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FUCKED MY FACEBOOK FRIEND IN HONGKONGHi friend I am back with this real experience that I had when I was in Hongkong. I was traveling for my work. Friends I chat regularly on Facebook and have many friends. Chatting make me free from stress and work pressure, I have many friends and we talk on several topics. One such friend was Beny. She is from Kota Kinabalu from Malaysia. Beny is 5.4 n bit plumpy but with lovely 36”boobs with nice shape. Her lips too bit big.but She was also visiting Hongkong and we accidentally happen to know that we were in same place. She was wearing white colour top n black colour bra seen easily. Top was tight with low cut n her boobs were just seen I could even see her nipple very tight n pointing out. She was looking sex bomb and seeing her I was hard. We did not meet each other earlier. We were talking on phone and exchanging sms and may be several messages were send to each other. I wanted to meet her and she too wanted to meet. But all the while she would tell me NO SEX when we meet I said no problem we have no sex and we have only if u like. I had already checked into the hotel and she did it. We greeted each other and I hold her and we went for coffee in restaurant. To my luck only table in corner with two chairs was available and we took our seat. She was smiling. We just talk to each other in general and now I put my hand on her leg and was moving se had shivers and was also holding me. We had coffee and by the time we fiinsh we were nearer to each other n I did touch her back rolled my hand n felt her cleavage too. She liked and said hey Mukesh you are naughty. I told her hey darling come to my room we will talk she said ok we meet for dinner and then we go to my room n not yours. I said great. We met for dinner at 9pm and had nice candle light dinner we kissed each other as we were in corner. I hugged her too. Now she was very hot and said let us go to my room dear.We went to her room. She had placed her cloths on bed and I could see a transparent night thin panty and bra. I said hey wera this now she said yes. Let us take shower. I told her I have no cloths she said why do u want cloth we sleep naked. I asked her u always told me NO Sex n now She said oh darling I was waiting for the day. Now you meet me here you can fuck me daily in KL. I said wow great and pulled her hugged her tightly n started kissing her n our lips were tight my hand was on her back rolling went down n caresses ass and now it was on her boob. I now removed her top n she was in bra oh wow her breast was s tight sahabet güvenilirmi I could not control just took boobs n started sucking the bra was very thin n in just a minute it was wet she was moaning saying suck baby suck I was sucking hard n now I took her boob out n they were hard nipples were too hard n was sucking I just pushed her on bed now I was on her sucking n she was rubbing hand on my cock. Cock was very hard I removed my jeans and was in boxer and pulled her too and I was on her we were rolling on bed. She said wow you are so strong.I removed her bra n we were now naked we were in 69 position I was licking her pussy. Wow it was sweet and wet my tongue was almost inside she was saying hey mukesh I can not hold anymore my cock was in her mouth she was sucking and sucking I said beny I can hold I will unload she said please do it and I did n she drank all my juice. We were resting. I was playing with her boobs they were quite firm although big. We now went for shower and I put shower gelon her body and she put on mine were were hugging rubbieng each other and shower gel was almost on our body. Cock was in her hand she was palying she said wow u have big one I get it after very long she was massaging I said hey juice will flow again. Now we ere under shower kissing each other our tongue were insdide each other mouth. We were kissing very hard water was flowing on us. My one hand was massaging her boobs. We were very hot and now I told her let us sleep in tub we slept water filled in tub she was down I was up and I pushed my cock in her pussy. Her pussy was quite tight and my cock was inside I was fucking and sucking her she was moaning n saying oh mukesh fuck me go inside more hit me hard I said wait baby wait I am I increased speed of fucking and it went on for almost 10 mins. She was now on me riding and fucking I was massaging her boobs very hard water was flowing on us. We had fun for long and now she was sleeping on me cock inside She get up cock out n now she started sucking it cock was already hard and she had a second round on my juice. She said it is very sweet I like it we finished bath dried ourselves and wrapped in towel and came to room n were sitting on bed. Both in naked position. We hugged each other and after kissing were talking for long.I told her hey beny you always told me no sex n now u asked for it. She said Mukesh I always wanted you to fuck me I wanted your cock because you had shown it on cam to me and was waiting for it since long. We were drinking beer. sahabet yeni giriş She said let us have fucking full night and we stay in same room you check out I said ok darling.I do in morning. She removed perfume and sprayed on me we were fresh we hugged again and now she was sleeping on bed. I was on her side took her boobs held both in one hand and started sucking she said wait I bring honey. Oh wow you have honey too. I took honey put in her navel and on boobs. Started licking she was uncontrollable she pushed me and applied honey on my cock and started sucking it hard. I pushed her and held her tight n sucked her boobs very hard. She was enjoying I was enjoying now my one finger was inside her pussy went inside now second then third and fourth and I was fingering her pussy it was really great I enjoyed she enjoyed.Now she give me cream I apply on her body and massaged her she applied on my body and massaged me very well we both enjoyed n we were feeling fresh. We were talking caressing each other kissing hugging. It was almost 12 midnight. Now I just lay her on bed and came on her stretched her both legs and slowly pushed my cock inside started fucking n sucking her we were enjoying a lot I increased my speed and was ramming her pussy very hard and she was moaning biting me kissing me bcz I had held her in my two arms very tight. I unloaded my juice after 15 mins she was very happy said I hope I will not be pregnant. I said take pills immediately. We were now both tired and went to sleep. We covered with bedsheet and went to sleep. We were fast a sleep.It must be 3am in morning I could feel my cock is hard n some wetness. I just opened my eyes n saw Beny sucking my cock I got up and said honey honey what u doing she said I want this lolypop and she sucked it very hard I was moaning n enjoying a lot she went on until I realesed my load in she drank it. She lay on me n we kissed n hugged and again went to sleep.It was morning we were to go for our work so had quick bath together enjoyed and left for work. I checked out and shifted to her room.We were back in the evening we had coffee and then went to room. I said let us take bath. We were in the bathroom and I undressed her she undressed me and now we were naked in bath tub I let water come from shower and wet her body she was holding my cock and I was caressing her boobs and licking her nipples. Oh my God they were rock hard and I now held her both boobs and started sucking she was moaning and saying oh no do it more n more u now fuck me. I sahabet giriş said wait baby we have lot of time and we are free for weekend too. Now I turn her back towards me and held both boobs we were both under shower and our body were wet I was kissing my cock was hard and she was enjoying Now she set down and took my cock in her mouth started licking it and I could not control I fucked her mouth and the cum was out she drank it and was looking at me said u enjoy I said yes now the act started again my cock was hard water filled the bath tub I was down and she came on me and my cock was in pussy I was sucking boobs we both in water and she enjoyed fucking me I released my load in her pussy she said oh NAUGHTY do not make me pregnant I said how can I wear condom m fucking u in water. We were bit tired took bath I dried her and we came to the room. We were hugging each other kissing and now again she and me were naked as the towels were thrown down I kissed her from toe to the face and she did the same my cock and her nipples were very hard and now were in 69 position oh my God she says in just 1 hr u fuck me 3 times I said u are Hot so how can I stop Now we dressed and went down for dinner were hand in hand and after 2 hrs were back to the room it was 11pm and we started drinking wine it went on for sometime she was now hot and I pour wine on her breast and nipple and licked and suck and she did same with my cock oh the feel was great and now we had session in doggy style I was holding pressing her boobs and fucking her and after 10mins of hard fuck my loaded her pussy and now she was on me we did for sometime we were tired so went to sleep. It was early morning and I was fast a sleep suddenly I felt m hard and my eyes open she was massaging my tool and was very hard she saw am awake and she bend down and took my tool in mouth and gave a blow job oh no I was restless and wanted her to do more I told her continue faster and faster it went on and on and I just released my load it fell on her neck and boobs I held her very tight and kissed her we went to shower and had bath and enjoyed.I brought her to bed and again fucked her this was our 6th fucking session and she said oh darling I have enjoyed today the most and let us plans such fucking session back home too. It was morning and we had to go for our works she was wearing sexy dress I could not resist and just pulled her boobs out sucked hard and again we had session. She had to change and we left for our work and decided to stay together until I am in hongkong and have fun daily. I told her go get the tablets and take it or else u will be pregnant she said naughty why did u not wear condom I said u think u would have enjoyed she laughed and said No now u fuck me wo condom. Friends u send me yr comments to my email monty.monty15@yahoo.com