Fun at the beach

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Fun at the beachIt was our first holiday away together. We had chosen somewhere hot and where there were plenty of beaches in the area. The first couple of days we had used the local beach. But then we had hired a car and started to explore further afield. By the fourth day we had found a beach which was very secluded and at times we were the only ones there. Due to this we got brave and started to sunbathe nude. A couple of days later we were again at that beach and once again we were both naked and soaking up the suns rays. My girlfriend was just starting to put more sun cream on me when a man appeared further down the beach.He was in his 40s nicely tanned and well toned. Although we were in a secluded area, from his position he was able to see us. As he got closer he looked towards where we were and smiled. My girlfriend smiled back and this had the affect of him stopping and laying his towel down. Up to this point i was unaware of him as i was lying on my back but my girlfriend came up close to my ear and whispered that some guy was looking over at us. “Where” i asked. “About 20 feet away. He is laying on his stomach and keeps looking over”. The thought of him seeing my girlfriend naked started to get me hard. “Mmm I see someone is getting horny” she says with a smile. Many months before I had shared my fantasy that I would like to see her with another man. At first she had been against it but in time she had warmed to the idea. So much so that she had said she would let another man play with her tits and cum over them. Now was my fantasy about to come true? She grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. Gentle at first but very soon quicking the pace. I was rock hard. Then she moved round and as she knelt down on all fours between my legs she istanbul escort took my cock in her mouth. Sucking deep. I was in heaven. I grabbed her head and as I lay on my back looking up to the sky I fucked her mouth making her gag.At that point I noticed a shadow. Startled I looked up. It was the man who had been watching us. He was stood only a few feet away and had a great view of my girlfriend’s ass stuck up in the air as she sucked on my cock. He was now naked with a raging hard on and was wanking as he watched us. I pushed my girlfriend’s head down hard on my cock and as I did so turned to the man and said “she is a naughty girl isn’t she?” My girlfriend tried to pull up but I just pushed her head back down on my cock. The man looked at me. He didn’t say anything but continued to wank. As I told him that i thought she needed to be punished i lifted my girlfriend’s head up and looked at her. We had a secret word.If that was uttered we would immediately stop. She remained silent and that gave me the encouragement to continue. I pushed my girlfriend’s head back down on my cock and told the man to kneel down next to her. He seemed a little hesitant. “Do it now” I demanded. At this he spoke for the first time. “Yes sir” he said and knelt down next to my girlfriend. “Now for being a naughty bitch spank her ass.” “Yes sir” he replied and raised his hand and brought it down right in the middle of her ass. My girlfriend yelped but I knew that she had enjoyed the sensation. She liked a bit of pain and I had often spanked her. Do it again I ordered him and he duly obliged. Slapping her ass with one hand while wanking his cock with the other. “Again” I ordered him and “Again”. avcılar escort Demanding him doing it harder. My girlfriend squealed and wriggled but her face told me she was loving it. Then I told him to stop. I turned my girlfriend round on to her back. She seemed a bit unsure what was going to happen next but I just smiled. I then told him to kneel in between her legs and start to lick and suck her tits. As he did so his hard cock was resting on her stomach. He licked and sucked and bit them. And as he did so she moaned with pleasure. He then moved up and kissed her neck. Something she adores. Her moaning got louder. She was loving it so I decided to up the stakes. She had told me she would not let another man touch her pussy but I decided to push her boundaries. I grabbed her arms. And ordered the man to push two fingers up her cunt. Her eyes darted towards me. She looked startled but didn’t utter the secret word. At this the man pushed two fingers in to her and started to finger her. She wriggled but started to moan again. I could hear the squelching as his fingers pushed in and out of her soaking wet pussy and her breathing got heavier. Any resistance to a man touching her pussy had evaporated and she was enjoying the moment. Encouraged by this I decided to up the stakes once more. “Now get your hard cock and push it deep in her wet cunt” I demanded. “No” my girlfriend screamed. “Did I ask you bitch?” I looked at my girlfriend waiting for our secret word but nothing came. In some of our kinky fantasy role play sessions I had forced myself onto her. She had always loved it. In fact it had been my girlfriend who had first suggested it. So her saying no now did not put me off. I believed it was şirinevler escort part of the game. Little knowing at that moment the secret word had deserted her.Again I looked at the man and ordered him to fuck her. She again shouted no and started to wriggle. But she could not move as I had her shoulders pinned down. Then once again the man hesitated, unsure what to do. But he still had a raging hard on. “Do it now. Fuck this bitch” I demanded. At that he pushed her legs apart and thrust his cock deep inside. She squealed and shouted no once more but that did not stop him starting to fuck her. At first she was trying to resist but she was helpless to do anything. Then suddenly she remembered the secret word. But the sensations she was feeling were now too powerful. She no longer wanted to stop. Instead she wanted to take control. “Is that the best you can do you bastard. Fuck me harder” she shouts. At that the man started to pound her cunt harder. As he did she looked at me. “Oh god yes that feels so good” she shouts while looking into my eyes. “Oh yes my cunt is loving that cock. Give it to me harder. Yes Yes. ” At that moment her body started to shudder and she screamed out as she started to cum. At the same time the guy also started to cum. He pulled out and shot his cum over her stomach and tits. For a minute both of them lay on the ground panting and trying to catch their breath. Then suddenly she knelt up and demanded the man lick his cum up. He duly obliged licking his cum from her stomach. Once he had done that she ordered him to lick her cunt as she rubbed his cum in her tits. Then with her fingers soaking with his cum she pushed them into her mouth and licked her fingers.The man continued to lick her pussy and she started to moan. Then she grabbed my head and started to pull it towards her. I tried to resist but she was having none of it. She pulled me further forward and started to kiss me passionately. Her tongue pushing deep inside my mouth. I could taste his spunk on her tongue. Then she pulled away. “Now that was your punishment” she tells me. “And that is only the start”.