First Time Couple

26 Kasım 2021 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


First Time CoupleWe had been messaging back and forth with a couple since late November. They had been together for a few years, engaged, getting married in the summer, interested in swinging but hadn’t taken the plunge. To be honest, the conversations had been fun, but we weren’t really expecting to meet them. Were not sure how serious they were and they’re about 15 years younger than us so we weren’t sure if it’d be a good fit anyway.Its a sunday night, k**s had gone to bed early, and so had we.I was watching netflix, Sarah is chatting online, when she said ‘they want to get together tonight’ I ask who she’s talking about, not feeling too keen to meet up with anyone at that point… she tells me it’s this younger couple, Julie and Tim. So now I’m interested too! We called and the girls talked for kadıköy escort a bit. It seemed like they had decided sort of spur of the moment to go for it, to at least meet and get a little naughty. Apparently they had felt like we were easy to talk to so asked us. Still not 100% sure if they’d come, but we gave them our address and said come over, it’s okay if it’s nothing more than a drink and a talk. We agreed it would be a pajama party, keep things relaxed and that’s what we were already wearing.They arrived about half an hour later, not in their pajamas but dressed casually. We sat around the kitchen table having a drink, and asking them how things were. What they were hoping for out of a couple encounter etc. It turned out they had come up with this sort of üsküdar escort plan or game that they wanted to do for their first meeting. It was into the bedroom, guys sitting up next to each other in bed, girls take off their tops, and then give their guy a blow job (while the guys are sitting next to each other). The guy who comes first is then ‘out’ as is the wife of the guy who didn’t. The wife who got her man off first then gets the other guy off as well. Sorry, was easier to talk about then write down.We talked about that a bit, a little worried about those who were out feeling a little too out. So we agreed that instead of just watching the ‘out’ pair would make out and watch. Sarah and Julie are whispering a bit, and then announce its time for us to go tuzla escort to the bedroom, we’re going to play the game.It seemed to go pretty well. Not too much to begin with because you’re with your spouse, but also very exciting because you’re seeing the other couple, and wow, Julie had generous and perfectly formed boobs! Poor Tim, clearly way too excited didn’t last long at all. So then it was Julie’s turn with me. I have only had one blow job before this with anyone but Sarah in a very long time. Lets say Julie’s skills are not where Sarah’s are, but feeling those breasts on my thighs was extremely exciting! I look over and see Sarah sitting in front of Tim, he’s kissing her neck and watching his wife. Very hot! I cam in her mouth, she sat up and let it run down her boobs… super sexy! After that wasn’t really sure where we were going / what would happen next, Julie was sort of business like though, and told Tim it was time to go home. Off they went.Was definitely different being the more comfortable couple, but we really enjoyed sort of showing them the ropes, hope we meet again.