Fucked At Midnight…

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Fucked At Midnight…Mike was a long time friend of our family, I can not remember a time Mike was not at the family home. Every summer we all would go to the river and swim we would watch mike as he dove off the bridge and swim to shore. I all ways wanted to go to the bridge and dive in, but momma always said ‘NO’.One weekend Momma and Daddy went away and left us in the care of Mike, I had started High School and oft times stayed for after school activities. This night I got home and went to the bath to bathe and get ready for bed.I made my way down the hall to my room and eased into bed, I was in twilight sleep, when the door to my room opened and closed. Thinking nothing of it I drifted off, I awoke with something warm, wet and sensuous going on between my legs.I thought that I was dreaming as this spectral sucked gently on my cock, hands lifted my legs very slowly. A very wet member crossed my anal opening, a soft rigid probe searched out my anus and probed merciless at the tender opening. Three days prior I had been the subject of a brutal sex session at the hands of Daniel, Bruce, and Charlie.The probing member migrated to sucking lips, the lips went back to a licking tongue that worked it’s way up one of my thighs and down the other till it reached my feet and sucked eagerly on each tuzla escort of my toes.I kept telling myself that I was dreaming and did not try to fight the persistence manipulations of the expert tongue. The tongue worked up my thigh to my stomach and played at my navel, arms slipped beneath my legs and lodged themselves in the hollow of my knees.Huge powerful hands gripped my biceps and held me sensuously tight as a body moved rapidly up between my legs. A rubbery rigid probe poked around my anus till it found it’s mark. It hesitated for a split second and with a sudden lunge I knew that a hard dick had entered my young butt again in less then three days.My eyes bucked open, I could barely make out the face over me, it was Mike. He had invaded my tight little anal cavity and was working the rest of his rigid shaft into my rectum. Just as I started to open my mouth and scream, Mike lowered his lips to mine and sealed my scream with his lips.I tried to toss him off but only succeeded in helping him lodge his cock further into my aching anus. I could not fight out of the grip that Mike had me in and my butt was being fucked by this horny friend of the family.I scratched at his sides with my fingers and tried to grip his butt cheeks with my fingers and pull him from my sancaktepe escort anal orifice, all this was to no avail. Mike was determined to fuck my ass and I could not stop him.When Mike finally released my lips I gasped for air and was grunting from his sexual onslaught. Mike realizing that all his dick was now lodged deep in my rectum, raised up and pounded my but like he was my long lost lover.I could see my feet as they bounced above our heads, Mike would turn to one of them and suck passionately on my toes, lick my soles and nibble at my ankles. I grunted and groan as Mike pounded my butt for hours, I did not know what was going to happen.I didn’t know anyone could fuck so long, It was just a few days ago that I was made aware that two males could have sex. Had it not been for the savage attack of Daniel, Bruce and Charlie I would have not known that males could copulate.Yet here I was again being ravaged by another male, this man nearly three times my age. With Mike’s arms locked into the hollow of my knees and my butt lifted off the mattress I could do nothing butt get fucked.Mike would lower his body down to mine and grind deep into me, I was able to get a grip on to his sides as he would fuck me. I tried to hold him down so he could not raise up and üsküdar escort ram into my ass but he did anyway.As he would lay down his head would be besides mine and I would gasp in his ear ‘pppplllleeeeassse, ddonnn’t dddoooo thhiis toooo meee,’ but Mike paid me no mind and kept at his work.As much as I wanted him to stop, after nearly three hours of his continuous fucking, Mike had let my biceps go and had slipped his hands under my shoulders and was gripping them from the back.This gave him better leverage to ram his cock into my anal cavity. I heard my self beg Mike to ‘fuck me baby, fuck me if you want, I’ll give it to you.’I had raised my arms up under his and was now gripping his powerful arms gently as he worked his huge dick up and into my ass. Occasionally Mike would seek out my lips and kiss them passionately, sucking on them and finding my tongue and sucking on to it.Mike had been fucking me for close to four hours when he finally decided to shot his load of spunk in my anal orifice. With three powerful lunges, that caused me to gap my mouth open with each lunge, Mike flooded rectum with his man juices. Than he grind into my butt till his cock stopped throbbing.Mike pulled slowly from my anus I slipped down to his huge dick and sucked on to it very gently as Mike stroked my head. Mike cock came back to life for a little while as I sucked it and rewarded me with a mouth full of another load of baby making juices. I liked him clean and slithered back up into his arms, Mike tucked me in his arm and drifted off snoring slightly from exhaustion.