First Time – Maurice

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On our first blind date we hit it off she lived in Exeter and I in Plymouth, I had driven up in Exeter in my three wheel Van (just like del boy). We went for a meal and a drink then as you sat together in the van we had our first kiss it was wonderful as my hand caressed her body she pulled closer my hand slid under her blouse and touched her breasts I slipped it under her bra and found her nipple as I tweaked it she tried to get even closer and I felt her tongue in my mouth with such a passionate kiss it was heaven.

As my hand moved down to her legs I caressed her slowly moving up her lily-white legs her hand grabbed mine and said no what had I done wrong I thought if you go further you will get a bloody hand she explained she was on! My heart sank I though this was going to be the night. Maurice told me that she had never had sex before and was waiting for the right guy and she hoped that was me! wow wow. I drove her home and we agreed to meet kocaeli escort the next Saturday I had a 40-mile journey and didn’t get home until 2.00am but she was worth it.

The following Saturday I picked her up we went for a drive and a walk in the spring sunshine and after a meal in a small county pub we drove to a deserted car park. I held her and kissed her she responded in seconds my she was some hot girl my hands wondered all over her touching feeling I undid her bra for more freedom and took her nipple in my mouth and gently caressed her she responded with her hand feeling my hard prick in my trousers felt so good I wanted her real bad my hand slid up her skirt and touched her panties I caressed her mound she bucked against me. My finger slid under her panty and found her slit it was so wet dripping with her love juices she loved the feel of my finger sliding in and out. She said tomorrow I am moving into my flat can we wait until then I said kocaeli escort bayan of course as in a van it was cramped and we wanted some comfort for our first time I agreed and we then drove home and I said I would collect her the next day at around 12.

I picked Maurice up at her parents house she had a armchair she Wanted and we put this in the back of the van together with some of her things and then we drove to her place on Black Boy Road in Exeter. We unloaded the van and then she stood in front of me the sexy sexy person she was I took her in my arms and kissed her and in seconds we where undressing each other I caressed her breasts so good she moaned as I touched them I hand moved to caress her legs, I picked her up and carried her to the bed and gently laid her down I moved and kissed her breasts slowly moving down her body kissing as caressing as I went, soon I reached her honey pot the juices out of kocaeli escort this world as I kissed and caressed my finger slowly made its way in as I finger fucked her she was moaning and bucking against me then she said please please don’t make me wait any longer.

I slowly moved up the bed taking my effect prick and pointing it at her honey pot I said Maurice are you sure this is what you want, her response was to thrust up towards me. I guided my prick slowly into her until I felt a obstruction, I kissed her deeply and said are you ready o yes she replied I moved back and rammed in hard and fast as I broke thought she screamed and tears came to her eyes I kissed her lips. She said thank you thank you. I moved in and out slowly she said o my god its wonderful I pounded in and out her breathing was getting faster as was mine I said I am going to cum, fill me she said as I felt the juices spurt out her whole body shuddered as she came hard and heavy. We stayed like that for a while holding and caressing each other. Need less to say I stayed the night for round 2 3 and more. Maurice was 22 and worked in a bookshop I wonder what she is doing now?? We saw each other for about 6 months then things sort of fizzled out.