Friends from College Pt. 02

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Friends from College pt. 2

I had thought about that night and Paul all during the day, and after the evening’s conference session we went to his room. I kissed him and held him tight as I really wanted to years ago. He then suggested that we take a shower together, as he wanted to clean up; I thought it was a fine idea.

Paul removed all his clothes and he watched me do the same. I just enjoyed looking at his chest and following his ass and cock. They were all really stimulating now and I told him I just enjoyed looking. He said “And I enjoy watching you.”

As we both got in the shower, he kissed me hard and I responded. He then asked, “Could I soap you?” “Sure.”

He first soaped my back. I could feel his cock against my ass cheeks and it really felt hot. He turned to face me, and we soaped our chests and our cocks, which were both hard now. It felt great to hold both cocks together and stroke. I knew that being with a guy was an ok step for me.

We dried off and headed for the bed, at least so I thought. Paul asked me to sit on the edge of the desk and he began to suck me and licked my balls. Soon he started licking further down until his tongue went around and into canlı bahis my hole. This was entirely new to me and it felt amazing. Then he reached up for my nipples and massaged them and licked them. It felt new and great. He kept it up until I shot all over my stomach and chest.

I reached for his cock and we moved to the bed. He knelt on the bed; I was on my stomach and reached up and gave him oral pleasure as he watched my ass. And then he started thrusting my mouth, breathing deeply. That felt great. We were in several positions, and ended up on our backs when he finally came in spasms and streams on his chest, shooting as high as his shoulders. It also seemed that he came for a long time and with noticeable intensity (he grabbed me strongly). It was good to give him pleasure like this.

After a long while, he whispered, “I want you to fuck me. I’ll help.” As we talked I got hard again.

He jumped up and retrieved a really large dildo from his suitcase. “First I have to open up,” and he secured the dildo to the floor and slowly sat on it. He needed lube and applied some to the dildo and his ass, then he resumed sitting on it. As it entered, his look of ecstasy all encompassing, and was bahis siteleri something I wanted to offer him again.

“Here, put this on.” He handed me a condom, and I unrolled it on my hard cock. He moved to the edge of the bed, facedown. “Fuck me now. Put it in.”

His ass had some hair and was muscular and really rounded. It was very appealing to me, which was confusing. I knew I wanted it.

I moved against him and pushed. At first there was considerable resistance, but soon I felt in and we both moaned. It felt fantastic; not just the pleasure but the knowledge that I was actually inside him. Each stroke took me deeper and felt more amazing. Then, as we rolled over, he sat on my cock, moving up and down, which also felt incredible.

And then he moved on his back and raised both legs. Later, he would place his feet on my back as I continued to thrust. He then massaged his cock and finally shot all over his chest. When he felt I was getting close, between breaths, he said, “Shoot all on me.” I removed the condom and came all over his chest, shooting again and again. I felt harder and larger than ever, and it felt totally encompassing to come on him.

After some time, he bahis şirketleri whispered, “Now, can I do the same for you?” I was excited, stimulated as well as nervous about his size and possible pain, but finally agreed,.

I said “I do want you to put it in if you’re really gentle.” We got another condom and I helped unroll it on his big cock. He told me to apply some lube to both him and me, and lay on the bed face down. I raised my ass to receive him.

I felt his cock press against my hole, and on the second push, it broke in. It felt huge and at first really hurt. He said “relax your muscles,” and then the pain subsided and each thrust became pleasure.

He was now inside me, and the sensation was all encompassing. As he went deeper, our sighs increased and I wanted it even more. Why did I wait so long?

He said “Turn over,” and I got on my back and raised both legs as he had. He entered, and it was easier this time and more pleasurable. He also seemed to like this position better, and he thrust with increased abandon. It felt incredible.

He reached over to stroke my cock and I finally shot again over my chest in long spasms. Paul knew he was about to come, and he withdrew, quickly pulled the condom off and shot also on my chest in what seemed to go on and on. As he kissed me, we laughed and played with the mixed cum. We remained this way a while before we finally cleaned up.

End of pt. 2