First TIme

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Ava Addams

First TImeI was sixteen, never really had much luck with the girls, until Gemma came along, she lived down the road from me, a couple of years younger than myself, but was a real cutie and had a lot of attention from other boys in my year.I was walking home from school and saw her in front of me, looking at her sexy ass ahead of me. As I went to walk past her, she started talking to me, I was a bit shy really, but kept my courage to talk to her.She asked if I fancied going to her place for an hour, till her parents came home. I couldn’t believe my luck and agreed to go with her, even though I would probably get in trouble with my Mum for being late home.We go to Gemma’s house and I followed her up the stairs to her room, I again looked at almanbahis yeni giriş her cute ass as she made her way up.We sat on her bed and talked, she then started talking about sex and things, I got a bit embarrased and went a bit red in the face. She was enjoying teasing me and asked if I wanted to see her knickers.I could feel myself get a hard on, was I hearing right!!. I was speachless and just nodded my head. She lifted up her school skirt and showed me her tight navy blue knickers, stretched over her crotch, I could see the outline of her slit through the material.She giggled, then stood up and unhooked her skirt taking it off, my eyes popped out as I saw her long legs all the way up to her knickers, she almanbahis giriş the unbuttoned her blouse before removing it, exposing her white bra, covering her small tits.She then asked me to strip down to my underwear. I took my top off then slowly took my trousers off, until I was in my underpants, I made sure my dick was tucked in, but I could barely conceal it in my briefs. She giggled as she saw my big bulge. She asked if I was a virgin, I said I wasn’t, but surely she knew I was. The she unhooked her bra and took it off. I looked at her hard nipples sticking up from her small boobs. She danced around in her knickers (she still had her socks and shoes on).She then pointed at my underpants, it was my turn, I held my almanbahis güvenilirmi breath as I pulled them down and my cock sprung out, waving in mid air in front of her. It was wet at the tip, where my pre-cum had been oozing out already. She giggled and smiled,then did something incredible, she took hold of my penis and pulled my foreskin right back, it felt amazing, she knelt down and examined my cock and my balls, gently wanking me in the process. She then asked if I wanted to see what she had. Fucking Christ did I want too!!! She stood up and pulled her knickers down and sat on the bed. I looked at her slit, I was so fucking horny, she then layed back on the bed and parted her legs wide and spread her slit open exposing the pink insides, I felt dizzing with excitement. I knelt between her legs and looked at her cunt close up, the smell, the view was just so incredible, I suddenly felt myself about to cum, I stood up and wanked off over her pussy and shot my sperm over her held open cunt and up on to her belly.