Fucked Hot Bengali College Friend After Interview

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Fucked Hot Bengali College Friend After InterviewIt happened a few years ago in my last year of Engineering College. I studied Engineering in Pune. I had an independent flat, so no restrictions. As last semester was going on, everyone was busy with placements and project submission.The heroine of my story is Nidhi. Nidhi was a tall Bengali girl, 5’7¨ height, dusky, with assets 36-28-34. We were close friends from the first year. Well, it started off with a fight regarding a question, and later she realized she was wrong. She came to me and said sorry for shouting and we became friends. Since then we are friends. Whenever she had trouble regarding something, she would take my help.In the second year, she shifted to a different faculty of Engineering than mine and we rarely use to meet. But we remained in touch. She was outspoken and very confident. In my last year, I called her and asked her for help regarding placements.Me: Hi, Nidhi.N: Hi, Nikhil.Me: Listen, could you please help me with some tips and body Language for my interview and placements.N: Nikhil, it’s not difficult, you can manage.Me: I am somewhat scared as competition is tough, your father is a recruiting officer and you have observed him closely, you could help me.N: Hmmm. Ohk fine. Meet me this Sunday and carry a diary.I was relieved that she was going to help me. We met on Sunday and she helped me with a lot of tips and suggestions on how to walk when to speak, how much to speak etc. After that, I was feeling a little confident.My recruitment went well, and the company offered me a job which I politely accepted. I was very very happy. I called everyone. Later in the evening, I called Nidhi.Me: Hi, Nidhi. Thank you so much, you helped me and I got placed.N: Nikhil, you were anyways good at academics, I knew it was a piece of cake.Me: Your tips and suggestions really helped me. Thank you so much.N: Sirf thank you, you should give me a treat at least.Me: Anytime, anywhere. You tell me.N: You always said that you cook (As we were good friends she knew a lot and she also knew I stay alone). You should cook for me.Me: Sure, anytime.N: Ok, this Saturday you have to cook dinner for me.And she hung up. I was so happy about my placement that I literally forgot about that conversation. bursa escort Saturday morning Nidhi called and enquired about timings, and I was like I forgot. I requested her to come to my place early so that we could cook together.In the evening at around 5:30 pm, she came. She was looking very sexy. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and tight jeans. I was simply admiring her beauty. Why these Bengalis look so sexy, I wondered. It was a torture to the t-shirt and it seemed that the t-shirt would tear apart anytime. I welcomed her in.Nidhi liked my place (it was the first time she was coming there). She sat on the sofa and I offered her water. She was looking extra sexy that day. I had a boner, and I was trying hard to hide it.In some time, we started cooking Chinese noodles and cold coffee. A light music was on and we were laughing and enjoying every moment. I was finding reasons to touch her and it didn’t bother her. After dinner was ready, we ate. Trust me guys, the food was really nice. She appreciated my cooking skill and we were talking about life after the college.After dinner was over, she said she will leave but inside I was all horny and didn’t want her to go. I requested Nidhi not to go, saying we could sit down and talk more, and watch a movie or something. It was like she was waiting for me to say that and she smiled and said, “I thought you would never ask”. I was so happy and I simply put on a romantic track from “A Walk to Remember” and asked for a dance. She happily came and we were dancing together.Her fragrance, sweet smile and big eyes were doing some magic inside my head. I was no longer thinking with my brain and instead, my dick started to think. We were so close we could feel each other’s breaths. It was like my dick saying to me, “Now or never”.I simply closed my eyes and moved my lips towards her. I don’t know if she closed her eyes or how she reacted but I was feeling the softest thing on my lips. Then I hugged her tightly and kissed passionately for the next 10 minutes.Her soft boobs were pressing my chest and I was feeling on top of the world. My hard-on started to pain and wanted to be released. As soon as we opened our eyes, she blushed and I again started to kiss her passionately on her neck and bursa escort bayan shoulders. She started to moan, “Aaahhhhhh.. ahh… yesssss..”We moved into the bedroom and broke the kiss. I removed her t-shirt and she removed mine. Wow, such a beautiful and flawless pair of boobs hanging in black bra and trying to come out.I smoothly removed her bra and both her boobs came out. Such a marvelous scene it was – big boobs with small black nipples which were hard like a rock. I just grabbed them and started to eat them. I squeezed them and rubbed them. (Their feeling is still there in my hands). I licked her nipples and she moaned in pleasure. I was touching her everywhere and started to kiss on her boobs, neck shoulders, and back.The moment was so intense that we were completely naked in no time. We were tightly hugging and kissing each other. Slowly, I went down kissing her boobs first, then her navel, then her thighs and then her pussy.She had some hairs on her pussy, she was leaking and a sweet feminine smell was coming from it. I kissed her there and her entire body shivered. Slowly, I started to lick it and inserted my tongue inside her pussy. She was making all kind of erotic noises like, “Yeeaahhh.. hmmmm.. ahhhhh.. it feels so good.. yes.. yessssss”. All these noises were turning me on like anything.She kept on pushing my head inside and I was simply enjoying her moans. She moaned loudly and cummed hard. I cleaned it with a towel. She was looking very satisfied and said, “You are amazing”.Now she started to kiss me. She kissed my lips and then sucked my nipples and bit them. What an amazing feeling. She went lower and lower and finally without using her hand, she gulped my dick.She started to lick my dick like a lollipop and slowly started to take it inside her, giving me a blowjob. I simply held her long hairs. Oh man, what a sensual feeling. I could feel my dick growing up, just remembering that situation. She was doing it very professionally and I came within 2-3 minutes. I loaded up my sperms everywhere. We got cleaned again.After that, I again looked at her and she was smiling. I was in no mood to stop. I hugged her and made my fingers touch her pussy. Nidhi was very soft like velvet there. She was trembling with escort bursa pleasure and I inserted my middle finger inside her pussy. She was actually trembling like a fish without water. I was finger fucking her and her moans again started to turn me on.I brought a condom from my cupboard (these things come in handy). Then I made her lie on the bed and I came on top of her in the missionary position. I inserted my dick inside her pussy. It was very easy to push in as she was already leaking. After half of my dick was inside her, I slowly pulled and pushed in again. Within 5-6 strokes, my entire dick was inside her. That warm feeling of pussy around my dick was amazing.Then I started to stroke her and she was making dirty noises. I told her to be quiet as someone might hear us. In addition, I switched on the music player and started to fuck her. I must have fucked her in the missionary position for almost 5 minutes. When I was about to come, I told her to change position.We changed to the cowgirl position. She was now riding my cock and I could see her big boobs jumping up and down. To further intensify the moment, she was bending a little, letting just her nipples touch my chest and she was going back and forth. I still loved her for doing this. (Do this with your partners and you will for sure thank me). This continued for another 3-4 minutes.Then I told her I wanted to fuck her in the doggy position. I just grabbed her long long hairs, made her bend, inserted my dick behind her and started to fuck her. As I have already told you guys in my previous story that doggy position is my weakest, within 2-3 minutes, I discharged the entire load inside her. I was feeling so light. I hugged her, kissed her and we both slept naked.Next morning when I woke up, I heard the shower running. I went and saw that the bathroom door was not closed. Quickly, I went inside and hugged her from behind, and started to kiss her everywhere. I had an instant boner and I fucked her under the shower. Wet bodies rubbing, generating lots of heat and water droplets on the nipples – it was an amazing fuck.After that also we continued our sexual sessions whenever we both could take some time for ourselves. After college, we both were in touch but unfortunately could never meet again. She is married now and her husband doesn’t like her talking to her male friends. What a jerk!Hope you liked the story. Thanks for reading. If anyone has any suggestions or want to have fun online/offline, leave a comment