Girlfriend, Her Mom & Me II

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Girlfriend, Her Mom & Me IISo anyways, I now had Judy and Wendy where I wanted them. Judy would do whatever I told her to do, and Wendy tied to the bed naked, spread eagle and wet as a faucet from kissing her Mom. I told Judy to sit on Wendy’s face. She climbed up on her face and sat down. Wendy started licking her Moms pussy. I stuck my finger into Wendy’s pussy and wow was it wet. I climbed up and stood on the bed so that Judy could suck my cock while her daughter was eating her. I couldn’t hold out long and shot my load all over Judy’s face and chest. I told her to have Wendy lick it off of her…. She moved down and Wendy licked her Moms face and neck. asyabahis yeni giriş I untied Wendy since she was now co operating with the situation. Since we had a suite with a Jacuzzi tub in it. I filled it with hot water and the 3 of us got in. Wendy and Judy were cuddled up together on one side and I got to watch the 2 of them playing with each others boobs, licking and sucking on the nipples. After a while the water started cooling down and Wendy and Judy turned the tables on me. They worked together and tied me to the bed. My cock sticking straight up. Wendy sat on my face while Judy sat on my cock. They were facing each other and started asyabahis güvenilirmi kissing. After they both had orgasm, they switched places and I was eating Judy with our mixed juices while her daughter rode my cock. Judy was amazed that I was still hard and told Wendy that the last couple of months I had given her more orgasms then she had in over 20 years being married to her father. After about my 7th or 8th orgasm my cock was wore out. But these ladies didn’t want to waste the time together and 69 on the bed. Judy came about 2 minutes into it and Wendy right after her. While Wendy was still licking Judy’s pussy I started licking asya bahis giriş her ass. She knew I wanted anal but wasn’t sure that she could take my cock there. I told her that there would be no pressure. Just tell me to stop when she wanted me to. My cock started rising thinking that it was going to take her anal cherry. Wendy knew what I was going to do and slid out from under her Mom. Wendy got some ky jelly and started lubing my cock. I was sliding 2 fingers into Judy’s ass while I left plenty of saliva there. As Judy was already on all fours, I stood up next to the bed and she backed up to the edge. I slipped the head of my cock into her ass. She screamed into a pillow, I just let the head of my cock stay there for her to get used to it. When I started to slowly go in and out of her ass. Wendy made sure to use a little more lube to make it easier on her Mom. That was the first time we did a 3sum. But definitely not the last.