Field Trip in My Personal Field

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Though it is never expected to happen, life leads you to take sharp turns which can be dramatic, if at that spur of the moment, you fall prey to your wanton needs and give vent to your adventurous spirit. This is my story, and from that day till date has been my closely guarded secret. If even a whiff of it leaks to my husband, my life will be one big hell. I seek your discretion to read and keep it to yourself.

I am Sujata, a teacher in a local college teaching Zoology to the senior students of the Science stream. I have been married since the last two years. My husband is about 7 years elder to me and ours was an arranged marriage. Though no complaints, I am leading a conjugal life which cannot be classified as extraordinary, but averages to satisfactory.

My husband, Sunil, was brought up in a very orthodox surrounding and works as a CEO in one of the local based company. Being the CEO he has to work & travel a lot. Our sex life could be said to average once or twice in a fortnight and that too for about half an hour maximum. We have decided to let things take its own course and have not planned for our child. Sex with any other male was absolutely a taboo, to even think about.

To describe myself, I am about 5.5 ft tall, medium in built, fairish in complexion and with green eyes. My husband too shares these green eyes. Sporting a figure of 34x27x36, and weighing at 65 kgs, I was the apple of many an eye during my college time. Though as friends I have had some very minor flings, I have gotten away with a few fondles to my titties, during movies and stolen kisses. But nothing serious, everything forgotten.

One of the requirements of being a Zoology Teacher is the annual out station field trip, which lasts for about a week, including travel. A zoologically ideal location is identified and the entire class is mandatorily required to attend. It is exactly like camping, however, the difference is that arrangements are made to stay in dormitories, preferably separately for girls & boys. During the day, we troop out to the open fields & jungles in search of specimen and study the same in their environment. The evenings are spent in light talks or a camp-fire.

Since the students are tired after a whole days walk & work in the sun, most of them retire early. But you can hear murmurs and whispers as a few of them catch up on the day’s gossip. By 10.30PM — 11Pm all students are fast asleep. The students being the responsibility of the Teacher, I have to be a light sleeper.

This years’ batch had a total of 20 students, of which 18 were girls, 2 boys and 2 assistants. The assistants were having their relatives nearby and stayed with them for the nights. The dormitory that we stayed in was a long, wide room with a raised platform along one side. We used this platform for sleeping. The platform top was about 7 feet in width, 2 feet above ground and about 20 feet long along one side. The end part of this, which was about 8 feet long curved in an “L” shape and ended in a blank wall. This part of the platform could accommodate a maximum 4 people.

It was decided that since there were only 2 boys they would sleep at the end of this part and the girls would sleep along the longer side. My place was on this “L” shaped portion in between the boys & the girls, but more towards the boys. The part where we slept was more like a private room, hidden away from the girls’ view.

On the first night, I remained awake till most of the girls had gone to sleep. I had changed into a pyjama pant & a night shirt. When I came to bed, I saw that the boy kocaeli escort closer to me was not asleep and I asked him what the reason was. He just smiled and mumbled something about being tired & not able to sleep. He had that very mischievous smile. I got a feeling that he was looking at my breast, the profile of which he could see through my nightee, against the bulb behind me.

His name was Ajit and he was a very bright student. Not only was he good at his studies, he was also a keen basketball player. Well built and tall, with green eyes. Though his appearance was like my husband, his physique outplayed that of my husband.

He was sleeping parallel to me, just an arms length away, as that was the structure of the dormitory platform. Lights were put off and we went to sleep. I had brought a thick rug to protect against any cold weather. I pulled it over me till my neck and went to sleep. I did not realize went I blinked off.

I do not recall when but late into the night and early morning, I felt an arm very close to me. In my sleep I thought I was in my bedroom and it was my husband. Subconsciously I held it and lightly massaged it. When it dawned on me that it was Ajit, I was in two minds. Should I pull back or to let my hand lie where it was?

After a few moments, I was pleasantly shocked to feel Ajit massaging my hand. I felt me getting wet between my legs. I was feeling a little randy and let things go on. I thought I would be able to control myself. A little bit of petting would be of no harm to anyone.

Slowly his hands started creeping towards my shoulder. The feeling I was getting was very pleasurable. Moreso, this was happening amidst so many of my students, who were fast asleep. It was a definite turn-on. I did not move. My sex life was never adventurous, and I did not want to lose this opportunity.

Ajit was either a fast learner or an experienced love maker. Still rubbing & massaging his strong palm reached its destination — my right boob. By now it was stiff. I had always prided myself with long nipples. I had my nighty and below that was my lacy front opening bra. I was sure he could feel my chest heaving in the dark. Suddenly I could feel his broad palm over my breast, and he pressed. A moan escaped my lips.

Till this time we were still at an arms distance. Ajit massaged my breast whilst I just lay without making a sound. My hand was still on the ground where it was earlier — towards Ajit. I could now feel Ajit sliding towards me. He came up to my hand and slowly slept on his stomach positioning his penis into my hand.

This was getting out of hand, with his penis in my hand. When I felt it it must have been like a fireman’s hose. The bulge was unbelievable. I clasped. Ajit started dry fucking my hand. By now the point of no return had been crossed.

Ajit by now had turned his attention to the left breast and was literally mauling it. I had never been subjected to such forceful boob-pressing by my husband. I loved it. Suddenly I found him opening the buttons of my nighty. I used my left hand and opened the top three. His hand slipped in before I could move my hand. He slipped his hand between my bra and the breast skin and I wriggled with pleasure. He held me by the breast and pulled me towards him. I could not say anything for fear of the girls hearing. I tried to put the rug over my chest and over his hand.

I was literally gushing out in my panties. Ajit guided my hand into his shorts and what I found was massive. It must have been twice as thick as my husbands and about 10 inches long. I needed kocaeli escort bayan him.

I fumbled for his face and kissed him. He removed his hand from my breast and held my face to his and snaked his tongue into mine. It was a welcome entry. I sucked onto it.

“Teacher, I hope you don’t mind.” Ajit whispered into my ear.

“Ajit, don’t you think its too late to ask that?” I replied.

“I have wanted to make love to you from the day that I saw you. I could not control myself now. I am sorry.”

“Ajit, will you please stop your apology’s and finish what you have started!” my need to have him in me was overpowering.

“Please don’t make too much noise” he warned

I could not see him, but felt him sliding his shorts down. I removed my bra but left in on the shoulders. I pulled up my shirt and exposed my breasts under the rug. I was surprised at myself going to such lengths, when I had never done such a thing in my life.

Suddenly I felt Ajit shifting himself under the rug. His warmth and skin contact was very comforting. His hands started sliding over my pyjama clad legs and he headed straight for the honey pot. I had not removed my pyjamas as I wanted him to remove them.

He moved his palm over my vagina and then suddenly grabbed my pubic hair. I shuddered. I could feel my first orgasm flooding through me. He then put his hand between my stomach and my panties and slid them to his target. I spread my legs a little to assist him. He did not remove my pyjamas, but rolled them down below my knees and left them there.

He slowly bent over me and nibbled at my stiff nipples. I pressed his head into my bosom and felt the ticklish sensation of his moustache. Slowly he kissed his way to the wonderland and pressed his lips onto my lower lips. I almost sat straight. This was a very novel experience for me. By now his tongue had entered my hole and found the G-spot. I sat and sandwiched his head between my cunt and my boobs. I rubbed them onto his neck. My pussy juices were running like a stream.

He now finished with his licking & sucking and turned towards fucking. He pushed me down on the bedding, by the boobs for the final assault. He then turned me over onto my stomach and lifted me into a kneeling position — He wanted to take me Doggy style — I felt like a real bitch on heat.

I felt him pushing his fingers into my already oily hole, and realized that he was oiling his tool. Would I be able to take him in me? Without making a sound he got behind me and probed for the hole. He positioned his tool and I could make out the head of his tool at my entrance.

Slowly he applied pressure, and the penis head slipped in. I could feel pain as my cunt walls tried to grapple to his girth. I was trying to control my moans for fear of getting caught.

“ooooffff” a grunt escaped my lips.

Immediately I felt Ajit’s hand clasping my mouth to prevent more sounds. This was dangerous. He was still lodged in me He stopped for a moment. I was not aware why, until I knew the reason. He had made a role of his under wear and was trying to stuff it into my mouth. His smell on it was intoxicating and I gladly put them into my mouth. After this was done, he held me by my waist and started to push forward. The pain and pleasure was too much. I grunted into his underwear. With a single push he was in. He started his in out action but this feeling compared to my marital fucking was unbelievable.

He stopped and put his hands under me to hold my breasts. He pulled me to him in a kneeling position and kissed my neck and nibbled izmit escort my ears. He was still lodged in me. Slowly he brought me to the original doggy position and fucked me like a stallion. I must have had so many orgasms that their number must have overtaken my entire married lifes fucks.

I was sweating very heavily so was Ajit. We slid on each other, and he played with my breasts.

Suddenly we heard a sound. One of the girl student had wanted to go to the toilet. Though the toilets were at the other end, we froze. Ajit would not dislodge himself. I was scared. In the same conjoined position we slept on the bedding and covered ourselves with the rug. After some time the girl returned and slept. No harm done!

As Ajit lay over me, he started his fucking with me sleeping. This time the pressure of the closed thighs was an experience in itself. I had decided that I would somehow make my husband do this.

After about 15 minutes of slowly and laborious ramming, his pace increased. I could feel him about to shoot his seed into me.

He slowly came near my ear and whispered “Teacher, I am not protected. Should I pull out?”

“Ajit please don’t. Just let nature take its course. Please don’t stop.”

This added to his vigour and he rammed himself into me.

“Uuuummmffff, ahhhhhhh, ……” I could not control my moans.

Suddenly he put his hand s under me and held me tightly by my breast and pressed himself into me. I could feel his warm spunk hitting my womb walls. Even if I had to be impregnated after this bout, the offspring would have the same features.

My cunt milked him to his last drop. He slipped out of me and lay on his back. He led my hand to his slippery snake which was still a monster in sleep.

But Ajit was not finished yet. He held me by the nape of my neck and took me to his prick. He wanted me to take him in the mouth. I had never done that. But he somehow forced the tip in between my lips.

I knew that struggling would attract attention. After having gone so far, why not try this too. I tasted our mixed juices on his tip. I brought out my tongue and licked the tip. The taste was not bad. A little salty, but good.

I let the head slip in. the feeling was novel. Earlier this monster had plugged my lower hole and was no attempting to plug my mouth. So be it!

He started growing again. I admired his stamina. My husband would be as soft as a candy floss after the first bout. And here was a specimen that never knew how to be tired.

Ajit did the fucking motion and I got the idea. I let it slip into my mouth and then and pulled up sucking while coming out. This must have titillated him much, because suddenly he caught my head and forced his prick into my mouth and again shot his spunk into my mouth. I swallowed half and the rest spilled onto my breast and his stomach.

He rubbed the sperms all over my breast and we rested. This was the most adventurous night of my life.

We had not realized the time and we could see the early morning spreading its wings through the clouds. Hurriedly I buttoned my shirt and Ajit pulled up his underwear and shorts. But he had something else in his mind. I felt him putting his hand under my back and tugging at the bra. I looked at him curiously.

“Need a souvenir…” he said.

“Not the bra. How about a panty ….. later?” I replied.

“Promise! It would be nice if I could take it off myself” he smiled and replied.

“We still have three more nights of the field trip. I hope you know that.”

With that ended the most adventurous bout of sex in my life. Getting fucked … and that too in a crowd, – Fantastic. From now on I would never miss a field trip. This next three days had other surprises, which will be narrated in the future episodes.