FSD Episode 7: When the Master’s Away…

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FSD Episode 7: When the Master’s Away…Episode 7 – “When the Master’s away, the subs’ will play!”The Mistress has been walking you down the street to the notorious tavern known as the Frog and Whistle (you know, the big tavern on the corner of 4th and Maple? Right next door to the Trople D and the Pleasure Dungeon), collar tight on your throat and leash in Her hand. Before you reach the tavern, She orders you to remove your loin cloth.”Yes Mistress.” You obey immediately removing the loin cloth, but its cold out, so your scrotum shrinks up in shock at the cold and under the scructinising gaze of the Mistress. Other than that, you do not flinch.”You will warm up soon enough.” She pinches your arse as She leads you into the packed pub. Normally it is a more male clientele – tonight the Mistress has arranged a ladies night.The Frog and Whistle is busy – it appears that word has gotten around of our latest offering. Amongst the crowd you see Lydia, the pretty young human woman from Caldon’s. Mistress tells you she has made an appointment at the Pleasure Dungeon, but she obviously couldn’t wait that long to see you again.You are on the receiving end of many admiring looks as She parades you inside, but you don’t make eye contact with anyone, staying behind the Mistress a few paces as a god sub should. As you walk through the throng your arse is grabbed and squezzed several times from the throng. The Mistress seems to be allowing it, so you do not react.”Welcome ladies to opening night of our new attracting, the Glory Box!- I hope it will be a genuine pleasure for you.” A cheer goes up in the tavern.The Mistress goes on to explain there is a room in the Pleasure Dungeon that connects to the Ladies bathroom at The Frog and Whistle – as the Glory Hole at the Triple D attaches to the Gents at this same tavern.You sub conscioulsy start exercising your jaw muscles as the Msitress turns to you”Don’t disappoint me,” She whispers”Never Mistress.””Good.” She leads you through the Ladies bathroom into the new room. There is a raised box where your head will go and a bench for you to lie on.You smile as you see it, now knowing what She intends. “Thank you Mistress””Enjoy sub.”She helps you get settled and closes the padded lid of the box so the opening is directly above your waiting mouth.You are slightly puzzled as you feel Her take hold of your cock and slide something down so it sits at the base of your shaft and rests on your balls.You don’t have too much time to ponder as footsteps approach and your first client arrivesSuddenly the light is cut off as the lady sits down.A jolt runs through you as the ring buzzes ever so slightly. The Mistress voice whispers to you through magical means: {I control the remote… Let’s see how much torture you can take…}The muscles in your stomach contract involuntarily at the unexpected sensation and my cock begins to stir. The vibrating ring stays at a low buzz for now.. {Don’t keep your client waiting, sub!}You quickly flick your tongue out and back several times to give her a tickle, then you start with long slow kisses of her pussy. There is a moan from above and she shuffles to try and give you more access. The cock ring suddenly vibrates faster for a couple of seconds before returning to its barely there buzzYou continue the slow sensual kissing technique, sucking her lips into your mouth, one then the other, then both. The cock ring repeats it’s pulse as you hear more moans from above. She is starting to get wet.You keep kissing and sucking at her, enjoying her juices as they start to flow more freely. She tastes fresh and clean with an odd hint of spice. You stretch up to find her clit and flick at it with your tongue. You think you can feel her trembling.”mmmMMMmmm…”You flick faster and faster around and across her clit, then lapping at her as she opens, probing inside her with your tongue. The pulse from the cock ring comes and goes in a semi regular pattern, before repeating again. Juding by her moans and gyrations the woman is getting very close. You go back to her clit, sucking it inside your mouth and pressing it between your lips, pulling it till you hear her gasp then immediately going back to flicking and licking it as fast as you can.Several minutes pass…{I think she came, sub…]Your face is slick with juice. You lick your lips enjoying her taste, glad that you redeemed yourself in the eyes of your Mistress.{Good boy.}Footsteps stagger away, you have a mental image of a woman staggering off struggling to walk in high heels, leaving the room to go back to the bar still trying to pull her knickers up, and then someone else approaches…{Again sub! Make her cum for your Mistress!}A procession of pussy worship follows, karabük escort your tongue and jaw so stiff and sore after more than an hour of licking, flicking, sucking, and squirting juice over your face and into your mouth.HERE XXXXXXXThen, as you hear yet another set of footsteps approach, rather than sitting down she peers into the box. It is Lydia, the young woman from the dinner party at Caldon’s Mansion.”I wanted to say thank you for the other night.” she blushes demurely for a moment before her head dissapears from view as she bends down to attend to your cock. Her touch is tentative, but maybe not so inexperienced as you expected, her finger tip gently playing with the bead of sticky pre-cum at the tip of your cock as you begin to stiffen once more at her touch. The buzzing in the cock ring controlled by your mistress having brought you to the edge several times but never having let you reach your climax, and so the ache in your loins as her tongue caresses you builds quickly, and despite your best efforts you cannot hold back a spurting orgasm just a few minutes later. You do not see her face again though you hear her soft sighs as she gently massages your cock back down to rest before walking away leaving you a sticky mess.A moment or two passes in silence before you risk voicing a question. Was Mistress jealous while she was watching? There is no answer in the silence, but you surmise that she must have enjoyed the show, she arranged for it and allowed it to continue after all. Your mind wanders in the silence to what your Mistress has in store for you next… ****Meanwhile….The Dungeon Master has been away a while and you, the First Shield Maiden, have been getting some illicit time together with sub matthew, but have grown bored and snuck away from the Dungeon of Delicous Debauchery, without permission or supervision, to seek your own adventure for the night.As you makes your way ‘home’ in one of the magically enchanted horseless carriages that carry the common folk around town, you admit to yourself that part of the reason you have done so is just to see what the DM would do. What punishments would await you? You lick your lips as the thought crosses your mind and cross your legs as you feel your pussy twitch at the prospect.You have just snuck back in to the main room, sub matthew, still oily from your exertions earlier in the evening, watches you from where you left him chained up on the wall when you escaped, when you hear the front door open and close and footsteps approach…You quickly crawl back in to the corner you share with felicity (although she is not there) and pretend to be asleep..But the footsteps pass by, and you hear them go upstairs to the bedrooms. You breathe a momentary sigh of relief, before the door opens and Mistress Emma walks in leading felicity on a leash, her arse glowing after a heavy spanking with extra glitter lube.Mistress Emma leads her over to the corner and attaches her leash to the wall. She has been telling felicity what she has planned for her next time. “Ooh! Yes please Mistress!” felicity coos as she replies, but Emma has noticed something is out of place and stops.Your eyes are tight shut and you are wishing Emma would just walk away…”Now then! Where has your leash got to?” She is clearly having none of your act.”Have you and matthew been naughty again?” You can hear her smiling as she reattaches your leash to the wall. She tweaks one of your nipples and then gently slaps your face. “Very naughty?!””Sorry Mistress.” You do your best to look contrite.”Oh I’m sure you aren’t!” She laughs richly as she saunters away.”See you shortly subs! The master wants us all to gather here once Mistress Stana gets back.” She shuts the door and you can hear her go back upstairs.You let out a sigh of relief and curl up on your side, exhausted by your adventures and the adrenaline of nearly getting caught. felicity covers you both with a blanket and nuzzles in like she always does. You can feel her massaging her still stinging buttocks, her quiet gentle moans soon sending you off to sleep…*dissolve*Everyone except Stana is gathered round the large oval table in the dining room. The Dungeon Master is dressed in a long blue velvet smoking jacket and is eating strawberries from a large bowl in the middle of the table.After a few minutes Stana and Spud, the remaining Ogre Bouncer (still in Tuxedo and tiny Fez), arrive. The DM looks up expectantly but Stana only shakes her head in response. The DM sighs, rolls his eyes and reaches for another strawberry.Stana walks towards you and takes hold of your leash near the collar. Getting you to stand, she presses her body tightly against yours and karaman escort kisses you deeply. You can tell by how cold and firm her body is that they must have been outside most of the evening.”mmmMMMmmm, I’m sorry I was busy this evening. I’d been looking forward to us spending some quality time together”You don’t reply but return the kiss and relax into her. She moves behind you, cupping and squeazing your breasts and you sigh, enjoying the attention of your Mistress. “Where have you been Mistress?” you ask, taking a risk.”Out looking for Mark and Turnip. No sign of them in the park, and Spud and I spent a long time watching for them” she sighs as she moves her hands from your breasts to your tummy, and then down between your legs..There is a little whimper as you try and move to get her hand where you want it. She is happy to oblige, but in doing so she runs her hand over something in your pocket. Her hands stop.”What’s this!?”She reaches inside and pulls out a beermat from the dive bar you visited the night before. She throws it down on the table in disgust.”You’ve been out unsupervised!?”The rest of the gathering is silent. Stana is looking to the Dungeon Master, waiting for his response. He is watching you closely…You try and lie your way out of it, it has been in your pocket for ages, you don’t even remember where it came from… Nobody is buying it.The Dungeon Master looks at Stana. “Find out the extent of her misbehaviour and deal with it appropriately. Nothing must spoil our plans for the next few days.” At this last comment he looks back at you with a slight scowl. He snaps his fingers. “Emma, Felicity, Matthew. Come!”Spud the Ogre opens the door and everyone files out leaving you and Mistress Stana alone.She seems very perturbed as she helps you up on to the table and tells you to lie down on your back. She definitely considers you her property, second only to DM.”Right. Time to find out how much of a filthy slut you have been.”She points between your legs. “Use your hands and show me. I don’t know if I want to touch you myself yet.”You show her, running your fingers over your clit and pussy, before gently parting your lips. She bends closer, looking to see if there is any sign you were up to no good while you were out. There’s no doubt she will have seen that you have been a very bad girl.She lets you keep going for a few moments. “Disgusting.”She commands you to roll over. Once you have done so she gets you to raise your hips and spread your cheeks. She takes an appraising look before she is satisfied.”Well, at least you haven’t let anyone enjoy themselves back here at least.”Suddenly you here a snap and look over your shoulder to see her putting on a single white rubber glove.”Roll over and spread your self for me again.” The instruction is given firmly, but there is an undertone that betrays the fact that Mistress Stana is starting to enjoy this.You do as she says.”You’ve probably been out fucking that disgusting Half Orc park keeper with the giant cock haven’t you slut!?”Stana’s words are harsh but her touch is softer as she reaches down with her gloved hand slides a single finger deep inside you.She moves her hand back and forth, using the ball of her thumb to apply pressure to your clit whilst her finger makes a sort of stirring motion that sends butterflies through your stomach.Slowly, ever so slowly, she slides a very sticky finger from you. Holding it up in the light cast by the brass chandelier hanging over the dining table, you can both see the milky remnants of someone else’s cum.She plays with the stickyness covering her finger for a moment before raising it to her mouth, locking eyes with you as she first licks it, then sucks it clean.Mistress Stana is confident she will be able to identify if you have been with any of the usual races that populate the town, humans, halflings, half-elves, dwarves, half-orcs, and would have a fair guess if it was a full blood Orc, but seems to be struggling to identify exactly what can she taste mixed in with your own juices?Citrusy Half elf cum, caramel lube, glitter lube and…. a full blood orc!? Her eyes actually light up for a moment and she reaches back for a second taste.”mmmMMMmmm. That is quite a cocktail!” She can’t quite keep a note of her voice which betrays she’s quite impressed.You are getting aroused again by her attention and tell her that you have been very naughty and deserve severe punishment.”I agree completely, sadly we don’t have time for all the punishment I’d like to give you now. We need to focus on getting you clean for the master. He’s gone to a lot of trouble for the next few days, we all have.””What’s the occasion?””That is for the DM to escort bayan explain, not me…” She coos to you as she runs her nails up and down your thighs, before adminsitering a single hard smack of her gloved hand to your open pussy, causing you to cry out and cinch up your legs.”Don’t worry, I won’t forget though, and the next time I have you alone I’m going to punish you properly.”She leaves you then, going over to one of the antique wooden side cabinets and retrieving a small walnut veneer case. She brings it back to the table and takes out a series of black rubber tubes and straps, and a small egg shaped object of the same black rubber material.She massages your stomach with one hand as she uses her still gloved hand to gently spread your pussy lips and slide the egg inside. You can feel several tubes sticking out of you which she straps to your thigh before plugging into the box.”I must go and tell Him what you’ve done and ask for access to the laboratory. Try and hold on as long as you can.”She waves her hand over the corner of the box and there is a faint blue glow. Stana looks down at you for a second and bites her lip before leaving the room. You can hear the key turn in the lock.Between your legs you feel the egg starting to swell, slowly filling you up, then stretching you… A gasp of pleasure/pain rings out and you panic slightly that it’s not going to stop!Just as you think you can’t take any more and are going to shout the safe word, the swelling stops and you can feel another sensation in its place.You gasp and moan again as warm water starts to flow into you, filling you even further. The butterflies in your stomach increase and your whole body temperature rises. Even though the egg has swollen to fill your pussy, you can feel the water starting to seep out.You don’t know how long you can take this and you start to feel powerful contractions as your pussy tries in vain to push against it. Your moans increase, getting so loud you are sure the whole dungeon can hear. They were certainly too loud for you to hear Stana return, only realising she is there when she reaches out to stroke your face tenderly – the unexpectedly soft touch startling you back to the room.She waves her hand over the box again and there is a sudden release of pressure and the egg shrinks, flooding out of you in the sticky gush which now covers the table. The relief is good, but it left you maddeningly close yet unfulfilled.Stana helps you to sit up, then busies herself tidying away the device while you regain your composure.She throws you a towel. “Mop it up” she instructs you pointing at the tableOnce you’ve finished, Stana walks back to the table and places a beautiful gold chased crystal bottle on the table in front of you.”You’ve been enjoying yourself all night already. I’m really not sure you deserve any more pleasure, but this is necessary. Unfortunately.” The disapproving tone is back and you notice she is looking enviously at the potion.”This is an EXCEPTIONALLY rare and potent concoction that it will be virtually impossible to replace!” She chides you firmly “But it will purify you and protect you for some time to come.”You hold the bottle up to the light to see it is filled with a clear, rich dark brown liquid in which are suspended little spheres of a pearly substance. As the light plays through it you can see opalescent flashes and flecks of gold. You start to ask what it is but she cuts you off. “Drink it first.”You open the bottle and cautiously sniff the contents. Your head swoons. The smell is enticingly sweet and spicy, almost buttery? Before you realise it you are drinking the potion eagerly.It is intoxicating. Your mouth explodes with flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and treacle offset against a rich saltiness and a deep burn that settles in your stomach then rises back to your chest.”What if I told you it was Golden Dragon cum suspended in Vintage Spiced Rum?”Suddenly your back arches and you cry out. Stana helps you lie back on the table, stroking your cheek. The sensation of her touch somehow accentuated you thrill to her attentions, but it is suddenly eclipsed as you reach an orgasm that starts in your chest, and travels throbbing to the very tips of your fingers and toes, before pulsing back to focus deep inside your pelvis. The sensation fades slightly, but you are left with powerful throbbing aftershocks between your legs.Stana climbs onto the table with you and then on top of you, pushing herself against your mound. She kisses you, desperate for a taste of the potion. She finds just enough left on your tongue to send her into convulsions which you can feel through her, merging with your lingering throbs.*Scene fades to you both kissing and caressing each other in post orgasmic bliss******************************************************Thanks for reading! I hope you liked Episode 7 of Fantasy Sex Dungeon. Stay tuned for Episode 8 “Practice Makes Perfect”Please leave a comment if you like what you have read 🙂