First time in public

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First time in publicA few years ago I was sent out to Paris on business. The first night was spent as Billy No-mates in the hotel watching French television and I don’t speak French!Second night I wandered out into the night and spotted a porn cinema. Now ever since I was about a f******n years old when I was introduced to Parade I have always had something of an interest in porn, so I plucked up courage and went in. The cinema had 4 screens, a.k.a. dingy viewing rooms, so I decided to go to No. 1. I felt as nervous as hell, and pretty excited! Sexual or nerves I don’t know but my dick was stiffening. On approaching the door, the middle aged usherette opened the door and held out her hand for a tip. 10 Francs later she was showing me to a row of seats with a torch. The whole cinema was blacked out, I had arrived just before the nevşehir escort viewing time.Walking in the usherette took great delight in shining the torch down each row where there were lots of a guys sitting on their own in various states of undress! It turns out the film was on a continuous loop with a couple of minutes between each loop.Once I had been shown my row, the usherette reached out and rubbed the front of my groin which increased my sense of arousal significantly!I sat down in the middle of the row not knowing what to do or expect – OK it sounds daft, but I was in my mid 20s and had never been in a porn cinema. No sooner had I sat down than the usherette showed someone else to my row, who proceed to sit 3 seats away from me. My initial reaction was “oh fuck”, but when the film started niğde escort everyone was glued to the screen – including the guys three seats away.The film was a pretty standard porno of the time, hairy bushes, lots of oral and plenty of cum. As soon as the film started my dick continued to harden even more, making my trousers really uncomfortable. Thinking that everyone was looking at me, I straightened my legs out and placed my hands over my dick and squeezed away hoping that no one was watching me. Who was I k**ding? Naive or what? We were all in there to watch porn, get horny and wank and that was what everybody was doing. I continued moving my hand over my trousers and caught out the corner of my eye the guy next to me moving. I turned to see what he was doing and was transfixed as he pulled his dick out ordu escort and started wanking.I didn’t need another invitation – I slowly undid my trousers and pulled out my dick. I felt amazing, as horny as fuck and wanking in public. As the film progressed I took great pleasure from moving my hand up and down very slowly, pulling the foreskin down as far as it would go, and then thrusting my hand up again as hard as possible.On screen the action continued and it wasn’t long before I could feel a familiar rising in my balls, normally I have a bit of self control but on this occasion I would do nothing to stop my cum spurting forth. It went everywhere, mostly over me. I sat there for a few minutes wondering what to do, mopping up the mess is a half lit cinema was not going to be easy, but after a quick wipe down, I slipped my dick back inside my trousers and headed for the exit – but I could not help but notice a couple fucking each other in one of the rows with a couple of guys wanking on the side. Despite have just cum, my balls twitched a little, but it was a way of saying come back tomorrow.