Fair, Then A Ride

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That day I planned to meet up with some of my friends at the local fair (I mainly wanted to see Jane, I had a crush on her since I met her). When they arrived my attention went straight to Jane. She was 5’6” with a curvy build that carried a few extra pounds but just enough to make her curves a little fuller. She had shoulder length brown hair and eyes to match. She was wearing a tight yellow tank top that showed off her semi large breasts and stopped right above her pierced naval. Her jean shorts showed off her full and cute butt and rested barely at the crest of her hips.

When she finally noticed I was there she lit up and ran to me with her arms open, “ROBERT!” she yelled as she gave me a hug. “How are you?! I hope we didn’t keep you waiting! It’s so good to see you”

“I’m happy to see you too” I said “don’t worry I just got here”

After I greeted the rest of the group we all played some games and went on rides. The whole time though I noticed that Jane was being extra flirtatious towards me (not that I minded), so I responded by flirting with her too. It was noticeably working. She kept snagging the seat next to me on rides, and grabbing my hand when she was “scared” (which seemed to happen quite often).

At the end of the day we all went out to my car so that I could take the girls home as we had planned. Jane sat in the front. I dropped off the other girls and had only Jane left to take home. When we pulled up to the driveway Jane turned to me and said, “hey, we finished the romp room, you want to come see?” now this was a perfect opportunity kocaeli escort for me, her parents had left to visit her great uncle so the house was empty…how could I say no.

“Yeah sure!”

“Alright cool”

When we got inside she led me to the door underneath the stairs to the basement. She and her family had turned the basement into a really nice place to hang out in. there were a couple large couches, a few beanbag chairs, Pepper lights went around the room where the ceiling meets the wall, creating a soothing atmosphere. There was a large TV on one wall with surround. She turned on some soft music.

“WOW! This place looks AMAZING!” I said as I settled into one of the overstuffed sofas.

“Thanks” she said as she sat next to me, “you have to hear the sound system!” she grabbed the remote and turned on the TV and DVD player so we could watch a movie. As the movie started she leaned her head on my shoulder and started to stroke my leg. I put my arm around her and looked down at her.

“Jane” I said “I rea-“

“shhhhh” she said, and she kissed me. It was just a slow little peck, but then we started to kiss harder and more passionately. I eased her down onto her back and raised my hand to caress her full breast. It felt so good in my hand; she moaned slightly and my cock shot up, pressing against her leg. I knew she could feel it.

She pushed me back so she could take off her shirt and then her bra. There in front of me were her perfect round breasts with her nipples sticking straight out. I noticed her look down at my size-able erection kocaeli escort bayan and smile.

“Did I do that?”

I didn’t have time to answer her before she went for my belt buckle. She then unzipped my pants and tore them off of me. As she did so I pulled off my shirt. I was now in my boxers and my erection had nowhere to hide. Jane stared at it with lust in her eyes then leaned in and kissed me and I felt her hand pull out my cock and she wrapped her fingers around it. I responded by taking one of her bare breasts into my hand and rolling the nipple in between my finger and thumb making her moan. With my other hand I undid her shorts and eased them down. She had to let go of my member as I peeled her thong off of her now naked pussy. Before she could do or say anything I started kissing her again and sliding my middle finger up and down her slit. After a little bit her hips started to match my hand movements and I stuck one finger in teasing her clit with my thumb.

“Eat me out R-Robert!” she gasped

I slowly eased my finger out of her now drenched pussy then started kissing her neck, then where the neck meets the chest, slowly moving down to her nipple and stopping to suck on it a little, then moved to the left one. I then proceeded to kissing the top of her belly moving to her naval and finally meeting my primary destination. I flicked her clitoris with my tongue in making her draw in a quick breath. I then started licking around the clit making contact every now and then making her draw in another quick breath. Her hips started moving up and izmit escort down as she pushed my head against her crotch.

I-I-I’m c-c-coming-g-g!” she squealed as she came. After her convulsions finally subsided I went back to kissing her and caressing her breast. She broke our kiss and moved on top of me, creeping her head down to my cock. She took the head into her mouth moving her head up and down, touching the tip with her tongue every other down stroke. She then started taking in the shaft while cupping by scrotum. she bobbed her head, lips around my penis until I felt like I was going to explode. She must have felt it because she just stopped and started kissing my stomach moving to my chest, neck, then finally finding my lips. She then grasped my cock and broke our kiss. She situated herself so that her opening was hovering right above the head of my penis. She stayed there for what felt like eternity, then finally, slowly, eased herself onto me. The feeling as I entered her was amazing, it was so warm and wet and soft, I didn’t want to take myself out of her. She slowly started to raise then lower in a repeated fashioned, and my hips started matching her movements. I started caressing her breasts as she moaned and squeaked in ecstasy. We were immersed in this dance for some time, then she started to tighten and her breathes became shorter. In response my nuts tightened and I could feel an ejaculation coming on.

I-I-I’m C-c-coming-g-g!!” she gasped as she moved faster then finally froze and started to convulse. Her convulsions made me finally explode inside of her, making her convulse with every spurt I shot into her.

When the convulsions died down I withdrew and began to kiss her again. We then lay there in each others arms as we fell asleep watching the rest of the movie.