gillian anderson

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gillian andersongillian anderson: teachers pet by nojThe insistent buzzing sound and little electronic jingle signified that his phone, lost somewhere in the front room was ringing. Following the sounds, he rummaged around on the sofa, down between the cushions till he felt the vibrating phone and pulled it out. Flipping it open, he saw it was his mum ringing him, which was a little strange since she’d only gone out for the day to meet some people. He pressed answer and held the handset to his ear, wondering what she had to tell him that was so important. “Hey mum,” he said, stifling a yawn. “Hello, just rung to tell you something, got some good news for you,” she said, sounding quite proud. “Yeah, what’s that?” he said, now more interested than he had been.”Remember Gillian Anderson?” she said. His heart skipped a beat and he hoped that his mother didn’t hear the gasp. His mum had met Gillian Anderson whilst working as a production team member a few years earlier and they’d just sort of kept in touch and been quite friendly really. He’d had the privilege of meeting her a couple of times, but only for a brief hello.”Yeah sure I do,” he replied, hoping he didn’t sound too excited.”Well I ran into her today, she’s in town for a few days and I asked if she could give you some pointers on your acting. She is an award winner and all that after all,” she said, on the brink of rambling. He didn’t care though, just the thought of seeing Gillian Anderson in some kind of personal manner made his mind race. He was sure she could help his acting, he wanted to get into quite a good acting school and needed to be good, so he was sure someone of her experience could help.”Uh yeah that sounds great,” he said. It was more than great, he was ecstatic. He’d get to see the sexy redhead again for the first time in a few years, and now being much older he was sure he could appreciate even more of her.”Good. Well I’ll just let her know you’ll take her up on it. She said to drop by her hotel to see her about eight,” she said. “Sure,” he mumbled, taking down the details of the hotel as he tried to keep his mind from playing out every possible fantasy, at least till he put the phone down.”Ok great, well I’ll see you later,” his mum said and hung up. He snapped his phone shut with a finger, breathing quite fast now and feeling his cock already swelling. Alone with Gillian Anderson in a hotel room, it was more than enough to get him up as his mind played out all the little fantasies it could as fast as it could about the fiery redhead. He took a deep breath and calmed down a bit, just making sense. There was no way she was going to do anything his mind had just conjured up. Gillian Anderson is a professional and impressive actress, she was simply offering her skills as a friendly gesture to his mum in order to help him, which he needed to stay focussed on. He needed extra credit, and her name on his references certainly wouldn’t hurt. He glanced at his watch, which told him it was only nearing four in the afternoon. Figuring she might want him to at least have something to work with, he decided he best go and rifle through some of the scripts and pieces he had for something to use.After a while searching and finding three he thought might be of use, he figured he’d just go online for a while, check his e-mails and so on, trying to keep his mind from wandering to the sexy Miss Anderson, who for so many years he’d wanted a chance with. This was a great opportunity, but he needed to use it for his future. Not ruining that by thinking he had a shot, or that she’d be interested in him for anything other than a bit of teaching. Still, he couldn’t help but look up a few pictures of her to keep his mind ticking over. After a while surfing, he figured he best grab something to eat and a shower ready for the evening. Just a quick pasta meal was all he needed before taking a shower. He picked up his can of Lynx, eyeing it for a second before standing it down.”Nah,” he said to himself, realising how stupid it was to think the Lynx effect even worked, and that it would have any sort of effect on Gillian Anderson other than to overpower her. He finished getting ready and then headed out to walk to her hotel. It was a nice evening, and since he wasn’t too far from the main body of the vibrant city he might as well walk. Around 20 minutes later, he showed up at her hotel, walking into the immaculate lobby and looking for the lifts. A large sign made it obvious, so he walked over and into a small corridor where a bank of lifts awaited him. He pressed the button and one opened straight away to his fortune, stepping in and hitting the button for sixth floor.He listened to the tacky music from the small speaker, watching the counter gradually tick past the floors as he felt the slight sensation of rising under himself. Nobody else called that lift, and the doors slid open on the sixth floor. He stepped into the cream corridor, bathed in soft light from the wall lights that lined it and looked for a door to see which way to go. He walked along to his left seeing the rooms four and five, so turned back and headed the other way, following the doors till he came to room nine, Miss Anderson’s suite. His heart was already pumping fast, he could hear it in his ears with his heavy breathing as his nerves got to him. Stopping for a minute, he took a couple of deep breaths and calmed himself down, shaking his sweaty hand where it’d been clutching his scripts. He raised his slightly trembling hand and knocked on her door, standing up straight and hoping he looked all right. Hearing footsteps, he took a deep breath and waited for it, hearing the door click as she opened it. “Hey there!” she said with a big smile, the stunning redhead looking great in a very Scully-esque black business outfit. Jacket and tight pencil skirt, black heels and a white silk blouse which was tight fitting and undone at the top. He couldn’t help but notice her black lacy bra peeking over the top a little and offering a slight cleavage, which didn’t help his already active mind. “Hey,” he mumbled a little nervously, unsure whether to look her in the eye or not. “Well you sure grew up since I last saw you, when was that? About five years ago now right?” she said, looking thoughtful for a moment. “Yeah I think so,” he said, noticing her full red hair, still as glossy as he ever remember.”Wow. Sorry where are my manners, come in,” she said, holding the door open wider for him. “Thanks,” he said with a smile and stepped into her suite, the air smelling slightly perfumed. “We never got properly introduced, I’m Gillian,” she said, smiling and holding her hand out. He reached out and shook it gently, smiling back at her, wider this time.”I couldn’t forget,” he said, just wanting to put at least some kind of hint of his adoration of her. “Well plenty of other people seem to manage,” she said with a giggle, turning and leading the way into her well-furnished accommodation. He wondered quite what she meant by that comment, but followed her without saying anything more on it, looking at the nice surroundings she had in her hotel room.”Have a seat,” she said, waving towards the large leather sofa dominating a large area of the main room. He sat down, sinking into the plush cushions and leaning against the arm. To his surprise and exhilaration, Gillian dropped down on the other end, settling herself in and turning to him. “Umm I brought some scripts with me,” he murmured, unsure quite what to say. “Oh don’t worry about that just yet. Tell me a little about yourself, why you wanna go into acting and stuff,” she said, smiling pleasantly and putting him at ease. “Umm well,” he said, caught a little off guard by the question, his mind temporarily shrugging and leaving his body to deal with it. “Come on don’t be shy,” she said, offering a hopeful expression after seeing his near-terror.”Well I’ve always been interested in TV and films, enjoyed drama. People said I had a natural sort of talent for it so I just sort of followed that. Want to get into a good acting school, which hopefully people like you can teach me how to be good enough to do,” he said, looking up at her.”Wow, well I’m flattered,” she said, keeping a good humour and attitude. “No problem,” he mumbled, not even sure if she’d heard. “Don’t worry, I’m sure I can teach you something of use,” she said, almost purring at him as she said it. He shook it off, knowing it must be just his mind playing tricks on him. “So what about you, what you working on at the moment?” he asked, hoping he sounded more confident. “Oh a few things, done a couple of TV shows here and some stage work, won an award if you heard?” she added, evidently wanting to impress him just a little bit. “Yeah I read, well done,” he said, shifting a little on the soft leather couch.”Thanks,” she said, crossing her legs sexily, the skirt slipping up to offer him a slight glimpse of thigh. There was a slight moment where he just caught her eyes, holding her gaze before she broke it and stood up. “Would you like some wine?” she offered, rather unexpectedly to him. He was a little shocked by her offer, really thinking she’d just be a complete professional with him.”Uh…sure,” he said, trying not to sound surprised. She just gave him a smile and turned and walked to the kitchen area, and he couldn’t help just staring at her arse, wrapped tightly in the snug black skirt. Gillian gave a glance back at him, just enough to kaçak iddaa make him quickly look away and give her a little private smile. He heard her clinking a little with the wine bottle and glasses and watched as she re-entered the room, unable to stop his eyes from looking straight down her top at her perky breasts as she leaned over to stand them on the table. He hoped his breath catching in his throat wasn’t obvious, making sure he wasn’t staring as she sat back down on the sofa. Course she’d heard, and was quite enjoying the effect she was having on him as she reached for the wine. “Hope red’s ok,” she said as she cracked the bottle open and poured them a glass each.”Fine,” he said, reaching out to take his as he admired her smooth legs. He wasn’t the biggest fan of red wine, but wasn’t about to say so when sharing a glass with Gillian Anderson. She picked hers up and gave a little clink with his glass with a giggle before taking a sip. They chatted for a while over their glasses of wine, encountering lots of subjects, and he couldn’t help noticing they’d slid a fair bit closer together on the sofa when she took him by surprise. “So, do you have a girlfriend?” she said simply, looking over her nearly empty glass. If he hadn’t just swallowed his wine he was sure he’d have spat it out, looking up at the gorgeous red head who simply offered a smile. “No not at the moment,” he said, looking back down at his empty glass. “Ahh poor baby,” she cooed, slightly sarcastically at him with a giggle.”What about you?” he returned, looking her in the eye. She looked as if she’d been almost relishing the question, just giving a slightly playful smile. “Nope, I’m single right now,” she said, pouting just a little at him. “Ah right,” he said, not quite sure what to say to it. “So why don’t you have a girlfriend?” she said, tipping her head back and swallowing the last of her glass of wine before standing the glass down, offering him a chance to ogle her pert breasts under the suit. “Uhh I dunno really, guess I’m not that out going, bit shy,” he said, unable to meet her eyes for more than moment. “I’m not so sure, you seem to be pretty good to me,” she said, eyeing him. He instantly looked up at her, wondering whether he’d heard her right.”Well you seem quite confident, you came here tonight after all, having never met me properly before. You do acting and all that, you seem to be pretty solid if you ask me,” she said, giving him a smile he hadn’t seen before, a slight look in her eyes. He couldn’t help but feel a slight thrill, his cock taking it as a sign and swelling slightly in his jeans. He just hoped it wouldn’t be visible to her, as it could easily be taken badly. “So what about you, why you still single? Surely there’s plenty of men…” he’s trailed off. She eyed him for a second before responding, giving him a moment to sweat.”Well it’s never that simple is it? Relationships are always hard work, and things just don’t always work out. After all, I have needs too,” she said, looking him in the eye firmly, her tongue just touching her upper lip. They shared a moment, him barely breathing before she looked away, just arching her back a little bit and pushing her chest out. He couldn’t stop himself from looking, taking in the full shape and perky form of her breasts, pushed up delightfully by the lacy bra.”Why are you staring at my tits?” she suddenly said in a firm tone, looking straight at him. His eyes instantly snapped up to meet hers as he panicked on the inside, his brain screaming at him how he was busted and that he should’ve stayed focussed as he’d promised himself. He knew he couldn’t even attempt to bluff his way out of this one, and just decided to suck it up and admit it. “Because they look great, and they’re distracting me,” he said, not sure what to expect. She just stared at him for a moment, then broke into a sly, sexy smile.”That’s funny, because you’re cock’s what’s been distracting me,” replied, glancing down to the now obvious bulge in his denim caused by his nearly hard cock. He inhaled sharply at her comment, his mind suddenly giving him a rerun of just a few of his fantasies about the redhead. “Well that’s umm, I mean it’s…” he said, stumbling through his words, not sure what to say to her. “Don’t even try. I gave you a hardon, admit it,” she said, her slender hand sliding onto his leg and rubbing his thigh slightly. He glanced down at her hand, then back up at her as she smiled at him suggestively with her cute lips, coated in a deep red lipstick. “Yeah you did,” he said, unable to hold her gaze.”Good,” she said with a wider smile, leaning forwards and pressing her lips against his. He wasn’t quite ready for her lip lock, but didn’t waste any time joining in, opening his mouth to accept her probing tongue which has pushed insistently against his lips. Their tongues mingled, sliding past one another as their lips worked one another’s, her soft ruby pout an absolute delight. She broke away with a soft wet noise, pulling herself close to his ear. “I’m not wearing any knickers,” she whispered, pulling back with seductive look, a playful glint in her eyes. He just stared at her, unable to keep from smiling himself. “You’re so hot,” he whispered, just saying it spontaneously.”Damn right, and I think that cock of yours needs some air,” she said, sliding both hands to the crotch of his jeans. He couldn’t have stopped her if he’d tried as she skilfully undid his belt and button, yanking his zipper down and pulling the denim open. Her fingers slid in, quite eagerly seeking his cock out before she hooked it through his boxers, pulling it up so it stood proud out of his jeans, tenting his shorts up. “Oh yeah that’s what I like,” she mumbled as she stroked him firmly through his shorts. “Oh Gillian,” he mumbled, his normal brain barely functioning now as the X-files star fondled him.”Come on baby, come stand here in front of me and let me get a proper look,” she cooed, enticing him off the soft leather sofa. He was a little unsure, but stood up and shuffled in front of her as she led him by his cock which she had refused to let go of. His jeans slipped down as she quite fiercely pulled his shorts down, letting his rock hard cock spring free. She gave a gasp, eyes widening as she locked them on his 9″ cock, looking up and down the thick length, completely shocked he was so well hung.”My my, you are a big boy,” she said huskily as she grabbed hold again and started to stroke him. He just gave a groan of pleasure in response as she jerked him, her warm, slim hand working him expertly. He’d been told by a couple of his previous girlfriends he was endowed, but to impress Gillian Anderson with it really made his day. She had leaned forwards in her seat, and he could feel her warm breath on his shaft and balls.”Thanks,” he mumbled, unable to think of anything else. “I should be thanking you, and I think I will in return,” she said with a smirk, leaning back from where his cock had been almost in her face to sit against the comfy leather. “You were staring at my boobs, I think it’s only fair you see them now,” she said sexily, reaching up and pulling her jacket back onto her shoulders. He stared, fully hard now as she pulled the black suit jacket off and threw it aside, then just rapidly flicked open the buttons of her shirt as she stared up at him with hungry eyes. The shirt fell open and exposed her breasts, tightly wrapped in the black lace, pushed up quite well by it. Gillian arched her back and pushed her chest out to him, making him gasp as she slipped the silk top off and threw it with her jacket, leaving just the bra. “Ready?” she said, knowing he more than was.”Have been for years,” he said softly, unable to tear his eyes from her chest. She gave a slight giggle and reached behind her, pulling the hooks apart so it dropped loosely, her breasts falling slightly with gravity as she reached back round and slowly peeled her bra off, revealing first her right breast, then the left as she slid the black lace down her slim arms and threw it aside. She gave him a little show, pushing her chest out again and giving a little shake so her boobs jiggled hotly, the stiff nipples pushing out invitingly, just begging to be sucked. He stared at her perky breasts, a good handful to him and simply awaiting his grasp.”You know, I don’t think my boobs quite equal your cock unless I do something with them,” she purred, eyeing him lustily. “Well what can you do with them?” he asked quite confidently, urging her to show him. “Oh you’ll see,” she said with a saucy smile, pulling her legs up so her heels were on the sofa, spreading them to allow him a glance up her skirt. He didn’t refuse it, looking straight up her tight black skirt and seeing that wasn’t lying about her knickers. He couldn’t see that much, but saw a good bush between her legs, tantalizing but she didn’t give him a chance to explore, sliding off the leather sofa onto her knees before him.”Close your eyes baby,” she murmured softly, looking up at him with a lick of her lips. He did as she asked, after all there was no way he was gonna turn down the stunning Gillian Anderson when she was now topless for him and coming on strong. He felt her warm breath on his cock for a moment and her fumbling around a little, then felt warm, soft flesh enclose his large erection, pushing tightly round his length. Gasping as he felt her bullet like nipples press into his body, he tried to make sure he canlı casino siteleri stayed still as she now held her beautiful breasts round his shaft and started to move up and down. He moaned throatily as her warm, supple boobs slid up and down him, nipples grazing teasingly along his body as she moved, bobbing on her knees. “Oh god that’s good,” he mumbled, feeling a slight shiver run through him.”Told you you’d see,” she said with a smile he could just hear in her voice. He just gave a smile before inhaling slightly as he felt her warm, wet tongue pressing on his stomach, licking up and down him as she bobbing, using the rougher side of her tongue as she went up, and the soft underside as she moved down. She continued at a steady pace for a couple of minutes, her beautifully soft breasts stroking his thick shaft delightfully as her tongue teased and tickled his stomach, him giving light groans and murmurs of enjoyment. Suddenly she relaxed, letting her perky tits drop and bounce lightly on her chest as she sunk to her knees, making him look down.”I said shut your eyes,” she said sternly, looking him in the eye past his rock hard cock. He immediately did as she said, feeling her warm breath on his balls again before her slim hand grasped him, squeezing the base of the head and then giving him a couple of expert strokes before slipping off him, placing her hands on his hips. A few seconds later, thousands of his fantasies were made a reality, and completely blown to pieces by the real thing. Her hot velvet mouth closed over the head of his swollen cock, the wet, hot haven fitting perfectly as her ruby pout closed just behind his bulbous head, her tongue just toying at the underside for a moment. He just gave a soft groan of pleasure before gasping loudly as she pushed down, easily sliding 5″ of his large cock into her mouth so the tip touched her throat, having absolutely no problem taking it in.”Oh god,” he breathed as she took him in, feeling her jaw move a little as she settled herself, then her grip on his hips tighten before she pulled back on him, slurping back to just the swollen head before pushing all the way back down and pressuring her throat. He felt her throat moving round his tip as she pushed him in another inch or so, then push him back out as she drew him right back to just head again, loosely pouting round it before she let him slip from her moist lips.”It’s ok, I love a challenge,” she growled, stroking him for a second before sliding back on again, giving him a couple of slow, sensual bobs, her experienced tongue working at the underside of his shaft in little flicks as she moved up and down, just teasing him a little before forcing down again. She pushed 7″ of him into her mouth, the large head sliding well into her throat now but couldn’t quite get all the way, but didn’t gag and simply slid him back to her mouth and suckled at him further. Gillian reached up and softly stroked and brushed over his balls as she worked at his shaft with her tongue, slowly slipping up and down him sucking firmly with her talented mouth. She lulled him a little with the soft hollows of her mouth, making her cheeks bulge as she did, the almost delicate softness relaxing him before she suddenly pressed down again. He gave a gasp as she breathed out sharply through her nose, forcing herself down and pushing him all the way in, her nose burying in his pubic hair. He felt her throat contract and then relax round his head and shaft now deep in her throat, her lips stretched over the base of his large cock, pouting and kissing softly right round the bottom of his cock. Letting out a deep groan, his hips automatically pushed forwards a little at her, making her rock on her knees. She looked up at him from under her eyebrows, somehow managing to portray a dirtily innocent look as her tongue worked expertly at the underside of his shaft, working in small circles with the tip along what was still in her mouth. She started to slide him back, making him jump as she suddenly started to nip him. It was like an electric shock as she gave a little nip every inch or so as he pulled out, giving one final one just below his bulging head as she pulled him right back to her lips. The fiery redhead slipped him back out so her gentle lips were on his large purple head, suckling just teasingly at his tip before taking him back in, swirling her tongue round the head before sinking him all the way back into her throat with a moan that sent vibrations into his cock.”Oh god!” he gasped, unable to keep himself from grabbing her head. The American gave a little laugh through his manhood, loving how much he was loving her blowjob. Holding herself down a second longer, she squeezed his head with her throat before pulling back, still keeping at least 5″ of his large cock in his mouth, drawing a quick breath and then pushing back down and up again swiftly with a hum as he groaned and battled his urges, fingers twisting in her red hair. She gave another light bite to his cock and then started to quickly bob her head, humming steadily as she took him all the way in and out of her throat, all 9″ plunging deeply to her buzzing vocal chords and back. He couldn’t stand it any more and grabbed her head fully with both hands, hearing her give a deep groan of pleasure as he gripped her and thrust into her mouth.He couldn’t speak even if he wanted as he started to thrust into her, feeling her easily and eagerly take all 9″ of his cock down her throat, something no girl had ever done for him before. She had considerable oral talent to say the least, her head rapidly moving up and down him to take his thick cock all the way into her every time without even so much as a watering eye. He was now more face fucking her than she was sucking him off, and she wasn’t trying to stop him, so he continued, picking up the pace now he felt the sensations rising. Pumping swiftly now he drove in and out of her throat, Gillian Anderson taking 6″ of him every time into her still humming throat, her tongue working overtime to tease and stimulate every inch of his cock she could get to, lapping up the sides and under the head as he rapidly thrust into her wanton mouth.”Almost there,” he breathed, only spurring her on to aid in slamming her head down on his cock further. Feeling his rock hard cock pound into her throat, the head buzzing deeply every time it drove fully in was all it took, and he couldn’t hold it back. In a moment of confidence and perhaps insanity, he yanked backwards, pulling his 9″ cock out of the sexy redheads open mouth. She gave a startled choke of shock and then a gasp as he pulled her head back with a handful of her head, jerking his cock for a split second with the other before he blew his load. As he came his first spurt was hard, landing in a long string across her pretty face into her hair, his second and third almost as powerful, landing thickly across her eye, which she had rapidly closed and her nose. He gave a couple more spurts, landing over her lips and chin, quite a bit going straight into her open mouth as she gasped for breath following the deepthroating.As the last of his come leaked from his cock, now softening in front of her face, all there was to break the silence was their heavy breathing. He tentatively let go of her hair, seeing that despite her closed eyes Gillian had quite a shocked expression from the facial, and he was really unsure how she’d react. Worrying she’d be angry by his rather degrading action, he stepped back a little and waited nervously. After a moment, she closed her mouth into a smile, opening the one eye she could and giving him a come faced grin. His eyes widened and he inhaled as she visibly swallowed the sperm that’d landed in her mouth, giving a little shiver of obvious pleasure. “Good to see you take the lead, you’ll want lead roles,” she mumbled through her covered face, a drip of come slipping down her chin. She slid her tongue out and sensually licked her lips, taking in his thick load from them and then giving a sexy little giggle.”Except, I thought I was teaching you acting, not porno,” she joked as she stood from her position on her knees, where she was evidently very comfortable. He had to laugh, and was glad she wasn’t angry by his decision to come on her face, leaning more to being turned on if anything. She walked to the bathroom and got herself a towel, walking out as she wiped her face off, perky breasts and tight nipples proudly on display. She wiped the last of the thick gooey come from her eyelid and looked up, blinking with a smile as she could use both eyes again. “That’s better. Now you better get going, else your mother will be asking what I’m doing to you here, and you surely wouldn’t want to risk me telling her the truth would you?” she toyed playfully, giving him a sexy glance and smile.”No I don’t think so,” he said with a smile, feeling much more relaxed as he pulled his shorts and jeans up, tucking his satisfied cock back in. Gillian didn’t bother to dress, simply eyeing him quite interestedly as he got ready, then walking him to the door. She didn’t attempt to cover herself up, standing in just her heels and skirt at the door in front of him, topless to any passer by, though seemingly uncaring. She leaned forwards and kissed him fully, her tongue attacking his lips and seeking his own out, holding him in an embrace tightly so that her hard nipples pressed through his shirt. With a juicy casino şirketleri pout she broke away from him, giving a sexy smile as she playfully pushed him out the door.”Tomorrow I get to swallow, and it’ll mean there’s less chance of you knocking me up,” she purred, peeping round the door with her lusty eyes as she closed it, leaving him standing quite taken aback outside in the hall. He quickly glanced around to see if anyone had seen them, but there wasn’t a soul in sight, just him in the hall with a semi and a state of near disbelief of what had just transpired with the X-files babe, Gillian Anderson. He turned and walked towards the lift, unable to stop a grin breaking across his face, refraining from jumping in the air with a cry of triumph. He headed home quite quickly, time getting on and all and he didn’t want any hassle, so broke into a light jog in the cool evening air.After a night filled with dreams and flashbacks of the beautiful redhead, he awoke to another pleasant day with a rock hard cock and a smile. Knowing he wanted to wait till that evening in case Gillian Anderson lived up to her suggestion and did give him another shot, he didn’t want to waste any time masturbating. It led to a frustrating day, luckily he could just stay home and do some work into jobs for extra acting credit and didn’t need to worry about being seen in public. By the time he headed out it was evening and nobody would’ve been able to see anyway. He managed not to run, and arrived at her hotel, passing a few people as he entered since it was only early evening. Taking the lift to the sixth floor, he headed along to room nine again and, taking a deep breath, tapped on the door. He heard footsteps, then the door opened, bathing him in light around the delectable Gillian Anderson in the doorway.”Evening,” she said with a sexy smile. “Hey,” he said, unable to stop himself smiling fully back. She was wearing her business suit again, though the jacket was more open and she was going braless as best he could tell, the silk shirt following her feminine curves. “Do come in,” she purred with a wink, turning to lead him into the suite. He stared at her ass, tight and inviting underneath her black pencil skirt, which he was sure was shorter and tighter than the day before. He followed her shapely legs, clad in black nylon, which disappeared up under her skirt and led down to her black heels, giving her a sexy professional look. He pushed the door shut, flicking the lock just in case of any potential interruptions and then went after her, letting her lead him into the main room again. Not wasting any time, she turned and kissed him hard, her arms reaching round and pulling to her tightly. He was a little taken aback but returned her kiss, their tongues immediately wrapping together, fighting and curling with each other as their lips pressed together. His hands slid round and down her back, groping for her tight arse, feeling its firm shape through the skirt. She broke away from him, leaving a slight red mark round his lips from her lipstick.”Sit down,” she said strictly, almost snapping at him. He was about to comply, though it evidently wasn’t fast enough for her and gave him a firm shove, making him lean back and flop down on the sofa. Gillian threw all pretences to the wind and dropped to her knees in front of him, flicking open her jacket button with her slender fingers and throwing her smooth red hair back with a flick of her head. She leaned forwards, chest pushed out so that her perky breasts strained the silk, stiff nipples prominent. Her hands immediately found his crotch, undoing his belt and trousers in mere seconds.”What the…” he said, still a bit surprised by her brazen attitude but loving it, his cock now solid in his jeans. “Shut up, I’m doing exactly what I said I was gonna do. God help you if you jerked off today,” she snapped, looking him straight in the eyes. He breathed an internal sigh of relief that he’d managed to hold off, not wanting to disappoint her and knowing it’d paid off. She had his jeans open in a few moments, fairly yanking them down his legs along with his shorts so his 9″ cock sprung up from the confinement, hardening fully in the extra space.”God you don’t know how I got myself off last night,” she groaned as she took hold of him, making his mind spring to life with fantasies about her pleasuring herself after her fantastic throat job the previous night. His cock jumped in her hand as she said it, making her smile and look up at him. “Oh you like the idea of getting off do you?” she teased, stroking him up and down before leaning down and planting a wet kiss on the top of his bulbous head, making him groan. “Oh god yes,” he gasped, pushing his hips up slightly. She immediately brought her free hand into play, pushing his hips back down onto the soft leather sofa.”You’ll see what it’s like when I come later,” she said with a devilish smile, licking her ruby top lip slowly before lowering her mouth to him again. Her soft red hair dropped down and tickled at his groin as he felt her soft, warm lips on his cock again, placing tender, wet kisses on the underside of his cock as her slim hand squeezed and played with the tip. Not wasting any more time he felt her drag her pout back to the top of his cock and straight over the head, the warm lips offering an entrance to the velvet heat of her mouth which she plunged him into, making him grunt in pleasure, his cock twitching. She worked her tongue up his length, just fluttering the tip up the underside of his stiff shaft as she started to suck firmly at him, the sensations pulling at his cock delightfully. Getting moving, she bobbed her head quite powerfully, taking about half his length fully in her mouth.”Oh Gillian,” he breathed, not really having more coherent thought at that moment in time as the beautiful red head went down on him. She pulled off with him an almost gratuitous slurp, sliding her hand round the base of his cock again and gripping him quite firmly and just jerking him slightly. “It’s Miss Anderson,” she said firmly, looking up at him again before lowering her head and dragging her tongue up his cock, making him shiver, his hands clenching by his sides.”And another thing, if I even feel your hands brush my hair I’m gonna use my teeth,” she growled, just lifting far enough off his large cock to speak, her warm breath beating on the tip of his erection. He heeded her warning enough to push his hands into the sofa as she sucked his cock back into her mouth, pushing down 5″ so that the tip hit the back of her throat. Gillian pulled back and started bobbing her head, working quite briskly up the 5″ she could get into her mouth, lips stretched round the thick shaft as she pulled him back to pout at the head before sinking him back in. She sucked firmly all the way, using her tongue to lap up around the sides of him as she worked, building up a little more pace before slowing again. She started to rub him in the hollow of her cheek, the soft wet flesh feeling fantastic on his bulbous head before she pulled him out, slipping her hand round him again. Pulling his cock up, she stroked him slowly as she slid her tongue onto his balls, using it to lift one into her mouth and suck at it before moving to the other, using her tongue to tickle him before letting him slip out again. “Oh Gi…Miss Anderson,” he groaned, just catching himself in time.”Damn right,” she purred as she kissed back up his cock, pushing it back into her mouth and sliding her hand onto his balls. Pushing down, she pressed him against the back of her throat, then lifted on her knees a fraction more and shoved him down into her throat. No hesitation this time, taking every inch of him into her mouth as her fingers toyed gently with his balls as they pressed against her chin. Pulling up about 3″, she kept him in her throat and bounced her head up and down a bit, just teasing and stimulating his swollen head with her throat as it constricted and pulsed round him. In a long motion, she swept back on all 9″ of his cock to the head and then plunged back down so she was balls deep on him, humming deeply and lapping with her skilful tongue as she sucked as hard as she possibly could. Having been hard nearly all day it was more than he could stand and his cock gave a jerk, alerting her instantly to his imminent orgasm.She pulled back and opened her mouth, just resting the tip of his hardon on her bottom lip as she took hold of his cock and started vigorously stroking, wanking her hand up and down him briskly to get him of. He held out as long as he could, which was only a few more seconds than if he hadn’t tried she was so good with her hand. With a deep grunt he came, his hot load spurting into her mouth, the first shot straight to the back of her throat. Gillian didn’t even flinch and just kept jerking his cock as the thick ropes of come ejaculated into her mouth and onto her tongue. He gave a shudder as he relaxed, his climax ending along with the slowing of her hand. She closed her lips over him and sucked the last drops of his load into her mouth, slurping off and leaving him clean.”God that was good,” he gasped, looking down at her on her knees. She just smiled up at him, then opened her mouth and showed his thick load lying on her tongue. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open slightly at her little display before she closed her mouth and swallowed very deliberately, a smile slipping over her lips and her body giving a little shiver in pleasure that made him inhale. “So, why the suit?” he asked, just having to ask to sate his curiosity.”Any man I’ve ever fucked loved it when I looked like Agent Scully,” she said, flicking her eyebrows.The End