First time fucked!

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First time fucked!Back in 1965 a friend and I decided to go adventuring. We hitchhiked all over the UK until one afternoon we were just outside Gloucester. There was a big pub called the White Hart, so we decided to spend our last few shillings on a drink and a sandwich. The place was run by two guys, maybe twenty-five or thirty years old, who obviously cottoned on to the fact that we were on the loose, and they invited us to stay the night. They gave us dinner, and afterwards my friend and I discussed the possibility that these guys were homosexual and that they would want to take us to bed with them. We decided that it was worth getting our asses fucked for the food ,and, we hoped, the money we could get from this encounter. After all, how bad could it be?When the pub closed that evening the two guys did indeed take us to their beds, after showering with us. That part was, for two young guys new to sexual adventure of this kind, quite fun. We got our cocks played with and even got a blow job. A first for both of us. So far so good. As we expected we were taken to separate bedrooms to get our asses fucked. It was at this point that things started to take an unexpected turn. At least for me it was unexpected. I later adana escort found out my friend had guessed what was expected.Instead of being turned face down with my ass in the air, the guy in bed with me knelt beside me and held his cock in my face. He then proceeded to teach me how to suck cock. After the initial shock and refusal to do it, I was threatened with a ‘good spanking’ if I didn’t comply. So very unwillingly I took his cock in my hand and bent my head to suck him off. To my surprise it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. No nasty taste or anything, just a fleshy rod to suck on. Then he came. Much to his amusement I gagged, choked and coughed it all over the place. He wiped me off with a tissue and told me I’d done a good job, and to lay down on my side with my back to him. From that point on it was all about what I could feel He was behind me and he’d put out the light. First came the cuddle. Then the Vaseline covered finger that wormed its way into my bum. No big deal. Then came the round and probing knob end of his cock, pushing in and out ever so gently until he decided my ass was too tight (despite his continuous advice to me to relax) to gain entry and so he just shoved adıyaman escort as hard as he could, with (for him) the desired result. I yelped and squirmed to try and get of the bed as his cock blasted up my bum. However, he knew exactly what he was doing, and as he forced his cock into me, he rolled me over onto my face, shoving one knee between my legs to get me spread and fuckable. Which was what he then proceeded to do. And how! For what seemed an eternity to me he fucked my ass in ever stronger thrusts until I felt him shake and push hard against my bum. He shot an unbelievable amount of cum into me, then kissed the back of my head and said he’d be back in a minute. The bedroom door opened and closed, and I was left alone with a box of tissues in the dark. After a couple of minutes, the door opened and closed again and I was gently pushed back onto the bed. This time, however, my legs were lifted up and pinned to my shoulders. My first hint something was different was the way he moved. His hands seemed to hold me in a tighter grip. His movements were not as quick as before. But it wasn’t until his cock started to stretch my already tortured ass apart that I realised this was a different escort bayan guy. His cock was thicker and longer, and as he fucked into me, for the second time that night I gave a shout of pain. Because I was still slippery from the first fuck, this guy had a fairly easy time getting into me. I just stretched into pain and he slid right on in to what he described as a ‘nice tight twink’! Again I was fucked for quite a while until he eventually shot his load into me. He let go of my legs, and to my horror, kissed me on the lips. Then he just got off the bed and went away. I remember just laying there exhausted and feeling a bit sore, when, inevitably, the door opened again and guy number one came back in. Now I can see they were making the most of a couple of tight little virgins. But then it was a horrible shock to me to realise I was going to be fucked over and over again until the two of them were sated. My friend in the next bedroom must have had a hard first time. At least when guy number two and his huge cock fucked me, I’d already been stretched and greased for him. So the two of us just lay in separate beds all night and the two guys kept taking turns with us. In the morning we could hardly walk.. All the next day we had cum running out of us, and we were sore for a week. And all for dinner and a shower. that was a long time ago, and apart from an encounter with a ladyboy in an Amsterdam window, the last time I was fucked. Its high time someone lifted my legs up again. any offers?