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FinallyWell, it has been almost a month, since I started cruising in search of a female for casual fun. I tried everything, but, as I sayed before, with no luck.My game is weak, I thought. On the other hand, I started thinking through my advances, and realised, I was approaching only 10s and 9s, so there could be a potential problem. So i turned to a dating site, made only for Serbia. I tried to make some contacts, but, most of those profiles are fake, so no luck there. So, I desperately got onto a advert site, where singles are looking for marriage partners, and I found an interesting profile. Redhead, 47 years of age, in search of relationship and possibly marriage. I contacted her through her inbox, with my age and photo, and got a speedy response. We got together in one of many Belgrade bars in downtown, and started talking. Stupid, small talk kind of stuff. She is divorced, has a son at the age of 12. She had a partner after her divorce, but he died almost a year ago. It is hard for her to find someone, since she is working and taking care of her k**, but last night, she sent him at his friends house for a sleepover.I ankara escort was amazed how hot she was. Beautifull hair, lovely eyes and lips, pretty face, with some wrinkles on it. She is slim in her upper body, with medium size tits, but her thighs and ass are strong, massive, but dont affect her line, she still looks slim.I told her a bit about myself, so we got to a wierd silence. Then she sayed, that she liked getting to know me, but that I am not what she is looking for. Too young, she said. She is not in a pursuit of an adventure or just sex, she wants someone her age, or older.At that moment, if someone asked me, if I wanna fuck perfect 10, or that lady across the table, I would choose her. I got an incredible hard on, and got inpatient of all that.”Do you find me attractive””God yes,” she answered. Since we were sitting in a booth, so I got up, and sat next to her. I told her that all I want is and adventure, and that I wont bother her later, if she wouldnt want to be bothered. I also asked her, for how long is she in apstinence. More than a year. At that moment, my bulge was showing itself, so ankara escort bayan I turned her attention to it. There were people around us, but the booth was a bit secluded, so I started unbutoning my pants. “You dont mind?”Her eyes opened, but she kept on looking. I got my cock out, and wanked him a couple of times, and got him back in. Her jaw dropped, so I just asked her, I told her I just wanna fuck her at my place. She mumbled yes, and we were off.When we got into my car, she immediately started kissing me. Well, kissing is a weak word, she started licking my face, and grabbing my cock through my pants. I got him out and started driving, while she, gently, started wanking. I asked her to suck it, she answered that she never did that.When I parked infront of my building, I got buttoned up, and we went to my flat. As soon as we got in, i started undressing her. When she got her pants down, I noticed, that she is wearing one of those, boxer like, panties. God, that turned me on, so I got her on my wedding bed, and started licking her pussy.It was freshly waxed. Who was she k**ding? She wanted this. I escort ankara dont beleive that, mid decembre, a 47 yearold divorced woman, needs any reason to wax her bikini area, unless she knew that she is going to have sex that night.She came really fast, and really, really loud. I got on my back and asked her to ride me. God, that pussy was wet. And she knew how to work it. It wasnt long, before she came once again. My groin and thighs were soaking wet. I got her on her back, and lifted her legs. She was still shivering from the previous orgasm. I stuck my finger right in her ass. She moaned, and started looking at my, full size, erected cock and I felt a shiver that went all the way through her body.I pushed my cock in her ass, in one swift move. It got in all the way. You shouldve heard that scream, and see the look on her face. I started shaking from that and just mumbled “I am gonna fill your ass”.I started power fucking her, while she screamed so much that an entire building couldve hear her. I dont how long, since time is relative in such situation, but after some 20 or 30 hard thrusts, I unloaded deep inside her ass.After that, I think she felt ashamed. She refused my offer for a hot shower, and just got dressed, with all that cum still inside her ass.I asked her if I did something wrong, but she just kissed me on the cheek, and said goodbye.