First Gay Experience

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First Gay ExperienceIt must have been over 20 years ago now but it entirely changed my life. We were over in Denmark on a football holiday and in a bar. The rest of the team drifted off leaving me alone there. I had been trying my luck with the Danish girls with no luck. This guy, in his 20’s, cropped hair, muscular kept smiling over to me and I to be polite smiled back. Anyway after a few drinks I went to the toilets, as I passed him he winked at me and followed me in, “this fuckers a poof” I thought and went to a cubicle. He was behind me and also came in, closing the door and bolting it behind him. He started to take his top and shorts off along with his trainers and socks. With the drink or sometime else as I thought at the time I just laughed briefly until I saw his muscular torso, hairless and lovely blue eyes staring at me. For some reason I stared to strip as well removing my football top, shorts and sandals. When we were both down to our boxers I thought he would leave it at that. I looked down and saw I had the most enormous erection. That was wrong, I am not gay, I do not find men attractive at all. He came up to me and embraced me, putting his hands around me, he was also erect and I felt out dicks touch. He held my head and gently kissed me, his tongue finding its way into my mouth. No, no, no, I am straight I do not do such things but he was so beautiful and held me so gently all my reservations melted away. I kissed him back and was surprised to find kissing another man was so enjoyable. He then pulled away and stepped back, dropping his boxer shorts bursa escort to reveal a massive dick throbbing away hard. There was a strange atmosphere in the cubicle and my bare feet felt the cold floor. I was surprised as I felt my hands slide down my body and pull my boxers down. They dropped down onto the floor and I stepped out of them, we were both totally naked and our dicks were so hard. It was so wrong, I do not do this I am naked and feeling horny with another man, but he went down to his knees and ran his hands along my shaft. It felt so right and lovely and I moaned. He smiled again and gently pulled back my foreskin. Staring directly into my eyes I watched as he took my member in my mouth. Oh no another man was sucking me off, this was so bad, however my body took over and I put my hands gently on his head and pushed him further onto my shaft. The tongue worked around my head and he proceeded to suck me off better than any woman ever had. He stood up and hugged me, kissing me hard, his hand reaching down to my cock. It felt so good, so right his hard muscular body against mine, his warm arms holding me tight. He started holding my shaft and pumping my dick, slowly at first then increasing in speed. I was in heaven, moaning and panting, our two bodies locked together. I backed up to the wall and needed the support. Suddenly I felt myself about to cum, to be made to feel such a way by another man was incredible. I knew any minute now I would spurt my cum and everything would be different. My man sensing my tense state pushed 1 finger up my ass, no, no, escort bursa that’s what gays do, I am not gay. A second and third finger penetrated my ass and dilated my sphincter. It felt so right, I had never known my ass could feel like that. My male lover, there was no other word, increased his pumping and I put my arms around him and put my head against his as I shook and had never needed to cum so badly before. Finally I spurted my cum all over his belly as I came to the most shattering climax, it had never been so good with any woman. He held my body hard as the waves of pleasure washed over my body. He made calming soothing sounds as I came down from my high and with his hand scooped up my cum. He turned me around my hands holding on the basin, my legs spread apart; my hole exposed and spread my own cum into my ass. At this moment I just wanted to make my new lover happy I would have done anything for him and I needed to have my ass fucked so badly. I so wanted to make my man happy. He stood behind me, I saw the reflection of his body in the mirror and felt his cock at my hole, I needed it so badly my ass was on fire. “Bareback?” he said. I did not know what he meant but my whole body needed to be fucked by this man. “Fuck me now, lover” I managed to pant. Gently he pushed into me, my virgin ass, my cum acted as a lubricant and his practised fingers had dilated me so it was not painful as he slowly penetrated me. I should have stopped him, said no, if he fucked my ass it meant I was gay, a homosexual, which I thought I am not. It was too late for such thoughts, bursa escort bayan I only felt his wonderful hard cock take me and fill me fully, it was so right, so natural and easy. His balls touched my ass and he slowly pulled out and he penetrated me again. Oh no, this is so good, he does not know I am a virgin, I will let him down, I will do it wrong. He held my hips and started pumping in and out of me. My ass got used to anal sex and loosened up, he started moaning and panting too our sweat intermingling and I smelt his after shave. One of his hands wrapped round my throat and the other started playing with my nipples, I never realised my nipples could feel this way. We became one being as we fucked in that toilet cubicle, the fluorescent light flickering and humming. “Fuck me, fuck me lover” I moaned “make me you gay lover. Make me gay.” I started to feel sore inside but did not want to let down my new lover. With one big moan he pushed my head down onto the basin and pistoned into me fast and so deep. My man made a final push and totally filled me as I felt his cum splatter inside of me. That was it, I had now been initiated into being gay. I had been straight before but saw the error of my ways, I was gay now. He pulled out and we hugged and kissed, our flaccid dicks touching. I had never felt so good and connected to someone. Lovingly we cleaned ourselves up and got dressed. He linked his arm in mine and we went back to the bar. There we spent the night just kissing and slow dancing together while others watched on. I was not embarrassed and wanted the world to know I was now a homosexual not straight any more. As the bar closed we kissed for the last time that night. “Tomorrow night here same time” he said. “Yes, darling” I replied. I have never been with a woman since.