Fringe Benefits At A Party

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My boss Dwayne was hosting a party at his house for all the top-level executives in the company in celebration of a record-breaking year of profits. His house had a large pool that was perfect for cooling off in the heat of the Californian summer. As I entered the party, I studied the crowd of my colleagues and their partners. Seeing the women in various bikinis and bathing suits enflamed my libido. I took a wide sweep around the pool towards Dwayne’s bar, watching all the ladies enjoying the sun around and in the pool as I moved. Picking up an open beer bottle, I turned around sipping as I enjoyed watching the women again.As I sipped my bahis siteleri beer I watched Dwayne unsuccessfully flirting with many of the women in their skimpy bikinis. A pair of arms wrapped around me. Smiling I recognised the ostentatious diamond bracelet and rings. Turning I smiled at Dwayne’s wife Ja’Nel. As I hugged her back I felt her left hand drop to my ass giving it a little squeeze as her heavy breasts were pressed against me. Stepping out of the hug I smiled at her as I studied her outfit. Her yellow bikini covered just her nipples as it struggled to contain her big breasts. The bikini bottoms barely covered her phat ass, canlı bahis siteleri her smile was infectious. “Jim you’re late! I’ll have to punish you,” She cheekily said with a grin, before she sashayed to the pool giving me a wriggle of her ass as I watched her. Sipping my beer I sat at the bar as my eyes were glued to Ja’Nel as she gracefully played host making sure every guest was satisfied, all while her husband was unsuccessfully trying to claim another notch for his bedpost. The beer flowed easily as I spoke to each colleague as they came for refills of their drinks.Ja’Nel kept glancing at Dwayne as he made a fool of himself canlı bahis trying and failing to seduce any woman within earshot. She kept catching my eye blowing kisses and winking as she inclined her head almost imperceptibly towards the house. As she came by me I reached out caressing her ass giving a squeeze, eliciting a grin and giggle from her.“Well, I hope that my husband’s best worker can come and help me in the kitchen,” She whispered huskily.“Why off course I can Ja’Nel, usual deal?” I replied with a whisper pulling her close to me. Standing from the stool I led her into the kitchen. Spanking her ass as I bent her over the kitchen sink so she could watch the party and her shameless husband. Grasping each ass cheek I squeezed as I ground my swimming trunk covered hard cock against her. She ground against me needy for my cock she knew what I was waiting for.