Friends with Benefits – Part 5

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Roma was riding home on a train from Edinburgh at 4.30pm, after a wonderful weekend fucking her new lover Peter. She was now emotionally free of her boring husband, but still needed to maintain formalities. She had not thought of moving out, splitting, or any of that. She had just had two affairs which had made her demanding, fulfilled and multiorgasmic. She knew her life needed subterfuge from now on.After her humiliation with the school Head, being caught blowing him in the woods by a pervy sixth former, Roma knew she needed a new job. Forget the teenager, she could not go to that school and relive fucking the headmaster in her mind day after day. Peter was now her lover, but what could she do? She was sure the Head would find a way to stop her from working in other schools nearby.She decided to talk with Peter about it, next time they met.Meeting Peter again was hard, he worked in Edinburgh which made midweek trysts impossible. She needed a shopping trip or a Friday night show as an excuse to stay over in the capital. Once a fortnight if she was lucky, more likely once a month.When they finally arranged it, she was to meet him at the station at 6pm on a Friday and return home 4pm Saturday.After taking overnight bags to the hotel, they were eating out, just to be sure the chemistry was still there. Very quickly, it became apparent that it was. Roma had wet panties before they finished starters and Peter took her hand and placed it on his rock hard cock before the dessert. She knew her pent-up passion needed complete satisfaction: she wanted a long night of hot sex, and she wanted it to start soon.After paying, Roma shocked herself by taking Peter by the hand, leading him to a dark alley, pulling him to her before saying fiercely: ‘Finger me right here Peter!’ She could not believe how horny she was, how shameless she was, how public her need for climax was. In four weeks she had changed from a demure little sub into a demanding horny slut. And four weeks without a cock inside her meant the volcano was ready to explode.Peter, shocked by his lover’s demands, took her hair in one hand, his other fingers filled her pussy, and as his fingers worked her, he pulled her hair and whispered in her ear: ‘Well when did my naughty little cheating wife become a dirty slutty cunt then?’ The words made Roma moan ‘Oh god, Peter, I kaçak iddaa need you so bad, make me cum right here!’The fingers inside her soon found themselves gripped by a wild, demanding pussy and when Roma felt her g-spot being pressed, all semblance of control was gone. She moaned, she shook, she squirted, she wailed. Luckily no-one else was nearby as she had just had about as public an orgasm as you could have without being arrested.Peter realised his lover of four weeks ago was no more, she was now a demanding, horny nymphomaniac who might want more sex than he could give her. Be that as it may, this evening she was his and his cock was going to take full advantage. As she had cum while being a brazen slut in a back street, he was going to find some bushes where she was going to satisfy him.Roma loved the determined way Peter took her by the hand and led her on. She felt sure he was going to demand satisfaction somewhere public, challenging her to be a brazen whore by satisfying him. Her pussy became wet again, she teased him by pinching his arse and got a well deserved playful spank in return.Soon she was leaning against a tree protected from view by sprawling bushes. Her panties were pulled down, her breasts were revealed, and a demanding cock was pressing against her pussy lips. ‘You better let me fuck you hard, you dirty little cunt…’ was Peter’s riposte to her earlier slutty display as his cock pressed straight inside her.’Fill my dirty cunt with cum, big man!’ was Roma’s joyful but delirious response. As Peter pinched her nipples, Roma starting moaning again. Peter had a knack for just knowing when to press which buttons. Roma knew she was going to cum again soon and she wanted Peter to fill her with cum when she did.The disgusting thought of walking to the hotel with cum dripping into her panties, maybe running down her leg, along with Peter saying ‘Take this load up your slutty cum-dump, whore!’ drove Roma into a deep convulsion, shaking and gripping Peter’s cock as it emptied an enormous load inside her.When Peter said demandingly ‘Suck it clean, whore!’ and she did, she felt a wave of exhilaration roar through her being. She felt truly sexually adult, emancipated and content. When she pulled her panties up, feeling cum dribble out of her slutty cunt, she told Peter to take her to the hotel and finish kaçak bahis what he had started.Peter felt it had been the most fierce, animalistic fuck of his life. Gone was gentle romance, gone was thoughtful, extended foreplay. Roma had needed immediate sex, immediate satisfaction and was game enough to give the same in return. Peter knew that fuck in the bushes would be the most sexually pure experience of his life. Now it was time for some games, some role play. He still had a big hard-on for Roma.In the hotel lift, Roma took Peter’s hand, placed it on her thigh and said ‘Your cum’s dribbling down my leg!’ Peter fingered her mouth, and her desire to suck was frightening. Roma could not believe how oral she suddenly was. When the lift bell rang, Peter squeezed both her breasts, led her firmly by the hand and fondled her again outside the room door.Roma felt wild, unbelievably slutty, and absolutely ready for sex in the shower. ‘Fuck me in the shower, babe!’ she whispered as she squeezed his balls, to teach Peter that two could play at corridor hijinx.Peter pushed her into the room, immediately spanked her twice and then said ‘Strip, whore, before I rip your clothes off!’Roma loved the orders, then pressed her soiled panties against Peter’s nose, saying ‘Your cum from my pussy, hunter!’Peter spanked her bare arse, ordered her to switch the shower on and waited while she washed her cunt clean before walking into the wet room. ‘Kneel whore!’ he growled, before taking Roma by the hair, rocking her head over his cock, holding her hair in a bunch, using her like a whore. Roma was where she wanted to be, a cock finally growing in her mouth, kneeling before a man treating her like a whore.When Peter was rock hard, she stood up, kept rubbing his cock with a confident hand, then whispered ‘Fuck this whore’s ass, Peter!’ When she leaned over against the wall, legs spread wide, her ass was spanked, then a demanding, bulging penis head forced its way about half an inch in, and no further, taunting Roma by making her wait.As she moaned ‘fuck me, Peter, be a man!’ Peter rammed his cock inside her, and even Roma had to admit she felt bloated. Her asshole was tight, Peter’s cock was thick, and she needed time to adjust. But such was her desire and lust, that her asshole muscles relaxed, and she was brazenly fucked by a man given illegal bahis freedom to be a man.When he started pinching her nipples really tight, Roma began to rub her clit desperately. She was ready to cum again, desperate for an asshole full of cum, wanting to scream ‘I am a whore!’ at the top of her voice.When Peter growled ‘What are you Roma?’ she could not help herself. Her scream was heartfelt, sincere and utterly arousing.When she screamed ‘fill this whore’s ass with cum, hun!’, Peter realised that he was now a fantasy client of a fantasy hooker. It made him angry, so he did fill her up, spanking her ass as he did and feeling her cum again, moaning and shaking as she did.When he pulled out, he gave his whore orders to clean his cock thoroughly, to soap it, to wrap it in flannel. She did such a good job his cock was already becoming aroused again.But then he switched the shower off, dried his wild lover thoroughly then carried her in his arms to bed. He could tell she still needed more sex, but now she was ready for some gentle, sensual arousal, ready maybe for some cowgirl and 69. He wanted her to sleep after emptying herself, swallowing his cum and feeling ready to be wrapped in her lover’s arms. He wanted her sleep to be deep, long and restful. She had had too much unfulfilled tension inside her for a few weeks, he wanted her to leave tomorrow after the best sleep in a month.Roma felt truly wanted as she lay on top of Peter. Her arms around his head, her eyes looking in his, her legs straddling his cock and his balls. As he stroked her hair, she started kissing him gently, feeling his hands stroke her hair, then her back, then her ass cheeks. A feeling of warmth, gentleness, and trust was slowly enveloping her. Peter had filled her pussy, he had filled her ass, she wanted him to fill her mouth. She hoped he wanted to eat her out too.As Roma’s arousal gently proceeded, her hand found Peter’s balls, and she started fondling them. She felt how his cock grew while playing with his balls, then she heard him moan ‘finger my ass, Roma.’ Roma had never done that to a man, but when she entered him, he said ‘press down Roma,’ and when she did, his cock immediately became erect. Roma felt blessed to have discovered another tool of male arousal with her dear friend.Roma gently mounted Peter’s cock and started to ride him imperceptibly. She was loving this gentle journey, wondering where it might end. When Peter smiled and said ‘mount my face, suck my cock,’ Roma knew she was understood, given what she longed for without asking.