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“Soon” finally came that Saturday afternoon. The morning after that fun chat on my way home from campus, Mark told me to send him my schedule and Molly’s so that he could find a time that worked for him. We were both desperate at that point. Mark: Let’s do SaturdayMark: I’m going to tell my wife I need to go to work for a whileSam: Will she believe that you have work on a Saturday?Mark: YesMark: It’s happened beforeMark: Sometimes there are customer issues we need to take care of on the weekendsSam: OkayMark: So make sure you’re home Sam: Okay 🙂 Earlier that morning, I’d had a shift at work teaching swim lessons, and Molly was working until late afternoon or evening at the bar. Normally I would have hung around on campus to get lunch with friends, or to work on some classwork at the library. Instead, I went straight home to wait for Mark. The butterflies in my stomach built up as I texted him my address and a tip about where he’d be most likely to find parking. Knowing that he was actually on his way over, and we’d finally be able to do everything we’d been talking about and turning each other on over for the past several days, I was practically vibrating with anticipation and arousal. Mark: Just parked where you told me ;)As soon as I got the text from Mark, a huge grin took over my face. I jumped up and rushed out of the apartment and down the stairs to meet him. I propped open the front door to the building and stepped out onto the sidewalk, turning to face in the direction I knew he’d be coming from, based on where I’d told him to park. I saw him coming from a distance, dressed for work in slacks and a button-up shirt, obviously keeping up appearances for the story he’d told his wife. I felt my face flushing as he made his way closer. It was all I could do not to run towards him as he crossed the street onto our block, my pussy throbbing in anticipation. I watched Mark’s lips curve up into a smile when he saw me standing there, waiting for him. He also seemed to pick up some speed, walking faster toward me. “Hi,” I said once he was just a few strides away, smiling and biting my lip.Rather than responding verbally, Mark came straight up to me and kissed me hard right away, as if he couldn’t wait any longer, not even to say hello first. His hands cupped my face, and he deepened the kiss without pulling back. I gasped and then moaned into the kiss, my arms wrapping around his waist, fingertips already digging into his back through his shirt. The tingle between my legs was quickly turning into more of a throbbing sensation as Mark’s fingers combed into my hair and brushed lightly over the back of my neck, his soft lips caressing mine, then sucking and nibbling, lighting me on fire from the inside out. I could feel how much Mark wanted me as his hands slid down my back to squeeze my ass, pulling me flush against him while he pressed his hard cock into me, grinding. I gasped and groaned into his mouth, my hands sliding up his chest to his shoulders and neck. He didn’t let up, so I took a careful step back, towards the door, pulling him along with me. We stumbled together, chuckling into the kiss. “Excuse me,” someone said, the sound coming from behind me. That was enough to break the spell, momentarily at least. I forced myself back from Mark, pressing on his chest, only to see one of my neighbors, a woman who appeared to be a few years older than me, coming out of the building, trying to get past Mark and I as we blocked the way. “Sorry,” I said awkwardly, pulling Mark to the side with me to get out of the neighbor’s way.  She edged past us, avoiding eye contact, and went on her way. I couldn’t help laughing, still feeling Mark’s hands on me, his arms wrapping around me from behind, his mouth moving to my neck, one hand pulling my hair aside so he could kiss me there. “She looked like she might want to join us,” Mark said into my ear. “Maybe we should’ve invited her up.” I laughed but also rolled my eyes as I led Mark into the building. “Yeah, I’m sure she would’ve really enjoyed that,” I said pointedly.Mark just chuckled against my neck as he continued kissing, sucking, nibbling on my skin there. I attempted to pull him along, up the stairs, but I could feel him holding me back. We only made it up a few steps before he stopped us. “Wait…” he breathed into my ear, holding me firmly in place by my hips, grinding his hard cock against my ass. I sighed and leaned back into him, my head leaning back against his shoulder. I felt his hands running all over me, from my hips, over my stomach, up, under my shirt to squeeze my breasts through my bra, then pushing it up towards my neck so that he was cupping and squeezing soft, bare flesh. His hands felt warm and greedy, groping me, flicking and pinching my nipples, causing them to harden. I moaned as I felt his touch, as well as the continued attention his mouth was giving to my neck and ear: kissing, licking, sucking, biting. “Fuck…” I cursed, grinding my ass back against his hard cock, then reached between our bodies to rub him through his pants. My other hand reached back to hold behind his head, my fingers combing into his hair, holding his mouth against my neck. Mark growled against me, one hand sliding back down my stomach and right into my shorts and panties until his fingertips were brushing over my bare pussy, teasing my lips. His other arm wrapped around my chest more firmly, holding me tight against him. Then I felt his fingers slipping between my lips, rubbing along my slit, and then pressing into me. I gasped, feeling my pussy clenching around his fingers right away.“Fuck!” Mark groaned into my ear. “You’re so wet already.”I kaçak iddaa heard myself moaning and felt my chest heaving as my breathing became more labored. I squeezed my hand around the bulge in Mark’s pants a little more firmly as I felt his fingers sliding in deeper, the palm of his hand pressing and rubbing against my clit.“I want you so much,” I breathed. “I’ve been thinking about feeling you just like this. That feels so good.” “Mmm, I’ve been wanting you so fucking much, Sam. I want to make you cum right here before we go upstairs.” “Oh fuck,” I muttered as his fingers quickly picked up speed and force, thrusting into me while his thumb brushed over and flicked at my clit. “You feel so good,” he breathed against my ear, licking and nibbling, then biting down harder. I groaned too loudly, considering we were in a very public part of my building. I couldn’t help it. Mark was already driving me so crazy, I was beyond self-control. “I can’t wait to feel my cock sliding into your tight, wet pussy. It feels so good squeezing my hand like this. I want you to cum right here in the hallway. Cum on my fingers, Sam. I want to feel your pussy clenching tight around them. Then I want to take you upstairs and fuck you. I’m going to fuck you so hard, and cum quickly inside of you. I’ve been wanting you so much, I’m not going to last. I can only imagine how fucking good it’s going to feel.”My whole body tensed as I built quickly towards orgasm. My back arched as I pressed myself against Mark’s chest, and my hips were grinding on his hand, an involuntary motion. It felt so crazy, doing that right there in the hallway, just a few flights of stairs away from the privacy of my apartment, knowing that any of my neighbors could come in or out and see us. The thrill of it turned me on immensely. Feeling that arousal, added to Mark’s delicious dirty talk in my ear, I knew I was going to cum quickly, and hard. Mark’s fingers continued picking up speed, fucking and rubbing me hard and fast, pressing down and out on my shorts and underwear to gain space for more intense thrusting. “Cum, Sam,” he breathed against me, squeezing tighter around me, pressing his hard cock firmly into me. “Cum. Cum hard on my fingers. Imagine my cock filling you, fucking you like this. I’m going to give it to you so fucking hard as soon as we get upstairs. I’m so tempted to just push into you right here and now and empty my huge load inside you. You feel so good. It feels so good to touch you again and to have you in my arms like this. Fucking cum. Be my slut. Show me how much you’ve been wanting my fingers and my cock like this.”That was all it took. My face felt on fire. A low moan rose from my chest and came out loud, out of my control. The orgasm erupted through me, a wave of pleasure that rolled through my entire body causing my back to arch, my hands and thighs to quiver. Mark groaned and bit down on my neck, squeezing around me tighter as he pressed his fingers deeper, feeling my pussy gripping them.Then, before I even finished cumming, Mark pulled his hand back out of my shorts, pushing back from me, and slapping my ass hard. “Upstairs. Now,” he barked. I gasped, feeling the sudden removal of his fingers and his arms from around me. Still twinging with pleasure, it took me a moment to respond. “Fuck,” I breathed, laughing a little before turning to continue up the stairs. Mark was eager, taking my hand to pull me along. “Top floor?” he asked, to verify.“Yeah,” I confirmed, chuckling and smiling, keeping pace with him. When we reached the fourth floor, Mark turned and pulled me back into another deep kiss, pinning me against the wall, his hands all over me. He cupped my breasts through my shirt, then his hands slid down my sides to squeeze my hips and ass. I moaned into him, my hands sliding up his chest, feeling his heart pounding.He pulled back to catch his breath, using the same moment to pull my shirt up and off. I smiled up at him, my hands sliding up his chest, unbuttoning his shirt as he reached behind me to unhook my bra, kissing my neck again. I sighed and moaned, feeling him pull my bra off, his hands cupping my breasts once again until his mouth caught up. Then I felt and watched Mark’s lips trailing down over my chest, kissing and licking his way to my left nipple. His tongue flicked at it and around it before he wrapped his lips around it completely, kissing and sucking it into his mouth. “Fuck,” I sighed, fumbling with his shirt buttons more impatiently. By the time Mark moved over to my other nipple, I gave up on the buttons and started tugging the shirt up and over his head instead. He chuckled a little and pulled back, raising his arms, allowing and helping me to get the shirt off of him. Then, I pressed back on his chest, pulling him along by his belt loops towards the door to my apartment, which I’d left partially open in my haste to go down to greet him. We stumbled through the door together, grabbing at one another. Mark pulled me back against him for another deep kiss, pulling my body against his, my breasts pressed against his chest. He groaned and reached one hand up into my hair, suddenly tugging my head to the side, causing me to gasp as his lips slid back down to my neck. My fingernails dug into his back just as I felt his cock grinding against me again. I pushed the front door closed behind us, then started working on unhooking and unzipping his pants, reaching inside right away to pull his cock out. I felt the wetness of his pre-cum and sighed, rubbing it over his cock as I started stroking.Mark growled and cursed against my neck as soon as my hand wrapped around his hard cock. “Which kaçak bahis room?” he muttered, pulling back just long enough to look between the two adjacent bedroom doors. “The one on the right,” I breathed, smiling and taking a step back towards my room. “I need to feel you inside me.” Mark guided my hips through our last few strides into the room, letting go only to push his pants down quickly. I sat back on the bed, pushing my shorts and panties down and off and staring at his hard cock as he finished discarding his pants, shoes, and socks. “I want to feel you fucking me hard and fast until you’re cumming inside me.” “Lay back,” Mark ordered, climbing on top of me right away, urging me back further onto the bed. “My cock is fucking throbbing right now. I can feel how hard I’m going to cum inside you.” He moved between my legs, holding himself up over me with one taught arm while the other reached down to stroke and guide his cock. “I didn’t bring any condoms,” he added, looking down at me as he started stroking the head of his cock along my slit, giving me one chance to object.I sighed, my chest heaving as my body caught up, my hands coming to his chest, legs wrapping around him. I leaned up a bit, craning my neck to watch as he slid his cock between my lips, then poised at my entrance. “I want to fill your pussy with all the cum I’ve been building up for you.” “Oh fuck,” I whimpered, my head falling back onto the bed, my face burning and contorting in pleasure. “You want that?” he asked, moaning and shuddering as he pressed the head of his cock into me.“Yesss,” I yelled. The sound came out as a strangled moan as I felt him, my hips thrusting up to feel more of him. “Fuck!” he grunted, suddenly pushing into me all the way, dropping the full weight of his hips to pin mine down. “Damn, you’re so wet and tight!”“Ohhhh fuck!” I whimpered feeling his cock filling me, then thrusting fast as promised.“Holy fuck, you feel even better than I imagined. I’m not gonna last.” A string of curses and moans flowed out of me as Mark fucked me, as I felt my body contracting around him, my arms and legs wrapping tighter around him, pussy squeezing and clenching around his cock. “I don’t want you to try. I want to feel how hard and fast you cum inside me.” Mark growled and leaned down to kiss me deeply as he continued thrusting deep, kneeling against my hips and ass. Then he pulled back again, holding himself up over me and staring into my eyes. “You feel so fucking good, Sam. I’ve been wanting this for so long.” I kept my eyes locked on his, my hands reaching up to cup his face, fingers combing into his hair as he hovered over me. “Me too. Your cock feels so good like this.”There was a new level of intensity to our dirty talk as I felt Mark staring into me. It went way beyond whatever I’d felt over the phone. I knew he could feel it too, his eyes never breaking from mine. “I haven’t been able to think about anything else.”“Me either,” I responded immediately, honestly. “I’ve been wanting you so much.”“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Mark warned, already moaning and grunting. Then he let go and I felt his cum shooting into me in thick spurts as he thrust deeper, each release met with a loud grunt. I stared up at him, watching his expression, smiling, my face furrowing as I felt close to cumming again too, overwhelmed by the sensations of hearing, feeling, and seeing him cumming inside me, finally. By the time Mark finished, I felt his body shaking, shivering over me, as he continued to moan softly, breathing hard. I cupped his face again and leaned up to kiss him as he lowered himself onto me, still thrusting deep, driving his cum deeper into me. Then, he moved to bury his face in my neck, breathing against me and kissing me there. I sighed and moaned from the sensation, running my hands over him, fingertips trailing over his back and shoulders, causing another shiver. My legs wrapped and squeezed around him. My pussy was still clenching around his softening cock, and I could feel it twitch inside me. “Fuck!” Mark cursed against my neck, chuckling a little as he pulled back slowly, sliding off to my side. I smiled back at him and leaned up on my elbows, watching his cum drizzle out of me, feeling it dripping down to my ass. I looked back at Mark to find him watching me, smiling. “Hi,” he said with a big grin, finally greeting me officially. “Hi,” I laughed, then leaned over to kiss him again. “Mmm,” Mark moaned, cupping my cheek to hold me there and deepen the kiss. “Sorry for the mess,” he added, barely pulling back. I smiled against his lips. “No need to apologize. It felt really good.” As we kept kissing, Mark reached down to touch my pussy. I flinched from his touch at first, still feeling really turned on and sensitive. His fingers slid between my swollen lips. “I love feeling my cum in your pussy,” he muttered, rubbing it around.“Mmm,” I moaned, my hips grinding on his fingers again. “I loved feeling it shooting into me.” “Oh, yeah?” he asked, his lips trailing down to my neck and shoulder again, then towards my chest. “Yesss,” I breathed, my head rolling back, eyes closing with pleasure, feeling his mouth and fingers building me up again. “That’s good. Because I’m not leaving before I feel you and fill you at least one more time.” “Fuck,” I moaned, fully writhing as Mark’s lips reached my left nipple. “I want to see you use your toy,” he said, looking up at me as his lips still hovered over my breast. I smiled and breathed out a moan, squeezing my thighs together as I felt my pussy clenching again. “Yeah?”“Yes. Get it out for me. I want to see it.” Eager to comply, I leaned to my side, stretching illegal bahis past the edge of the bed and reaching for the middle drawer of my bedside table. I took out my dildo: light purple with a shaft about six or seven inches long, a thick, round head, and a clit-stimulating attachment that simulated a sucking feeling. I also pulled my pillow over, lying back on it and smiling comfortably as I held up the toy for Mark to see. Then I took over for his fingers, rubbing along my pussy, feeling the wetness.  Mark removed his fingers and held them up for us both to examine, covered with our combined wetness, glistening in the sunlight shining in through the open window. He looked into me intently as he brought his fingers up closer to my face, letting them hover just above my mouth for a moment before rubbing his moist fingertips on my lips.  My lips parted in a sigh as I felt his touch, my own fingers sliding up my slit to find my clit and rubbing in circles. I flicked my tongue out at Mark’s fingers, and over my lips, tasting myself and his cum. As I’d hoped, this encouraged Mark to slide his fingers between my lips and into my mouth. I closed my lips around them right away and started sucking, my tongue sliding all around and between them, eagerly sucking away all the wetness as he slid them deeper into my mouth. “Mmm,” Mark groaned. “Taste good?” I nodded, smiling back at him as he retracted his fingers. “Very.” “Good girl. I want you to lick it all off of that dildo after you make yourself cum on it.” “Mmm, okay,” I agreed easily, clicking on the dildo to a low vibration setting and then moving it down between my legs, rubbing the head of it along my pussy, between my lips. I felt it slide along and then inside of me easily, my pussy slick with Mark’s cum. I made a few slow, deep thrusts before pulling it back out, nice and wet. Then I rubbed it back along my lips before bringing it to my clit, sliding the head of the dildo over it and rubbing it around. “It’s so hot watching you play with yourself,” Mark said, rubbing my thigh as he propped himself up on his other elbow to watch the action. I smiled and moaned, feeling more turned on to have him watching. I kept rubbing my clit with the vibrating head of the dildo while I watched Mark’s cock twitching and growing hard again. “I really want to feel you inside me again,” I breathed, sliding the dildo back down my slit and slipping it back inside, pressing it all the way, deep inside my pussy. I started thrusting the dildo harder and faster as I thought about it. Mark watched as the dildo moved in and out of me, his hand moving from my thigh to stroke his cock, slowly and gently. Then he sat up, scooting to get a better view, staring at my pussy as I worked the dildo in and out, my hips grinding with each thrust. “I want to watch you cum like this,” he said, stroking faster, pushing on the back of my thigh to spread my legs further. “I’m getting close again already,” I told him, leaning up to look at the handle of the dildo, pressing the button to turn on the clit sucker. Then I slid the dildo in deep and pressed the other end over my clit, feeling with my opposite hand to guide it and find the right spot. Breathing hard and moaning, my head rolled back, and I started grinding on the toy, making shallow thrusts as the clit sucker massaged me there. Mark’s hand came to my stomach, applying some pressure. “I want to feel you tense up. I want to feel your body writhing while your pussy clenches around the dildo.” “Fuck,” I moaned and cursed, my back arching. I found the right spot with the toy and kept it there, grinding lightly. Then I forced myself to look up at Mark again, watching him stroke his cock, fully hard again and staring down at my pussy. “Ohhh fuck,” I cursed. “I’m gonna cum!” “That’s it. Cum for me, Sam. Cum for me as I watch.” And then I was. My hips started writhing and thrusting as I pressed the dildo in harder, squeezing around the shaft. My toes curled and my back arched, my whole body bucking on the mattress as I moaned loudly, not holding anything back. I cursed as I felt Mark grab the dildo before I came down from that orgasm, pulling it out of me. He held down the power button to turn off the vibrations, then brought it up to my mouth, holding it just above my lips and waiting. “Time to clean it off.” Still shivering and moaning from the orgasm, I smiled up at him and parted my lips, first flicking my tongue out to get a little taste. Then I felt him pressing it between my lips. I moaned and sucked on the dildo as if it were his cock, as he began thrusting it deeper into my mouth and down my throat, not stopping as I gagged. “Take it all,” he commanded, pressing the dildo deeper still. I clenched and reached for him, my nails digging into his thigh just above his knee, but I didn’t stop him. Mark kept pressing the dildo in until I had the entire shaft in my mouth, down my throat, my lips wrapped around the base of it where the clit sucker branched off. “Good girl,” he said encouragingly, cupping my face with his free hand, sliding it down to my neck, and rubbing his thumb over me there, feeling my throat constrict as I swallowed around the dildo. I moaned and reached for his hand, holding it around my throat until he was clasping and squeezing harder. Mark groaned and pulled the dildo back out of my mouth, setting it aside. “You’re such a good slut.” I gasped and took a few deep breaths as soon as the dildo was out, immediately reaching for Mark’s hard cock, wrapping my hand around him, and stroking. He kissed me deeply, holding behind my head and pulling me up with him until we were kneeling together on the bed. We kept kissing, and I kept stroking, feeling his cock growing and getting harder in my hand. “Mmm… I want to feel your mouth on my cock again,” Mark breathed when he finally pulled back from the kiss.