From top to bottom

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From top to bottomNot even 2 weeks ago i was on top of the world at 24 yrs old, selling SUVs and making good marginnow like everyone im at home and money is going throught the window so fast i had to find a solutionI seriously coudnt believe myself , nailing the wooden plank in my lobby , how did this happens?knowing tonight i will be sucking on my first ever cock for money setting the glory hole and my stomach flipping looking back at my add answers2 guys have answered , black guys , needing some relief after their job as trucker, a warehouse near my appart they were close by looking at the first answer my stomach made a knot his picture showing him legs spread a tiny white dude like me sucking him as he drink a beer, his cock so much bigger than mine i open the 2nd and he was similar, holding a huge bbc asking me if iam hungry for daddy bbci waited for more answer but all i got was another horny trucker from that delivery compagny asking me if i want his bbcit took me 5 shooters and 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