Good girls don’t wear panties Part 06 (Final)

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Good girls don’t wear panties Part 06 (Final)Joan flew home in First Class having won $25K. She arrived at 1:40pm and when I saw her my jaw dropped, she was dressed every bit the slut in her Denim booty shorts and short tank top and Red pumps, even her make-up was slutty. She looked hot as hell and she had the attention of everyone on her. She sauntered up to me and kissed me and I took her bag as we walked out to the car. with eyes burning into our backs. She wondered where Anita was saying that she thought I would bring her with me to pick her up. I told her that I didn’t think that, that would be appropriate. Then with attitude in her voice she said “Who gives a fuck about appropriate anymore, I don’t”Not wanting to have an argument I remained silent. Joan told me that on Sunday that she got busted for prostitution and that she spent the night in jail with a few hookers. She told me that the training was only 4 hours a day in the mornings and that every one had the afternoons off and that she would go out hooking in the afternoons and evenings. She told me she even put an add on Craigs list offering herself both men and women and her availability for gangbangs, BDSM, and Big Cocks. I was now questioning the $25K win but she assured me she had won it and had the cashier receipt to prove it. She told me the money from hooking partly helped her get her stakes but she still had most of the money she earned. I asked her about work and she explained the guys she went out with from work were senior managers and she proudly told me that she fucked her way to a senior management position and that it required travel. ‘Thank God the hooking is done’ I thought to myself as we continued on the way home.We got home continuing to talk. Once inside she undid my zipper and reached into my boxers and felt my shaved cock and said “For me?” and I told her Anita did it and liked it this way. Joan pulled back and looked a little shocked but said she needed to meet the woman who got me to allow her to do this. I didn’t know if she was angry or not but I soon figured it out when we went upstairs to fuck.Joan told me that she was having a great time in Las Vegas until she got busted and I said I was glad that it brought her to her senses. She then told me it didn’t stop her and that from now on she was going to be much more cautious. She told me she liked the money and she liked the thrill of it all, especially the thought of being caught. I couldn’t process what she was saying because of her promotion so I asked her.She explained that she was going to take out a few ads online advertising herself as Sasha a traveling Escort ready, willing and up for anything. My mind bursa escort was exploding inside, I couldn’t believe my wife was saying this. She said that she added to her anklet and proudly showed it to me, she had lettering added to it that read ‘Filthy Fuck Whore’ my balls went straight to my throat as I looked at her ankle. She said that I didn’t have to worry because she would always allow me freebies so long as I did not protest about what she was doing.My beautiful Joan had completely changed and I got the feeling she was watching the clock even with me. It was a very unsettling feeling and I told her I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I couldn’t believe what she told me next, she told me she really didn’t care about her promotion but that it was a means to an end in that she could use her job to travel free as she hooked all over the country. “Yes Dennis, I am, no I love being a whore and being paid for it, my only regret is that I didn’t find out in my twenties.” I was devastated I was thinking my marriage was over but she assured me it wasn’t but I failed to see how at the moment.Eventually Anita met Joan and the night they met they really hit it off we sat around drinking and talking and I could see that Anita was attracted to Joan as Joan was to her. At one point in the evening Joan made a move on Anita and Anita didn’t resist. Joan said to me that she hoped I didn’t have a problem sharing my girlfriend with her and my only response was to join in the fun unfolding in front of me much to the delight of Anita.It wasn’t long before we were all naked enjoying each others bodies it was becoming clear that Anita was taking the lead and Joan and I merely followed. Anita told me to stand up so she and Joan could share her cock and the two began taking turns on me. Anita referred to her cock when she asked Joan if she was enjoying it or was it too small for her now that she has had so many big cocks. Joan responded by saying that she still liked it but she would prefer if she had a bigger cock. Anita pushed Joan a little harder now and said to Joan that all she wanted was big cock but her cock wasn’t quite doing the job was it. Joan admitted that she was a big cock whore and that she does anything she can to get it. Anita seemed pleased with herself and continued pushing Joan and said if Joan couldn’t get big cocks that she would eat pussy and Joan agreed and then Anita opened her legs and told Joan to eat her pussy. Anita said to Joan that she heard that she heard that Joan liked piss and Joan’s response was a muffled “uhuh”. “Well you’re gonna love this” Anita replied as she let go a stream of piss directly into Joan’s mouth telling bursa escort bayan her to drink up as she interrupted her stream so Joan could swallow it and she kept doing it until Joan had drank it all telling her what a dirty filthy piss whore she was. I was standing there furiously jacking off to the scene before me as Joan looked up at me.Anita took my cock in her hand and slowly stroked it and asked if Joan would like her cock in her. It was then I think Joan had twigged to what Anita was actually saying to her when Joan responded saying “Yes Mistress” Anita made Joan beg for my cock which without much protest Joan did. I went down behind Joan and began fucking her with Anita saying telling me that I was fucking her like a good boy. Joan came hard and collapsed on the floor as Anita came over to me and told me to make love to her as she looked in Joan’s eyes. I began to fuck Anita and she told me no, she wanted me to make love to her and rewarded me with good boy when I began making love to her.Anita, Joan and I had sex all night that night and this dominant play by Anita became more and more serious. Anita never interfered in out marital affairs or Joan’s extra curricular activities but she did move in with us. Joan would sleep on one side of me and Anita on the otherOver the next twelve months Joan ended up quitting her job and was traveling around the country on her own dime. Every now and then she would get busted for prostitution which seemed like water off a ducks back. I had a live in girlfriend and a wife who didn’t mind as she was hooking pretty much full time.. Joan continued dressing like a slut 24/7 and didn’t care about what anyone thought about it. Anita lost her job and remained with Joan and I.Joan and I saw Mike and Barbara a few times and attended a few parties with Anita. They were shocked when they saw Sasha as Joan now liked to be called all the time and what Joan was doing for living and were surprised we were still married. In hindsight so was I.Bill hooked up with Roxy in the end of it all and they moved away somewhere up North I had heard, to run a Strip Club and I am convinced that Joan was still in contact with them.As time progressed Joan’s influence on Anita was showing as Anita was dressing more and more like Joan and they were even sharing Joan’s wardrobe. Joan knew that I was in love with Anita and told me that she was too. Joan’s influence was also turning Anita into bit a slut.Joan and Anita went out shopping one day and never returned. On their way home they were involved in a head on collision with a truck and both of my beautiful girls were killed. Our lifestyle could not be concealed from the authorities escort bursa but even though they acted professionally. I felt like I was the one being judged. After the funerals I packed up and moved out and ended up selling it because it held too many memories to remain their alone. I got Joan and Anita’s possessions back and the first thing I wanted to do was to throw that anklet away but I kept it and had it melted down with my wedding band and one of Anita’s rings. Today they are Angel wings on a pendant I wear and whenever people ask me about it, I tell them that it is my girls who are with me and always close to my heart.I gave up my job, I bought a charter boat and I started taking people fishing or on day cruises until the pandemic hit. Regardless, the sea is now my mistress and I love her and I enjoy the company of people who love her or just come to visit her.I was to find out when going though Joan’s things that Anita and Joan’s relationship was every bit a serious, very loving and tender lesbian relationship. Joan’s journal was a very interesting read and has shed light on many of the questions that remained. I ended up burning the journal because after I found it difficult to read at times and some things are better left unknown.Joan and Anita spent a lot of time together talking and having sex when Joan was not working or travelling. Their relationship flourished while I was at work. I saw watermarks in her journal that can only be explained as being tear drops as Joan wrote about how much she was in love with Anita and how she was wrestling with her feelings between me and Anita. In her last entry she described in detail their most recent sex session. It reads like a sex novel and was in very specific detail with descriptions of the sensations she felt and how Anita was the one true love of her life. The highlights are that Joan had been fucking Anita and Joan had offered that she would give up everything including me for Anita and that Anita did not want to say anything because she was in love with me also but Joan had asked Anita to think about it and apparently Anita was.I was shocked to read this and I now wish I never did, which is the main reason I burned the journal. I am sorry to end my story on such a sad note but I wanted to get it out of my system in the hopes of moving on. I have learned and can verify that open relationships do and can not only exist but work and love triangles never do as they always seem to end in tragedy although I will never know properly the answer to whether or not my love triangle would have ended badly or not but I live in hope.I for a time had two women in my life who were for different reasons the loves of my life and I miss them dearly. I don’t know if I will meet another like Joan and to be honest I don’t want to and meeting a woman like Anita would also not be something I wanted.Thank you for reading.