Fantasy about my wife and black co-worker

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Fantasy about my wife and black co-workerWhen we first moved to Georgia 20 years ago my wife (her pics are on my profile) got a job as a counselor working with first time juvenile offenders. Part of her job was taking them primitive camping one week a month. They stayed in the woods in tents 5 days at a time. She always had a male counselor going too. His name was Greg a black male in is 30s at the time and most of the offenders were black males.Greg and I became friends and were emailing each other and he told me how he enjoyed working with Sue and how good she was with the k**s and also I was a lucky man she was a very attractive lady. I thanked him and told him if the occasion arose when they were camping, I didn’t mind if he fucked her because I was small endowed and knew she needed more and he wrote back and said he would love to.Here is what I fantasized happening on their next camping trip. After the k**s had went to their tents for the night her and Greg were up talking by the camp fire. Greg was telling her about his wife always being busy with the k**s all the time and didn’t have time for him and quite frankly he was horny as hell. He wanted to know if he could come to her tent for awhile, he told her I wouldn’t mind tokat rus escort , I had already told him, I knew she needed more than I could provide. She said she knew I was always encouraging her to find a bigger younger man for sex and knew I was turned on the thought of her taking a black man. Greg just asked what was stopping her then and she said she didn’t want to cheat on me. He told her it wouldn’t be cheating if I knew about it.She asked if he was going to tell me and said only if she wanted him to and she said probably not but she was afraid the k**s would find out and they would be in big trouble. He told her to go ahead to her tent and he would put the fire out and sneak over later.She went to her tent and instead and instead of getting in her sleeping bag with her clothes on as she usually did in case she had to get up for one of the k**s she stripped off and lay on top of it getting aroused by thinking she was about to have sex with a black man and was wondering how big he was? A few minutes later her tent flapped opened and Greg came in. He had brought a lantern and lit it saying he wanted to be able to see her. They were whispering so the k**s wouldn’t over hear and he said tokat rus escort bayan he and his wife had married young and he had never had a white woman. He asked if she had ever had a black man and she admitted she had back in her wild college days. He saw her laying on her sleeping bag naked with her legs slightly apart so he could see all of her and he said ” damn Sue, you are ready for this aren’t you?” She nodded uh huh and said I was small and always came n about 2 minutes and she knew she shouldn’t be doing this but she did need it. She told him he had better hurry before they got caught. She was already hot and wet from the anticipation and didn’t need any foreplay. He slid his shorts and underwear off and he was already hard too. Her eyes got wide when she saw how huge he was and said even the black guys she had in college were that big and his wife surely didn’t appreciate what she had. He said must be bigger than mine. huh? She said about 3 times as long and twice as thick. He said your going to enjoy this then as she spread her legs and climbed between my wife’s thick white thighs She reached down to guide it in and as he penetrated her, she asked him if he liked seeing rus escort tokat his black dick going in her white pussy, he said he did, especially her married white pussy. She had her head raised so she could watch it going in her and admitted she liked it too as she raised her hips to take his massive horse cock. She said ” just fuck me Greg, I can’t help it I need it.” He said ” damn Sue, I love hearing you talk that way, my wife never says anything like that.” She told him she liked talking dirty when she was being FUCKED and she was being fucked like she needed it as he worked more in with each stroke. He asked her if was deeper than her ole man yet? and she said ” yeah way deeper. She wanted to shout it but all she could do was whisper for him to fuck her, to fuck her with his big black dick. He told her she had better quit talking like that because she was going to make him cum. She told him he couldn’t cum inside her, that she wasn’t on the pill, that I had, had a vasectomy. He said ” oh damn Sue, you don’t know how it turns me on to think about cumming in a married white woman, I want to shoot you full. Jim won’t mind raising my black baby.” She said “oh Greg it does turn me on thinking about being a happily married woman but letting you cum in me, go ahead.” He shoved it her deep and told her he was going to fill her married white womb full.” She told him to go ahead give it to her deep as he pushed it in her as far as he could and filled my wife as she Came over and over again, moaning “oh yes, oh yes I love it.”To be continued.