First Time With A Guy

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First Time With A GuyAnd I’m not even that gay. So, I’m 26, I make pretty good money and I live in a town that has very little to do for us single guys other than drinking and d**gging. I got caught up. I made a bit of money and had free time, all proving to be a bad combination for a single guy in a town filled with horses and retired couples. On a very normal day with very normal weather at my very normal job, a sales representative came to my office. She was absolutely smoking hot. Her tits might as well have been in my face from the moment she walked in. They were perfect. She had a slutty smile that screamed, I want your balls slapping my ass right now. I guess I had the same look, because the next night we went to dinner together. By dinner, I mean a couple of jager shots, some margaritas and enough fondling and innuendos to make a cinemax movie.On our cab ride asyabahis yeni giriş home she let me feel all of her, and everything was all I had imagined. She had wonderful tits, her panties were already wet by the time we got back to her place. Although I’m not exactly sure I had any clothes left by the time we got into her house, I know my dick was throbbing. I couldn’t wait to cum on her, in her, whatever. I knew how she was going to taste in my mouth and I knew she was going to be a wonderful fuck. She gave me all the indication that she was going to take care of me and have her way with me. I’m not sure how deep my tongue was inside her or what hole my mouth was working over but I remember the feeling of hands on my hips. Startled isn’t a good word to describe the feeling; it’s more somewhere between “what the fuck” and “I’m about to start asyabahis güvenilirmi swinging”. I was on all fours eating her ass and pussy. I feel warmth between my legs and before I know it I’m invaded and it hurt like…well, fuck it hurt. I pulled away and whip around and she grabs my head, shoves my face back in her crotch and I lick away, working her clit like I do best. Next thing I know I hear a man’s voice and feel what only a cock must feel like and lubricant dripping from my balls and that same cock slide inside my asshole. Pain is gone by now, in fact it feels pretty good. Now there hasn’t ever been anything going in that hole, so I know it must have been tight and it only takes a little work on his part (and maybe a little pulsating on mine) before I feel his balls against my balls. My sexy ass sales representative has worked her ass asya bahis giriş against my dick by this time, and I’m balls deep inside her as well. You’ve got to fucking k**ding me, I’m the cream in a sex sandwich. Apparently my asshole was the tightest because I certainly don’t claim to be the longest lasting man in the world, but my new lover grunts and moans, and it sounds pretty fucking hot as he grabs my hips tight and pulls my ass as close as possible. I can feel a different feeling deep in my ass, a wetness and a warmness, it was great. It lasted for a few minutes at least as he pumped his cum inside my asshole. I kind of lost it for a minute. I’ve never felt that before and I was flying on a new high. I opened my eyes and both my sales representative and her man were sucking my dick, taking turns and fighting over who would take my hot cum. The hotness of it all caused me to shiver and shake and I came harder than I ever had before. She pushed him out of the way and swallowed every bit of it. Fuck. I passed out, they passed out. The next morning I walked away, to a store, called a cab and went back to my life. I never saw her again.