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Subject: Father and Son Bonding 7 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you enjoying the story. Please send any comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill FATHER AND SON BONDING Chapter 7 Callum and Joe were sitting quietly on the sofa, cuddling together after watching a documentary on tv. “It’s almost time for bed and more sex,” said Joe. “I enjoyed what we did after our run today but I want to suck you off this time.” “You won’t find me trying to stop you but I want to suck you off too,” responded Callum. “Let’s try a sixty-nine. We haven’t done that yet,” Joe said. Callum laughed. “For someone with little experience, you know a lot about sex.” Joe grinned. “I’ve been doing research for over a year. Reading stories on Nifty and watching porn. There are some nice daddies showing their stuff online.” “I assume your mother doesn’t know about your so-called research,” said Callum. “I don’t think so but nearly all boys my age watch porn,” said Joe. “I bet you do too, or at least you did until I arrived.” “Aye, I admit it. I have downloaded a fair few videos,” smiled Callum. Joe lifted his head and looked at his dad. “Show me one…please!” “I don’t think…” “Come on, Dad. We’re doing sex stuff together. You’re not going to corrupt me any more by allowing me to watch a video with you.” Callum sighed, knowing it was useless to argue. “Stay there,” he told Joe before going over to his computer. Joe watched as his dad opened up a folder and started to scroll down a lot of files. “I think you might like this one,” Callum said as he opened a BelAmi video. “It features two handsome guys – a blond called Dolph Lambert and a dark-haired guy called Andre Boleyn. As I recall it has a loving start with some kissing. Pull up a chair and sit beside me.” Joe hurried to sit beside his dad, his cock already stiffening at the thought of watching porn with him. When the video started and the two young men appeared, Joe said, “I’m going to imagine myself as Andre since he is the smaller of the two.” He watched as the pair hugged and kissed, then felt slightly embarrassed when Dolph started to suck Andre. He moaned with excitement when Andre started sucking Dolph’s big cock and pulled Callum’s hand over on top of his tenting shorts. “I want to suck you, Dad. Just like that.” Callum said nothing but he gave Joe’s cock a squeeze. When it became obvious that Dolph was about to mount Andre and fuck him from behind, Callum stopped the video. “I think that’s enough for tonight.” “Aww, Dad,” wailed Joe. “It was just starting to get more interesting.” “You’re not ready for that yet, even if you think you are,” said Callum. “Besides, I think you will blow soon if you watch any more. Look at the damp patch at the front of your shorts.” Joe looked down and saw that he had indeed leaked a lot of pre-cum. “I want you to cum in my mouth and not in your shorts,” Callum told Joe. Joe knew that he had been quite close to cumming and told himself that sex with his dad was much better than watching porn. So he smiled and said, “Okay, it’s time to get ready for bed. I’ll go to the bathroom first. Don’t be long.” He gave his dad a kiss and left the room. Callum smiled to himself as he watched Joe disappear. “He wasn’t the only one who needed to calm down,” he thought. “I was pretty turned on myself imagining my boy as the one pleasuring Dolph.” He switched off the computer, tidied up and went to the kitchen for a drink of water while waiting for Joe. “I’m finished in the bathroom,” could be heard from the hall. Callum went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and strip. Then he went to the bedroom to find Joe sprawled naked on top of the bed. “My cock isn’t as big as Andre’s but I hope you still want to suck it,” said Joe. “I want to suck it because it’s smaller then Andre’s,” smiled Callum. “It erupts sweet cream.” He lay down next to Joe and they began kissing. Their hands wandered over each other’s bodies and they rubbed their stiff cocks against each other. “I’m getting close,” Joe warned and Callum immediately moved to take his son’s cock into his mouth. Joe gasped and then gradually moved down towards his dad’s cock. He had only just managed to take hold of the cock when he felt a finger touch the entrance to his puckered hole and he started spunking off. “Oh no…too quick!” he cried as he sent pulses of cum into Callum’s mouth. Callum swallowed every drop of boy-cream and then licked the cock clean. “Delicious!” he said. “Sorry, Dad. I didn’t mean to cum so quickly,” Joe said. “I’m glad you did,” smiled Callum. “I will be able to have more fun with your body and then get a second load. Let’s carry on with sixty-nine you wanted.” They adjusted their positions so that Joe could reach Callum’s cock more easily. Callum toyed with Joe’s balls while kissing and licking his cock, and it wasn’t long before Joe was fully erect once more. Joe was still concentrating on the mushroom head of Callum’s cock, teasing all around the cockhead and the piss-slit, when his dad took both of his hairless balls into his mouth. Joe gasped izmit escort and said, “That feels good.” He then moved to take his dad’s larger, hairy balls into his mouth one at a time. Callum smiled to himself and then, when Joe turned his attention back to his cock, he manoeuvred Joe so that the boy was on his hands and knees on top of him. He gave Joe’s cock another suck and then used his hands to spread Joe’s arsecheeks. “You have a beautiful boy-pussy,” he declared as he gazed at the hairless crack and the small pink pucker. He then bent forward and let his tongue run slowly up the crack. Joe shivered and when Callum licked his crack again said, “That feels amazing.” Another lick from Callum resulted in another shiver from Joe. “I love having you touch my pussy,” he said. “Do it some more, please.” Callum gave another long lick and then concentrated on Joe’s pucker, flicking his tongue at it and then pushing the tip of his tongue inside the hole. Joe came off Callum’s cock again and whimpered. The boy made more whimpering noises as Callum tongue-fucked him. He let out a long sigh when Callum moved away from his butt to get the tube of KY jelly that he kept in the drawer of his bedside cabinet. Moments later Joe gasped when a lubed finger pushed into his hole. “Yeah, that’s good,” he said as the finger went deeper. “Is this okay? I don’t want to hurt you,” Callum said to Joe. “It feels…I don’t know how to describe it,” replied Joe. “It doesn’t hurt though.” “The whole of my finger is inside you now. Still okay?” asked Callum. “Yeah. I’m trying to imagine how your much bigger cock will feel but I do like having your finger inside me,” Joe said. Callum began a fucking motion with his finger. “Oh, yes. I like that. Fuck me with your finger. Prepare my pussy for bigger things.” Callum smiled. “I think you’ve been watching too many videos.” “I’ve never seen a cock as lovely as yours in a video,” Joe said before taking his dad’s cock back into his mouth. He started bobbing up and down as he sucked, gradually taking more and more into his mouth until he started to gag. “Don’t rush it, Joe. Don’t take more than is comfortable,” said Callum. Joe was dribbling saliva when he came off the cock to say, “I want to make you feel good.” “You are making me feel good. I’ve been close to cumming for several minutes,” responded Callum. “I don’t want to cum too soon.” “Okay. Let’s stop and do something else,” said Joe. “I know! I want to rim you. That will give you pleasure.” “If that’s what you want to do, then okay,” Callum said. “How do you want me?” “Erm… on your hands and knees,” replied Joe. He watched as his dad got into position and gave his big cock a stroke as he moved behind him. He caressed the big, beefy buttocks and then shoved his face in the hairy crack. He sniffed and then started licking. “Ooh, that feels so nice,” said Callum. Joe licked a bit more than used his hands to spread the arse cheeks. “Let me know when you’re about to cum so that I can get ready to take it in my mouth,” he said before diving back in and attacking the entrance to Callum’s hole. He licked, he kissed and then he pushed the tip of his tongue inside. He was happy hearing his dad moan in appreciation. As he licked and probed, his cock was leaking pre-cum again. “I can’t hold back much longer,” Callum cried after a few minutes. Joe quickly scooted round as his dad knelt upright with a hand on his throbbing cock. Joe bent down with his mouth wide open and Callum let his cum fly. Most of the cum landed on Joe’s waiting tongue but several shots missed and landed on Joe’s face. Joe waited until his dad had finished shooting off and then took the cock in his mouth to get the final drops of cum. He sucked and then licked it clean before giving the cockhead a kiss and sitting back of a smile on his face. “That was the best so far,” he said. “We’re not finished yet,” said Callum. He lifted Joe up and licked the cum from his face. Then, after sharing a kiss, he said, “Now I’m going to suck another load from you.” Joe smiled as his dad laid him flat on the bed, pushed a pillow under his bum and then got between his legs. “I’m going to finger your hot hole while I suck your juicy cock,” said Callum. “Sounds good.” Joe grinned and pulled his legs back and up to allow his dad easy access. Callum applied some KY to his index finger and rubbed the pink pucker. Then he added a little pressure and penetrated Joe. Joe let out a little gasp and said, “I like that.” Callum smiled and pushed deeper. “I hope you will like my cock just as much because I’m looking forward to fucking you.” “I’m looking forward to that event too. Can’t wait to feel your big cock inside me,” smiled Joe. Callum grinned and bent down to lick the pre-cum from Joe’s cock. Joe moaned softly and said, “Yes, Daddy. Suck me. Make me cum again.” With the combination of being sucked and finger-fucked, it wasn’t long before Joe was on the brink of another orgasm. His hands gripped tightly at the bedsheet beneath him, trying to hold back. Then he arched his back and cried out, “I’m cumming!” Callum struggled to keep up with creamy spunk flowing from Joe but he didn’t waste a single drop. He continued sucking and licking the young cock until Joe begged izmit otele gelen escort him to stop. “Too tender now. Please stop.” Callum let go of Joe’s cock and eased his finger out of the tight arse. “I thought you were going to crush my finger when you came,” he told Joe. “Your arse muscles tightened around it each time you erupted.” “Sorry, I couldn’t help it,” said Joe. “Don’t be sorry! I’m hoping you’ll squeeze my cock in the same way before too long,” smiled Callum. Then he moved forward to hug and kiss Joe. When the kissing ended, the pair lay side by side smiling at each other. “I’m really glad you came back into my life, Joe,” said Callum. “I never expected we’d ever be doing things like this together. I still feel a bit guilty but I have to say that I’m loving it.” “Me too, Dad,” said Joe. “I used to dream about having sex with a daddy-type but never my real dad. It feels…I don’t know…safer, definitely better being with you.” “Come here,” Callum said and pulled Joe closer. They kissed again and then spooned together under the duvet with the light out. *** The next few days passed uneventfully. Callum worked during the day, spending more time in the garden as much of his architectural work had dried up because of construction firms in Scotland being closed during the lockdown. Joe continued to study at his dad’s insistence but he felt it pointless sometimes with no end of term exams to focus on. They had their afternoon runs and they ended each day by making love. Then came a knock on the door. It as a courier with a parcel. The order from the sex shop had finally arrived! “Let me see! Let me see,” Joe cried when Callum brought the parcel indoors. “Patience!” said Callum. He took his time to open the cardboard box but then passed the individually-wrapped items to Joe. Joe ripped off the coverings and “oohed” and “aahed” as he examined the dildo, the vibrator and the three different sized butt-plugs. “I want to try them all,” he told Callum with a big smile. “You will…eventually,” said Callum. “We’ll start with the smallest plug tonight. Maybe the vibrator too.” “Tonight? I can’t wait that long!” Joe thrust his crotch forward. “Look! I’m stiff now!” Callum rolled his eyes. Then he put an arm around Joe’s shoulder and said, “It isn’t the first time you’ve had a stiffy during the day and you know that sex doesn’t automatically follow. Trust me, Joe. You need to be relaxed to have your anal opening…” “My pussy,” interrupted Joe. “Okay, your pussy…stretched. It will hurt…maybe even cause some damage…if you’re not properly relaxed,” said Callum. “We’re not going to rush it.” Joe pouted, then sighed and said, “I suppose another few hours won’t matter.” “Good boy. We’ll have an early night,” smiled Callum. “And since it’s almost four o’clock, we can go for our run now.” They both enjoyed their run and Joe was pleased to be in the lead for the last half kilometre. “I won today. I’m improving,” he said with a smile. “Are you? teased Callum. “Maybe I’m just allowing you to run in front so that I can watch your buns bouncing up and down in front of me.” “Aw, Dad!” Joe looked dejected. “I’m joking.” Callum grinned and hugged Joe. “Your stamina has improved and you’re getting faster. Now let’s have a shower…together.” That brought the smile back to Joe’s face. “Okay but you can keep your hands off my “buns” for being cruel to me.” Callum clutched his chest. “No, don’t deprive me of one of my few pleasures in life. I love your buns. I love touching them in the shower. Please say you don’t mean it.” Joe couldn’t help laughing. “You’re crazy…but I love you.” The pair hugged and kissed before walking hand in hand to the bathroom. They watched an old episode of `Midsomer Murders’ on tv after dinner. Joe used to fancy John Nettles who had the lead role but this time he couldn’t concentrate on him or try to work out the murderer. His mind kept wandering to what lay ahead. “You have been displaying a boner on and off for the past ninety minutes,” Callum said to Joe when the programme ended. “I think you should go for a quick shower and I’ll join you in bed shortly.” “Okay, Dad,” grinned Joe. “I have already washed the vibrator and the smallest butt plug.” When Callum entered the bedroom a short time later, he found Joe spreadeagled face down on the bed. He had placed a pillow underneath himself to raise his butt, and KY jelly, the vibrator and the butt-plug were lined up on the bedside cabinet. “What a beautiful sight!” Joe lifted his head and smiled over his shoulder at his dad. “I’m all yours. Take me. Use my pussy for your pleasure.” Callum laughed as he climbed onto the bed. “I love your corny lines. Give me a kiss before we go any further.” Joe turned to kiss his dad. Hands moved to grasp erect cocks and then they moved into a sixty-nine position to suck each other. A few minutes later, Callum gently spanked Joe’s bum and told him to return to his previous position. Joe did as he was bid and spread his legs a little wider than before. Kneeling between his son’s legs, Callum caressed the small but well-rounded buttocks. Then he spread them and bent down to lick the crack. Joe shuddered when the tongue started gölcük escort to work. “Yes, Dad. That feels so good,” he said softly. Callum probed with his tongue for several minutes then he applied some lube and inserted a finger. Joe whimpered when his prostate was touched and begged for more. Callum worked a second finger inside and then began to finger-fuck Joe. “You have the tightest boy-pussy I’ve ever known,” he said. “Work it, Dad. Prepare it for your big cock,” said Joe. “I want you to take my cherry.” “Soon, my darling,” responded Callum. “I want it too but you’re not yet ready. We’ll work together to prepare you.” “Okay. I trust you,” Joe said. “Can I try the vibrator now? I think it might be slimmer than your two fingers but it will go in deeper.” Callum eased his fingers out, greased up the vibrator and placed the tip against Joe’s pink pucker. “This will feel quite different because it’s hard plastic. Tell me at once if it hurts, okay?” Joe nodded and willed himself to relax. He jerked a little when the plastic tool penetrated his sphincter but then lay down again. “It actually feels fine,” he said when about half was inside. Callum switched the vibrator on and the vibrations brought a squeal of delight from Joe. “Ooh, I like this,” he said. Callum smiled and gradually pushed the tool deeper. Joe was soon moaning. A few minutes later he said, “I think I’m going to cum!” “Turn on to your back,” instructed Callum. “I’ll keep the vibrator inside you but I want to swallow your cum.” Joe carefully turned over and then gasped when Callum took his throbbing boy-cock into his mouth. A moment later he moaned loudly and his cock started erupting. Spurt after spurt of cum flew into his dad’s mouth and was eagerly swallowed. Callum switched the vibrator off and eased it from Joe’s arsehole. He sucked and licked the cock a few more times and then sat back with a big smile on his face. “I’m definitely the cat who got the cream today. That was a big load, son.” Joe sighed and smiled. “You know how to turn me on.” He raised his arms in invitation and Callum moved to hug and kiss him. Moments later Joe said, “I want some cream too. Time for me to do some work.” He crawled between Callum’s legs and took hold of the big cock. “You’re leaking quite a lot, Dad. Did working on my pussy turn you on too?” “It did, Joe. I’m looking forward to getting my cock inside there before too long,” smiled Callum. “Probably not as much as me.” Joe smiled and bent down to lick the pre-cum from his dad’s cockhead. He then kissed it and took it into his mouth. He sucked and rubbed the underside of the cock with his tongue and gradually took it deeper. He stopped after gagging a few times and went back to working on the head. “That’s good, Joe. Don’t worry about trying to take more,” said Callum. “The head is the most sensitive part so just do what you’re doing.” Joe lifted his head. “I want to make it as perfect as possible for you. I’ve seen guys deep-throat in videos and they make it look easy.” “They’ve probably had years of experience and you’re just starting,” Callum stated. “Don’t rush.” “But…” “If you’re really serious taking more, you might try humming when it goes deep. I’ve heard that stops the gag reflex but I’ve not tried it myself,” said Callum. Joe smiled and immediately took more of the cock into his mouth. Then he started humming and allowed the cock to go deeper. He gave his dad a thumbs up sign and held the cock where it was for a few moments. When he lifted off the cock a few moments later, he grinned and said, “It works.” “Okay but don’t push yourself any more today,” smiled Callum. “I’m close to cumming.” Joe dived back down and took the cockhead back into his mouth. He teased it with the tip of his tongue while playing with his dad’s balls and then, when his dad made noises to indicate he was very close, he started sucking again. “Here it comes!” Callum cried and then he spunked off. Joe gulped it down as fast as he could but some sperm dribbled from the sides of his mouth. When Callum lay back drained and happy, Joe licked the cock clean and then crawled up his dad’s body to kiss him. “You’re a messy eater, just like when you were a baby,” Callum said before licking the spilt cum from Joe’s face. Then the pair kissed and melted into a hug. They cuddled together for a while and then Joe said, “It must be time for the butt-plug now.” “Aye, if you’re feeling ready,” said Callum. “Probably best if you get on all fours.” Callum greased up the small butt-plug and then added more KY jelly to the entrance to Joe’s hole. “It might hurt a little when the thick part near the bottom goes in,” Callum warned. “Push out when I apply pressure.” Joe gritted his teeth as he pushed back but the plug entered with only a little discomfort. “How does that feel?” Callum asked. “Okay. I feel a little bit stuffed which is strange considering it’s actually quite small,” replied Joe. He moved onto his back and smiled up at Callum. “It’s good to know that I’m finally being trained for you-know-what.” “It seems that thought excites you.” Callum smiled and took hold of Joe’s new erection. Joe nodded. “It does.” Callum took the stiff cock into his mouth and it didn’t take long for him to earn another mouthful of boy-cream. “That was yummy,” he said as he cuddled beside Joe. “We’ll leave the plug in overnight and continue your training tomorrow.” Joe smiled and closed his eyes. He had his dad’s arms around him and he was happy. To be continued