triumphantly on my thumb “…and five, she is rather pudgy and you know how much Mistress holds people who have let their bodies go in utter contempt! Their interests converge – my little girl likes to be thrashed and Mistress likes to dish it out…simples!” Fi-Fi sat back 1xbet yeni giriş and clapped her hands in a Gallic gesture! “But zees sound perfect…I shall tell Madam and we must arrange someseeng one day.” Her eyes twinkled and I sighed with inward relief that Mistress Domina had been put back into her box for another day as she frankly terrified me. But Fi-Fi lent forward conspiratorially and whispered “but Mistress will require a full story of zese proceedings once you are feeling more ‘ealthy – you understand?” “Naturally” I replied drily. “It does not do to leave a lady unfulfilled”.Fi-Fi leaned back and lifted her pretty face “Talking of which..?” she offered tentatively, inclining her head towards the restaurant. I took the hint instantly and stood up, bowing slightly to my elegant friend “I shall go and get the bill and pay it”.“Thank you, darlink” she replied “And I shall go to ze ladies’ room…”.“See you back here then” I replied over her retreating shoulder, admiring the firm ‘thunk-thunk’ of her her high heeled boots on the flagstones with a barely-suppressed shiver of delight as she stalked elegantly to the bathroom._ * _Like most women of her age she drove like a complete maniac and I could only just keep up with her as I followed her to her house in the countryside. As I might have expected, the house was minimalistic and spotless with none of the usual clutter of English houses. Fi-Fi had let me in, twirled off her fluffy jackette expertly and deposited it in one fluent motion onto the nearby coat-stand by the front door “Voila!” she exclaimed, one hand on a hip as she pushed the door shut behind us and exhibited her rather chic outfit to my hungry eyes. This gal certainly knew how to dress to impress. I knew that underneath the crisp blouse, knee-length skirt and high-heeled boots she had on stockings – no tights here – and had taken off her panties in the Ladies at the garden centre. The Viagra I had taken on the way over in the car was beginning to work and I felt the familiar tug in my lower abdomen. I was determined to be a gentleman, however. Real ladies have this effect on me – sad but true. Much as my natural instinct was to push her to the carpet and have her there and then, I felt it better that I wait to be invited. She was, after all, a friend of Mistress Domina!I gestured courteously at the open door at the end of the hall that I assumed to be the drawing room and smiled at her. “Ladies first” I announced, inclining my head in that direction.“Fuck zat!” she spat at me, her shapely moth curling up in feline anticipation – and then she pounced, advancing towards me with mouth open and tongue rolling seductively over her painted lips. She grabbed my tie and pulled my head towards hers, her lips making contact with mine and her pointy little pink tongue forcing its way between my teeth. Her free hand snaked down to my crotch and appraised the growing bulge there. She stepped back, still holding my balls and caressing them through my chinos. “Somebody eez glad to see me!” she joked, her mouth erupting into another of her earth-illuminating smiles. I reached out and caressed her flanks, thrilling to feel the boning and silky resilience of a basque beneath the silky material. My erection sprang into uncomfortable full life within the containing fabric of my trousers and I felt my breath coming in short gasps, my heart leaping into my throat with desire and anticipation. “Right here – now!” I gasped throatily and I felt her weight against my arms as she collapsed submissively and I lowered her to the carpet. Her skirt rode up her toned thighs and I saw the tops of her stockings above her sexy boots. I sank down with her, my hands riding up her thighs and pushing the skirt higher. She wore no panties, as we had discussed earlier, and I saw that she was clean-shaven except for a small whisp of ‘landing strip’. I stripped off my tie and hurled it to the floor, tearing open my top shirt button and kneeling between her outspread thighs. I made to hurl off my jacket and she stopped me, digging into my top-pocket “I seenk we ‘ave something in ‘ere we need” she announced coquetishly as she dragged out two foil-covered packets “Oh la la – TWO condoms…zees should be fun!”she giggled as I hurled the jacket onto the floor with the tie and I made to spread her legs further and push up her skirt more. The heels of her boots ground into the carpet as she sashayed her legs from side to side sexily as I knelt between them. Her red-painted lips parting opening sexily in a little ‘o’ of excitement, she put the two condoms on her blouse and reached expertly to my belt, easing the little metal bar out of its hole as I sucked in my tummy to help her. Easing the leather strap out of its containing buckle she then reached for the button underneath and popped it expertly. My arms bumping awkwardly into hers I reached between her legs and felt the moisture there – she was soaking wet and as turned-on as I was! The discovery excited me unbearably. She pulled the zip of my fly down and we jointly eased my trousers over the erection tenting out of 1xbet güvenilir mi my white boxer shorts. I reached down and pulled the boxers down and my erection bobbed out of its containing fabric. This utterly, butterly delicious brunette looked down in fascination and I prayed that she wasn’t going to say something crass like “Matthew, you are so big…” as I know damned well that I am perfectly average in that department.Happily she seemed content to masturbate my engorged friend gently with her elegantly-manicured hands (such a turn-on!) I pushed the condoms onto the floor, unpopped the buttons of her blouse with trembling hands and pulled the cups of her basque down to revel her splendid breasts which parted seductively each side of her athletic-looking ribcage. This was a gal who knew how to look after herself and I felt a bit of a tubby slob as she unbuttoned my shirt buttons to release my hairy tummy. I grimaced as her fingers ran through my abundant chest hair but she smiled up at me “I actually like it, Massew…” she murmured kindly “don’t worry”. Definitely a gal who knew when to say the right things! I stripped off the shirt and it joined the tie and blazer in a crumpled heap on the nearby floor. Not my usual style, but needs must when the devil drives!I reached down for the condom packet and ripped it open, but my lady friend reached for it murmuring “let me” seductively. Taking the smoked oyster-like object in her hand she expertly worked out which way was which and then offered it to my jutting erection. She unrolled it most of the way and I finished off the job, pulling it down to the root of my erection. I sat back on my heels and caressed her nylon-clad legs and shiny boots as I enjoyed the view of her mane of brunette hair cascading over the carpet, her shapely outspread thighs and parted breasts falling out of the basque. This was one hundred percent woman and my breath caught in my throat yet again at my good fortune. I leaned forward again and kissed her breasts, my rubber-clad erection batting the insides of her thighs. I tongued her nipples one after the other and she moaned gently, her fingers scrunching up my hair as she pulled my head further toward her breasts. “I’m sorry but I can’t wait, Fi!” I murmured in anguish “Are you wet enough for me?”Her only reply was to lift her legs up and apart and to urge me inside her wordlessly, her little pink tongue rolling seductively over her painted lips and her multi-coloured eyes engaging mine unblinkingly. My erection batted blindly up between her thighs and to my amazement found its home in one clean, swift inward movement with no need for any manual help…she really was soaking wet and ready for me, thank God. We both gasped as I slid inside her and her nails raked my back. She felt warm, tight, wet and loving. “Jesus, you’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted you, Fi” I gasped into the crook of her neck, kissing the soft flesh affectionately. She smiled wordlessly and urged me on with a gentle rocking motion of her hips. My knees were taking a hell of a pounding from the carpet and I wished I had a pillow but the sensations a little higher up were so wonderful I didn’t really care. “This one’s for me!” I hissed into her slender, smooth neck as I drove into her in deep, hard thrusts that drove the breath out of her lungs in sexy little groans “You can have yours later”. She kissed my neck softly in acknowledgement and I continued my thrusting in the timeless rhythm of man and woman mating. It felt good – damned good – and this beautiful and sexy woman was making it better. I kissed her painted mouth hungrily and she responded in kind, our saliva meeting in a sloppy, whorish deliciousness that turned me on more than I had been in decades. I like to vary the rhythm when fucking, and most women like that too – and this beauty was no exception. Gathering her shiny boots beneath my armpits I tilted her further onto her back and thrust hard and deep inside her, hitting her cervix and g-spot with the tip of my rubber-clad penis. Her groans morphed into grunts as each thrust caught exquisitely sensitive interior bits. “Play with my nipples!” I hissed in excitement and her elegant painted nails flew obediently to my nipples, teasing and pinching them none-too-gently….maybe Mistress Domina had been giving her some lessons? The resulting electric shocks flew unerringly to lower parts (so strange the connection between the two organs!) and my own grunts became louder as I thrust my neck upwards in utter abandon, my prick hard as iron between her outspread thighs.After what seems like an eternity of ecstasy but was probably only two or three minutes I lowered my lady-love’s legs and cupped her shapely areas cheeks with my hands, burying my head into the crook of my neck and pressing down on her with my full weight. “Oh, that’s nice!” she gasped and I pounded away for some time in that position, each thrust knocking the breath out of her sexily. Her eyes were closed and she was buried in a deep private world of ecstasy of her own. “No…look at me!” I gasped at her in a dominant tone 1xbet giriş and her gorgeous eyes sprang open…looking into her intriguing multi-coloured eyes filled my head with a passion that I had not known for some time. bloody hell but this lass was gorgeous!Her eyes snapped shut again with uncontrollable pleasure as she carried on her ministrations to my sensitive nipples. I could feel the spunk building at the base of my balls but I needed more leverage to come. In a frenzy of lust I levered myself up onto my arms, press-up style (hard on the wrists but good for the final strokes!) and pumped away hard at her. Even through the thin sheath of rubber (Japan’s finest and advertised as ‘The World’s Thinnest Condom’ no less) I could feel her pubic bone grinding against the top edge of my engorged glans. It felt wonderful and she seemed to like it too. I felt a mini-orgasm starting (one of my peculiarities when fucking – I need to slow down and take a few mini-orgasms first before actually coming, rather like climbing several steps of stairs and resting at each landing). She wasn’t used to this and when she felt me slow down she made little disappointed noises and arched her back to keep up the thrusting, which I resumed after a few seconds of short strokes. The spunk kept building and building and I was perched on the edge of orgasm. Suddenly the flood-gates burst and I grunted loudy, uncontrollably and repeatedly as my hot semen shot out into the containing rubber. She liked the sensation, it was clear, and hugged me tightly with arms and thighs and made little motherly sounds of encouragement as I unloaded my full load inside her. Eventually I subsided and fell down onto her, crushing her with my weight “Thank you, sweetie” I eventually gasped as my heart rate slowed and I began to slip into post-coital warmth. I could feel my penis slowly growing flaccid inside her and eventually it slipped out and I rolled to one side, the heavy teat of the condom flopping onto my hairy thigh. My beautiful brunette propped herself up on one elbow on the carpet and looked at me teasingly. “So much for you” she said in an amused tome “what about me?”“This is where Matthew’s famous talented fingers come in handy” I replied evilly, rolling towards her and parting her thighs with my free hand. “Oh-la-la!” she replied in her turn, rolling onto her back and spreading her thighs whorishly. Ladies differ so much in their preferences so I tend to try out all the various bits to see which works best for them. I’ve had few complaints but it’s not so much skill or talent as just attention to detail and damned hard work – a bit like everything in my life in fact! My enthusiastic forefinger moistened itself in her inner depths, which she seemed to enjoy, before returning to her labia where it probed gently until it found the clitoris under its little hood. I knew I’d found it as she gasped sharply and arched her back when I made contact. I tried side-to-side and up-and-down motions, returning every now and again to the little honeypot for more moisture, until I found the one that seemed to elicit the loudest groans. Every now and again as I was inside the honeypot I’d crook my finger upwards to pleasure her g-spot (some ladies like it and some don’t) and that seemed to go down well as well.Eventually my twirling fingers found their place and pace and the beautiful brunette buried her head into the crook of my neck and dug one set of nails into the carpet and the other painfully into my flank. Her hips juddered up and down and she grunted rhythmically and sexily as the orgasm wracked her taut body. I just love watching a woman come and I soaked in the sight hungrily until her groans and spasms subsided. I kissed her gently on her damp forehead and murmured “good?” She opened her eyes and looked fondly at me “Very good!” she replied “you have real potential as a great lover”.“Once you’ve licked me into shape, you mean” I teased back and she stuck a pointy tongue out at me fondly. I stood up and offered a hand to help the lady up, the shrivelled condom full of white fluid looking faintly ridiculous still on the end of my cock. I saw her glance at it and give a little grin. She stood up elegantly, her skirt riding back down over her thighs and her full, sexy breasts still hanging out of the basque and blouse. You have to have a bit of a sense of humour when making love properly and I paired up my own grin with her own, giving her a big bear-hug as she stood upright. “Thank you” I murmured again in a heartfelt fashion and she looked at me and simply said “No – thank YOU!” which was rather nice of her.“Shall we retire upstairs to get more comfortable?” I suggested. “Good idea” she replied “Do you want to take the camera?” She gestured to the pre-positioned video camera that was still whirring away further along the corridor, sprung into action by the remote control in my blazer pocket as I had walked into the door with her.“Good idea” I grinned evilly… and maybe I might show you my talented tongue at work upstairs if you ask nicely – and you can have a little ride on me in your sexy riding boots”. “Oh-la-la!” she replied, giggling, as she picked up the camera on its tripod and switched it off and I gathered up my jacket, tie and shirt and followed her sashaying booted and nylon-clad legs up the stairs to her bedroom of delights…