Fiona and Ariel Ch. 04-06

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In the next three chapters, the relationship between Fiona and Arial develops from being a growing friendship, to becoming an intimate physical relationship. This is despite Fiona’s initial reservations…


Fiona had not gone on the social networking site, she had been ridden by thoughts of guilt, shame, confusion, she wasn’t sure, Ariel had never pushed her into anything, it was she who had wanted more, but her own feelings confused her.

Her family had been typical of Mid America in the bible belt, Church going and very traditional and although there was occasionally talk of gay or lesbian relationships it was never talked about in her family, more to the point, whenever there was a program on the subject her father had made the point of turning the TV off immediately with a disapproving scowl at anybody who might have been watching.

Fiona loved her husband Allen, she thought herself so lucky to have him, she really did. When she thought about Ariel she immediately thought about her husband and about seeing Ariel behind his back, and yet it had been an innocent coffee morning, Ariel had not taken advantage of her in any way she Fiona had initiated the kiss.

Apprehensively Fiona opened her e-mail, there was another e-mail from Ariel, that made five now, she had been avoiding opening the e-mails from Ariel but now she could not help it:

“Fiona, please reply, you mean so much to me right now. If it is about the kiss I am sorry, we don’t have to do it again I promise, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, just don’t break off contact with me please.”

Fiona was in tears, she could feel Ariel’s pain and her own, how could she do this to Ariel, not responding to her making Ariel feel so bad, she had not been fair to Ariel, it was she who had initiated the kiss after all. She started typing a quick response to Arial:

“I am so sorry Ariel, I was so unkind not responding to your e-mails, can I see you.”

Ariel responded:

“Come to my house right now I will be waiting, I love you hon.”

45 minutes later Fiona arrived at Ariel’s house as soon as Ariel opened the door, Fiona said “hold me, please hold me” in Ariel’s warm embrace Fiona could at last relax. Fiona had no idea where things would go but she really wanted Ariel in her life right now.

After sitting drinking coffee together and not saying much, just being happy in each other’s presence, Fiona surprised herself and said, “Ariel can we just lie in bed together, just hold each other”, Ariel replied tenderly, “I would love to Fiona”.

Lying in bed together naked, Fiona felt so loved with Ariel’s arms wrapped around her. Try as she might, Fiona could not feel anything wrong about doing this, she loved Ariel and wanted to be with her, this felt sooo right.

Ariel felt so relaxed that she suddenly realized that she was about to drift off when she felt Fiona’s soft lips around her nipple. Fiona started gently teasing the nipple and licking around the area of the breast. Ankara escort It felt good to Ariel and yet strangely innocent on Fiona’s part. Fiona’s licking became more ardent beginning to suck the breast.

Fiona was sucking ardently now loving the sensation of having Ariel’s breast in her mouth despite Ariel’s 10 + years over her, Fiona found the breast a good size, firm and with hardly any sag, Ariel’s breasts were really beautiful to Fiona and sucking her like this the nipple very hard in her mouth now loved the sensations of the breasts and the sensations running through her body, she heard the noises of Ariel’s pleasure as Ariel’s pleasure became greater and even greater. Finally Ariel came shuddering with pleasure, with Fiona, body pushed hard against Ariel, kissing her ardently on the lips.

Ariel as she finally began to come down from her orgasm became aware of Fiona’s cute and firm breast being pushed on her lips and Ariel automatically began to suckle. Ariel was very experienced in licking and sucking breasts and gradually built up the experience for Fiona hard then soft, slow then fast, soon Fiona would cum, and when she did she came in waves feeling the sweet sensations of her orgasm wash through her, WOW she thought.

As her orgasm came to an end Fiona snuggled up in Ariel’s arms again feeling so cared for by Ariel, she loved this woman, like this the two women slowly drifted into a deep relaxing sleep.

Chapter 5

The kids were asleep and Ariel lay quietly in bed herself, she could hear her husband John showering in the bathroom. He would be nice and clean as she was and she licked her lips in anticipation of the pleasures to come.

Ariel’s mind wandered to thinking about Fiona, Fiona’s actions earlier that day had surprised Ariel, like the kiss a few days previously Fiona had initiated their passionate moment without any prompting from Ariel. When she wanted to be, Fiona could be very impetuous and yet there was an almost shy innocence about her and this was what made her feel so protective towards Fiona. Ariel visualized Fiona’s body now, slender with a shapely ass and her breasts while not large were firm and beautifully formed. As Fiona removed her clothes, Ariel had been drawn to her tight young pussy defined by a well groomed black bush. God she was soooo beautiful, the sight of her naked had almost taken Ariel’s breath away.

Just that moment John came out of the bathroom, wearing a robe, naked Ariel rose to her feet and put her arms around John pushing his robe to the ground and kissing him firmly on the lips, feeling his surprise as she firmly took hold of his dick feeling it instantly harden in her hand. John pushed Ariel softly onto the bed and lay next to her his head on a level with her shapely breast, the nipple was already beginning to harden and John was well aware of this. He started to lick around her nipple making it all wet with his saliva. Then John blew softly across her breast, oh that feels so good thought Ariel.

At that moment Ankara escort bayan he took her nipple in his mouth and sucked hard, “Ahhh”, Ariel responded the sound escaping her lips. At that point John moved to her other breast giving her the same treatment. As John licked and sucked her breast, licking under the breast where she was most sensitive and sucking her breast there now, an image came to Ariel’s mind. As she shut her eyes to concentrate on the sensations surging through he she could imagine Fiona on her other breast, holding the two of them to her breasts like two babies, yet these two were both capable of taking her to incredible highs through the medium of her breasts.

She had to admit to herself that John and Fiona shared many qualities they both were giving and considerate, they both had an air of unspoiled innocence, they both loved her with a passion and they both had an impetuous streak and at that moment as if reading her mind, John gently turned Ariel over so she was flat on her tummy and gently cupping a breast slowly inserted his dick into her now eager pussy from behind. As she felt him fill her completely, Ariel let out a moan of pure delight.

“God that feels so good, sooo good,” she said encouraging John to even greater hardness, WOW he felt so big in her now, and now he began to move slowly in and out of her lubricated by her juices, fucking her slowly and with great passion. Ariel felt so loved by the way he fucked her, she felt so desired so needed, so appreciated.

Gradually she realized her orgasm was almost upon her, but before she came she had to say something, “John ………. I love the way you love me, you have no idea how loved it makes me feel when you make love to me, I” and that that moment she started to cum, ” lu…u…v yooou” she finally got out as the waves of passion swept through her body. Ariel came three times before John came and the finally collapsed next to each other on the bed.

Shortly after they fell asleep and as Ariel drifted into oblivion she imagined that it was Fiona’s hand on her breast, Ariel was so lucky, she had it all, a beautiful husband who she loved with all her heart and now a beautiful female lover who she also loved deeply. Life couldn’t get any better.

Chapter 6

Fiona lay in Ariel’s arms luxuriant in the feel of Ariel’s body around her, she reflected on just how great the bond between them had grown in a relatively short period of time. She loved this woman there were no two ways about it and looked forward with anticipation to every hour that they spent together.

Gently Fiona moved one of Ariel’s hands to her breast, feeling Ariel give her breast a light squeeze in response. Fiona responded to this by pushing her ass back into Ariel’s pussy, feeling a slight wetness as she did so. She could not resist wriggling her ass against Ariel’s pussy and was rewarded by feeling Ariel become wetter still.

Not content with the way she was already getting Ariel aroused, Fiona went further by Escort Ankara moving Ariel’s other hand to her own pussy. Ariel responded to this by fingering her pussy lightly , “ahh”, Fiona moaned softly in response to the fingers brushing lightly on the lips of her pussy. Fiona then teased Ariel further still backing even harder into Ariel’s pussy and causing Ariel to take a sharp intake of breath.

The mutual excitation of the women continued in a deliciously serene manner until Fiona suddenly pulled away. Taking Ariel’s breast in her mouth she sucked hard, “ahh, aaaaahhh”, Ariel exclaimed in delicious ecstasy as Fiona continued to suck on her breast this was so good. Fiona then switched to the other breast attending to it in the same way as the first.

Suddenly Ariel felt Fiona bite down on her nipple, “AHH”, Ariel almost shouted out in the exquisite pain of the moment, fuck thought Ariel, where did she learn to do that. Then Fiona suddenly said, “I want to do something for you, I want to lick your pussy Ariel, but I want to do it right.” To which Ariel replied, “don’t worry you will do good, you are a natural, I suggest you start by licking lightly around the area of my pussy without touching the pussy itself.”

As Fiona moved her head down towards Ariel’s pussy, again she felt intrigued by the fact that Ariel’s pussy was completely shaved. She could not stop the idea entering her head of considering Ariel like a girl. Fiona began with little licks around the area of Ariel’s pussy making sure she did not touch the lips of the pussy itself.

As Fiona licked around her genitalia, Ariel felt so loved, the innocence in the way that Fiona did it endeared her to this wonderful, beautiful, youthful woman as always. Again Ariel had been surprised the way that Fiona had yet again initiated the proceedings. Fiona’s impulsiveness had been an unexpected boon for Ariel.

Now Fiona started to lick slowly over the lips of Ariel’s pussy, and Ariel felt the sensations really beginning to build in her body. Fiona’s tongue became ever more ardent on the lips of the pussy, taking Ariel higher and higher, WOW, thought Ariel, Fiona really is a natural.

Soon she would reach orgasm thought Ariel oh god it felt so good the flicking of the tongue on the exposed pink lips of her pussy, the sensations in her body came in waves, Ariel making a crescendo of sound “Ahh, ahhh, ahh, ahhh, ahh, ahh,” moaned Ariel as she came ever yet closer to orgasm.

Fiona felt heady about the sensation she was causing in Ariel’s body, she felt powerful, with the power to give Ariel these incredible feelings and elicit such a response from her. Meanwhile Ariel felt really attended to really appreciated, really hot and incredibly grateful to be given this sensation.

Suddenly Fiona switched and started sucking Ariel’s clit hard making her orgasms inevitable, Ariel shuddered as she came hard, three times. She loved Fiona so much, Fiona was so good for her and so incredibly tender and caring. Gradually Ariel came down from her high, kissing Fiona on the lips and tasting her own juices, at this point Ariel said, “your turn now.”……….


So now that Fiona and Arial actually got it on, do you want to hear more about their adventures?