Getting fucked when my asshole is already sore

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Getting fucked when my asshole is already soreAs bottom men, often when we get fucked really good, we get a sore asshole. If the dick is big, long, rock hard and deep and the fucking goes from gentle to rough it’s the price our assholes pay. If a well endowed man has a large head, it splits the asshole sphincters and opens up the rectum nice and wide which causes pain at first but immense pleasure inside the hole and against the prostate that often leads to incredible anal orgasms.If the dick isn’t that big but the top has powerful thrusting hips and knows how to work a man’s asshole with it that can also make me a little sore. If I haven’t been fucked in a long time and I dutifully give my tight pulsing asshole up to a man who needs it , and needs it really bad I can expect I’m gonna be sore the next day. Especially if he wants to fuck me 2 or 3 times in the afternoon and leave with his balls drained and his sexual needs completely satisfied (knowing he’s gonna want it again, and again because I’m a very loving obedient bottom who likes to please a man and give him the manly attention he deserves)A couple of years ago, I met a handsome well endowed man from India. He was rugged, bearded, beautiful. Big thick body and I’ll tell ya boys I LOVE thick handsome men. Dad bod but man oh man, so hot, so hairy, so masculine and had a funk to him (odor wise) that drove me insane. We worked together and became really good friends and he knew I was gay but I don’t wear it on my sleeve. I’m a masculine man who enjoys being one. I’m calm, not dramatic, a regular Joe . You’ll find me at a hardware store before you see me shopping for Calvin Klein. I knew he was having problems with his marriage so I told him whenever he wanted to come by and talk , I’m a good listener .Well, one day he came to my house and went after me as soon as I closed the door. His kisses were hungry, sloppy, wet and dirty the way hungry men kiss when they’re very very horny. I was sort of startled at first because I thought he just wanted to come by and talk but I wasn’t going to resist this man in any way. The look in his eyes was one of sheer raw sex. I could tell he wanted to fuck, and fuck really bad. The wife doesn’t give him the pussy or the mouth or even the asshole the way he needs it ,so I was the lucky and understanding man who was gonna satisfy his needs. His large roaming hands were rough and groping, and a man like me loves to be man handled by a sex hungry guy.He lifted up my t shirt and started power licking, sucking and biting my nipples as I started to pant and my heart started to race. My nipples are connected to my tight asshole and the sensations I felt in my nipples and inside my anus were overwhelming. I was moaning and yelping and panting as it felt like he wanted to eat me alive and God fucking damn it did I love what he was doing to me.He kept sucking my nipples then pulled down my sweats and instantly slipped a large long finger roughly into my asshole and I almost collapsed. Normally before a man comes over, and I know he’s gonna fuck me, I lubricate my asshole so if he wants to finger it he can do it easily. This time I hadn’t of course because I had no expectation of sex from him, so that sudden fingering hurt and stung but also felt really good and made me shudder and shake as he slipped the finger up the asshole while licking and biting my nipples and tits. I kept panting and groaning the sound “Nnnng, Nnnng” while he flicked his magic tongue up and down on my nipples as I felt the sensation in my asshole and I kept squeezing it around his long probing finger. I was on FIRE and it had only just begun, this sexual ride this virile man was about to take me on. My God give me the strength to handle this guy I thought to myself. And when a man wants what he needs, there’s no saying “no” and there’s no saying “I can’t”. A bottom has to do what he wants and that’s the way it is, and of course, should be. Hands down boys, hands down.I was writhing uncontrollably, making “ssssssssss” and “ahhhhhhh” sounds as he ate my nipples and when his long finger deep in my tight winking asshole started to press on my prostate ,pre cum and fluid started oozing out of my rock hard cock and I was standing up on the balls of my feet because the pleasure was so intense, shaking, shuddering, moaning, almost starting to scream cause it was so good.He took me to the bed and stripped me completely and I nervously lied back, glued to his almost sexual demonic eyes as he undressed. His cock was HUGE when he slipped his briefs off, and his balls were the size of lemons and very low hanging. He came at me with his big body and big potentially damaging cock and all I kept saying is “Oh God…Oh God…Oh God..” as I slowly opened my legs and arms and welcomed his big body onto mine.The warmth of this man’s body was incredible. He got on top in between my legs and kissed me wet and deep as I held onto his super big hairy back and the back of his neck with my hands and arms. . Our hearts were racing, my cock was wetter than a pussy and his big cock was rubbing against my cock and the space between my balls and asshole , my legs and feet stretched wide and high in the air, and yes my toes were starting to curl, a sign that a man is truly truly turned on.His large hands were feeling me everywhere and making me humping horny hot. I couldn’t stop grinding my middle as he slobbered my mouth, neck, nipples while those hands were just dirty touching me all over. My ass, thighs, calves, behind the knees, and I really loved it when he would grab my feet and touch between my toes while slobbering inside my hungry mouth. I knew this man was gonna do something to me I’d never forget, and definitely never regret. Never.A man who calls the shots in bed is the ruler right? He’s the man, he’s the one in charge, he’s the one who is to be worshipped. It’s beautiful when you think about it. Giving a man what he needs, gives me what I need.He started moaning in my ears, “You want it? you want it baby? you want it?” and I kept moaning back “Oh yes, God I want it so bad, I need it so bad, please give it to me Daddy, please güvenilir bahis fuck me good and deep, Please”. He reached for the lube and slowly lubed up his huge long cock, a good fat 9 India inches. Many men of India are very well endowed, and this man was no exception. My asshole was already stinging as I imagined what he was about to do and I was scared at the same time. It had been months since I had been fucked, and while a smaller cock would have probably been better to open up my tight lonely asshole, at this point, I was gonna have to do my best to accommodate his massive meat.He put a pillow under my ass and I got my legs up in the air again as he smothered me with is body and worked the huge head of that big cock right to the center of my twitching asshole. He was experienced at fucking ass, cause he would slowly try to work the tip in and then back out, more in, then back out. I was literally hyperventilating and shaking as he did this cause I wanted him so bad and so deep inside me, but I had to try to be calm and relaxed so he could get that monster cock all the way and start the fucking without splitting my asshole wide open too soon.He pressed deeper with the big dick and my second asshole ring began to stretch wide open but he suddenly and powerfully sank the cock into my asshole, one stroke, all the way to the balls. I started SCREAMING out loud as I didn’t expect him to do that and I instantly went into a time period of excruciating eye-tearing up pain as I was hopelessly impaled. He held me down as I tried to struggle to back out from under the dick but it was too late. I had to almost cry through the intense pain and I was so scared that I was gonna start bleeding in the asshole. He was splitting me in two. I was holding onto his big back crying out and begging him and I mean BEGGING this man to please take it out, to please stop and let me get used to it, and god damn it this man was not gonna do that. He just kept moaning in my ear “Just give your ass to me, give your ass to me, give your ass to me” while I struggled as he suddenly started a good long, slow deep stroking fuck. It was very painful and I felt like I had to shit and piss at the same time cause I had never been so deeply penetrated like that and it has been so long. But boys, the more he started that slow balls deep fucking , along with what he as moaning in my ears, the more I started to just accept that I had to give in to his power, and start to enjoy it. And yes, oh yes, did I start to enjoy it once the pain converted to sheer manly ass fucking pleasure. I started to thrust my nips to meet his thrusts and we were fitting together just right. He would start fast deep thrusting and I would start yelling “OHHHHHHH!!!!! GODDDDDD!” and then slow it down. Then fast deep thrusting and then slow it down. He was like a machine. Then he would ram it in balls deep and use and upward motion with his ass with the dick in balls deep pressing into the bottom of my asshole and almost lifting my butt off the pillow and that REALLY drove me wild . I was becoming a sexual slave and I was loving every second of it. His fucking intensified, deep, hard, painful, wicked. I tend to grunt a lot when I get fucked and I was giving it right back to him with my shaking body and hungry stretched out asshole gripping and sucking that big thrusting dick, with nasty grunts coming out of my mouth whenever he didn’t have his sloppy wet tongue in it, as he fucked me with such power it would make most men pass out. His savage pistoning was pumping air all up inside that asshole and yes boys my hole started to talk. I was fucking farting that air and lube out of my hole like a mother fucker. Hell men enjoy farting anyway so what the fuck, it added to the raw hotness of what was going on between two horny men.Just as I felt like I was gonna cum handsfree he yanked that huge long cock out of my asshole and roughly got me ass up face down. He smacked me HARD on my ass several times, and then he sunk it back in and went for broke. He was POUNDING me boys, pounding me as if he was trying to take my life with his weapon up inside my asshole, rearranging my guts, splitting me wide open, banging me like I was a worthless whore, and god damn it, I was his fucking whore and it was my job to take it. And man did I take it good. I was able to yell out as he was ramming and deep boning that cock inside my mancunt, “You think you can just come here and fuck another man up his tight asshole and make him take it ?” “You wanna fuck me up my ass and make me want it and need it?????!!!” “You fucker, FUCK ME ! Make me need it! Make me need it !!!! FUCK ME !!!!!!” I was almost hysterical as I was sounding as if I was gonna cry, full of emotion , pleasure and fear all mixed into one as he was reducing me to a howling hungry fuckee. It was insane. He started grunting “Let me fuck you good, let me fuck your asshole, let me FUCK your asshole!!!!” over and over again and when that man finally said “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna CUM!!!!” He reached under and grabbed my cock and started jerking it off fast and hard and suddenly ‘OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” we both started to cum together. Not only was he a big dicked powerful fucker, he was also considerate of my pleasure and gave me a hot reach-around to make me cum too. Wow !!!!When I cum while getting fucked I cum with heaving loud, out of breath, blood curdling sounds. He started screaming out loud to compliment my sounds of a shuddering anal orgasmic orgasm and filled my stretched out and presumably damaged asshole with 2 weeks worth of backed up, nasty, million-sperm-packed cum. My asshole greedily took it in, drank it, absorbed it, welcomed it, nurtured it as he pumped every last drop out of his cock into me as I said “That’s right baby, that’s right, give me every last drop of that nut, fuck every drop inside my asshole, give it to me, give it to me, every drop, that’s right Daddy, give it to me”I was still ass up , face down, drenching in sweat, shaking and quivering, my hole still feeling stinging shocks of post orgasm pleasure and the pillow below was soaked with my cum güvenilir bahis siteleri as he finished his long overdue nut. He went to start to slip his massive cock out of my mancunt and I reached back and grabbed his thigh and said “No please, please keep it inside me Raj, please” and he slowly collapsed onto my back. Sweaty, stinky as fuck cause men often get stinky from a good hard long wild fuck, and his body odor was intoxicating enough to begin with, and his hot breath was against my ear as we both just moaned and basked in the warm glow of satisfying man to man sensual sex.It took a while for our breathing to slow down. He just kissed the back of my neck and shoulders so nicely with his big hands on top of mine and his cock still deep inside my asshole. It was a very loving moment after some torrid sex and passion.Then he softly said, “I want to look at your asshole” He slowly slid that huge flaccid schlong out of my asshole and I put my ass in the air so he could spread my cheeks and look at my hole. Without him asking I started to push the cum out of my wrecked pucker along with some wet farts. I was scared that some shit would come out too cause although I did clean out my asshole before he came over (not anticipating sex but prepared if it were to happen) I didn’t know his cock was gonna reach so high up in that ass that it would make me shit but I was good and clean thankfully. He moaned “Ahhhhh, yeah that’s it, show me that cum filled pussy” as I pushed and farted out the remnants of a HUGE load that my rectum received. Then he slipped two fingers fully inside to make sure there was none left and massaged my prostate some more to help get any leftover cum I may have had in my own manly plumbing as I moaned out loud and my toes curled up tight as fluid dripped out of my dick from his post orgasm prostate massage. Ahhhhh it felt so nasty good too. This guy sure knew a man’s anatomy just as much as I do. He said he needed to shower so I told him where the bathroom was. I was completely spent, weak in the legs, satisfied that I was able to please a man like him and praying to God almighty that he would want to come back for some more ass, and if he wanted me to be his and his only, I was willing to be that one who gives it up to only one man , whenever he needs it, that manpussy only belonged to him. He came out of the shower and got dressed. I just laid there watching him get dressed. Socks, underwear, shirt, pants, shoes. So sexy, I love watching a man getting dressed almost as much as I love to watch him get undressed. He gave me a wet deep kiss and said it was some of the best sex he’s had in a long time, I told him that I would love to have him over again, and he said “Oh believe me, I will be back. You know how to make a man feel like one, and today, I feel like a new man thanks to you. My wife could never satisfy me the way you just did. I know I wanted to come to you to talk about my marriage, but as soon as I walked in through your door, I couldn’t help myself. I’m very attracted to you.” I told him I was happy to oblige and that I had never been fucked like that with such a huge cock in my life. And it was true. After he left I showered up myself, washing my stretched used asshole with some warm water up inside it to clean it out. I also made a habit after I get fucked with a big long dick to squeeze some preparation H ointment in it especially after a savage fuck, and if I haven’t been fucked in a good long time as it helps ease soreness after.The next day I was sore for sure. Ouch, even when I tried to slip a soapy finger up my asshole in the shower that morning after taking a somewhat painful shit, it hurt so I rinsed out my rectum with warm water and lubed it up with preparation H again, I knew I’d have to do that for a few days to completely heal. Obviously a stretched out asshole has some tears in it from a merciless fucking big cock and we bottoms know that comes with the experience of it. The soreness is a testament to dirty male pleasure. Same for women who get the pussy (and or the asshole) fucked, or get a bruised cervix or overly stretched out pussy hole from a big long dick. . We need a few days to heal from the trauma, but so worth it.I spent the day relaxing and recovering and in the early evening as I was in a robe and warm socks , enjoying a couple of cold beers and watching TV, he suddenly called and wanted to come by. I told him he was welcome to come by but my asshole was recovering from his damaging fuck so no sex please at least for a few days. He laughed and said he only wanted to come to see me because he missed me already. Those heartwarming words made me instantly say “Yes, please come by” and that I was missing him too.Soon he arrived and came in. We kissed and embraced and I handed him a beer. He drank it as I had my second beer and we talked about how good it was the day before. I told him as soon as the soreness stops I’ll let him have my asshole again but that I needed a few days to heal up. He smiled softly, but soon, seductively .”Oh boy, oh no” I said to myself. Raj, being the dominant Indian man that he is, just sat on the bed and slowly began to take off his shoes. He just glared at me, letting me know without saying anything, he wanted some more pleasure. My thoughts suddenly were a combination of fear, arousal and duty to have to please him again but there was no way in hell I was gonna get fucked again with a sore asshole. Just now way at all. I always let another man know when he could fuck me again, but I was totally weak for Raj. He took off his pants and underwear and kept on his socks and shirt and laid back on the bed and spread his legs wide and said “If you’re not going to let me fuck you tonight, I want you to lick my balls and asshole and suck my big cock, give me the pleasure I want. ” Do you not love the way a man takes charge when he wants to be satisfied? Admit it, you love it and that’s ok.My mouth started to water as I fearfully took off my robe and crawled up to his spread legs and started licking and kissing the inside of his thick hairy thighs and he began to moan. iddaa siteleri I have excellent oral skills when it comes to pleasing a horny man. And I took my time showing him how good they are. I licked his big balls and slobbered on his big cock. I went down south and used my tongue to lick the space between his balls and asshole and then bent his legs (while holding the balls of his socked feet) back to get the tip of my strong wide tongue into the center of his musky sweaty asshole and pressed it in and started that manly wiggle that drives horny men wild with pleasure. He started gasping and grunting and panting as I ate his asshole like a hungry man with tongue deep licks and motions. His cock was soon fully erect and I started to suck it while using the tip of my finger inside his asshole much to his supreme delight. I started to taste the salty wetness of his pre cum and I knew he was really turned on and I could definitely hear it in his sexy manly voice. My intention was to give him a good long slobbering blow job and swallow all of his cum, but that wasn’t his because he simply knew his power. Just when I thought I was gonna get him to cum he suddenly , but gently pulled me up to straddle him. “Come here Roberto” he softly said, “Come here to me”. At first I felt comfortable and moaned as I laid against his big warm body and the kissing was again sloppy and wet, but when he started to try to get me to mount his big cock I suddenly said “Oh no buddy, I’m sorry but I can’t let you fuck me tonight, I really would love to please you again that way but I just can’t do that yet, I’m really sorry Raj. Your big cock really did a job on me yesterday and I’m too sore.” He just looked at me and started to make me sit on the dick. “Come on, come on, come here” he kept softly saying. It was almost creepy the way he was saying it. Not mean or forceful. but coercing, convincing, inherently demanding. I found myself saying over and over again “I’m sorry, I just…..can’t….Raj….I’m….sorry….please…..I just….can’t” And as I was saying it, I was letting him guide my ass to sitting on that big long wet dick. It’s as if I was hypnotized.What the fuck was I doing? How was I gonna let this well endowed man fuck me again and my hole won’t be able to take it? Or that it will bleed because it was already stretched and sore and in pain from the day before? Why can’t I just say no? Why?Boys I’ll tell ya. I was scared shitless (no pun intended) but my cock was rock hard and dripping pre cum as I let him work that big dick all the way up into my asshole again. My asshole felt like sandpaper as I finally sunk it in, to the balls after several attempts to do this without excruciating pain. But, by now, you know the authority a well endowed man has when it comes to getting his way right?He was in complete control as I continued to beg him to please not make me sit on the dick and to please stop fucking me as tears were welling up in my eyes with my head on his chest. . It was painful, and I really feared I was gonna start to bleed yet my asshole was still loosened from the day before when he fucked me so it’s not that he couldn’t fully penetrate my cunt, it was the combination of fear and pain that made me think it was impossible.He coached me well on sitting on it slowly and when I felt it painfully fully penetrate me I just laid on top of him still saying I can’t let him fuck me over and over again, as he kept saying “Come on, come on, come here, don’t back away, come on” as he started to fuck me. Slowly, deeply as I straddled him while he strongly held my ass cheeks, and I gave in completely to his need and desire. That man took me for a good long ride of slow ,balls deep fucking. No painful fast thrusting, just a good long deep slow ride. I was completely limp on top of his body as he held my bubble butt cheeks and fucked me nice and easy. The kissing was wet, we both started to sweat, the beer added a nice relaxing touch and our hearts were touching as I once again made myself cater to what he wanted. He fucked me for a good half hour nice and easy and while still sore, it wasn’t overly painful and started to feel good the longer it lasted. I guess I felt by then (but not earlier), that it was my duty to please this man despite my own physical pain. His curved cock pressure that was stimulating my prostate amplified deep inside me as his thrusting soon became faster and faster and I matched his thrusts with my body and asshole, and when he hit that spot up inside my asshole just right “Ohhhhhhh Godddddd!”I started to cum hands free shaking and howling and almost screaming as he soon began to cum too. I might have said before I have anal orgasms and contractions whenever I cum, and I’ll say this, in this case those contractions hurt like hell. It was the only time I’d ever had a painful orgasm which intrigued me just as much as it scared the fuck out of me. But the extreme pleasure from cumming made the pain insignificant. We both came, hard and good, and we both were satisfied. This time when I came I couldn’t stop grunting, even after as I sat impaled on his cock I kept grunting, and shaking, and shuddering until I finally calmed down. It was heaven on earth boys, heaven on earth.I guess I learned that if I truly didn’t want a man to fuck me, and I already have a sore asshole, that I’ll just have to say “No” if he wants to come by again and let him know the next time he could come by. But see with certain men, a guy like me isn’t supposed to say no. I’m supposed to show him that I’m his to use for sexual pleasure when he wants what he wants, and wants what he needs. I needed to show him that despite him telling me he was ok with no fucking that it doesn’t matter and that he is the man that’s in control and he has all the power to call the shots anytime he wants, which I will willingly accept , welcome and appreciate.That was the beginning of a beautiful, loving, special relationship that I shared with this incredible man for a couple of years. And we had fantastic sex every time, and believe me, there were many times. I allowed myself to fall deeply in love with him but we both realized after a couple of years it was time to end it for the sake of his marriage, but I sure treasured it while it lasted. I miss him to this day but have moved on. I truly hope you enjoyed the story, and it was a true one.