Fire the Nanny-(cam)

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Fire the Nanny-(cam)Fire the Nanny-(cam)Here’s a fun little story about something that happened whilst I was backpacking around the USA in 2005.I was travelling with a girlfriend, Carly, and we’d just checked into a youth hostel In San Diego. We both had working VISA’s and took different jobs as we travelling and I remember one occasion when my girlfriend had got a two month long nanny job looking after some rich folks baby. After a few weeks she’d walked in on the husband watching footage back from a nanny CAM which he quickly switched off when he realised she’d entered the room.I guess he’d thought he’d got away with it because the next day the teddy bear with the fake eye was back on the bookcase in the front room.Carly (my girlfriend) then arranged a little plan for the weekend when she was doing a sleep-in (staying over so that the parents could have a night away). She’s made sure that she’d checked with the parents in advance that it would be ok to have her boyfriend (me) stay over as well. They’d said that it was fine told her ‘of course, just treat the place like home’.I arrived just as the little one was being put to bed. As soon as they were asleep Carly made a point of sitting me in the armchair directly opposite the teddy bear camera. She pulled the footstool up in front of me and then slide my shorts and boxers down. She then stepped out of her jean shorts and showing that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She knelt on the stool with her face in my lap and suck my soft (and somewhat surprised) dick into her mouth. Carly had a little tricked that she liked to do, which worked a treat on getting me hard. güvenilir bahis She sucked my soft cock deep into her mouth and would suck on it letting it grow in her throat. She would breath through her nose using her throat to draw my stiffening member deeper down her throat as it grew harder. More than once in the past she had done this until I shot my cum straight down her throat and into her tummy with it even touching her mouth. She sucking my cock so hard into her throat that she nearly choked and that I nearly came in seconds. She made more noise, slurping and groaning sucking my hard dick on that occasion that she did when two friends of mine and I fucked all three of her wholes at the same time a few months later. (Although thats a story for another time).She sucked my dick whilst kneeling on that foot-stall making sure that she kept her arse as high up as possible. She wiggled her backside back and forth and just before I came she had her hand back between her legs strumming her clit and pussy lips at a thousand miles per hour.She came at the same time as me. My spunk shooting down her throat and her legs clapping her wet hand between her legs.Once I’d shot my hot cum into her mouth and made a little mess on her cheek and chin she picked herself up and headed to the little mirror which sat on the shelves right next to the teddy bear with the (not so) secret hidden camera. Making sure she was in close up view of the camera she used the mirror to check her very smeared make up and use her finger to wipe every last bit of cum from her face and into her mouth. She smacked her lips together hungrily with güvenilir bahis siteleri every drop really demonstrating what a cum hungry sexy little minx that she was.When we’d got ourselves straight we went into the garden for a quick smoke. I waited until we were clear of the house and standing by the pool in the warm summer air before asking “what the ‘fuck’ that was all about?” Carly smiled and said “So you know that I caught Greg watching back the footage from the Nanny cam right?”I nodded that I remembered the conversation, so she continued.“So the other day I heard the two of them having a very quiet, very hushed but very angry argument in their bedroom. It was funny because they were trying to be quiet but the idiots had left the baby monitor on so I could hear every word in the front room. She was having a right go at him saying that he spends more time looking at me on the nanny-cam than he does watching the baby. He obviously denied it but then she said called him out for telling me that I’m very welcome to use the pool when the k**s are asleep as long as I can hear the monitor. He said yeah and that their last nanny used the pool and she said, and you’ll like this, she said, Yes but our last nanny wasn’t a sexy little 22 year old English tart that clearly likes to show off her body to anyone thats wants to look”.I stood opened mouth not knowing if I should pretend to be shocked and upset, or be outraged or how exactly Carly expected me to react. The bottom line was that she was a 22 year old English tart that like to show off her body at any opportunity. From my perspectively I was liking the iddaa siteleri idea that this guy was ogling my hot girlfriend as she slides around his house in her ripped jeans shorts, bikini top and bare feet.Luckily Carly gave her position on the subject away with a grin from ear to ear. She carried on; “Obviously Peter caved-in like a little girl and said that he had’t really noticed me!” Carly snorted with laughter as told me that Jane nearly lost her shit when he said that. She said that Jane had said ‘yeah fucking right,’ and ‘that was basically an admission of guilt’. But either way Jane had told Peter that they’d get rid of me after this weekend as they need me to look after the k**s for them to go away”.I shook my head slightly attempting to focus on her point. “OK, I get all that, but what the fuck has that got to do with the porn-star blowjob and pussy show then?” I asked.She smiled wickedly and said, ‘so Jane then said to Peter that from now one he could only watch the nanny-cam video back when she was with him’.She smiled again and answered, “oh I just thought that after they fire me for being to attractive for that old perv to handle being around the house, that at least if I put something on his little camera that it will cause a fucking great argument when they watch it”.The next day, when they got back from their night away, Jane sat Carly done and told her that her Mum wasn’t going to start doing some more babysitting and that they weren’t going to need her anymore.Unfortunately, thats the end of the story so you’ll have to make up your own ending.Personally, I think that Jane and Peter settled done that evening to watch the camera and after an initial few crossed looks at each other that Jane got turned on by Carly high, tight wet pussy and attempted to copy Carly and give poor old Peter the blowjob that he sorely needed in his life!!!!!