Good girls don’t wear panties Part 02

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Good girls don’t wear panties Part 02Continuing from were we left off in part 1……We drove to the address given to Joan by the hosts Mike and Barbara we drove up to the gate and sought to be buzzed in which took a few minutes as the party was in full swing. We finally got buzzed in and we drove down the driveway to the house and we were greeted by Barbara who was dressed very provocatively. We were handed wine and introduced to everyone.Joan and Barbara were not the only women dressed provocatively but Joan and Barbara in a competition would tie it up. I spoke to a few women with Joan beside me but soon drifted away to some of the men. It was there that I found out that we had been invited to a swingers party. I tried to stay cool but after a while I made my way back to Joan and asked her if she knew it was a swingers party. I was surprised when she told me that she did but assured me she was here for the social outing and that you never know we might see a show.Sure enough a hour or two later people were pairing off Joan was asked if she wanted to play by at least four guys but she turned them all down with a smile saying maybe next time. Next time? Then I thought about it, the company was good the drinks were free and Joan is just teasing so I decided to sit back and relax with Mike who filled me in on everything.Mike told me that Brad was expected to come to the party but pulled out at the last minute along with a couple of other guys which explained the numbers of women outnumbering men at the party. Mike gripped his hand on my shoulder in a friendly way saying that it rarely happens and that I should get amongst it. When I told him that Joan and I weren’t swingers he looked at me then at Joan and then back at me again.Mike couldn’t believe that I said we were not swingers he told me that Barbara was convinced we were because Joan didn’t seem to object to Brad feeling her up and asked if I knew about it. He also couldn’t believe that I did and that I was okay about it when we weren’t swingers. While we were talking Joan and Barbara were talking to two other women and every now and then Joan and the women would look over to us.Mike defensively told me that Joan was gorgeous and that if we had been swingers he would have liked to fuck her. Then he pointed out Joan’s Red Shoes and asked if I knew the meaning of a woman who wears them with an outfit like Joan was wearing and I told him I didn’t. He laughed and said that he somehow had the feeling that Joan did. Then my brain started ticking over and he realized it and said but then again she may not, either way your wife definitely looks the part. Then he asked who gets off on this more me or Joan and I had to admit that it was Joan.Barbara came over with drinks for me and Mike as she handed them to us she leaned over and I could see down her dress revealing that she was not wearing underwear at all, it was quite a sight as she was the first woman outside of Joan I had seen virtually naked for years and it excited me a little.“Not bad huh?” Mike asked assuring me it was ok to answer honestly and I told him that yes Barbara was nice. He called her back and asked if she knew that we were not swingers to which she just smiled knowingly. When I looked up Joan and the other women had left the room as Barbara sat down beside me and began talking to me. When I asked where Joan was Barbara said she has gone to watch the show with the girls.Intrigued I asked about the show and Mike and Barbara told me that some people like to be watched so they güvenilir bahis leave the bedroom door open others allow you to join in. The games room was for exhibitionists and the two spare rooms upstairs were for private swinging. And I was asked if I would like to go see for myself. I didn’t need to be asked twice so Mike and Barbara took me on the guided tour first it was the bedrooms. I was relieved to see that Joan was not there. We then went to the games room and there I saw Joan leaning up against the wall next to the two women openly playing with herself under her dress as she watched two men fucking some woman as everyone watched them and Joan. Mike excused himself and went in to the room, he was subtle but I could tell he was making a bee line for Joan. When he approached Joan he whispered something in her ear and she frigged herself harder. He stood beside her watching her and not the action on the mattresses in front of him. I was switching between Mike and Joan and the action and I was getting as hard as a rock when I felt Barbara’s hand on my ass. “Beautiful isn’t it?” she inquired and all I could do was say yes. Distracted by Barbara’s attentions which were becoming more an onslaught I almost forgot myself and when I looked next toward Joan Mike now had my wife’s pussy in his hand playing with it, he saw me and whispered in Joan’s ear again and she immediately looked over to me with a look of pleading in her eyes mouthing the words ‘Baby I want this’ then a look of lust took over her and she mouthed ‘Please baby’ I could see she wanted it and she could see I was rock hard and Barbara’s hand on my cock through my pants.Looking at my wife being masturbated by another man a while she begged me for my approval sent me over the edge into a haze of lust and then it happened I nodded. She weakened on her legs momentarily as Mike whispered in her ear again and kissed her. A few seconds later she looked back toward me and Mike whispered in her ear again and she mouthed what I now know to have been ‘He wants to fuck me’ as Mike told her to say ‘I want him to fuck me and I want you to watch’ It was then Barbara said to me “Not swingers huh?”,. Well it looks like she is going to be from now on babe, you’re a lucky man” with a wicked laugh as she grabbed my cock through my pants.A short time later Joan and Mike came over to us and said for us all to go upstairs. I asked Joan if this is what she really wants and she told me that she did and asked me if I was okay with it when Barbara jumped in and said that I would be and that I would end up loving it. Mike took Joan by the hand and lead her upstairs, her dress was halfway up her ass and Barbara commented on Joan’s ass and how by nights end it would be well used.We went to the room with the open door, Barbara asked me to sit on the two seater couch with her as Mike began kissing Joan and pulling her dress over her head he stripped and they stood there naked kissing as Mike’s cock poked at Joan’s belly. Joan made a move to step out of her heels but Mike told her to leave them on. My cock was rock hard and Barbara was stroking my through my pants as Mike told Joan to tell me again what she wanted.“I want you to fuck me” she said to Mike but Mike wasn’t satisfied and told her to look in my eyes and tell me not him. “I want him to fuck” he told her she was a good girl and she gave him a look of surprise. “Honey it looks like we have a good girl” Barbara then looked at me. Then Barbara got up and went over to them and told Joan to güvenilir bahis siteleri tell us about being a “Good girl”As Mike continued to play with Joan’s pussy and kissing her, Joan breathlessly told them that good girls don’t wear panties and that it was out little thing. Barbara now back on the couch watching Mike and Joan pulled my cock out and told me to watch and listen and began sucking me.Mike told Joan to get on her knees and suck his cock but as she did she was to watch Barbara and me. He told Joan that yes, good girls don’t wear panties and asked her why, she stopped sucking him to tell him she didn’t before Mike grabbed her by the hair and told her that good girls don’t wear panties because good girls that don’t wear panties are sluts. “Are you a slut Joan?” She told him she didn’t know. “Well Joan do you want to be a slut? Again she said she didn’t know. “I think you do Joan, I don’t think you want to be anything else, I think you just won’t admit it, in fact I think you want to be a complete whore, that’s what you really want isn’t it? Now in tears with Mikes cock deep in her throat Joan was released to answer, her answer shocked me when she said that yes she wanted to be a slut to be fucked and used like a whore. Then she looked at me.“What are you looking at him for? Are you apologizing?” Mike demanded as he pulled her up by her long brown hair which was wrapped around his hand. With a mixture of fear and lust Joan said no. Mike then told her to look into my eyes and tell me again exactly what she wanted. She hesitated momentarily and said. “I want to be fucked and used like a slut whore… and…I…I want to be used like a slut whore now”Mike still pushed her, demanding more from her. She looked around and so did I, everyone at the party was now at the door watching it seemed, then Joan said, “I want you to watch me get fucked … get fucked and used by every gu…everyone here because I am a dirty slut whore” following the instructions Mike wanted her to say. I couldn’t believe the words Joan was saying, I was angry, sad, jealous, proud all at the same time as Barbara took my load in her mouth. She got up and went to Joan and kissed her transferring my cum to Joan and then told her that I wanted it for her too. What dawned on me was that Barbara was right.Mike pushed Joan over as he withdrew and Joan’s head was now on the edge of the bed when a couple of guys stepped forward one plunged his cock into her pussy and the other positioned himself at her face only for Joan to reach up and guide his cock into her mouth. As she was being fucked hard Joan sucked like a woman possessed the guys were soon joined by another at her face and she alternated between them. She soon lost control telling them that she wanted to be fucked deeper and harder and how much she was loving their cocks in her.She was soon again forced to her knees as more men surrounded her, she now completely possessed by lust started sucking their cocks in turn much to their delight. She was then put back on the bed as one of the guys lay on his back and instructed her to ride his cock and she did obediently and silently and she rode him like a stallion then from behind another guy pushed her forward and slapped her ass hard a few times and then he climbed up behind her as she looked around. She looked at him in fear somehow knowing what was coming but he just smiled at her and lined his cock up to her asshole and then he slowly pushed his cock into her ass as she began to scream in pain but she soon iddaa siteleri forgot the pain as he began to slowly pump her ass and as she got familiar with the feeling of having two cocks in her at once.Her screams of pain soon faded and replaced with moans of pleasure as they fucked her she was being slapped on the ass and her body they kept asking if the dirty slut liked being double penetrated and her only response was yes. Then another guy moved toward her and put his cock in her mouth and she took it willingly as she now began to scream in a growling voice for them to fuck her harder and for them to treat her like a whore and the guys obeyed the guy at her mouth pulled away as the guy in her ass withdrew and went to her ass and put his cock in her. Guy after guy took their turn on her in either her pussy or ass or both and she was loving it. I never in my wildest dreams though she would be such a slut let alone a gangbang loving slut being and that she would love being used and abused the way these guys were using her.The last guy to fuck Joan in the ass had a cock I swear was ten inches long when he went behind her to fuck her she looked at him and screamed at him to give her that cock good and deep. The other guys climbed away and began leaving the room which left her only her Barbara myself and the guy with the ten inch cock left. I had a hard-on most of the time and was sucked off by Barbara a few times but I was hard again and Barbara wasn’t interested in giving me any relief, instead she went over to the bed as I sat there paralyzed by every emotion running through me.Barbara positioned herself at Joan’s face and put her hand on her head motioning her to eat her pussy and without a word of protest she began licking at Barbara’s pussy as Barbara guided her vocally. Barbara was telling Joan what a beautiful and dirty whore Joan was and that she wanted to eat Joan out. It wasn’t long afterwards that the guy said he was going to cum and asked Joan if she wanted it in her ass or on her back to which Joan said that she wanted it inside her ass. Barbara looked over at me and smiled and as I looked back at Barbara, Barbara told Joan to look at me as I was watching the scene before me with my cock in my hand.One of the women who was talking to Barbara and Joan came back into the room and saw the scene before us and joined me on the couch telling me that it was her husband who was fucking Joan. She looked over at me and told me what a lucky man I was but for the life of me I still couldn’t understand how, my wife was a total slut. She lifted her dress and took my cock in her hand and impaled her self on me and I didn’t object. We were fucking as her husband came over kissed her and left the room while Barbara was eating Joan’s pussy and Joan was screaming with desire. I was close to blowing my load but the woman (Cheryl, I later found out) climbed off me and telling me to give my load to my wife which I did, all over her face. Barbara and Cheryl left the room as Joan was close to passing out, leaving Joan and myself alone. All Joan said to me was, “Thank you baby.”When Joan recovered she redressed and we went downstairs to see that pretty much everyone had left except our hosts, Mike and Barbara who offered us another drink before leaving which we both accepted. We talked for a while but nothing was said about what had happened but as we left Barbara grabbed my cock through my pants telling me that next time it was hers and that after all she and Mike have had Joan now and it was her turn to have me and that she was really looking forward to it.We bid our goodbyes and waked out to the car, I helped Joan get in as she was still a little unsteady on her feet. And we drove off into the night headed for home.Continued in part 3