Friday Night Is For Role Playing

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My wife and I both teach physical education at the high school in our community. It was Friday. At eleven-thirty, the dismissal bell rang. Memorial Day weekend had officially started. Students were dismissed, but teachers were required to stay until noon. Erika and I left when the clock struck twelve. She reminded me on the way home that it was her turn to choose the role-playing scenario for today. She smiled provocatively when she chose mistress/slave.As we drove home, she stated that we would start as soon as we entered the house. There was no reason to wait till tonight. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, which made me nervous. We walked straight to the living room after pulling into the garage, and immediately got into character     “To begin, go to the cellar and select a bottle of wine. Then take the bottle and two glasses, walk upstairs, and prepare a warm bubble bath for me. I’ll be up in five minutes, slave.”“Yes, mistress.”When I arrived at the cellar, I chose her favorite wine right away. A bottle of Gewürztraminer and two glasses. I made my way upstairs to our master bedroom and set the items on the end table. The dark oak cabinets were enhanced by the cream-colored tile floor in the master bathroom. I turned on the faucets to the whirlpool tub. Five minutes later, the definite sound of rummaging could be heard coming from the bedroom just as I switched off the faucets. “I hope my mistress approves,” I said as she walked in.Her breasts’ distinct outline was clearly visible. Her hard nipples pressed against the white polo shirt material revealed that the bra had been removed. The blue athletic shorts were snug bahis siteleri and flaunted her camel toe. The outfit was completed by white sneakers and matching ankle socks.“Slave, I approve. Now come here,” she said, standing in front of the full-length wide mirror.My gaze was drawn to her beauty as I approached her. She reached out and grabbed my red polo shirt when I was only an arm’s length away. I was pressed up against her in a lust-filled kiss before I had a chance to react. Our tongues delved into the deepest recesses of our mouths until we were compelled to raise our heads for air.She turned to face the mirror. “Undress me, slave,” she said as she pushed me back at arm’s length.Her firm nipples sprang into view as I pushed up the shirt. I couldn’t help myself and swiftly laid a kiss on each exquisite nipple. I felt a searing pain on my left cheek as I raised my head to remove her shirt.Mistress had a severe, disapproving expression on her face. “Slave, did you have permission to kiss my nipples?”“No, mistress,” I replied.“If you make one more digression, I’ll have to discipline you. Finish undressing me now.”“Certainly, mistress.”After taking off the shirt, I knelt in front of her and removed the sneakers. The ankle socks were then removed. I rose on my knees and snagged her shorts’ waistband with my fingertips. She had gone commando, as shown by the clean-shaven mound. Her feminine aroma filled the room, and I couldn’t help but taste the already moist slit in front of me. I felt a burning ache on my right cheek just as I was going to suck on her love button.As the shorts pooled around her feet, she grabbed canlı bahis siteleri a fistful of my hair. As she drew me up, she said, “Slave, you’ve let me down. Where did you get the go-ahead to run your tongue through my slit?” “Please accept my apologies, mistress,” I said while being hauled up and cringing at the pain. “You know I can’t help myself from tasting your lovely flower.” “Your punishment is forthcoming, slave. Now, take off your clothing and come with me,” she murmured as she let go of her grip and proceeded toward the tub.I swiftly stripped naked and joined Mistress at the whirlpool tub. She took my hand and stepped into the tub. A soft murmur of approval could be heard as she lowered herself into the warm water. I moved behind her (not in the tub) and wetted her shoulders and breasts with the loofa sponge. I next applied her favorite shower gel, Japanese Cherry Blossom, to the sponge.     With the sponge, I massaged her neck and shoulders. I whispered, “Mistress, may I lavish you with kisses?”“You are free to do as you choose, slave. The punishment, however, remains.”I set the sponge down for a moment and used the hand-held shower head to rinse away the soap. My free hand grabbed the shower gel and squirted some on the sponge. I lightly kissed her neck while stroking her magnificent breasts with the sponge. “Mmm, please don’t stop,” Mistress said as she sighed softly.As the sponge glided over her toned tummy, I kissed her ear and ran my tongue over the lobe before putting it between my lips. I pinched and pulled at her hard nipples after letting go of the sponge. She tilted her slightly to the left, canlı bahis and our lips touched, resulting in an extremely sensual kiss. All too soon, we were compelled to raise our heads for air.“Time to finish washing me, slave,” Mistress remarked, looking at me. Rivulets of water flowed down her luscious curves as she rose to her feet.Taking up the sponge, I applied more shower gel and began washing her toned legs, which seemed to go on forever. I heard moaning as the sponge slid along the length of her pussy numerous times.“Mistress, please turn around so I can wash your backside,” I said, knowing she needed to finish her bath.I began by sliding the sponge downward in a circular manner just below her thin shoulders. I squeezed the sponge over the valley between her firm butt cheeks after washing her firm butt cheeks. I saw the froth stream down between her cheeks and pushed my fingers toward her backdoor with my free hand. I repeated this process several times before turning on the shower head and thoroughly washing the soap suds away.“That felt really amazing,” Mistress murmured as she stared at me. As she emerged from the tub, she took my hand in hers.I got the Turkish bath towel off the rack and dried her off. As we approached the bed, she informed me that my punishment would begin immediately. Her tone changed to one of sternness. I was told to place my hands on the bed and spread my legs.“Your punishment for taking liberties without being instructed will be a spanking, slave. Ten strikes on each butt cheek, commencing now,” she added.As blow after blow fell on my firm butt cheeks, my mistress made me count. She tenderly stroked the afflicted cheek between blows. After the punishment was through, I was directed to take her white crop top from her dresser and put it on her. I was then instructed to retrieve the item from the end table’s drawer.