Family Sex Saga – 1

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Unexpected Spectator“Oh! That feels so good.”“Baby, with you, it feels like the first time every time.”“Ha! Years of those Kegel exercises must be wo…” his mouth covered hers and rolled his tongue on hers before she could complete her sentence. His pelvis pressed into hers, her arms and legs circled around his body drawing him closer to hers. He kissed her passionately.Jane, through the half-opened door, saw her in-laws making love passionately. She stood by the doorway, peeking silently, and was amazed by the intensity of her husband’s parents in bed. She slowly stepped back as the lovers grunted and moaned, in between their sloppy wet kisses and juvenile exchange.In the university town, Jane and Chris hit it off on their first date in their freshmen years.Chris proposed to Jane in their senior year at college. They both turned twenty-two then, Jane being almost six months older than Chris. Sean and Mel, now fifty and forty-eight, had Chris when they were twenty-three and twenty-one years old. They were a close family and Jane was felt fortunate to join the Wilkins family, herself being raised by foster care through her teen years.That morning, after dropping Chris at the airport, Jane arrived early at her in-law’s place. She used the spare key to enter the house and was a witness to their frolicking. She retreated to her car in the driveway to give the lovers their privacy. She smiled as the naked images of Chirs’s parents filled her mind and at the same time felt her panties wet.She called Chris, “Honey, I miss you.”“Already?” Chris laughed.After some tender lover talk, Jane hesitantly, “Honey, I almost walked in on your parents when they were in bed.”Chris laughed, “That would have been awkward. Tell me more. What happened?”Jane narrated the event in detail to a very amused Chris. He could tell Jane was a bit embarrassed. He playfully, “Welcome to Wilkins family.”“I am embarrassed that I saw them in bed.”“You are so sweet. I have seen them both in bed numerous times.”Chris softly whispered, “I confess that I envy my dad.”“WHAT?” she could not believe her ears.Chris continued softly “I have an Oedipus complex.”Jane knew exactly what Chris meant. She went silent. Her panties, now, were soaking.He caught her soft silent moan.“My! My! Does sweet Janey need attention?”“Uh! Uh!” Her left hand slid in between her legs.“I am excited too, baby.” At the gate in the airport, he stroked himself over his pants.At that moment, both Chris and Jane heard the airline announce, “This is the final boarding call for the flight to…”“Janey sweetie got to go. Keep those lips wet for me.” He blew her a kiss over the phone.Jane kissed him back, “I miss you. Travel safe.”Jane sat in the car, on the driveway, for about thirty minutes revisiting the events of the morning. She then reached out for the phone and called her in-laws.“Hey mom, I just dropped off Chris at the airport and am outside your place.”Mel loved Jane calling her mom.“Very good. You have the keys. Come on in.” Out Jane sat at the kitchen table, crossing her legs, waiting for Mel. Mel walked out of the bedroom in an all-white romper. Jane could not take her eyes off Mel. Just an hour back, she saw her being ravaged by Sean.“Oh! She is so lucky.” Jane almost caught herself thinking aloud.“How do I look?” Mel turned on her toes.“You look spectacular.”Mel looked at Jane, “You look marvelous. We are Bachelorettes this morning. Let’s go get them boys.”Just then Sean came out of the room in his grey golf shorts and Blue Polo. “You girls have fun.”The images of Sean and Mel in bed flashed across Jane’s mind. She could not un-see what she saw. She could never see them like she did before again.“First Stop. Breakfast. I am famished.”“Sure, you must be,” thought Jane.It was a short fifteen-minute Uber ride.At the coffee shop, Jane sipped her coffee as Mel wolfed down the ‘Egg and Croissant”.Jane’s mind was preoccupied with the morning live exposure to what can be termed as ‘Reality Porn.’ Mel looked around the café, appearing to be scouting for men.“So, what do you want to do after breakfast?”Mel leaned forward, “Don’t look now, this guy by the window in the corner has been checking you out.”Jane laughed aloud, “ME!”“I am not kidding. I saw him look at you few times.”“Mom, he must be looking at you. Woman in white and looking inviting.”“I know men. He is definitely into you.”Jane was suddenly intrigued. She casually turned around to make eye contact with a man in his high forties, grey-haired and bearded. He smiled and lifted his glass to Jane. Jane smiled back and turned back to Mel.“See, I told you.”Jane was dumfounded.Mel extended her hand to touch Jane’s, “I am going to call him over.”“Don’t…” She could not stop her from gesturing him over.Jane fixed her eyes on Mel. She was not ready for this. She heard the chair at their table being drawn and a tall, large, athletic well-dressed male sat down.Mel extended her hand, “Hey handsome, I am Melisa.”He smiled and turned to Jane. In a deep voice, “I am Martin.”Jane went silent. Mel gently nudged her, with her legs, under the table.Jane hesitated, “Jane.”The next few seconds were uncomfortable. Mel broke the ice.“Are you new in town?”“Yeah. Business trip. Passing by. Leaving this evening.”Mel continued, “Where is home?”He did not respond. Instead, he turned to Jane, touching her hand and in a most gentle and chivalrous manner. “Pardon me for being amorous. I have never done this before. If I did not ask you, I would regret this moment.”Jane slowly moved her hand away from his touch, “Thank you. I am flattered, but…”Mel interrupted, “Where are you staying?”Martin did not take bahis şirketleri his eyes of Jane, he pointed to the hotel in front of the coffee shop.“Room number?”“503”“You go ahead. We’ll be there.”Martin waited for Jane to respond. Jane looked at Mel and saw her nodding positively, encouraging Jane to say yes. A smile escaped Jane’s lips. Martin rose to his feet, went to pay his check, and smiled back at Jane as he walked towards the hotel.“Oh my God! Mom.”“Shhh!”“Chris is out of town and you need some playtime.”“MOM!”Jane’s legs were crossed and her panties soaking with excitement. Mel smiled and Jane felt cornered. She wondered about Chris. Mel appeared to have read her mind.“Get Chris out of your head for now. I will help you deal with him later.”Mel paid the food tab and led Jane to the hotel. Jane was nervous. The elevator doors closed behind them and in seconds opened again. The room 503 was right in front of them and the door was open. Mel stepped ahead, pushing the door, walked in confidently. Jane followed her with her eyes on the floor, taking small steps. It was a suite.Mel sat on the couch, ‘Don’t mind me. I am not here.”Jane felt exposed and vulnerable. She looked up from the floor, Martin was in his bathrobes down to his knees, exposing his hairy legs. Muscular, he appeared strong. He moved forward and took Jane by her hand and led her to the bedroom. Pulling the sliding door behind them, he separated Mel from their adventure ahead.“Oh my God!” Jane exclaimed softly.She stood nervously before him. He put his hands on her face and his lips on hers. Jane kissed him back. She was wet and ready. She sat on the bed and laid back in anticipation. Martin moved forward and unbuttoned her blouse and kissed her erect nipples over her bra.Jane sighed. His hands moved up her legs, raising her skirt, slowly tracing her thighs and his fingers felt her drenched panties. Jane was embarrassed. He smiled and push her panties aside.“Umph!” she moaned. She closed her eyes to savor the moment.In no time, Martin had her clothes on the floor. His large hands cupped her breasts and his tongue circled her nipples. He was in control. Jane was losing hers. Her eyes still closed, his lips kissed her body and moved down to her belly. Just as his mouth approached her hairy mound, the sliding door came open. Mel stood looking at her daughter-in-law naked as his mouth clasped onto her vagina. Jane moaned aloud. Mel moved closer to the bed.Martin’s hands gripped Jane’s breasts, squeezing them hard. His tongue lashed into her open lips, striking her tender, sensitive clit. Jane raised her hips away from the bed, arching her body. Jane’s body was shaking uncontrollably. Mel loosened his grip on Jane’s breasts and replaced his hands with hers. Martin continued lashing his tongue into Jane. Jane was on the edge.Her hands reached out to Martin’s head, digging into and gripping his hair and drew him into her as she screamed out a squirt into his face.“OMG OH My God… AAH… Don’t Stop… Oh, umph!”Mel giggled as Jane’s body shook to a trembling orgasm. Martin patiently performed and as Jane calmed down, he laid next to her,“You are delicious.”“I am? Really! Thank you. I guess,” Jane laughed.Mel saw his erection peeping out of his robe. It was ready, hard, and pounding. He looked at Mel as she stared back at his loins.“Do you mind leaving the room?”Mel was about to leave. “No, I like her to stay.”Martin knew it was a lost battle. He sat up and dropped his robe. Jane and Mel shrieked together. He was larger than any man they have been with. Jane immediately spread her legs and raised them to her chest. He firmly held her hips and pressed his phallus at her entrance.Everyone in the room went silent. Mel stared as he rubbed his erection on Jane’s wet opening. Jane waited for his penetration. Then he pushed all of himself into her with a loud grunt. Jane did not expect it. She screamed out aloud, wriggling under his control. He continued to pound in and out of her tight opening, pushing his oversized member deep into her. Jane was screaming with pleasure and pain.Mel bent down and sucked Jane’s nipples hard. Jane’s hands gripped the sides of the mattress and her mouth bit the pillow hard, trying to muffle her moans and screams.The bed shook. Jane’s head softly hit the headboard, “Thud! Thud! Thud!” Her cunt made the “slip and slap” noises as he pushed into her. His hairy balls pressed into her lips as he rested his cock deep in her.The next two minutes seem like an eternity. He ravaged her like a rag doll. His sex toy.Mel continued to suck Jane’s nipples. She felt his hands touching her head and gesturing to move down to Jane’s clit. Mel obeyed him. No sooner she stroked Jane’s exposed clit, Jane climaxed into multiple orgasms. She pushed Mel’s head away, her cunt gripped his erection, and legs circled around his back. He reached under her shoulders and lifted her in the air. He stood with his cock penetrating deep in her. They kissed.“Don’t stop.”He obliged. He was pounding her hard. She was screaming. She wanted more. Mel slowly stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her. She stood outside and heard the sweet music of daughter-in-law yell, scream, and moan; along with Martin’s grunts.Five minutes later, the erotic music stopped. Mel looked in. Two sweating bodies lay next to each other. Jane laid in his arms, with some of his seed escaping her tight lips.“Wow!” Mel exclaimed as she slowly closed the door and sat back on the couch.Martin’s alarm went off at 2:30 pm. He hurriedly washed up and dressed back to his elegant self. Mel watched him as he silently went about packing bahis firmaları and getting ready to leave for the airport. Jane was fast asleep. Just before leaving, he walked back to her and kissed her on her lips, giving her breasts a gentle squeeze. He saw his white cum on her and turning to Mel smiled.“When is the check-out time for the room?” Mel asked as both of them saw Jane sleeping like a baby.“The room is booked and paid for till tomorrow afternoon. Be my guests. Both of you,” he continued, “I think I have to thank you for this experience.”“You are welcome,” Mel winked.Martin handed his business card to Mel, “I very much like to see you two again.”“We both would like that.”Martin walked out of the room, placing a Do-Not-Disturb sign outside.“Oh My! This does not happen every day.” Time After Jane opened her eyes around 5 PM. She sat up startled, hurriedly reaching out for a pillow to cover her cum stained vagina.Mel was on the bed next to her, a glass with red wine in one hand and a book in the other.“Good Morning, Sunshine,” she called out to Jane.“MOM! What time is it?”“He sure knocked you out.”Mel giggled like a teenager as Jane lazily moved to the bathroom to clean and freshen up.“Sean and Chris have been calling us. I told them we will be out for the evening.”Jane ignored her words and got into the shower. She was still dazed and could not believe that she actually slept with a man other than Chris. The warm water soothed her bruised body and she began to slowly get a grip of herself – body and mind. After a good shower, Jane joined Mel. She had poured a glass of red for Jane too. There was eye contact and silent smiles exchanged between the two women.“Your man left you a card.”Jane took it from Mel’s hands and read aloud “Martin Hightower – Executive @ MH Associates” followed by his contact information.“He’d like to see us again.”“WHAT? No. This is a one-time thing. I can’t do that to Chris.”“I told you not to worry about Chris.”“MOM! No. I already feel guilty. No. No.”“Hush! No need to make a decision now. Let’s enjoy this evening.”Jane still felt Martin on and in her. She went over the experience again and again in her mind.Mel noticed her daughter-in-law looking at the card more than once.“Janey, if I were you, I would want to see him again.”“Shut up, Mom! I am feeling dirty and guilty already.”“Guilty. I understand. Why Dirty?”“I can’t explain.”Mel saw Jane put the card away in her bag. “I am sure she will get together with Martin again.”Jane and Mel sat in the suite watching the evening lights come on in the streets. There was little talk between them, with frequent uncomfortable pauses. Their silence was broken at around 9:00 pm, the room’s phone rang. Mel answered it to hear Martin’s voice.“Hey there. Just hoping you two were still in the room.”“We are. We just ordered in some room service.”“Excellent. Be my guests to anything you want.”Jane looked on curiously as Mel continued her conversation with Martin. She was nervous and afraid too. She did not want to speak to him. Mel sensed it too.“Are you married?” Mel suddenly asked.Martin paused before answering, “Yes.”“Kids?”“Yes – Two boys.”Mel gestured two fingers to Jane and performed a blowjob gesture to indicate that they are boys.Jane silently mouthed, “STOP IT!”“Jane is my daughter-in-law.”“Oh!”“Is that a problem? Are you going to run scared now?”He did not respond immediately. Instantly, he knew he had to win Mel over.He lowered his voice deliberately, “Mel, thank you for initiating the meetup.”“Ah-ha! Quite a charmer.”“Is she there?”“Yes, but not ready to speak to you yet.”“I understand,” Martin sounded dejected. He continued, “Can you put me on speaker?”Mel said, “Ok. Go on.”Martin in his deep voice, “Hey. Just wanted to tell you I had a time of my life. Did not mean to leave without saying goodbye.”Jane turned her face away to avoid Mel’s stare.“I may have gotten carried away with you a bit. Hope I was not too rough on your delicate body.”She smiled to hear him say ‘delicate body’. A tingle went through Jane’s spine. Hearing his voice, Mel saw her crossing her legs. She wanted him again.“I hope you will call me. I left my information with Mel.”“I will,” thought Jane.“Well, Mel and Jane. Thank you for the wonderful experience.”Mel responded, “Thanks, Martin. Take care.”He hung up the phone. Mel looked at Jane, “We have a winner here.”Jane smiled thinking, “I have a winner here.”Mel wanted more details from Jane about her experience with Martin. She knew patience was the key to get Jane to open up.Jane wondered how she was sucked into participating in such raw sex with a stranger, “Has Mel done this before with someone else? What was her motivation? Is she being set up by Mrs. Wilkins?”Mel and Jane exchanged uncomfortable glances. Mel wanted to ask; Jane hesitated to speak.Finally, after dinner and a couple of wine bottles later, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law lay on the bed that was refreshed by the housekeeping evening service. Hugging the pillow to her chest, Jane turned to face Mel who was laying on her side. They were both in their day clothes and could smell each other’s wine breath.“SO?! Tell me.”“Tell you what? Mom.”“Did he rock your boat?”Jane smiled, “And then some.”“Come on. I need details.”“Oh My God, Mom. I thought he would never stop the pounding. I was helpless; a toy at his mercy.”“Yeah. I could tell.”“I am still sore down there”, Jane moved the pillow between her legs.Mel pretended to be envious, “AND?”“It was something different and special. I liked his control, though a stranger I felt secure.”“Ha! You like father figures.”“Not overly. Like the balance. kaçak bahis siteleri Loved it that he did not make me do things.”She paused a bit and turned to her back, looking away from Jane, “Are you going to see him again?”Jane was not expecting that, “I don’t know, Mom. If I will, I will not do it alone. Will you…”“Sure, I will.”“Well, I don’t know. I may not call him.”In her mind, “You will. I know you will.”Then the room went silent. The wine kicked it and the girls retired for the night. Morning After Jane was up earlier than Mel. She made herself coffee in the room and sat on the open deck.Among the many thoughts that raced through her mind, Mel’s words “You like to be dominated” consumed her thoughts.“Do I?” she pondered, “Boy, he was good. Wonder what else he can do.”“Oh!” she silently moaned closing her eyes trying to relive the previous day’s moments.A bit later, her phone in her bag chimed. It was a familiar tone. It was Chris. As she reached for the phone to answer it, Martin’s business card fell out of the bag.“Hi there,” she greeted Chris as she looked at Martin’s card.“Hey, baby. How are you two girls doing?”Hearing his voice, Jane snapped back to reality, “Mom is still asleep. I am down one coffee already.”“Dad told me that you decided to stay out the evening. Did you two have fun? What did you do?”“Yeah, we did. I will spare you the details.” Jane kept looking at Martin’s information.“Oh well. I know Mom is a wild one. I should warn you about her. She is known to change people’s lifestyles.”“Too late for that,” she mumbled.“What?”“Nothing. It’s something I am reading.”“What are your plans for the day?”“We will probably head back home soon. It’s been a long day yesterday. How about you?”“I will be driving most of the day. Maybe a booty call tonight?”Jane feigned jealousy, “Booty Call?”Chris paused and teased, “I am in a town with an active nightlife. You never know.”Jane cracked back, “Go get them, Cowboy.”“I take that as a hall pass.”“Go ahead, you have one from me.”His laugh was different from what she is used to. “I got to go baby. I miss you.”“I miss you too,” she lied.As she put the phone down, smiled thinking, “Hall Pass uh! I like the idea. I didn’t need one.”Mel was still asleep as Jane entered the shower. She enjoyed the warm water caressing her body, occasionally looking into the mirror on the wall, feeling very sexy. Chris was not in her mind, Martin was. She reimagined his body and sex with him and lost track of time.When she finally came out of the shower, she kept the water running and wiped the moisture fog on the mirror. Mel was up and talking over the phone.She strained her ears to hear –“All I did was to nudge her towards him.”…“Well. He did the rest.”…“Ha.”…“No, I did not force her to do anything. I did encourage her and initiated it.”…“No. Ha! No.”…“If she didn’t want it, she would not have done it.”…“I am sure.”…“Yeah.”…“Oh, she is definitely seeing him again.”…“Ha Ha.”Jane wondered who she was talking to and if is she talking about her. She moved closer to the door, the water still running, to hear more.“Sean, I told you I will eventually break her into our way of life.”Jane was stunned, “Your way of life.”“She is a Wilkins now.”…“That’s between Chris and Janey. Wonder how he will react to it.”….“I am not going to tell Chris. No! we have to let her tell him. It has to come from her.”…“Ha Ha.”Jane turned the water off.“Baby, I think she is done showering. Got to go.”…“Muah! Muah! We love you.”Jane stepped out, clean and fresh. Mel passed her to enter the shower, “You sure took your time. I should be out quick.”Jane sat back on the bed. Suddenly, she felt manipulated. Numerous questions crossed her mind:“She is mad. What did I do? Does Chris know?What do the Wilkins want? What is their lifestyle? They are successful and affluent.Oh my God! What have I gotten into?” Her mind raced back to her college years trying to find clues that she may have missed. Chris, she knew, was very close to his parents. They often went away on extended vacations. Chris took his time to introduce her to Mel and Sean. Chris often mentioned that his family is unique, liberal, open about everything, and just yesterday he told her that he saw them in bed many times, he envied his dad and that he had an Oedipus Complex. Things were now falling into place. She was dazed and confused. Back Home Sean came to pick up the Wilkins girls. Jane noticed a knowing smile on Sean’s face. She was now convinced that it was all planned. She just did not know how to deal with it.“Where to? Darling?”Mel kissed Sean, “Our Home baby.”“Dad, please drop me home. I need some time.”Mel tried, “Janey, Chris will not be back for few more days. Why don’t you …”Jane, for the first time, firmly replied, “Home please.”Mel and Sean exchanged eyes, “Sure, we should be there soon.”As soon as Sean drove into the driveway, Jean rushed out of the car with a quick hand wave and closed the door behind her in-laws. Entering the house, she squatted against the main door. She looked around and felt everything around her has changed. She was not the same person she was the day before.Jane’s phone rang. It was Mel. She let it ring and go to the voicemail.“Janey. Are you okay? Sean and I are very concerned for you. I am going to ask Sean to drop by later to check on you. Also, Janey! There are no secrets between Sean and me. With Chris, it’s your decision to tell or not.”Jane was nervous and shaking. Her life with Chris was in jeopardy. She loved him more than anyone else in the world.Over the next couple of hours, she paced frantically around the house. Her emotions were mixed. She had the best sex of her life with Martin, but Chris was her life. She felt ashamed, guilty, and dirty that she cheated on her husband; wet and lusty, wanting to see Martin again; angry with the Wilkins who she felt manipulated her.