For Starters (3)

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For Starters (3)During the week since I was with George I really didn’t know what to think. During the day a felt a little ashamed, but at night, alone in my room I remembered every thing and started wanking.Finally it was Saturday and I was eager to meet my lover again. After lunch I stand in front of his office waiting. When he finally arrived, for my big disappointment, he told me that there were other people working in the office. Seeing my deception, George told me that anyway he had to go to inspect a building that they were to refurbish and modernize, and that we would also be alone.He drove a few blocks and entered into the parking lot of an old but beautiful building. He had the keys with him and we entered. It was the basement of the building, formerly offices, and with a lot of desks that brought me kind memories from our last encounter.He took me over to the nearest desk, undressed me and told me to sit on the desk. I was a little disappointed, I expected that at least he would let me have his powerful erection in my mouth and swallow his cum. Obviously he was a little bit nervous and kept looking to the door and stopping at every noise that he heard. After Ankara travesti lubricating my anus he started fucking me without the consideration he had shown the week before. I wasn’t even ready with my wanking when I felt him discharge his entire load in my ass. Then he told me that he didn’t feel comfortable here, as some of his co-workers also had the keys to the building, that he only took me there because he liked my ass so much. sensing my foul mood, he gave me 100 bucks to buy me something nice and asked if I would be able to see hem the next day.He gave me a lot of papers and drawings and told me that he would take a room in a small hotel, supposedly to work, and would inform the concierge that his assistant (me) would come by bringing him documentation and we would work great part of the Sunday.We left, me very disappointed but hopeful to be compensated the next day.Sunday, early in the morning I called the hotel asking for my friend and he gave me his room number and asked me to hurry up.I entered the lobby carrying the documents, and went up to his room. As soon as I knocked, George opened the door with only a towel around his waist. I put the No Bahçelievler travesti Disturb sign and secured the door.When I turned around, Georg was already on the bed, the towel on the floor, and all his 7 inch standing there for me. My clothes were distributed from the door to the bed and when I arrived there I was as naked as he was and my boner was already matching his.Eagerly I went for his penis with my mouth, offering him my own for a proper treatment, It seemed that every time I was allowed to have a cock in my mouth, I liked it better, Was not long before I came in his mouth, without interrupting my sucking. Finally I was rewarded with a full load of cum, that I swallowed completely. George went over and gave me a deep kiss, I could feel the taste of my own cum in his mouth as our tongues were interacting madly.We went together to the shower and started playing with the soap on our bodies. George took me in his arms and started turning me around, fondling my nipples with one hand and handling mi cock wit the other. Of course, his cock was being rubbed up and down of my crack. We dried us up and went back to the bed. George told me to go on my knees Balgat travesti and elbows, exposing my ass for his delight. He started rimming my ass, it was so lubricated that he told me no finger was necessary (even if I liked the fingering so much) and started fucking me carefully and slowly. (If somebody is asking why I never speak of condoms, AIDS wasn’t known at that time. Either it didn’t exist or we were immune.) I can’t remember how long he was riding me, but I didn’t want that it finished. Finally I sensed the big swelling and the increase in the power and speed of his strokes. As he exploded, I thought he would never recover….he couldn’t speak or breath. I hadn’t wanked, I was sparing my load to finally give him the ultimate pleasure.After a slow recovery period, I started again. This time I took his cock completely in my mouth and throat at the same time massaging my own cock to keep the hard on. When I noticed that George was ready for me, I put him on his back, and without hesitation started rimming him first with my tongue then with my fingers. Finally I entered his ass, completely and with strong strokes, and he for sure did like it, because he was pushing as mad against my cock. Finally I unloaded in his ass, he was wanking as crazy, but gave me enough time to collect mi prize, a thick load of cum.I was glad to see his satisfied smile and knowing that I was over my concerns fucking another man.