Forbidden fruit pt 2 her mother’s daughter

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Forbidden fruit pt 2 her mother’s daughterVeronica and Chris had been having sex more and more regular, the risk of getting caught was exciting, Chris had popped around to see Veronica’s husband one evening and he had invited him to stay for tea, Chris duly accepted. As they sat in the living room Veronica said she was going to do the washing up and leave us 2 men to chat, I did offer to help but she said it would be ok, after a few moments I decided to go and offer again and walked into the kitchen “mmmmm nothing like seeing a woman in water” and laughed “will you behave, it’s not possible” as I laughed and got behind her and held her hips, softly kissing her neck Veronica groaned softly “stop it you know what that does to me” as I carried on “and is it”? I asked her “yes and you know what it will do to me as well” cupping her tits her nipples now rock solid her breathing became more rapid. Putting my hands up her blouse I could feel her warm breasts, she said her pussy was dripping and desperately wanted cock in her, pulling her skirt up I slipped my hand into her panties and rubbed her pussy, making her moan softly “oh god fuck me now” Veronica whispered and pushed her slightly forward getting my cock out I slipped in slowly pushing her lips wide, gripping her hips I started to fuck her hard and fast, Veronica cum and said she wanted to feel my cum in her again, with a soft groan I exploded deep in her, my cock went soft and slipped out as we got sorted seconds later Debbie appeared (Veronica’s daughter) asking if all was ok, as her mum looked flush, she said it was but Debbie had a fair idea what had been going on. The following day I got a call from Debbie asking if her mum had told him why she had looked so flush, I said I didn’t have a clue but would keep a eye on her, she thanked me and hung up, I called Veronica and told her what Debbie had said, she admitted it had excited her at the thought of being caught, and would do it again given the chance, I said I would pop around, Veronica said she had felt horny all morning and had fingered her pussy twice already, getting my coat I arrived at her house 10 minutes later, being greeted at the door, it wasn’t long before she had my cock in her hand rubbing it as we kissed, and I was taking her top off. Bending her over the table I ripped her panties off and slammed my cock into her soaking wet pussy, Veronica moaned loudly as I grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as possible, we had not realised the front door had not been locked but just closed up, as I now had her totally naked I lifted her onto the table and laid her on her back, my cock deep rooted in her still.As I slammed my cock in and out her tits bounced about like jelly, her orgasms had built stronger as I started to talk dirty to her, all of a sudden our concentration was broken “I knew you 2 was fucking” looking to the side it was Debbie watching, I pulled out and tried to cover up as Veronica got off the table and tried putting her dress on. As Debbie screamed at her mum and then me I was getting turned on by the second, a angry woman was amazing, the struggle I would have would be unbelievable, she turned and said I was nothing but a bastered and would be telling her dad what she had seen, veronica begged and said it had been exciting but would stop if she promised not to tell, Debbie said it was too late and turned to leave, at this stage my cock was so hard it ached and needed a good pressure release, grabbing Debbie I pushed her against the table and forced her hand onto my cock, “now rub it bitch” I barked as she told me to fuck off, forcing her to hold it was a struggle but in the end she wrapped her fingers tightly around the thick shaft. I could bursa escort see how Debbie’s nipples had gone rock solid, her tits not as big as her mums but looked just as nice, I ripped her blouse open and unclipped her bra, 2 perfect round tits topped with huge pink nipples, now stared me in the face, leaning forward I sucked hard making her moan, as she struggled but not as much “get off you fucker I don’t want this” she blurted out as I slipped my hand down her trousers and onto her dripping wet pussy, making her moan loudly. Pulling her trousers down and her panties I pushed her over the table, and forced my cock in her cunt, Debbie was tight like a vice but she had stopped struggling and had started to want it hard and fast, her pussy so dripping wet it felt so good on my cock.Debbie now started to push back making sure my cock was as deep as possible, she pushed up as I cupped her tits fucking her as hard as possible, her moaning became louder and louder, as she begged me to make her cum like no man has ever done, Debbie started to shake as I blew my huge load, making her scream, squirt and shake before she collapsed face first onto the table. As I pulled out my cock still rock solid I could see all her pussy juices dripping down her inside leg, her pussy gaped open, full of my cum as Veronica just looked in amazement at what had just happened in her kitchen. As Chris got dressed Debbie struggled to her feet, still in silence and the shock of how she had just been taken, sitting down softly she admitted she had become very excited and even hornier than she had ever got when she felt his cock push her pussy lips open, and then having the most intense orgasm she had ever had, even her husband had never made her cum like that, but then his cock was much smaller, after Debbie left and said she wouldn’t say anything as it was so much fun the struggling had made it so exciting she admitted in Cumming before Chris had touched her pussy, or even sucked her nipples. When she had left Veronica said that watching her daughter being fucked had made her jealous and extremely horny, the struggling had made her want to watch even more, I walked up to Veronica and felt her pussy, making her gasp, “I bet your dripping wet you dirty little slut”, Veronica nodded her head.“You are one filthy bitch aint ya?” “Oh god yes you know I am” Veronica replied, as I lifted her dress and felt her pussy, Veronica groaned “as I thought you cock hungry slut, dripping wet” as my fingers slipped into her pussy and slowly rubbed her clit, Veronica started to rub my trouser front and begged to be fucked hard, pushing her onto the table, I spread her legs and dropped to my knees burying my head into her cunt, I lapped at her sweet dripping juices, and made her cum, I reached up with my head still buried and ripped her dress open and grabbed her tits, pulling her nipples hard, Veronica moaned loudly as again she begged for cock, I lifted up and told her I would fuck her when I was ready “oh yes daddy fuck me when you want” was her reply.I stood up and pulled her to her feet telling her to go get on the bed and spread her legs, she did as she was told as I walked up after her, going into her room there she was laying naked and legs open waiting for me to fuck her brains out, telling her to get on her knees I knelt behind her and pushed my cock deep in her, grabbing her hips I started to fuck her hard and fast, Veronica moaned and groaned loudly, as i told her to cum over my cock, as she screamed I could see her cum cream on the shaft of my cock as it slipped in and out, I could feel my cock start to throb as I slowed down, gripping her hips I locked tight and groaned, pumping my load into her bursa escort bayan pot, triggering her into another extremely strong orgasm, after a few moments my cock went soft and slipped out, getting off the bed Veronica still kneeling was breathing heavily her pussy dripping cum cream onto her leg. Leaving not long after I got a phone call from Debbie asking if I had fucked her mum again, I said I had as it had been a turn on me fucking her in front of her mum, Debbie said it would be impossible to do it again, but it had been exciting, I asked if Debbie could come down for a chat the following day, as to make sure she was ok with what her mum and was ok in her mind, Debbie said she would get hubby to look after the k**s and would be down the following evening. As Debbie turned up I sat opposite her, we chatted about how it all came about and Debbie said she was ok with it, as Debbie went to leave I confessed I had been worried about her telling her dad, and forcing her into sex was really the only option. Debbie said that she had felt jealous seeing her mum get a huge cock as hubby was small and no were satisfying and that is why she had said she was telling her dad, Chris smiled and looked at Debbie as though she was prey, Debbie shook her head saying it could not happen as Chris took her arm and forced her hand onto his trouser front telling her to feel her pleasure, Debbie didn’t resist and was now feeling how big Chris was getting, Debbie kissed Chris with passion as he started to strip her, powerless Debbie let him do whatever he wanted.Debbie now stood totally naked as Chris kissed her body, telling him this was wrong he asked if she wanted him to stop, “I can’t let you stop Chris you are doing stuff to me I never get” as Chris dropped to his knees he placed his mouth on her pussy and licked her like mad, Debbie gasped and tried to force him to stop but she couldn’t and cum. Chris stood up and picked her up in his arms kissing her Debbie could taste her pussy juices on his mouth, he carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. Debbie said she had to phone hubby and say she would be later than expected, picking her mobile up she slowly dialled the number and watched Chris strip, as she spoke she gasped at the sight of his huge cock, Chris walked up to her and Debbie started to rub it as she chatted on the phone, her naughty grin made Chris smile as she said goodbye and hung up.Opening her mouth she started to suck his cock making Chris groan, as he watched her head move back and forth he played with her tits making Debbie moan as well “I haven’t got much time and if you’re going to fuck me it better be soon before I sort myself” as she laughed Chris got in between her legs and pulled them apart before guiding his cock into her wet hole, making her moan loudly. Debbie wrapped her legs around his waist as he started to thrust in and out, sucking her nipples and making her beg for more, Debbie was now unable to stop him his thick cock stretching her pussy, and making her so wet she could feel her juices dribble down the crack of her ass, Debbie said she was Cumming and couldn’t hold on much longer, her body started to twitch and then she shook as she felt Chris blow his huge cum cream deep in her pussy. As Chris pulled out and laid to her side Chris said her pussy felt good but he had to go and made her leave, it made Debbie feel like a slut but she so wanted it more than ever. The following day Chris turned up at Debbie’s seeing Veronica there as well, going in he didn’t say a word going up to Veronica and kissing her passionately undoing her top and fondling her breasts, making her gasp as he stood up she was left all flustered turning to Debbie escort bursa he walked up to her and slipped his hand up her skirt her pussy so sensitive from yesterday, he slipped his fingers into her wet gash and finger fucked her until she cum, his cock now rock solid he un zipped his trousers and sat on the sofa, “so who wants it first”? He asked as Debbie straddled his cock and slipped it into her pussy, she moaned as Veronica watched.Debbie was stripped in seconds and her clothes thrown on the floor, Debbie know moved up and down slowly on his cock her pussy lips stretched, Veronica could see how her daughters juices covered his cock, and seemed jealous of her pleasure Chris could see how Veronica had her hand down her panties rubbing her pussy furiously as she arched her back and orgasmed, Debbie wasn’t far behind and cum as well. Chris was still rock solid as Veronica stripped and dropped to her knees, sucking Chris’s cock she tasted her daughters cum juices as his cock slipped down her throat.Veronica sat up and smiled “you going to let me play with those tits”? Chris said as she smiled “you know it drives me crazy” was her reply Chris gently sucked her hard dark nipples and massaged her pussy with 2 of his fingers Veronica moaned and looked at Debbie who was finger fucking herself like mad, her fingers deep in her cunt, making Veronica even hornier, her juices coating Chris’s fingers was amazing and wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft. Veronica commented Chris’s cock was so much bigger than her husband’s and not a false starter either. Straddling him she guided his cock into her and started to grind her hips, she pulled her nipples as Chris spanked her ass, he looked at Debbie as she was about to cum again, she pulled her fingers clear of her pussy and held her lips she shook and orgasmed spraying like mad, as I felt my cock twitch and cum deep in Veronica’s pussy given her a intense orgasm. After a short rest Veronica sat next to me and gently stroked my cock, Debbie stood up and knelt in between her mums legs and pulled them apart, looking at my spent load Debbie dragged her finger across Veronicas lips and then sucked them “mmmmm tasty” she giggled as I stood up and knelt besides Debbie, slipping a finger into her pussy I eased another into her ass making her gasp, “a bit of DP I think” Debbie shook her head as I forced her face into her mums cunt “eat it now slut” as I slipped both fingers in and out of her ass and pussy at the same time, my other hand pushing her head into her mums pussy making her eat her cunt.Veronica moaned and gasped as Debbie licked away, a muffled moan from Debbie as my finger gave her another orgasm, Veronica orgasmed as Debbie finished eating, letting her face up she gasped for air “you fucking bastered making me eat her pussy” Debbie barked I laughed “your both nothing but sluts and love my cock”, I stood up and looked as both lay naked on the floor, Veronica asked where I was going and said I had satisfied my need and leaving, Debbie begged me to stay as she said she needed my cock, telling her to be at mine later she said it would be impossible, “well you will want me to fuck you and tonight I will now open your legs and finger yourself until I say stop, sheepishly Debbie nodded her head and did as she was told too, Veronica was told to come and kiss Chris so Debbie could watch.Debbie fingered herself until she couldn’t hold back begging for permission to cum Chris nodded as Debbie shook and orgasmed, Chris demanded Debbie turn up for sex as she protested she was told to get up and bend over, she did as she was told getting a good spanking for being disobedient and told it would be worse if she didn’t, she agreed and got dressed, Veronica was told to be there the following day as he wanted her for other duties, Veronica looked at how Debbie’s ass glowed and agreed she would be there…………………………….Final part of forbidden fruit soon