Extra-Curricular – Part 5

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Alicia received the text at the worst possible moment.She was standing in front of the bedroom mirror, jostling her boobs into prime position within the confines of her mini-dress, when the phone blipped from its resting-place on her bed. Her heart lurched at the sound. God, please no. It could have come any time that week, surely not tonight … Not when Matt was treating her for her birthday, for God’s sake. Taking her to The Biarritz―so she had wheedled out of him―a restaurant so exclusive he had booked a month in advance.The hour since arrival home from work had been spent in a flurry of preparation. Stripped of her office clothes she showered thoroughly, using probing, soapy fingers to wash out her pussy and the tight knot of her anus in preparation for her boyfriend’s attentions later on. She talced and perfumed the robust curves of her body, before squeezing her ass into a tiny pair of lace panties and suspending her imposingly orbed tits in the matching brassiere. An exotic wriggling manoeuvre got her into the patterned yellow dress―the one that held so tightly to the slalom course of her body―and the effect was enhanced with application of mascara and a whorishly red lipstick that promised serious cock-sucking before the evening was out.The necklace, her Christmas present from Matt, was hooked in place so that its silver heart nestled attractively in her cleavage. She brushed back the ringlets of her auburn hair and was joggling her breasts higher to maximize their visibility when the text message arrived and fucked up everything.The tightening in Alicia’s stomach as she clicked on her mobile phone proved justified. Matt had not sent the message. It was another communication, the one she had been anticipating with a mixture of dread and hope for five whole days.RE MONDAY’S CONVERSATION – WAITING IN MY OFFICE. GET HERE SOON, GAVIN.She stared at the screen of her phone in an advanced state of consternation. Bastard! Why Friday frigging night? Okay, okay, phone him―try and get him to rearrange. There’s the whole weekend. We can sort out another time. She jabbed the recall button and realised as the ring sounded in her ear, how rapidly her heart was beating.Click. “You’ve reached Gavin McClain. Please speak after the tone.” His voice, cold and peremptory, made her cut the call dead in surprise. Why couldn’t he bloody answer? Immediately she keyed in the number for the office, adding the code to Gavin’s extension; she had put enough people through over the past months to remember it easily.“Hello, this is Gavin McClain. I’m out of the office or on another call …”Fuck. What was he playing at, texting her and then suddenly inaccessible? This time she left a voicemail. “Gavin―Hi, Alicia here. Could you call me when you get this? Okay, bye.”Five minutes passed, five long minutes of pacing the bedroom and fretting over the phone lying silent in the palm of her hand. This was bloody ridiculous. He obviously knew she was trying to get in touch with him. What was this, his way of reeling her in? Well, the arrangement was off. If he was going to play power games with her, he could go fuck himself. She flung the device down on the bed and turned heel to leave the room.Even before reaching the door, she stopped to review her decision. If she refused to play along with his game and he called the whole arrangement off, she’d have precisely what to show for it? Her pride―that and fuck all else. No―she could go to his office, explain the situation to him, urge him to reschedule. The fact that she had made the trip should flatter his ego sufficiently for now.But had she time? Seven o’clock by her watch. Matt was due to call for her at seven thirty. Shit, it would take fifteen minutes to drive to the company building, even now the traffic had slackened. She stood in the middle of the room for a moment, fists clenched against her bosom in indecision. Wait, it was okay. They were going to a bar prior to the restaurant. Once she’d arrived at the office and spoken to Gavin, she would phone Matt and cry off the drink―she could think of some excuse in the car―and she’d be back home in time to go straight to the restaurant with him. Yes. Simple.She grabbed her phone from the bed and put it in her purse. Okay, what if the errand took longer than half an hour? She’d simply have to arrange to meet Matt at the restaurant. Make-up bag … Make-up bag … She raced to the bathroom and grabbed it from the sink. Shoes …She slipped into a flat pair for driving and picked up her sexy heels in case she needed to go directly to The Biarritz. Then she ran out to the car.Her ten-year-old bone-shaker of a Ford Fiesta threatened not to start up. “Useless piece of shit,” she muttered, before it coughed its way into action and allowed her to steer it out of the parking space. Now here was a reminder, if one were needed, of why she had agreed to a dangerous liaison with Gavin in the first place. An extra seven grand a year, resulting in a vehicle upgrade, a winter holiday and some serious shopping. That was a proposition a girl didn’t simply brush off, not this güvenilir bahis girl at any rate.Although one week ago, she had attempted to do precisely that.Gavin seldom put in an appearance at the company’s end-of-week drinks outing. As the demanding boss of Rainbow Software, he was doubtless too committed to the cut and thrust of business to indulge in such Friday evening steam-venting; either that or he carried out his recreational pursuits elsewhere. Predictably his presence in the Cock and Bull that night caused a frisson of gossipy interest among Alicia’s fellow receptionists. Through all of her six months’ work at Rainbow, Gavin and the mystery of his private existence had provided conversational fodder around the water cooler. What did anyone really know about their taciturn boss, who only occasionally departed from his work script to throw some ambiguous piece of flirtation the way of one of the female staff, no doubt causing her to cream her knickers on the spot?He had been engaged once, it was rumoured, but in his late-thirties there was no hint of any significant person in his life. As a businessman he was single-minded―the scourge of anyone who tried beating him to a lucrative contract. His physique suggested the same single-mindedness in his physical training. Julia, whose desk was next to Alicia’s, had met him in the sauna at a gym nearby the office one evening and was able to report that stripped to his shorts he demonstrated the physical attributes they had all hoped lay beneath his Armani: a body’s worth of hard muscle, with no hint of middle-aged flab. What lay beneath the shorts she still had partially to surmise, but a glance at his pelvic region had given her high hopes. She adjusted herself in her seat and positively salivated as she discussed the matter.There were, Alicia had observed, women who fell markedly silent when Gavin was discussed. Gina, the pretty blond temp, for example, became very tight-lipped when his name cropped up in conversation. And Jacinda, the bookish girl from accounts who hid her attractiveness with the traditional tied-up hair and glasses look, took on an air of grim knowingness on such occasions and cast her eyes down to her coffee. Were both disappointed perhaps, having nursed some romantic or sexual longing for the company boss? Or did they have inside knowledge of what it meant to get involved with him outside their fantasies? Alicia could only imagine … and her imagination ran riot.She received more than a few jealous glances when Gavin engaged her in conversation that Friday evening. There was no mistaking his power of attraction as he turned to her at the bar. A Mr Rochester for modern times. Alicia did not recall a great deal from English GCSE, but the enigmatic hero of Jane Eyre had seized her imagination―a great brooding tower of masculinity, simmering with unspoken passion. Gavin was from the same mould, she reckoned. Rugged creases in his face and flecks of grey in his dark hair betrayed his maturity, but everything else about him—the alertness of his gaze and the athleticism of that massive frame—suggested the vitality, the virility of a younger man. His proximity caused her to spill some of her vodka and Coke.“Alicia from reception.” He fixed her with a stare over his Scotch. “Personable, professional and supremely efficient.”Alicia’s face burned and there was a lurching sensation in her lower abdomen. She wasn’t sure she was any of the above, but could not help a gratified smile. “You haven’t got me mixed up with someone else?”“These things don’t go unnoticed,” he replied. “Now a lesser boss might be too dazzled by your more glamorous qualities to recognise that professionalism, but happily I’m aware of both.”Alicia’s blush deepened and she was suddenly glad of the pub’s subdued lighting. She groped in her confusion for a coherent response and tried to stop herself from grinning like a teenager. “You’d better not let my boyfriend hear you talk like that.” Damn. Why had she gone and mentioned him? Because, her good angel reminded her, she was trying to be faithful in this relationship. Because Matt was sweet and caring and she didn’t deserve him, so she wasn’t going to fuck anyone else, least of all her boss. That was why.Gavin seemed unperturbed by mention of Alicia’s partner. He chatted amicably with her as staff drifted off to other venues, impressed by a range of attributes she had failed to see in herself and fielding her opinions on everything from new office décor to possible venues for the office summer party.“You know, it’s a shame.” She remembered the appraising stare he had applied to her as he said it.“What is?”“A pal of mine—Travers, Alan Travers, he’s a director at Aztec, you know, the architectural firm?—He’ll be interviewing for a new PA shortly and I’ve no doubt you’d do an excellent job.” Despite several vodkas, she was hooked on his words. He stared at her intently, clearly giving the matter further consideration. “We don’t have any promotions going at Rainbow right now and this would be quite an increase in salary for you. Trouble is, güvenilir bahis siteleri he’s got one or two in-house people in mind for the post already …”“Well you could always put a word in,” she proffered cheekily, her pulse quickening at this newly-materialised opportunity.He did not crack a smile at her response, just continued to observe her. “Throw a CV my way Monday morning,” he said eventually. “I’ll make sure it gets to him. Nothing ventured, eh?”“Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you so much.”She attempted to conceal the extent of her excitement as the conversation moved on—to Gavin’s favourite restaurants and far-flung holiday destinations, pleasures a stretch out of Alicia’s price range. The sorts of places her boss could take her, should he choose … No, she wasn’t going down that line. Matt was her sweetie, a guy who showed her respect and appreciation. She had been congratulating herself at holding her own in conversation with her boss—enjoying his flattery and flirting, while at the same time making her loyalty to her boy perfectly clear—but this was venturing a little too close to the fire. Time to leave before she got burned.It was almost as if Gavin read her thoughts and he slipped his suggestion in neatly, catching her off guard. “Look, Alicia, I’ve the makings of a seafood risotto and a nice bottle of Merlot at my apartment. If you’re not rushing off, what say we continue our conversation back there?”He threw it in with such casual charm she could hardly fault him for his wickedness. Even the suggestion made her aware of her body in relation to his. Beneath her blouse, her nipples hardened. She tried to disguise the depth of her pleasure at his offer. “Well the risotto sounds very tempting,” she smiled, “but I’ve got another night in arranged already—you know, with my boyfriend?” The final word was slightly weighted.“Of course. Sure I can’t tempt you any other way?” There was a smile of naked cunning on Gavin’s lips as he said it. It made her shudder and miss a conversational beat before responding.“’Fraid not,” she managed, her nipples forging themselves harder. God, was she really passing on her opportunity to fuck Gavin McClain? There was an undeniable sense of loss, but beneath it the swelling pride of moral victory. I’m not some slut he can have because he snaps his fingers.But Gavin’s gaze held hers, and in that disconcerting moment it seemed that her morality was being weighed up. “What if I said I could swing that job for you?” His gaze as he said it was level. “As it happens, Alan owes me a favour and if you want, I can call it in. A few weeks from now and the job could be yours on a plate.”Alicia looked at him in a mixture of wonder and outrage. “You’re …”“Offering you career advancement for sex, yes, that’s precisely what I’m doing.” He countered the full force of her astonishment until she had to divert her gaze. “Now you can look as shocked as you like, Alicia, but don’t tell me you find the proposition totally unattractive. We both know that’d be a lie. You and I both have a night to remember and then you move on like nothing happened—only with substantially improved career prospects.” He sipped his Scotch, eyes not wavering. “Go on, take time out from your scruples. I’ll make it doubly worth your while.”Shit! The memory was so distracting, that Alicia almost drove through a red light. She jammed on her brakes and there was a screech as the car behind narrowly avoided rear-ending her. The driver blared his horn angrily. “All right, all right, sorry!” she stormed. Already on edge, the near-accident had set her heart racing. She checked the dashboard clock—7.05pm. Got to get there, got to try and stall him.Not that she had accepted Gavin’s indecent proposal straight off. What sort of girl did he think she was? She had managed to assume a politely appalled air, reassert her plans for the evening and leave with a chilly “Thanks for the drink.”Bastard. Who the fuck did he think he was? Couldn’t take no for an answer, so he thought he could buy her cunt by lining up a … How many grand a year extra was that job? Christ, he had been ready to pull those strings so he could have sex with her. Damn him and his alpha-male posturing and his bloody casting couch. Damn them all.Inevitably, however, she had considered the job and the lifestyle changes that might accompany it, all weekend. And yes, she had thought of what Gavin—self-satisfied shit—might do to her with his mouth, his hands and his cock, and had frigged herself silly while thinking it. But she fought the urge to betray Matt with some arrogant fuck. The sort of fuck who would probably harass her covertly now, having failed to get his way.Called to Gavin’s office on Monday afternoon, she expected innuendo, that or sudden criticism of her work. Instead, she found her boss seated on the edge of his desk, wearing an inscrutable expression. “Alicia, glad you could spare me a moment,” he said to her, his tone calm and business-like. “Please, take a seat.” He indicated the room’s smart leather sofa. She perched herself on it self-consciously, iddaa siteleri trying to read him.“Look,” he began, “I’m not going to apologise for Friday, but perhaps I need to explain myself.”“Oh?” She looked at him blankly.“Yes. I’ll be honest with you.” There was a frank, almost confessional air about him as he spoke. “I’ve never been a saint. I enjoy attractive women and I enjoy sex with attractive women. Plus …” She had never experienced a stare more penetrating. “… I know when the attractive woman I’m talking to wants the same thing I do.” She went to protest, but he restrained her with a motion of his hand.“This last eighteen months I’ve been with someone. I’ve tried to make a go of things, be monogamous for once in my life. And I’ve been a good boy for longer than I thought was possible—passed over everyone from glamour models to classy business executives. Then Friday evening I started a conversation I shouldn’t have and found I wasn’t able to pass over you. I made my move, you brushed me off quite properly because of your boyfriend and the inappropriate nature of the situation. You showed all the integrity I was lacking and I should have left it there. But I pushed my luck. I used whatever I could think of to persuade you to change your mind. Because that, Alicia, is how much I wanted to fuck you. Something about you drives me crazy. You’re a wildly sexy girl and you make me insanely hard, but that’s no reason for me to act as I did.”Alicia’s body seemed to go limp under Gavin’s burning gaze. All her expectations had been undermined by his searing declaration. The phrase ‘insanely hard’ turned her liquid.“Look,” he told her, “this is my problem and the last time I mention it. All I’ve succeeded in doing here is to be even more inappropriate as your boss than I was on Friday night. You walk out and none of this ever happened—if that’s what you want. I’ll stay out of your way, respect your boundaries, I won’t make you feel uncomfortable in any way. You’ll never hear me speak in such a way again. But know this. My offer of the job, however inappropriate, was sincerely made—and it still stands, if you agree to that quality time with me.”He held her stare and the silence between them yawned like a canyon. Had she been single, she’d already have let him do her whatever damn way he pleased. The opportunity still hovered, to experience for real what most of the female staff only dreamed of, while fingering themselves nocturnally or stuffing sex toys where they knew Gavin would probably never go. She should reject him cleanly and clearly, turn heel and leave. But …One night only. Matt none the wiser and serious career advancement the net result. It screamed in the face of every scruple her parents had tried to instil in her. On the other hand, she might struggle for years to achieve this simple step upwards. Gavin was more or less handing it to her. So her boss was a bastard—at least he was an honest bastard.“This job—what, I simply walk into it?”“CV on my desk before the end of the day, I’ll set up the interview for next week—but trust me, it’ll be a formality only. I had a discreet word with Alan …”“He knows?” Her voice sharpened. She didn’t want some stranger viewing her as a whore, even if she was contemplating being one.“A discreet word,” Gavin repeated. “I told him what a find you were and said that you’re a family friend. Reminded him that he owed me. He won’t suspect a thing—and even if he did, he wouldn’t ever bring it up. He’s one of life’s true gentlemen, even if I’m not. You’ll like working for him and you’ll soon forget how you got there. The only question is, are you interested?”Alicia experienced a further liquifying between her legs and realised beyond all doubt that she was going to let Gavin McClain get her naked and stick his cock inside her as far as it would go. She was going to whore herself to him for a job and somehow the thought thrilled her to her core.“When?” she asked, trying to mask both her guilt and her euphoria behind a stony face. “And where?”Gavin’s features betrayed nothing more than mild thoughtfulness. “It’s a busy week … and I want to do you justice. Give me your mobile number and I’ll be in touch when there’s a window.” She stared at him, confused. How come he was calling the shots so suddenly? Didn’t she have a say in the details? “You want to keep things low-key, right?” he said, reading her. “Look, I’ll be good to my word, but you’re going to have to work around my schedule. Now—that number?”“Arrogant prick!” Alicia brought the car to a clanking halt in the company car park, this further recollection ringing in her head. “Christ, I should have put in a harassment claim. Why the fuck did I agree to this?” But she knew the answer even as the question left her mouth. It was the prospect of that increased payslip and all the ways it would benefit her relationship with Matt. That was the real reason, wasn’t it?Enough. 7.15pm, got to make this quick. So exactly why she changed back into heels before leaving the car, she would have been hard-pushed to say. She wrestled with the thought as she clattered precariously across the courtyard, trying not to sprain an ankle. Obviously she wanted to look her seductive best as she brushed Gavin off, show him what he risked losing out on by playing his macho power-games. Yes, that was it.