First Date

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First DateBobbie took me out on our first date to a local pub in Elwick. We had a pleasant time chatting to friends. On the drive back to my house I noticed his van was all carpeted in the back with lots of cushions – I thought this must be his passion wagon. So I determined not be lured especially on a first date. Bobbie leant over to kiss me goodnight and with his lovely soft lips feeling so sensual I melted in his arms and we let our tongues stroke each other. His hand started stroking my knee and moved up under my skirt – I pushed it away as he reached my panties. So he moved his hand under my blouse and started rubbing my nipples through my bra. It was a wonderful feeling as we carried on kissing. He pushed my bra up freeing both my breasts which jiggled under his touch – Oh joy as he touched my nipples. He persisted a second time moving his hand up my tights and this time I let him stroke my pussy through my panties and my tights. I always wore my panties outside my tights as I think it looks prettier. I could feel my panties getting wet and he could too. He took a finger wet with my juices and used it on my nipples which were now all slippery. I was in heaven but eventually found the will-power to push him away with a farewell kiss and ran into my house.Two days later Bobbie rang up for a second date. When the night arrived I decided to wear a garter belt instead of tights and my prettiest silky panties together with shiny stockings. On my matching bra I had made nipple holes so you could see them protrude through my dark pink shiny silky dress. We stopped for a meal and Bobbie couldn’t stop himself staring at my nipples to whole time. This was good because my chosen dress was too short and you could see my suspenders when I sat down. When we got up to leave I could see his cock sticking out of canlı bahis his trousers – he seemed quite embarrassed as he brought my coat and “accidentally” brushed his hand against my protruding nipples which gave me an electric shock. So I reciprocated by letting my hand brush against his rigid cock which caused Bobbie to almost jump in the air. I was surprised at the feel of his black trousers – they were very soft and silky in texture and on looking closer were quite shiny. His shirt was also made from a silky material.When we got back to his van he almost jumped on me as we frantically kissed. He drove us down to an isolated track to the South Gare light house while he stroked my nipples with one hand – I let my hand rest on his hard cock and stroked it through his silky trousers. He was moaning and almost crashed – we eventually arrived and parked near some sand dunes. We kissed some more as he stroked my nipples but he couldn’t reach my bra as I was wearing a dress rather than a top as on the previous night. So he let his hand slowly ride up under my dress reaching my stocking tops and on to my panties where he pushed his finger into my panties pushing the deep inside. I moaned and writhed with pleasure and I parted my legs in lust. I stroked his nipples through his silky shirt which made him quite frantic and I then moved on to his cock. I wanted it in my mouth – I wanted his cum – so leaned over to release it and strangely he tried to stop me but eventually he relented. I couldn’t find his zip – his trousers were all smooth on the front – he mumbled between kisses “Its on the side”. So I found the zip and undid his trousers folding the front flap across. Imagine my surprise to see he was wearing very pretty pink organza panties with frills and bows. “You look so pretty” I said as I stroked his bahis siteleri cock through his silky panties. His finger now pulled my panties to one side and slipped deep inside me rubbing on my clit. I was in lust as I pulled his panties down to release his cock. Then I saw that he had no pubic hair at all which I thought was really sexy. I gently rubbed his slippery precum around and slipped his cock in my mouth licking and stroking with my hand. I moved my mouth up and down until his cock was deep in my throat. He grabbed my head with both hands making little screams as he pushed me up and down. Very soon he started pumping cum deep in my throat and pulse after pulse filled my mouth. I didn’t swallow and brought my mouth up to his and we shared his cum as we kissed – it tasted wonderful as it smeared all over both our faces. At Bobbie’s request we climbed into the back and lay full length on his cushioned floor. Our breathing subsided as I broached the subject of his panties.“You do look pretty in panties” I said “Also I now see that your trousers are women’s and even your shirt is a blouse seeing the way the buttons are – do you always wear women’s clothes?“Most of the time” he replied “ I think I should have been a women but I am a man and wearing pretty things makes me feel feminine. Do you mind very much?”“No not at all – I don’t like hairy men and you have none which turns me on”“Oh I am glad about that” Bobbie replied “I have had years of electrolysis and have no body hair at all and it won’t grow back”I pulled Bobbies’s slacks down whilst he unzipped my dress and lifted it off revealing my bra with nipple holes. He stroked my nipples saying “I want one of those bras”. Bobbie had on lace top stockings which I rubbed my stockings against. It was really erotic especially stroking his silky hairless bahis şirketleri body. I stroked his cock still wet with cum until it became hard again. I lay on my back and opened my legs wide apart. “Fill me with your cum” I demanded. Bobbie’s cock entered me making my clit enlarge whilst he went in and out – I screamed and screamed as he went faster and faster – my body quivered in ecstasy as my juices flooded out during my orgasm – but he didn’t stop – I could hardly take any more as I had a second even more potent orgasm while my pussy clamped over his cock which after the longest fuck I have ever had he eventually started pumping cum deep inside me. I could feel it swishing around as he kept pumping with each stroke. He had taken ages to cum while I managed my two orgasms. We collapsed in a heap with our legs and stockings intertwined. “Wonderful” I said. “I sucked you off so that your second cum would be slower but you didn’t need me – you went on for ever. Most men cum in seconds which is so frustrating” “My hormones make me slower but that was the best ever – you are the first to accept me wearing girlie clothes” he replied. ”Can I be your sissy forever – I love you?”“Oh yes I would love to marry a sissy” I replied. It was then as Bobbie sat up that I noticed he had about B cup breasts. “You do need a bra though – you could grow your hair long and we could go shopping for more girlie clothes for you – you could be my sissy doing all the housework whilst I watch the TV!!” I said laughing. “I am going to really enjoy dressing you up as my barbie but seriously though I want c***dren – will the hormones stop that? I enquired. “Not yet” Bobbie replied “but just in case I have had some sperm frozen by a lab – it will last for 5 years – and by the time we have a baby my breasts should be big enough to help you with the feeding”.With that Bobbie climbed on top of me again pushing his cock against the cum that was leaking out and we fucked and fucked for seemingly ever. I lost count of my orgasms almost too much pleasure.