Gloryhole Gabbie 03

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Gloryhole Gabbie 03I woke up with a sore jaw and a crick in my neck. It was a record number of clients for me at the glory hole last night. I lost track of the official count, but it was over twenty. My first hiatus must have made people crave me more, because that was over double the number of clients I usually had. I made a killing in tips. What was most surprising about that night was that my dad had returned for another round with me. Even more surprising still, he left me with a parting gift of a creampie.Most guys wear condoms at the glory hole. The manager, Priya, is very strict about it. But if you submit the right paperwork and an additional fee, you’re allowed to go bareback. People were allowed, but it wasn’t very common. That night I had sucked several condom-covered cocks before my dad showed up, and I was busy attending to one of them when he pushed himself through the hole in the booth behind me. I was falling behind, so I offered my vagina to the mystery man behind me in the booth that night and only after the fact did I discover it was my bareback dad.I worked a double that night, so by the time I got home he was already asleep. Had he been awake, I would have talked to him about what happened. The first time he came was a surprise to both of us. The very nature of a glory hole means I didn’t know who was on the other side. But after I swallowed his cum and found out who it was, the resulting conversation made me think it would never happen again. Last night he came to me, knowing I was there. What did that mean?When I walked into the kitchen, the smell of bacon and waffles greeted me. “Morning sunshine! You slept in. Long night at the, uh… at work?” he asked, taking orange juice out of the fridge and pouring me a glass. I sat down and ate a slice of bacon that was the perfect amount of crispy and fatty. He pried a waffle out of the iron and plopped it on a plate for me. “Yeah, it was a long night,” I said. I wasn’t sure how to bring up what happened. There was no way he wasn’t thinking about it. I spread butter on my waffle and drowned it in syrup. We stared at each other for a moment.“So, uh, can I ask why you… well, let me do that?” he asked, growing sheepish.“Let you cum in my pussy?” I said, trying not to sound upset. I wasn’t upset, but I was damn curious and confused. I just didn’t want him to feel any hostility. “Yeah. That.”“Well, for starters I didn’t know it was you,” I said, eating a chunk of waffle and washing it down with orange juice, “and I also didn’t know you weren’t wearing a condom. I was kinda… well, I was occupied and every other guy that night had one so I just assumed.” His face blanched. “Oh god, you didn’t know it was me? But you said you remembered me. You told me to cum inside you,” he said, bordering on stammering. “I tell all the guys I remember them, it helps their egos. And I encourage guys to cum because it excites them and helps them finish faster,” I said, shoveling another mouthful of waffle into my mouth. He gave me the one hundred yard stare.“I see…” he said. I crunched on a piece of bacon as we both gathered our thoughts.“I’m not mad or anything, but can I ask why you came back? Even when you knew it was me?”He stared at me like a deer in the headlights. “I guess I wanted to scope it out a little better. Make sure you were safe. The first night I went I was the only one there, apart from that woman at the front.”“That’s Priya, she owns the place.”“Oh, she seems very nice. Anyway, I wanted to go back and see what kind of… clients you get. Make sure things are on the up and up.”In most cases, that would be a perfectly legitimate argument. He adopted me as an infant and took care of me even after my mother died, so my safety has always been of primary concern to him. Where that story fell apart was that he actually entered the booth looking for my ‘services’.“Right, well how come you came into the booth then?” His face turned bright red as I asked that, and I could tell he was growing increasingly uncomfortable. “Don’t worry, dad, I’m not mad! I just want to understand is all.”“I-I, uh…” he stammered.“Really dad, I promise I’m not upset. Just be honest with me.”He softened a bit. “I really, honestly was there to check on you. But seeing all those guys waiting for you, hearing them talk about how amazing you are… it got to me. I knew they were right. That night a couple weeks ago was incredible. This feels strange to say as your legal guardian, but-” “Legal guardian?” I interrupted with a snort, “Come on dad, you changed my diapers, put a roof over my head all these years. You’re my dad.”He smiled. “Given the circumstances, it feels… inappropriate.”“Oh, I get it, but it’s true. I’ve always seen you as my dad, and I always will. Anyway, I interrupted before, what were you saying?”His eyes shifted up as he tried to recall his train of thought. “Oh, right. I was going to say you have a gift.”“For blowjobs?” I laughed. He shrugged and laughed with me.“After our first encounter, seeing and hearing those guys talk about you, I guess I got distracted.”“Our first ‘encounter’? Dad, stop using these weird PC words. Just say ‘the first time you gave me a blowjob’ or ‘the first time you swallowed my baby batter’ or something a normal human would say.”He cringed and laughed. “Normal humans would never say baby batter.”“I’m just trying to get you to lighten up. It happened, now we’re talking like adults. No one is at fault or in trouble or anything.”“Sometimes I feel like you’re the one taking care of me,” he said, staring in to my eyes as I polished off my waffle.“I certainly took care of you last night. I’m still leaking,” I said. His face contorted to embarrassment again. “Oh c’mon dad, I’m trying to be cool about this! Meet me halfway.” The embarrassed grimace turned to a reluctant smile. I could tell it was difficult for him now that he knew I was unaware of his presence last night, but he was adapting.“Anyway, after seeing the crowd last night, knowing you are taking men into your vagina without protection, and the fact that you were up so late makes me worry. I’m not sure if I want you to continue working there.”I rolled my eyes. “He says after he nuts in me for the second time.”“Look, I’m not going to stop you. I respect your decisions and, based on our first heart-to-heart about this, it seems you enjoy it. But it would be irresponsible of me as you father not to at least say my piece.”“What are you worried about?”“The obvious things. STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, abusive men.”“Most of the guys are very nice, kadıköy escort I’ve never had a problem. Plus, I’ve been on birth control since I was fifteen and all guys have to submit paperwork to go bareback. You know, you did it yourself.”“Yes, but what if they lie?”“Priya gives you a coin that you have to give me. The first time you rolled through the booth, I ignored it because you were my only client and you seemed really nervous. I never do that, but I made an exception that night.”“Oh, that’s what that’s for? I thought it was a souvenir.”“Nope, that’s my token to know you’re clean. I didn’t take it from you last night because I didn’t know you were bareback.”“I see,” he said, resting his chin on his fist as he thought. “I still don’t know if I’m comfortable with it.”“I promise, I’m totally safe,” I said, but I could tell he still wasn’t convinced. “How about this, what if you come with me next time and just watch? See how cool everybody is and that I’m one-hundred percent fine.”“You want me to come watch you blow random men?”“Dad, you’ve came in my mouth and my pussy. You’re in no place to judge,” I said, giving him a firm look.He stared at me, trying to break my resolve. He knew I’d never budge. “I guess you’re right. When are you going next?”“I don’t know, I gotta text Priya. But based on how many people came last night, it seems like I’m in high demand.”“May I ask exactly how many people came last night?”I raised an eyebrow and smirked at him. “Did you just make a sex pun regarding the number of men I blew?”“I’m trying to adapt,” he sighed.“I love it, please don’t stop,” I laughed, “and I don’t know, around twenty.”“Wow,” he said, shaking his head a little, “Busy girl.”“Made about four-hundred bucks in tips.”“Hot damn, really? If you keep that up, I won’t have to pay for your college after all!”“Let me text Priya and see when I can go again,” I said, grabbing my phone to do just that.Fortunately for me, last night was such a hit that Priya practically begged me to come in again. The money was too good and, despite my sore jaw, I had a lot of fun. I spent most my day finishing up homework and studying for a test I had later in the week because if she wanted me to do a double again, I would accept. That meant I probably wouldn’t get home till pretty late, and if I was going to convince my dad to let me keep going, I needed to stay on top of my school work. Even with the short notice Dad was willing to go along too, and said he’d call in sick if we stayed out too late.Strange as this may sound, it was nice to have his support. I was very confident after he spent a night with me in the booth his fears would be assuaged. That meant I would get to continue doing what I loved and making bank doing it. Also, like every other passion in my life, I simply wanted him to endorse it. He was at all my volleyball games, debate meets, graduations and other events. He was always there when I needed him, and his love and support for my side hustle was no different. That’s not to say I want him in the booth with me every night, I just want him to accept it and be on my side because it makes me happy. I wanted him to be… proud isn’t the right word, but I wanted him on board with my decisions and most of all, confident that I could handle myself.As night rolled in, I got my usual booth items together and hopped into my dad’s truck to make our way over to the sex shop. Normally I have to take an Uber since I don’t have a car, so I was grateful to have him drive me this time. I was surprised that he was keeping a pretty cool head. I imagined he was nervous and uncomfortable. If he was, he didn’t show it. We found street parking a few blocks away. I didn’t want to use the lot in case someone recognized us. I texted Priya that I had a friend who was going to watch. Telling her it was my dad didn’t seem like a good call. She was disappointed when I told her it wasn’t a possible new talent for the booth. Before I even arrived at the shop, she asked if I could work a double. It seemed like I was a hot commodity. With the key Priya gave me, I let dad in through the back and snuck him inside the booth. It wasn’t very big, so we were pretty cozy, but I let him sit on the chair while I got comfy on the floor pillows. “This is it, huh? It’s actually nicer in here than I thought,” he said, looking around and playing with the light dimmer.“Yeah, Priya takes care of me,” I said, wiping down surrounding area with a sanitary wipe. I connected my phone to the Bluetooth speakers in the room and started one of my play lists. “How long does it usually take for someone to arrive?” dad asked.“There’s always an early rush and usually a late one. As soon as Priya lets them back I’ll get one roughly every five minutes.”“Most guys cum that fast?”“You said it yourself, I have a gift.”We heard the door to booth one open and close. I turned to face the wall, putting my hair up with a hair tie on my wrist.“You don’t get naked?” dad asked.“There’s no need, they can’t see me. Unless someone makes a request, I just stay in my tank and shorts.”“Hey darlin’, is that Gabbie in there?” the voice in booth one asked.“You know it tiger, you excited to see me?” I said. My dad smirked and shook his head.“I had such fun last night I couldn’t help but come again,” booth one said.“I certainly hope you’ll be cumming again.”“Hehe, you’re too much,” booth one said as his semi-hard cock slid through the hole wrapped in rubber. Without further ado, I opened my mouth and took booth one into it. He moaned and let me work, first sucking him to full hardness before bobbing my head up and down his shaft. As my first dick of the night, he was basically my warm up. I angled him into my mouth every which way, stretching out my cheeks and warming up my jaw, even deepthroating him a few times to relax my throat. Dad said nothing as he watched. Since I was busy blowing booth one, I couldn’t tell how closely dad was watching. Maybe he was embarrassed, averting his eyes until the deed was done. Maybe he was watching my every move, like his own personal show. For his sake, I hoped it was the latter, otherwise he’d have a long and arduous night. Once my mouth was warmed up, I sucked hard and bobbed fast until I heard a knock on the wall between us. That was standard glory hole etiquette, signaling he was about to cum. With a condom on, it was more of a courtesy, but I appreciated it all the same. I felt booth one’s cock buck and twitch in my mouth üsküdar escort and kept up my bobbing motion to let him ride out the waves of pleasure as long as he could.His groan turned to a giggle as his cock became too sensitive and slipped out of my mouth and out of the hole in one motion. “Amazing as always darlin’, thank you!” he said, pushing a crisp twenty-dollar bill through the hole.“Any time tiger,” I replied, putting the money in my purse next to me.“And that’s it, huh?” dad asked.“Well, he’s just the first. There’s gonna be more.”“Right. I mean they come in, you suck ‘em, they leave. That’s it.”“Yup, pretty much. Does that make you feel better?” I asked.Booth two jiggled as the door shut behind me. I turned around to address it. “Is that Gabbie in there?” “In the flesh,” I said.“You’re a popular girl,” my dad whispered as booth two’s cock slid through the hole. It was bare.“Got a token for me, stud?” I asked.“Oh, right, sorry.” His dick disappeared and a coin came through. I took it and placed it in a cup by my knee. “All good?” he asked.“All good, gimme that thing,” I said.Booth two’s cock slid back through the hole, more eagerly this time. I opened wide and took it without hesitation, sucking gently at first to help him harden. My face slid up and down his thick shaft and I wiggled my tongue under the belly of his cock, trying to use extra tongue since I knew he’d feel it better without a condom. That’s the kind of experience he’d want, and if he was willing to go the extra mile for it, then I was going to as well.“He’s going to cum in your mouth?” my dad whispered. I reached over and tapped the bucket next to me. This was an instance where the knock was helpful, so I knew when to stop sucking and finish him off with my hand. I kept a steady rhythm, sucking and bobbing while wiggling my tongue as much as possible to give booth two a flurry of sensations. I heard him knock.I pulled my face off his cock and stroked him with my hand. “Mouth, mouth, in your mouth please!” he huffed. Quickly I wrapped my lips around his cock head, but kept my hand going up and down his shaft. His cock exploded with cum, shooting spurt after spurt while I jerked him into my mouth. Once his cock stopped twitching, I slid my face off him and spit his load into the bucket.“Did you swallow it?” he asked, out of breath.“Of course hon, why wouldn’t I?” I said.“God, you’re amazing,” he said, shoving two twenties through the slot and leaving.I looked over at dad, who seemed flustered. “Guys who make special requests usually tip well,” I explained, trying to justify taking his load into my mouth.“I understand,” he said, looking no less uncomfortable.“It’s not very common.”He pointed over my shoulder. Booth one had a fresh cock waiting for me. I crawled over and held the rubber down his shaft while I sucked it to life. Or tried to, at least. I worked for a little over a minute without much progress. “Everything ok, hon?” I asked booth one.“Yeah, I’m sorry,” he said, sounding bashful.“Anything I can do to help?” I asked.He paused. “Can… can I feel your pussy?” “Go wash your hands in the bathroom outside the booth and to the left.”The man quickly left and washed his hands while I wiggled out of my shorts and undies. Dad watched uncomfortably. “You can look away, if you want.” He didn’t respond. His face looked hot and uncomfortable. I couldn’t tell if he was upset or not. Booth one returned, and I turned my back to the wall, pushing my butt toward the hole and spreading my legs a little so he could feel whatever he wanted. A clean hand poked through the hole, cupping my booty and squeezing it before it slid between my thighs. I felt his fingers lightly probe my vagina lips, massaging them and teasing a little. To my surprise, dad’s eyes were fixed on booth one’s hand. He watched with laser focus as fingers tickled my thighs and gently pushed inside me. He swallowed hard as booth one’s finger disappeared.“It’s OK dad, I promise,” I assured him. His eyes stayed focused on booth one’s fingers as they slid in and out of me. I couldn’t tell if he was ready to break the guy’s hand or if he was just amazed that I was allowing it. Booth one slid a second finger inside me and I couldn’t help but moan a little. Sure, it was a complete stranger, but I was allowed to enjoy it. Dad shifted in his seat. Booth one pulled his fingers out of me and pushed his cock through, now rock hard, and pushed against my vagina lips. “Can I?” he pleaded. This was very irregular for me, and of course it was happening while my dad was trying to decide if I should be allowed to do this or not. Then again, I didn’t want it to seem like I was hiding anything or holding back. If he was going to be comfortable with this, he had to know exactly how I handled things. Not that he had any illusions.“Sure hon, knock yourself out,” I said. He had a condom, it would be fine. I pushed my hips back and pressed my booty against the wall, pushing booth one inside me and letting him work me at his pace. Dad’s face was completely flushed at this point, and he kept shifting about in his seat. To my relief, booth one pumped fast and came quick. After his cock left my body, I noticed my own arousal was rising. “Gabbie’s back there, right?” a voice in booth two asked as booth one zipped up his pants.“Sure is, hon!”“Can I feel your chest again? They’re the best I’ve ever felt.”Great, another special request. What happened to all the regular suck-and-go guys? “Sure hon, hold on,” I said, lifting my tank top. I looked over at my dad, suddenly self conscious. With my shorts already off, I would be naked when my top came off. I’d never been naked in front of him before, not in many, many years, and certainly not since I got my curves. Oh well, I had a job to do.I took my top off, followed by my bra, and kneeled in front of booth two’s hole. A hand came through and immediately started pawing at my chest. “They feel so good,” booth two said and an unmistakable fapping noise came from his side. Again, dad stared at my chest with intense focus as booth two’s hand cupped and squeezed.“You can go if you want, you look miserable,” I whispered. “No, it’s not that,” he said, shaking his head.“What is it? There’s a bathroom outside if you need-”“It’s not that either.”Booth two pinched my nipples and sent a shiver through me. “What is it?”My dad let out a heavy sigh. He pulled his eyes away from my chest to look at my face. “I’m just… I’m aroused is all,” he said, shame in his voice,” I can’t help tuzla escort it.”I was relieved. This whole time I was waiting for him to explode and tear the walls down. “Just whip it out and take care of yourself,” I said as booth two grunted next to me, his grip on my breasts relaxing. “I don’t know Gabbie, I don’t think-”“Dad, again, you’ve came in me twice. We’re passed modesty. Do your thing.”The tension in his face disappeared. It was like he’d been waiting for me to give him the green light this whole time. Without further objection, he unbuckled his pants and tugged them down to his knees, freeing his already rock hard cock. My eyes widened as I saw it. It was bigger than I remembered. He worked his shaft as a cock slid through from booth one.I turned around and took booth one into my mouth, holding the condom down by the base because he couldn’t quite fill it. It felt strange being completely naked in front of my dad. Duh, why wouldn’t it be. But it wasn’t strange because I felt vulnerable and exposed. It was strange because I felt comfortable, even with him masturbating next to me. What did that mean? In a few short minutes booth one was twitching in my mouth with a cock already swaying for me in booth two. I crawled over to tend to it, bobbing and sucking like normal. Now that I was less worried about dad, I turned my face to look at him, pushing booth two’s cock head against the inside of my cheek as I did so. Dad was staring at my breasts, and I became suddenly aware that they were swaying and jiggling with my bobbing. To help him out, I cupped one hand under each breast and lifted them, plumping them up for his viewing pleasure. If I got him to cum quick, it’d probably help him relax a little, which would make this whole night better for both of us.He smiled at me. “You’re something else,” he huffed, working his shaft fast as he stared at my chest. I turned my face back to booth two long enough to make him cum. When the man in booth two left, I was grateful for a moment of respite. Doing one after another like that is always tough, but that was how most early rushes went. My dad let out a heavy breath and stopped masturbating. He looked tired.“What’s the matter?” I asked.“Nothing, I’m just running out of gas.”“We’ll be here for a while, don’t feel any pressure to finish quick.”Two black dicks came into the booth, one on each side. I assumed they came in together because they both had tokens and bare cocks waiting for me. I took one in each hand and started stroking them to life. Dad’s eyes went to my chest again, and I felt the girls swaying with my hand motions. “Think you can handle both of us?” the voice in booth one asked.“Absolutely,” I said, leaning over to wrap my mouth around his cock while my hand stroked his friend. “’Atta girl,” the other voice said. I positioned myself in the middle of the booth facing my dad, two black cocks on either side of me and his in front. I spent roughly thirty seconds sucking on the first cock before leaning over to suck on his friend, letting my hands keep them company while my mouth tended to the other. It was kind of fun, having an audience. I originally started working at the glory hole to make sure I would remain anonymous. Having someone inside, watching me, gazing on my body and pleasuring himself was exhilarating. The fact that it was my dad made it even more thrilling. Why was that? What about this taboo scenario had me so riled up? Maybe it was because I knew I was bringing him a certain kind of happiness he hadn’t had in a long time. Maybe I was just a kinky horndog. As I swapped back and forth between the two black cocks, stroking and sucking, licking and lapping, I saw dad’s face turn into an almost primal hunger. The whole time he’d been pleasuring himself, he had a sort of horny eagerness in his eye. Now it had turned into a carnal need. This would be the third orgasm of his I’d taken part in, and for some reason that gave me butterflies.To my surprise, both men on either side of me knocked on their respective walls. Were all three of them going to cum at once? No freaking way! I felt both cocks harden in my hands, so I sped up. I pulled my mouth off the guy I was sucking and looked my dad in the eye, though he was still staring at my jiggling chest. I heard a grunt to my left as booth two’s cock erupted, shooting sperm onto my left cheek, shoulder, and breast. A second later the man to my right erupted as well, and both of their cocks bucked hard as they showered me in their cum. I kept both my hands going, jerking them both onto my body as I looked my dad in the eye. He stood up. He took two quick steps over to me and looked down into my eyes. I don’t know what came over me in that moment, but I instinctively opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue for him.As the two thick, black cocks on either side of me continued to spurt their loads and dribble cum down my wrists, my dad blasted a hot, thick load of his sperm right into my mouth. The second spurt missed and covered my chin, while the third and fourth hit my chest and dripped down my breasts. His other loads went wherever he managed to point them, eventually getting back to my mouth.I felt a bizarre sense of empowerment, having three cocks coating me with their loads all at the same time. I was responsible for all three of their pleasures, and I was the sole target of their affection. Literally. As all three of their cocks emptied out onto my skin, I couldn’t help but feel good about myself. I felt sexy and wanted. My dad stared down at me with a mixture of love and lust while his balls emptied onto me. I stared back, mouth agape, and patiently let all three men finish. “Ah, shit babydoll, that was amazing,” booth one said as I squeezed from base to tip, making sure his shaft was empty. I did the same to his friend, and between the three of them I was covered head to toe in cum. My dad stared down at me and huffed as he milked himself over me, letting the last little bit drip into my mouth. The cocks from booth one and two disappeared, replaced by twenty-dollar bills.I closed my mouth and swallowed what my dad shot in there, which I’ll admit was quite a lot. I then licked my lips and watched as he slumped back down on the little chair in the room with us. Three at the same time? That’s a first for me. Then a thought occurred to me, and I started laughing.“What is it?” my dad asked, catching his breath.“It’s dumb,” I said, shaking my head.“C’mon, tell me.”“I got a hat trick. Three goals in a row,” I laughed. He started laughing with me. “Feel better?” I asked. Hot, white sperm dripped down my arms, face, breasts, everywhere. I was completely covered.“Much,” he said as I dug into my purse for a sanitary wipe. Clean up would have to wait, however, because a fresh cock poked its way into booth one. I scooted over, naked and dripping with cum, and stroked the new cock to life.