Goldee Lox, the 3 Bears

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Goldee Lox & the Three Bears

Once upon a time, there was young girl name Goldee lox. Goldee was a sexy young woman, her measurements are 32-28-24, lips sweet as “tootsie rolls” and an ass even J-lo would envy. One day Goldee was walking down a street of her home town of Fairyville; when she had a strong urge to pee, she was very far from home and not really close to a public bathroom, and certainly too shy to squat in the bushes. She saw a house nearby and took a chance to ask if she could use their bathroom.
Knock, knock…
A woman answered the door. “Yes, may I help you”, the homeowner asked.

“Hi my name is Goldee”, she said doing the pee pee dance, “may I ….”

“First door on the right “Teddie said sliding out of her visitor’s way.

Goldee rushed into the bathroom and relieved herself. After she finished she went out into the house and thanked the kind woman and the two women properly introduced themselves.

“Hi my name is Teddie Bear, you okay,” she said sitting on her ultra soft Mother Goose goose down filled Recliner.

“Yes, I am fine, thank you so much”

The two women began to chat, and became quick friends after learning that they each were a part of the same sorority. Teddie thought the woman before her was truly sexy, she had full lips, DD breast and an ass she wanted to feast on and let her new friend know just how she felt.

Goldie stunned by this revelation and just looked at Teddie up and down. she decided she found her attractive as well. Teddie could be Angela Bassett’s twin, she had abs of steel and a mouth full of titties with nipples standing at attention.

Teddie reached for Goldee and planted a deep succulent kiss upon her chocolate lips. Sucking all the sweetness from them, she could muster.
“Uhh ahh” Goldee moans between kisses.
She reached for Teddie’s breast and began massaging her nipples through her sheer lace shirt. Goldee tweaked the sepia nipples, slipped her tongue into Teddie’s mouth, and explored the taste of a woman. She had never kissed a woman other than her mother; this was very new to her.

Teddie guided her onto her lap as they merged in the recliner sinking into the soft feathers. Teddie reached under her new friends top and massaged her huge mouth-watering breast. She separated her mouth from Goldie’s and connected with her nipples. Goldee let out another harmonious moan, as she enjoyed these new sensations. Teddie kept her lips on Goldie’s mounds and let her fingers caress her goodness through her silk panties. This made Goldee’s excitement explode. This caressing went on for what seemed like an eternity. Teddie then slipped her hand into Goldee’s panties tickling her lover’s awaiting bud, and then finally slipping one then two fingers into her tunnel. Goldee was extremely wet by this time. Teddie stood her up and pulled off her soaked undergarment with her teeth for added effect. Then she kissed her navel and all around it before indulging on her prey. Teddie feasted on her sweetness, darting her tongue in and out of Goldee tunnel and nibbled on her clitoris. The sensation rushed through Goldee body causing her to become weak in the knees. Teddie eased her into the recliner and buried her face into Goldee sopping pussy.

Teddie being satisfied with her effects on Goldee began to pull off her clothes and played with her own clitoris. The two ladies connected lips again, and for the first time Goldee could taste her şişli bayan escort own pussy. She wondered what it would be like to return the favor. She started kissing Teddie’s neck, made her way to her breasts, taking her time allow each of them to melt in her mouth. After a moan escaped from Teddie, she released her lips from her nipples and took the southern route. ; stopping only at her navel and then hairless pussy. She hesitated before placing her mouth to Teddie’s pussy; basking in the aroma of a woman, she kissed Teddie pussy. ; separating each lip with her tongue, softly licking between her folds and flicking her tongue franticly at her clitoris. Teddie went into a violent orgasm. At first this, scared Goldee, but after realizing it was a good thing, she continue to exert maximum pleasure, feasting on her lover and becoming engulfed in all the decadent syrup that flowed from Teddie.

“Your pussy, is so soft, I can’t get enough,” Goldee mutter between breaths.

“Ahh” Goldee screamed after seeing a man in standing in the doorway of the room. The man was handsome, the color of caramel, and looked as if he worked out on a regular basis. He stood stroking his engorged member. His dick looked to be about 12 inches.
“Oh, hi honey” Teddie chirped. “Goldee this is my husband Grizz Lee Bear”

Grizz nodded to the ladies as a form of salutation. He walked over to where his wife was sitting with Goldee at her side. Teddie quickly grabbed his huge dick and took over stroking it for him before taking it into her mouth. She slurped. , then looked over to Goldee who looked to be in a state of shock. “It’s ok, you can taste him if you like,” Teddie offered.

Goldee hesitated for just one moment before kissing just the head on Grizz’s penis. Teddie resided to her recliner massaging her clitoris, while watching the enticing show. Goldee began to enjoy the taste of the dick in her mouth, allowing more of it in mouth. When she had reached her limit, she rhythmically moved her tongue up and down the huge cock. She watched as teddie played with her clit, and Grizz began to twitch from attention his dick was receiving. He grabbed Goldee’s head and pushed into him so he could touch her tonsils. Gagging on his huge member, Goldee eased back and a trail of saliva flowed from her mouth and his dick. Feeling a void, she licked at his ball, then back up the shaft with her tongue, allowing only the head to enter mouth. This drove Grizz over the edge, he exploded in Goldee’s mouth. This was the first time Goldee had ever tasted a man’s cum. She was by no way a virgin but she was experiencing a lot of first that afternoon. Teddie had also had another orgasm. She walked over to her husband and kissed him deeply, she still had the taste of Goldee’s pussy on her lips. Grizz became immediately excited, and pulled both teddie and Goldee into him, alternately kissing them. Teddie and Grizz sandwiched Goldee. Grizz kissed her lips, and breasts, while teddie licked at Goldee’s scrumptious ass, sticking her tongue in her asshole. Goldee was at a total lost, she felt that this was wrong but could not stop because it brought insurmountable pleasure. Grizz led her to his chair, it was a hardback chair, and not as comfortable as teddie ultra soft Mothergoose Goose down filled recliner.
Goldee leaned over the back, on her knees as Grizz gripped her ass. At first, he inserted only his finger, into her awaiting pussy, then two. Goldee moaned. Grizz rubbed şişli escort his 12’ cock at the opening of her tunnel, before plunging deep into her, then slowing pulling out. He repeated this motion at least 3 times, causing Goldee to beg him to fuck her. He fucked her so hard with that big dick that she could feel him tapping on her kidneys. Grizz slapped her ass and rammed his dick into her. She stood up from the hard chair and he pushed her to the wall, and lifted her leg for better access. He then carried and sat her on the coffee table, pushing her knees to her shoulders. He began to bang her until she begged him to stop. Goldee’s pussy made sloshing sounds as Grizz pulled out of Goldee’s pussy and grabbed a bottle of lubricant that teddie had left on the table. He pour the hot liquid down Goldee‘s ass and his dick. Slowly he punctured her asshole, easing in inch by inch. She flinched from the pain, and then relaxed, as more went in. Grizz began to pump again, slowly at first, so she could get use to it, and then fucked her extra tight asshole just as he had her pussy. She was lost in ecstasy. Teddie came over and started to kiss her lips, this increased the already mounting pleasure. Just like that, Goldee had her first assgasm. Grizz, felt him self begin to swell inside of her ass quicken his pounding, erupting inside her ass. He pulled his self from her hole, Teddie quickly licked the cum that seeped from her asshole.

They all lay in there positions, too tired to move. Teddie was the first to move. She helped Goldee to her feet. The two adjourned to the shower. Teddie turned on the steaming hot water and they washed each other’s bodies. After cleaning her, Goldee who was still completely horny, took Teddie’s left breast into her mouth, then her right. She slipped her fingers into teddies pussy, causing Teddie’s sex syrup to coat her fingers. After their playtime in the shower, wrapped in towels they went downstairs and found Grizz in the kitchen fixing lunch for them. Grizz hugged and kissed his wife, as he handed her a tuna sandwich. He asked Goldee if she ate tuna. She said yes. The three of them sat at the kitchen table in silence, as they ate, each in their own sex-filled thoughts.
“Hey, cuz” Black said walking in through the back door, kissing Teddie on the cheek, and giving Grizz a nod to indicate “what’s up”. Then his eyes connected, with most exotic woman he ever saw.
“Hi, my name is name is Jefferson Bear, but you can call me Black.”

Reaching out her hand, she replied. “Hi my name is Goldee, but you can call me yours”, as she dropped the towel that was wrapped around her body to the floor. She found him to be fine. She was still horny and she wanted to let him know.

Black was in total awe, looking at this intoxicating woman standing before him. He tentatively approached her grabbing hold of her extended hand. Black pulled her to him, and placed a soft kiss upon her chocolate lips. He sucked her up until the need to breathe separated them. He gripped her supple ass and found himself in love at first sight. He pushed Goldee back into her chair; the chair had a soft cushion and a sturdy back. It was just right. Black fell to his knees still kissing her lips, then release them to kiss her neck and shoulders. He then took his time too lick and suck the nipple of her right breast. He sucked on the entire mound while he gently tweaked the nipple of the left. Then he alternated, and did not move from her breasts for mecidiyeköy escort nearly 15 minutes.

In the meanwhile, watching the show before them Grizz began caressing and gently biting on Teddie’s nipples. Grizz pushed her onto the kitchen table, so that he could get a better vantage to her sweetness. He buried his head in her crotch. Teddie gripped her legs around his neck pulling him more into her, as she reached her climax, yet again in that day. Grizz orally brought her to orgasm 2 more times, before he turned her over on her stomach and plunged his yardstick into her quaking opening. He pulled her arms behind her back and fucked her to tears.

Black now had his talented tongue between Goldee’s pussy lips, kissing sucking and licking her. He slid two fingers into her pussy and one into her asshole, as his mouth attacked her clitoris. The extreme sensation caused Goldee’s body to quiver. When she could stand no more, He retreated from this pleasurable torture. Black stood before Goldee and she quickly released his throbbing dick from his pants and devoured it in one quick motion. She expertly took the entire length of his penis in her mouth. His penis was not as large as Grizz but he was surely at least 10’. He was just the right size for Goldee, as she was able to deep throat him without struggle. She truly enjoyed the feel and taste of his cock, her tongue performed tricks she was not aware she could do. He lifted her from her seat and their lips met yet again. She lifted her leg so he could slide into her dripping vagina. He filled her, without parting from her lips. Goldee was in total ecstasy as a man she had met only 30 minutes ago took her to limit a she never thought she would reach. The two of them climbed unto the large wooden table and she mounted his dick, gradually allowing more inside her, until she had him all in. She rode him as if she were a bucking bronco. As she leaned forward to kiss her new lover, she felt some one knocking at her back door. Grizz well lubricated from Teddie’s pussy and the synthetic lubricant eased his 12’ dick into Goldee’s asshole for the second time that day. Goldee allowed him to get his rhythm and then as she became more accustomed to the feeling of double penetration ,began to meet each of Grizz’ s thrusts. Teddie had also climbed on the table. She squatted on Black’s lips so he could taste her sweetness. Teddie was very familiar with the skill of Black’s tongue. The sweet sex syrup poured into his mouth.

Goldee was in total bliss from being fucked in both her ass and pussy at the same time. Teddie turned around on her knees so that Goldee could have access to her pussy and ass. Goldee lapped at teddies pussy, gently inserting her finger into Teddie’s ass. Suddenly Goldee erupted into orgasm as Black and Grizz fucked her, causing a chain reaction. Black came inside her pussy, Grizz pulled out and squirted his cum all over her ass.

After their fuck session, it was dark outside and it was time for Goldee to go home. Black agreed to take her. She thanked Teddie and Grizz, for the ultimate sexual experience, and they invited her to come back again.

As she got into Black’s car to go home, she reflected on her day and thought Teddie her lips and pussy were both so soft, Grizz his dick was huge and he fucked her hard, but Black he was just right. Black’s dick, lips and kisses were soft, his dick was (even at that moment) and he fucked her just right.

The End!!
Almost, Goldee released Black’s dick from his pants and sucked his dick all the way to her house. She invited him in to meet her boyfriend, who she called Simply Simon.