Five-Star Service

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I’m requesting that no e-mail address be posted with this story. Hope you enjoy this one…I sure enjoyed writing it! Thanks!

* * * * *

He walked into one of the newest and best-rated restaurants for his lunch break. The waiter greeted him and led him to a booth, where he sat down and began looking over the menu. I looked up as I chatted with the girl at the pickup window, realizing it was my turn to wait the next table. I told her I’d catch up with her later and proceeded to grab an order pad. As I approached the table, I was surprised to discover how handsome my new customer was. He was a tall, dark-haired piece of eye candy with a nice body (from what I could tell under that business suit) and bedroom eyes. Somehow managing to keep my composure, I gave him a cheerful greeting and began reciting the day’s specials. He finally looked up from the menu and ordered a drink, but he soon found himself studying something that wasn’t on the menu. For the sake of modesty, I guess I am pretty easy on the eyes…I’m tall – about 5’9″, not “supermodel skinny” (which is just fine with me), but voluptuous and curvy, like a 1940’s movie star. I have light golden brown skin – an almost tropical honey-almond complexion – long, dark brown hair, brown eyes, full lips, and a cute smile to top it off. It seemed like he was impressed. I figured that he’d noticed the mischievous twinkle in my eyes as I strolled off to get his drink. I mean, what can I say? I liked what I saw too.

By the time I returned with his drink and some silverware, I’d made up my mind that I would brush up on my flirting skills with my handsome customer. I unrolled the napkin and silverware on the table, and silly me – I “accidentally” dropped his fork. I bent down to pick it up and caught a glimpse of him, and it was clear that he was trying to catch his wandering eyes again. Smiling to myself, I rushed off to get a clean fork and returned almost instantly to take his order. Afterwards, I reached across him to take the menu and to my horror, I knocked his drink over, spilling it all over him. He jumped up, shocked by the cold, and I cringed with total embarrassment. I apologized repeatedly and silently hoped that no one really noticed, but as I scanned the room, I saw about half of the non-smoking section staring at us. I tried to help him clean up and dry off, but it was no use. I commented that I couldn’t dry him off very well this way and suggested that he come with me to the private washroom in the back of the restaurant, still constantly apologizing. He told me it was okay – it was an accident, and it seemed as though he felt sorry for me because of my obvious embarrassment.

When we arrived at the washroom, he thanked me and started to clean up. I stood across the room guarding the door, watching him clean his shirt. Even though I was still reeling a little from my public humiliation, my mind began to wander as I watched him, slowly filling with “impure” thoughts. I had an idea.

He was surprised to hear a distinct ‘click’ from across the room. When he looked up and noticed that I’d locked the door, kadıköy escort he stopped what he was doing and stared at me.

“Don’t worry about that stain…I’ll help you clean up,” I said.

My voice was a little softer. As I came toward him, my walk was a little more sensual. He had a questioning look on his face, wondering what I was going to do. I gently put my hands on him and looked up into his eyes. To him, it seemed like I was reading his thoughts. Then I flashed him a smile and my hands traveled downward to the wet spot on his shirt. I started to soak up the spilled drink with a towel.

“I hope I didn’t embarrass myself too much,” I said with a little laugh.

” No, no – not at all. Don’t even worry about it. Accidents happen,” he said, trying to comfort me a little.

“I know. I just wish there was some way I could make it up to you,” I said, never looking up. I wanted to hear what his response would be.

When I got no answer, I slowly looked up at him, and it seemed like his didn’t know what to say. On one hand, I could’ve just been a very nice and hospitable waitress trying to keep he customer happy…on the other hand, it seemed like I was dishing out the formalities, but really wanted to play. He decided not to risk it.

“Well if it bothers you that much, how about just letting me have a drink on the house?” he said with a laugh.

I looked up at him and gave him a sexy smile. “Well, actually…I had something else in mind,” I replied.

He looked a little surprised at my answer. I pressed my body into his and wrapped my arms around his neck. He looked down at me and noticed that a few more buttons on my blouse had been undone, making the button in the middle strain even more to contain my large breasts. I could feel his “approval” poking the front of my short black skirt.

“This is a five-star restaurant. I refuse to risk its reputation and let my customer leave here unsatisfied.”

I brought my lips closer to his, and his expression slowly changed from surprise to lust as I snaked the tip of my tongue out and ran it across his top lip. He responded with a hot, greedy kiss, and his hands trailed down the sides of my body, stopping mid-thigh to play with the hem of my skirt. I felt his hands slip under my skirt, and he began to run them up the back of my thighs. Slowly, he lifted up my skirt and caressed my round, bare ass, squeezing it lovingly. He traced between my ass cheeks with his finger, discovering a lacy thong, which seemed to turn him on to no end. He started kissing, licking, and sucking on my neck as he gently tugged on the thong, making it press into my pussy lips.

I moaned softly. His warm breath on my skin turned me on even more as he let his tongue trail down my neck and my chest. He stopped and quickly unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and tossed it on the floor. Then, he slid one hand up my back and expertly unhooked my lacy white bra, caressing my breasts as it came off. After tossing that aside, my nipples, üsküdar escort hard from all the teasing, became his target as he lowered his head to taste one. He circled my nipple with his tongue before he eagerly began sucking and nibbling on one breast while massaging the other, gently squeezing the nipple, sending waves of pleasure straight to my pussy. As my soft moans began to excite him, he started sucking harder and tonguing my nipples faster, until I stopped him and guided him up to face me.

I hastily unbuttoned his shirt and flung it aside, revealing his very sexy, defined upper body. I pulled him to me and kissed him again, running my fingernails down his back and then around to his belt, which I quickly unbuckled. With my tongue in his mouth and his hands on my breasts, he hardly noticed what I was doing until he felt my hand squeezing his rock hard cock. I stroked him slowly, rubbing the tip each time my hand slid up, making him groan softly. I pushed him against the wall and pulled his pants down as I kneeled in front of him. All he could do was close his eyes and enjoy what was happening. I gradually began to guide the tip of his cock into my mouth, tickling it with my tongue to tease him. He reached down and ran his fingers through my hair, grasping it gently as I sucked him slowly at first, then faster as he got more into it. The feeling of his cock hitting the back of my throat excited him, but I didn’t want him to come. Not just yet. I sucked hard as I slipped his large cock out of my mouth one last time. He pulled me to my feet and looked at me with lust-filled eyes, both of us enjoying the feeling of his cock rubbing against my bare thighs.

“Now it’s my turn. I wanna see just how sweet that honey is,” he said, teasing my pussy with his finger.

He got down on one knee, reached under my skirt and slowly slid my lace thong off my hips and down my legs. After I stepped out of my panties, he picked me up by my ass and sat me on the nearby countertop next to the sink. He didn’t hesitate to pay me back for all my teasing. He kneeled down between my outstretched thighs and began to suck my pussy lips and lick around my clit for what seemed like an eternity. I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip, trying to stifle my moans, but I was forced to let go when he attacked my swollen clit. He had me right where he wanted me and he knew it. I rubbed the back of his head with one hand and braced myself with the other, my head tossed back, my breasts rising and falling with my heavy breathing, my legs spread wide – it probably would’ve been a voyeur’s dream. I pushed my hips into his face as he continued to tongue fuck me and roll my clit with his tongue, and my deep, throaty moans began to become more high-pitched as I felt myself getting ready to come. He took this as his cue to stop what he was doing, giving my clit one last flick with his tongue, and he stood up and stroked his aching cock. I got down off the countertop and he put a hand on my hip and turned me around to face the washroom’s mirror. He traced a finger tuzla escort down the center of my back…across my ass…and deep into my pussy. I gasped. After finger fucking me for a moment, he slid his wet finger out of my churning pussy. Then he grabbed my hips, pulling me closer to him, spread my legs a little, and began to rub the head of his throbbing cock up and down my hot, slick pussy.

“Now…” he whispered, his warm breath on the back of my neck making my skin tingle, “it’s time for dessert.”

He slowly slid his long, hard cock into my tight pussy. Surprisingly, he felt even bigger that he looked. At first, I didn’t know if I could take all of him, but after a couple of slow strokes, my muscles relaxed a bit and my pussy swallowed him whole. I moaned loudly and saw an expression of pure pleasure on his face in the mirror, as he tried to stifle his own moaning. I got off watching the both of us in the mirror as he fucked me – him grabbing my hips with authority and keeping a slow, steady rhythm as he pulled his cock almost all the way out and thrust it back in, making my ass jiggle. The sight of the whole thing turned me on – the way his muscles tensed as he began to fuck me faster and harder, my breasts bouncing wildly, the slapping sound of skin on skin, our heavy breathing, the sound of our voices moaning in ecstasy…

I felt his hand reach around my hips and he slipped a finger between my pussy lips to play with my clit. The pleasure began to overwhelm me and my moans started getting higher – I was going to come. In the middle of my frantic gasping, I stopped breathing for a second as I felt my body tingle all over and my pussy started to spasm. I clenched my eyes shut and screamed, overcome by the strongest orgasm I’d ever had, squeezing his cock for all it was worth. My orgasm triggered his own and he slammed deep into me one last time, shooting burst after burst of his hot cum into me, flooding my already drenched pussy. He finally collapsed on top of me, and we lay there on the countertop for what seemed like forever, panting, with his now softening cock still buried deep inside me. After a few minutes, he finally gathered up enough energy to slide out of me and stand up. Even though my legs were still shaky from exhaustion, I slowly stood up and turned around to look at him. He had the smile of a satisfied man on his face as he silently watched me get dressed. As I was buttoning my blouse, he put his hand on my waist and pulled me to him and gave me a kiss that could wet any woman’s panties. I smiled at him seductively.

“Now I see why this place is so highly recommended,” he joked. “Are all the waitresses as hospitable as you?”

I laughed. “Well, I believe in going that extra mile to please my customers…well, maybe just one customer in particular,” I replied.

We made sure the coast was clear, and he strolled around to the front of the restaurant and back to his table. I showed up at his table a few minutes later.

“Will that be all, sir?” I asked.

He smiled. “Yes, that’s all for now.”

“All right then. Here is your check, sir. Have a nice day, and please come again.” I winked at him as I strode away.

He found that I’d left him my name and number along with his check, and then realized as he reached into his pocket for his wallet that I’d left him a little present to remember me by – my white lacy thong. He smiled and thought to himself, “I’ll definitely be back.”