Flying the Coop Ch. 01

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Special notes: This is just the beginning of this story and if you like it, I’ll have more installments soon. Please give feedback!

* * * * *

“Harder, Coop, fuck me harder!”

I was so close. His wonderfully thick cock was driving into me and I could hear his heavy breathing. His fingers dug into my hips, just on this side of pain. Even though he was obviously nearing his own breaking point, he picked up the pace and slammed into me. Yes. There.

I rode the wave as it crashed over me, slamming my hips back and my ass into his abs. My inner muscles picked up their own rhythm as they squeezed him to his completion. God, it was good. Good as it always was with Phinneas J. Cooper, former FBI agent and current professor of Criminology at Hurley University. The man knew how to fuck as well as he knew how to use a gun. It definitely paid to be the teacher’s pet.

I collapsed onto my stomach and wriggled when I felt him press hot kisses along my spine. I could feel his wet tongue tracing just above the crease of my ass. He was fascinated with my tattoo, or “tramp stamp” as my best friend Lizzie called it. A vine of golden sunflowers, their leaves a vibrant green, trailed across the small of my back. My mother hated it, but Coop loved it and that was all that mattered to me.

“You’re gonna be the death of me; you know that, don’t you?” He murmured against the sensitive skin.

I rolled over and he continued his ministration on my belly. “It’s not my fault if you can’t keep up, old man.”

Our age difference was a constant source of ribbing between us. At almost 15 years my senior, Coop was technically old enough to be my father. A very, very young father, but it was a significant age difference. It only bothered me when he did try to act like my father, which was luckily very rarely. I think our age difference bothered him more than it did me. Especially since our affair would guarantee he lost his tenure if the administration found out. But that had more to do with my being his student than my izmir escort being only 21 years old.

“I think I kept up just fine, Miss O’Reiley. In fact, I think I’d go so far as to say, I outlasted you.” He climbed up my body to nuzzle behind my ear.

“Ooooooh that you did, Professor.” I stifled a groan as he caught a nipple between his fingers and pulled.

Just as I was getting geared up for round two, his cell phone rang. Fuck. The only people who could be calling him this late at night were his ex-girlfriend or his mother and if they were calling, he was leaving.

“Cooper here…. What do you need, Sharon?” He gave me a pointed look as he spoke his ex-girlfriend’s name. I rolled my eyes and started gathering my clothes. Coop stopped me with a hand on my arm and tugged me over to stand in front of me. While Sharon rambled on in the background about her plumbing problem or some other inane bullshit, Coop sucked my nipple into his mouth.

“Mmmm Hmmm.” He responded around a mouthful of flesh. I bit my lip to keep a moan from escaping. His tongue flicked delightfully against the tip of my breast. My knees went weak and he pulled me up into his lap.

He tucked the phone into his shoulder and reached between us to position his cock against my opening. He was so deliciously hard. I relaxed my legs to let gravity pull me down and he slid in effortlessly. I tucked my head into his opposite shoulder to try to keep any sound I might make away from the phone. I stayed still for a moment, trying to decide what he wanted me to do, when he slid his hands under my backside. He pulled me up and forward in a rocking motion. It didn’t take any more than that for me to catch on.

I have no idea how Clueless Sharon failed to catch on, what with the heavy breathing, moaning and slapping skin, but somehow Coop managed to get her off the phone with her none the wiser. As soon as she hung up, he dropped phone and flipped us over. My feet were pulled up onto his shoulders as he pounded into me. alsancak escort He knew I loved it like this. He was so deep, rubbing so sweetly against my G spot, I knew it wouldn’t take me long.

Apparently, not long was too long for Coop. He reached between us and gently stroked my clit with his thumb. My hips jumped off the bed as the orgasm burned through me. I called his name. Hearing it was usually his trigger, but he held back and continued to stroke me. Oh god, he wanted to make me come again. If anybody could make me come three times in less than 2 hours, Cooper could.

Sure enough, just as I felt him spill inside me, I came again, this one as strong as the last. Damn, maybe he was going to be the one to be the death of me. I could see the headline now “FBI agent kills with more than just his gun”. I was a lucky girl. I stretched as Coop pulled away, feeling more relaxed than I had in months.

He began to dress. I was so sad to see him pull a shirt over those tight pecs and abs. It was a shame, really. The man should do the women of Hurley University a favor and never wear a shirt. Or pants for that matter, because he had an incredible ass, too. Although it would make concentrating in class even harder than it was already.

“Sharon needs me to take care of Graylen. Her babysitter canceled and she has a business dinner. Which is probably code for a date, but I figure if she gets a new man maybe she’ll quit bugging me. Plus, I haven’t seen Graylen in a few days so it’s really a win-win situation,” Coop said as he pulled on his black slacks.

Graylen was Cooper and Sharon’s 4-year-old son. He was an adorable miniature of his Daddy with his sable hair and blue eyes. Coop and Sharon had broken up shortly before Sharon found out she was pregnant and Coop had tried to do the “honorable” thing and marry her, but Sharon had refused. That was the one smart thing I’d ever heard her do. From the little I knew about their relationship, any marriage between them would not have lasted buca escort longer than a year. They rarely got along.

However, Sharon had not completely let go of Coop even after they parted ways and was fond of calling him whenever she needed a handyman, mechanic or babysitter. The last role was the only one he was happy about. The man would do whatever it took to see his son. Sharon had used that knowledge to her advantage on more than one occasion. She wasn’t a bad person, but she did tend to use people to suit her purposes.

I sighed and started getting dressed. I couldn’t argue with his desire to see his son even if it meant one more victory for Sharon. I pushed my auburn curls out of my face as I searched for my shoes. I loved my time with Cooper and I was really starting to want more. But more time meant making our relationship “real” and I knew he would never do that. Not only would he likely lose his job, but his reputation and the opinions of his friends and family could be in jeopardy. He saw our affair as just that and nothing more. He’d made that clear from the beginning.

“OK, I guess I’ll see you in class on Tuesday,” I replied as I dug through my purse for a hair tie and then pulled the corkscrew curls back into a ponytail.

“You’re pissed.”

“I’m not pissed, Coop. How can I be pissed that you want to see your kid when that bitch hardly lets you most of the time? Go. See your son.”

“You’re still pissed.”

I threw my hands up and walked towards his front door. “You’re right, but I’m not pissed about what you think I am and I’m not going to argue about it right now anyway.”

He pulled me back just as I reached the door. He was much bigger and stronger than I was and, while that normally turned me on to no end, I was not happy when he tugged me into a bear hug. His hands rubbed my back and slid down, across my denim covered backside. I buried my face in his neck, breathing him in and holding his scent inside me. He smelled like sex and sweat and just a hint of citrusy cologne.

“Don’t be pissed. I’ll make it up to you, you know I will.” His voice rumbled against my cheek.

I kissed him softly and pulled away from his embrace, “I know.” I also knew that I was going to have to get out of this soon, while I was still whole enough to walk away.